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  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Design
  • PCB Layout
  • PCB Assembly

Your Professional PCB Manufacturer & Supplier in China

PCBMay is a professional PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer in China, which offers many different types of PCB boards and assembly services, from prototype to mass production.

  • Over 10 years of PCB manufacturing experience
  • 7/24 hours sales & engineering tech support
  • No minimum order requirement for a new order
  • All printed circuit boards meet IPC Class 2 or Class 3
  • Sufficient raw material in stock to support customers

Feature Products of PCBsto Support Your Projects and Business

As a professional PCB manufacturer and factory in China, PCBMay has been in the PCB industry for more than 10 years.

PCBMay could offer many types of feature products of printed circuit boards such as multilayer circuit boards, aluminum PCBs, metal core PCBs, flexible circuit boards, flex-rigid boards, HDI PCBs, Rogers PCB, heavy copper PCBs, etc.

You could provide a Gerber file or BOM list to us, we will offer the finished PCB products or PCB assembly which are satisfied with you.

  • Factory -Testing
  • Factory -Exposure
  • Factory -VCP Plating

Feature Products of PCBs
to Support Your Projects

Multilayer PCB

We could produce HDI printed circuit board up to 30layer, please send any high technology PCBs to us. Get a quote

Flexible PCB

Flexible printed circuit boards, also called Flexible PCBs or Flex PCBs, we can produce flexible PCB in the house. Get a quote

Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid flex PCB up to 18layer, PCBMay could help you from PCB design, fabrication to assembly in one-stop service. Get a quote

Rogers PCB

We could offer Rogers 3003, 3006, 4350B, and 4003C, whose applications are radio frequency, wireless, aerospace, and medical. Get a quote

Aluminum PCB

PCBMay could provide many kinds of Aluminum PCB whose thermal conductivity(W/m-k) is 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 till 4.0. Get a quote

Heavy Copper PCB

We could help you to produce the heavy copper which is 15oz, please send inquiry to us now. Get a quote

PCB One-Stop Solution for Your Requirement

Do you need PCB design & layout service, or PCB manufacture, or PCB assembly services? PCBMay is one of your best choices.

As one of the best PCB manufacturers in China, PCBMay has passed different kinds of certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14000, and UL. There’re over 1000 clients who are from more than 60 countries.

Why More Than 3000 Clients Over the World
Love to Work with Us

Customized Design
Customized Design

PCBMay could produce multi-layer circuit boards.The scope of services includes PCB design,  circuit simulation, PCB design technology training, schematic component library design , PCB packaging library design, PCB processing and inspection technical consultation, SMT and reflow soldering technology.

Quality Assurace
Quality Control

To satisfy our customer’s products with top quality. PCBMay have implemented the ISO9001 quality system and follow up the strict quality systems.Our commitment: Do not to make defective products,do not accept defective products, do not manufacture defective products, quality is made by people, not tested.

Fast delivery
Fast Delivery Time

As a full-service printed circuit board and assembly supplier, PCBMay offers a complete line of products and services from express prototype and quick turn mass production. As for the urgent prototype board orders, we could produce them within 24h or 48h, then ship them by official UPS, DHL or FedEx, it won’t delay your production schedule.

one stop solution
One-Stop Solution for You

PCBMay offers PCB layout & design, electronic components sourcing, PCB manufacturing, and assembly one-stop service for you, so you don’t have to look for many suppliers to help you with different sections, what’s more, our engineers could provide professional advice for your product during your design, save money and time for you.

Professiona Team
One Professional and Exprienced Team

PCBMay has an experienced team of experts by professional elites. Most engineering and technical personnel have more than 20 years of valuable working experience in large factories of PCB fabrication, assembly, and components sourcing, which can provide timely and professional PCB solutions to our customers.

Advance Equipment
Advanced Equipments

There’re many advanced types of equipment from PCB manufacturing to assembly in PCBMay, high quality comes from high-tech equipment which was purchased from USA, Germany, and Japan, etc., in order to ensure to satisfy our clients’ requirement, we’re still investing money to bring famous brand equipment.

Testimonials from Our Clients

Dorothy Schofield, Purchase Manager from USA

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. These PCBs look very great and I like them very much. I’m glad I decided to continue to work with you. It’s really great how amazing your service and communications. I never have any problem at all.”

Wojciech Bak, R&D Department Manager from Germany

“My first experience in this industry could not have gone any smoother. Beautiful quality and fantastic people to work with. Quick turn around, I can get the assembly very quickly, the quality tests very well. I will always use their Assembly service! Thank you PCBMay.”

Daniel Paixao, Purchasing Director from Israel

“PCBMay is one of the most professional companies I have done business with. As I have said before, we have not done this before, and working with you and your company has certainly made this an easier journey. Thank you for all of your efforts.”

PCB Manufacturing Process

One-Stop Services Of Custom PCB Manufacturing,
Electronic Components Sourcing and PCB Assembly

Electronic Component sourcing
Electronic Components Sourcing

PCBMay has its own components warehouse and has built one platform with the reach, flexibility, and support services,our custom supply chain optimization solution positions you to solve electronic component sourcing and obsolescence problems in the short term and the future.

PCB Inspection
PCB Manufacture

From prototype circuit boards to mass production,from fast turn to stardard delivery time,PCBMay is your reliable PCB manufactuer, what’s more, each process from material incoming, drilling, etching, copper plating, soldermask, silkscreen, surface finished,CNC,E-testing to FQC are in house,which is very strictly under our control.

PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly

Electronic PCB assembly is the process of populating or stuffing printed circuit boards(PCBs) with electronic surface mount and/or through-hole components to form a functional printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). The PCB main function is to mechanically support and electrically connect the electronic components.PCBMay is your best partner.


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Does PCBMay offer one-stop service for customers?

Yes,PCBMay is a one-stop service for PCB & assembly manufacturing company, which offers different kinds of PCBs and assembly to global clients and always applies the services in nearly every industry including aerospace, medical, automotive, consumer electronic products, industrial control, power supply, optical, LED lighting and so on. The delivery time will be matched to our client’s even quick turn leading time as a turnaround.

What is Gerber file?

Gerber file is a data for PCB production and including each physical board layer of your PCB design, such as copper layers, traces, vias, pads, soldermask, silkscreen and routing.

What is PCB aspect ratio?

The PCB aspect ratio is defined as the ratio of the thickness of a PCB compared to the diameter of the smallest hole drilled in the same PCB. The thickness of the PCB is the thickness without copper plating or soldermask. The larger this aspect ratio is the more difficult the plating process will be.

Do you have any Minimum order quantity(MOQ) for your PCB order?

No, we don’t have MOQ for each order,even we could manufacture 1 piece.

What are your company advantages?

You can rely on us to handle all aspects of your printed circuit board and assembly projects. We are able to handle your layout, fabrication, assembly & parts sourcing, so you can focus on your core competencies like research & development and sales & marketing.

There’re many advantages as below:

  • 500+ professional employees
  • 5000+Served customers in 60+ countries
  • 10+Years of PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly
  • 99%+ Customer satisfaction rate
What is Rigid-flex PCB?

Rigid-flex PCBs are boards using a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in an application. Most rigid flex boards consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to one or more rigid boards externally and internally, depending on the design of the application.

Which kinds of customers does PCBMay serve?

We serve many kinds of customers such as OEM, ODM & EMS from all around the World.

Does PCBMay provide PCB assembly service as well?

Yes, PCBMay Provides the Best PCB Assembly Service for Our Clients.

PCBMay offers turnkey PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to large-volume production runs. We handle the whole process including ordering all the components, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, testing, and final shipment.

After many years of struggling, PCBMay has developed into a PCBA processing plant integrating SMT assembly processing, COB bonding processing, and plug-in welding processing. It is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise with a complete processing chain, meanwhile, we acquire high praise from the customers at home and abroad.

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