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  • All printed circuit boards meet IPC Class 2 or 3
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  • Files receive full CAM review prior to manufacturing
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Quality GradeStandard IPC 2 and IPC 3
Number of Layers2 – 40layers
Order Quantity1pc – 1Million+pcs
Build Time24H – 4weeks
MaterialS1150G, S1165, S1000-2
Board SizeMin 5*5mm | Max 500*650mm
Board Thickness0.4mm – 6.5mm
Copper Weight (Finished)0.5oz – 10.0oz
Min Tracing/Spacing3mil/3mil
Solder Mask SidesAs per the file
Solder Mask ColorGreen, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen SidesAs per the file
Silkscreen ColorWhite, Black, Yellow
Surface FinishHASL – Hot Air Solder Leveling
Lead-Free HASL – RoHS
ENIG – Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold – RoHS
Immersion Silver – RoHS
Immersion Tin – RoHS
OSP – Organic Solderability Preservatives – RoHS
Min Annular Ring4mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter6mil
Other TechniquesGold fingers
Blind/Buried Vias
VPC Plating Line

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Typically, the lamination of 10 oz copper PCB is really difficult to look for it. Many lamination suppliers don’t have it in stock and have to custom-make it in advance.

The key important factor to produce a 10 oz copper PCB is the solder mask, typically it’s necessary to print three or four times solder masks for this kind of printed circuit board. What’s more, if you don’t print it very well, the solder mask will be easy to fall off.

As an ISO-certified PCB supplier, we always put quality first. Even there’s any quality complaint, we can provide an 8D report to find the root cause.

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10 Oz Copper PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you getting troubled about the high current load in circuits?

Don’t worry. 10 oz copper PCB relieves you from this tension. It carries a heavy current load without declining efficiency. Its worthwhile performance with competitive cost increases its applications.

PCBMay is the top supplier and manufacturer of this PCB. This FAQ guide will touch on its important issues. We hope you will get answers to all of your questions. Let’s begin.

What Is 10 Oz Copper PCB?

10 oz copper PCB is a useful electric circuit solution for carrying a high current load. It contains a thick copper which weighs 10 ounces. The thickness of this heavy copper is 14 mils.

It delivers optimum efficiency in thermal management. The heavier weight of this PCB makes it more functional compared to standard thinner PCBs. Usually, thick  Copper PCBs have a well-known feature related to electricity conduction.

10 Oz Copper PCB

10 Oz Copper PCB

10 oz copper PCB  improves this quality concerning the production cost. That ensures zero compromises in performance issues. You can be sure about having a premium feel of the electronic applications through this thick PCB.

What Are The Materials Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

10 oz copper PCB  is composed of various useful dielectric materials. Such as FR-4, CEM1, CEM3, etc.  FR-4 materials are very effective for PCB projects. These low-cost PCB materials never create any hazardous impact on nature due to their lead-free mechanism.

Besides,  PCB’s electrical and thermal characteristics are also controlled by FR-4 materials. You can regulate the prepreg of this copper PCB through these dielectric materials. Thus, they deliver the dimensional stability of your electronic gadgets.

Heavy Copper PCB 10 Oz

Heavy Copper PCB 10 Oz

Again, CEM (composite epoxy materials) renders essential robustness to the electric circuits. CEM1 and CEM3 materials are very common choices for the single-sided PCB and double-sided PCB production having 10 oz copper thickness.

Epoxy resins and fiberglass materials make the bonding between the PCB layers strong. All of them cumulatively lift the efficiency of this heavy PCB.

Where Are 10 Oz Copper PCB Used?

10 oz copper PCB is the ultimate way out for the designs where a high current load is mandatory. Its applications are still increasing at a rapid pace due to its other exclusive benefits.  We have made a list of its major uses for you.

  • Battery chargers at high voltage
  • Power distribution instruments
  • Military piece of equipment
  • Controlling devices
  • Radar
  • Navigation systems
  • High-speed signal transmission
  • Industrial machinery. Such as welding and scanning devices.
  • Power amplifiers
  • Transformers
  • Relay systems
  • Medical testing tools
  • Aerospace industry

Widely Used 10 Oz copper PCB

Widely Used 10 Oz copper PCB

What Are The Benefits Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

The most commendable benefits of 10 oz copper PCB are described here. Let’s have a look.

High Current Conduction

10 oz copper delivers a wide cross-sectional area due to its high thickness. That’s why this PCB creates a smooth way for the fast current conduction. Its effective materials play an impressive role to control impedance.

It does not trouble the effectiveness of the circuit while conducting a large current load. This unique property makes it a widely used copper thickness nowadays.

Mechanical Endurance

Its dielectric materials provide worthwhile mechanical endurance. It joints the components on the surface through strong solder joints. Again, This thick PCB ensures high flexural strength.

It is supremely required for the electronic components to be durable in extreme mechanical pressure situations. Its high thermal resistance also makes the circuit more robust against thermal stresses.

Thermal management

10 oz copper PCB manages the excessive heat with optimum efficiency. Due to high current transfer, the PCB components of this copper thickness face overheating.

But, this heavy PCB dissipates the heat to the PCB layers. Its materials transfer the heat to the heat sink through the thermal vias. Its wide surface allows you to place the vias properly. Vias save your PCB components from overheating issues.

Again, this is a high Tg PCB. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is also sufficiently high. That’s why PCB with 10 oz copper offers well-functioned thermal management in PCB applications.

High Functionality

It is equally compatible with multilayer and single-layer PCB designs. So, you can apply it to lightweight and small size applications. It improves the functional capability of electric circuits.

Functional 10 Oz Copper PCB

Functional 10 Oz Copper PCB


Usually, standard PCBs are not suitable for all situations. Like high temperature, intense moisture, etc. But, you can use 10 oz copper PCB in these vulnerable conditions without impairing the device performance.

Its composite epoxy materials increase the shelf life. That means it enables you to experience a reliable application for a long time.

Low Noise

This PCB shows the superlative efficiency in the noise and EMI reduction. These are the most common problems of high-speed communication systems. But, its broad surface permits you to apply the low-pass filter. The increased thickness of the copper makes it easier for the designer.

Besides, this thick PCB is highly effective for the ecology. It has nearly zero consumption of hazardous molecules like lead, phosphorus, etc. It is also halogen-free. Thus, this copper thickness ensures a premium level of integrity in the applications.

Is 10 Oz Copper PCB Better Than 1 Oz Copper Thickness?

10 oz copper PCB is better than 1 oz copper in many ways. The most noteworthy comparisons between these two copper thicknesses are –

  • It conducts a higher current load compared to a 1 oz copper PCB.
  • It provides better placement for the thermal vias than 1 oz copper. So, heat dissipation is more effective in this case.
  • This thick PCB ensures more productive soldering due to its flat surface. But, 1 oz copper delivers comparatively weak solder connections.
  • The physical stability of 10 oz copper PCB is quite impressive. Its stress management is commendable because of its high CTE. On the contrary, 1 oz copper is not so resistive against high temperatures.
  • This is more functional than a thin PCB. It can be utilized in a multilayer stackup that enables the miniaturization of the device.
  • 1 oz copper is cheaper than a thick PCB with 10 oz copper. But, the long working life with superior performance makes it a cost-effective circuit solution in recent times.

1 Oz Copper PCB

1 Oz Copper PCB

How Does Temperature Change Affect 10 Oz Copper PCB?

Rapid change of temperatures affects the electrical conduction of 10 oz copper PCB. Since it carries larger current loads, temperature change hampers its efficiency during the data transfer.

Increased temperature prevents the dielectric materials from maintaining their property. So, they can’t deliver the natural performance. Then the device lacks efficiency. Besides, it boosts electrical resistance in communication systems.

That decreases the current transmission in the electric circuits. Temperature deviation lessens the highest mechanical resistance of the PCB components. It results in a low shelf life of the PCB.

Temperature Effective 10 Oz Copper PCB

Temperature Effective 10 Oz Copper PCB

So, you should apply protective measures to regulate the thermal phases. 10 oz copper PCB effectively distributes the increased heat. It utilizes thermal vias and through-hole vias to dissipate the heat.

It incorporates a heat sink. These vias transfer the heat to this sink. That’s why you can experience gadgets having a long shelf life.

Why Do You Need To Consider The Glass Transition Temperature In 10 Oz Copper PCB?

The glass transition temperature is the highest temperature where glass materials transform to an adhesive state. That means the materials lose their ideal nature. This is not good for the device at all. That’s why PCB should have a high Tg.

High Tg 10 Oz Copper PCB

High Tg 10 Oz Copper PCB

10 oz copper PCB contains FR-4, fiberglass, and epoxy resin. These materials are very sensitive to temperature. The Tg value of this PCB is more than 280⁰C. This high magnitude indicates the thermal stability of this copper thickness.

It carries a large amount of current, which produces huge heat. But, its effective glass transition temperature manages this issue superbly.

What Is The Importance Of The Dielectric Constant In 10 Oz Copper PCB?

The dielectric constant is the quotient value of the electric permittivity of material in a definite medium to its permittivity in the free medium. It indicates the charge-containing ability of a substance.

Its higher value is not desirable for 10 oz copper PCB. When a high electric field is applied, a PCB having high DK easily breaks. That means it causes the lack of physical stability of the electric circuits.

Again, PCB materials of this copper thickness have a large span of dielectric constant. It enables these materials to provide the necessary endurance to the different PCB layers. It is very worthwhile in multilayer PCB stackup.

Low Dk 10 Oz Copper PCB

Low Dk 10 Oz Copper PCB

We hope you now realize the importance of this factor in thick copper PCB manufacturing. 10 oz copper PCB materials have a low DK. It has a big impact on the superior performance of this PCB.

How To Calculate The Maximum Current Carrying Capacity Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

The optimum current conduction ability is the best advantage of 10 oz copper PCB. This electricity transmission capacity can be calculated easily.

10 Oz Copper PCB With High Current Load

10 Oz Copper PCB With High Current Load

The highest current conduction,  The highest current conduction

Area, A= WxTx1.378

Here, W= width of the trace

T= 14 mils (thickness of the copper)

K means the correction constant. Its value is 0.48 and 0.24.

indicates the change of temperature.

Is 10 Oz Copper PCB Good For Multilayer PCB Stackup?

10 oz copper PCB is an ideal option for various applications. It also renders satisfactory performance in multilayer PCB stack-up. There are some concrete reasons behind it. Such as:

  • Multilayer design requires the PCB materials to have a wide span of dielectric constant.  This PCB fulfills the demand perfectly.
  • It manages commendable heat distribution through the thermal vias. This also promotes the functionality of multilayer PCB design.

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB

How To Ensure Impedance Stability In 10 Oz Copper PCB?

Impedance stability is the requirement for 10 oz copper PCB to transfer signal to the receiver end without any complication. A high impedance degrades the quality of the high-frequency electrical signals.

PCB trace dimensions and the dielectric constant have a huge impact on impedance. That’s why these factors should be taken care of.

The shape of the PCB trace needs to be supremely smooth. It ensures the consistency of the dielectric constant. This leads to the stability of the impedance in this PCB. Besides, temperature change declines the efficiency of the PCB materials. It also creates the instability of impedance. So, you can maintain a uniform impedance by regulating the dimensions of the copper trace and temperature in the PCB layers. These measures must ensure the impedance control of this thick PCB.

How To Fabricate The Copper Trace Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

The copper trace dimensions have an intense effect on the manufacturing of 10 oz copper PCB. Its fabrication process consists of etching and plating.


It is required to design the ideal pattern of the copper trace. That’s why you need to reduce the unwanted portion. The etching does this reduction of unnecessary copper.

Then, the copper trace is put down in an aqueous ferric chloride solution. This toxic solution eliminates the uncovered portion of the copper trace. You should dry it after picking it up.

PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication


Plating refers to depositing a copper layer over the PCB surface. It is important to achieve the perfect design of the 10 oz copper PCB. Proper copper coating broadens the PCB surface. It helps to ensure the perfect component arrangement.

What Are The Design Techniques Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

10 oz copper PCB provides the most effective current conduction along with tremendous thermal management. So, it demands a faultless design approach to deliver the best performance.

You have to keep in mind the design elements of this PCB.

  • Components placement
  • Dimensions of the PCB trace
  • Type of the components.

10 Oz copper PCB Design

10 Oz copper PCB Design

To make the PCB design accurate, you need to use reliable design software like KiCAD, Altium designer, etc. You should follow the techniques given below.

  • Determine the PCB size concerning the density of the components.
  • Choose the right trace dimensions (length, width, gap). It depends on the current load that you desire.
  • Identify the components based on the PCB layers. Such, through-hole mounting is not applicable for the single-layer design.
  • Place the components by maintaining the minimum distance. The most recommended spacing for 10 oz copper PCB is around 0.04”.
  • Keep inductors, capacitors, and diodes far from the IC. These components produce noise and parasitic properties.
  • Determine the placement of PCB vias. These should be near the components.

Which Factors Do You Need To Consider Before Choosing 10 Oz Copper PCB?

The following factors are very crucial while choosing 10 oz copper PCB-

  • Trace width
  • Minimum trace spacing
  • Trace length
  • Number of layers
  • Current carrying capacity
  • Rated power
  • Mounting technology of the PCB components
  • Flexural strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Glass transition temperature
  • The flammability rating in the UL 94 Standard
  • Surface finish
  • PCB materials

High Quality 10 Oz Copper PCB

High Quality 10 Oz Copper PCB

What Are The Vias Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

Vias are vital portions of a copper PCB with 10 oz thickness. These are used in conducting electricity and heat in the PCB layers. Different types of vias are seen in this thick PCB.

Thermal Via

Thermal vias link the PCB surface and the heat sink to channelize the additional heat. Their well-placement improves the thermal management of 10 oz copper PCB.

Buried Via

Buried vias create a path between two inner layers. They have no connection to the external PCB layer.

PCB Vias

PCB Vias

Blind Via

Blind vias make a channel between the internal and external layers. They act to distribute heat and electricity.

Plated Through-hole Via

These types of vias link the terminal layers of the PCB. Through-hole vias are also viable to heat conduction.

Which Component Mount Technique Is Effective For 10 Oz Copper PCB?

Surface mount and through-hole technology both are effective for 10 oz copper PCB. SMT is compatible with single and multilayer PCB manufacturing. But, through-hole technology (THT) is not applicable in a single layer.

Usually, surface mount technology delivers a permanent connection of the surface mount devices on the PCB surface. SMT assembly is a must for small components. It makes the soldering strong that is required for smooth data transmission.

Copper PCB Surface Mount Technology

Copper PCB Surface Mount Technology

On the contrary, THT is good for large PCB components. It uses the component’s lead to be placed in the hole. This technology requires stronger soldering than SMT. So, it increases the manufacturing cost of 10 oz copper PCB.


Which Surface Finish Is Good For 10 Oz Copper PCB?

10 oz copper PCB can afford better component placement and thermal management through an effective surface finish. Among many techniques, ENIG is the most productive surface finish for this thick PCB.

ENIG is a  combination of electroless and immersion gold technology. Thus, this surface finish widens the surface. It allows you to keep the components at the right distance. Again, flat surface permits using different types of vias. This process ensures you have reliable solder joints.

ENIG Surface Finish

ENIG Surface Finish

So, it also enhances the durability of 10 oz copper PCB. ENIG supports the eco-friendly mechanism of this thick PCB. It avoids lead-based technology. That’s why ENIG has become better for 10 oz copper thickness than other surface finish methods.

How To Control Quality Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

To ensure the quality control of 10 oz copper PCB, you have to go through some processes. Like components checking, process control, inspection, etc. Here, the two most trustworthy PCB testing is explained.

Flying Probe Test

This inspection method puts the probes from different angles on the PCB surface. When a connection is established, you will get a signal. It indicates the PCB performance like current rating, solder connections, impedance, etc at a certain temperature.

10 Oz Copper PCB Testing

10 Oz Copper PCB Testing

AOI Test

AOI means Automated Optical testing. This method applies a well-configured machine incorporated with the image capturing instruments. It takes 2D and 3D images of 10 oz copper PCB.

The AOI machine finds the faults of this PCB by comparing it with a flawless design. It is a very quick inspection process. Its result is reliable.

What Are The Disadvantages Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

10 oz copper PCB has no notable disadvantages. You will find some negative features of this PCB. These limitations are easily solvable for you.

  • It sometimes faces overheating due to improper use of vias and the wrong selection of materials.
  • This PCB renders outstanding performance of devices. But its cost seems high to the consumers.

If you choose a trustworthy manufacturer of 10 oz copper PCB, you can solve these problems.

How To Choose The Best Manufacturer Of 10 Oz Copper PCB?

The vital features of a 10 oz copper PCB manufacturer are as below-

We have been manufacturing thick PCB for around 15 years. We supply ISO-certified high-quality PCB products. You also get a one-stop ODM service for your PCB. Contact us to get rid of the bare minimum PCB experience.


10 oz copper PCB handles all the complications of signal transmission in electronic devices. It provides you the superlative facilities of numerous applications.

PCBMay manufactures this PCB through professional technicians. We have made an effort in this FAQ guide to let you know the minute details about this thick PCB. Please contact us in case you have more queries to know.

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