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  • Files receive full CAM review prior to manufacturing
  • Over 12 years 6 oz copper PCB manufacturing experience
  • 100% E-test and AOI inspection
  • Certified with ISO and UL
  • No minimum order quantity for your new order
  • 24h quick-turn service for your prototype PCB
Quality GradeStandard IPC 2 and IPC 3
Number of Layers2 – 40layers
Order Quantity1pc – 1Million+pcs
Build Time24H – 4weeks
MaterialS1150G, S1165, S1000-2
Board SizeMin 5*5mm | Max 500*650mm
Board Thickness0.4mm – 6.5mm
Copper Weight (Finished)0.5oz – 10.0oz
Min Tracing/Spacing3mil/3mil
Solder Mask SidesAs per the file
Solder Mask ColorGreen, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen SidesAs per the file
Silkscreen ColorWhite, Black, Yellow
Surface FinishHASL – Hot Air Solder Leveling
Lead-Free HASL – RoHS
ENIG – Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold – RoHS
Immersion Silver – RoHS
Immersion Tin – RoHS
OSP – Organic Solderability Preservatives – RoHS
Min Annular Ring4mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter6mil
Other TechniquesGold fingers
Blind/Buried Vias
VPC Plating Line

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The key important factor to produce a 6 oz copper PCB is the solder mask, typically it’s necessary to print three or four times solder masks for this kind of printed circuit board. What’s more, if you don’t print it very well, the solder mask will be easy to fall off.

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6 Oz Copper PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Electronic devices often seem unable to carry a high current. 6 oz copper PCB brings out an effective solution for this problem. This copper thickness is ideal for the maximum current carrying property of your PCB applications.

PCBMay is the most reliable manufacturer of 6 oz copper PCB in recent times. We hope you will get a clear concept about the best thickness of the PCB surface from this FAQ guide. Let’s start.

What Is 6 Oz Copper PCB?

6 oz copper PCB represents a thick PCB having 6 oz (170.09 gm) copper in one square foot area of the surface layer. This is equivalent to 8.22 mils thickness of the copper surface.

It is highly worthwhile for carrying a higher current load. Its high decomposition temperature and low dielectric constant with an effective cost enhance its uses in versatile PCB projects.

6 Oz Copper PCB

Figure 1_ 6 Oz Copper PCB

This thickness of the copper promotes the functionality of the device through a flatter surface. That means 6 oz copper PCB is the most effective option from prototype PCB assembly to high-volume PCB applications.

What Are The Different Copper Thicknesses In PCB?

You will find different thicknesses of copper surfaces used in PCB assembly. It is required for you to choose the most suitable copper thickness based on your application.

Some notable copper thicknesses of PCB are explained for your convenience.

1 Oz Copper 

This is a useful thin copper PCB thickness (1.37 mils). Here, the minimum spacing between conductor and pad is 0.006 inches. You can apply this thickness as an internal and external layer of multilayer PCB design.

2 Oz Copper

This is applied to the internal layer of the PCB surface with 3 oz copper. This consists of a longer spacing between conductor and pad compared to 1 oz copper PCB. You can use 2 oz copper (2.74 mils) on the outer and inner surface layer of your PCB applications.

4 Oz Copper 

This is a heavy copper PCB. The thickness of this copper weight is 5.48 mils. It carries a higher current compared to the thin copper PCBs. But, it costs high.

4 Oz Copper PCB

4 Oz Copper PCB

6 Oz Copper

It is the most effective copper thickness in terms of carrying the current load, cost, component placement, etc. 6 oz copper PCB is highly applicable in multiplayer PCB stackup. Its minimum conductor to pad spacing is 0.02 mils.

We provide effective PCBs with different copper thicknesses for versatile projects. You will get reliable manufacturing of 6 oz copper PCB here.

What Are The Dielectric Materials Of 6 Oz Copper PCB?

6 oz copper PCB consists of effective dielectric materials. These bring flexibility to your devices. Let’s have a look at these materials.

Fire Retardant

This PCB includes different fire retardant materials like FR1, FR2, FR4, etc. FR4 is found in epoxy materials which are based on glass. It provides a high Tg (Glass transition temperature). This is important for the thermal management of PCB applications.

Again, these PCB materials have a low presence of harmful halogens. It is also lead-free. FR1 and FR2 dielectric materials are usually paper and phenol compounds.


Prepreg is a combination of resin and fiberglass. Resin enables 6 oz copper PCB to ensure impedance stability. It also acts to maintain a high glass transition temperature and halogen-free nature.

6 Oz Copper PCB With FR4 Materials

6 Oz Copper PCB With FR4 Materials


CEM is the short form of composite epoxy materials. It refers to an amalgamation of glass, epoxy, and phenol. These materials are applied in SMT (surface mount technology) and THT (Through-hole technology) of 6 oz copper PCB.

All of these dielectric materials render sufficient dielectric strength which helps to carry the maximum amount of current.

Where Do You Use 6 Oz Copper PCB?

6 oz copper PCB delivers tremendous benefits to complex electric circuits. Its superior performance turns it into the widely used PCB solution in the present day. The most significant uses of it include:

Industrial Sector

This copper thickness has a massive use in industrial sectors. Its flat surface enables the designer to place the high-density PCB components efficiently. Again, 6 oz copper PCB provides impressive robustness to electronic devices.

This property also plays a role in increasing its use in industrial sectors. You can apply this thickness of copper surface in the following sectors.

  • Welding equipment
  • Power adapters
  • Automotive devices
  • Railway equipment
  • Solar system
  • Aerospace technology

Communication System

6 oz copper PCB renders great performance in data transmission of communication systems. It is highly applicable in transmitter PCB. Besides, you can use it to achieve the best effectiveness of power amplifiers, antennas, etc.

Military Applications

Military types of equipment require high durability against extreme electrical and mechanical forces. 6 oz copper thickness provides sufficient robustness to electronic applications. That’s why it is suitable for the military industry.

Widely Used 6 Oz copper PCB

Widely Used 6 Oz copper PCB

Again, you need to ensure minimum corrosion in this case. This copper thickness with a suitable surface finish delivers tremendous resistance against the decay of the PCB surface. It promotes the functionality and longevity of military equipment to a large extent.


This is useful for planner transformers. It delivers impressive impedance stability and low winding inductance. These properties help to minimize the kelvin effect that results in a well-designed transformer PCB.

Except for these, you can use 6 oz copper PCB in pulse converters, amplification systems, power line monitors, relays, HVAC systems, and so on.

What Are The Benefits Of 6 Oz Copper PCB?

6 oz copper PCB improves the performance of a project. The most significant benefits of this copper thickness are explained here.

Current Carrying Capacity

It increases the current carrying capacity of electric circuits. This property makes it perfect for high-load PCB applications. You can use this thickness of copper surface in industrial pieces of equipment. It also promotes the signal transmission rate of communication devices due to the high current load.

Thermal Management

Thick copper PCB like 6 oz supports the easy heat dissipation from PCB layers. Its useful dielectric materials enable it to ensure temperature control. This PCB can operate at high temperatures without lessening the quality of performance.

6 oz copper PCB allows effective use of thermal vias. These vias distribute the heat with great efficiency. Dielectric materials like FR4 deliver a high Tg which also promotes the performance of your electronic devices.

Functional 6 Oz Copper PCB

Functional 6 Oz Copper PCB

Nature Friendly

This thickness of copper PCB does not contain a high amount of halogens like chlorine, fluorine, etc. That’s why it is free from the adverse effects of halogen molecules. Besides, it also supports lead-free mechanisms. So, you can consider it as a nature-friendly PCB.


Usually, thick copper PCBs are costly. But, 6 oz copper PCB provides impressive efficiency at a competitive cost. Its materials are supremely effective. So, you need to trade-off between cost and effectiveness.


This PCB is highly durable because of its materials. They impede mechanical and thermal stress that improves the robustness of the device. It also provides foundational support to the PCB components. That means you can design a strong structure of the circuit that offers great tolerance.


6 oz copper PCB develops the functionality of high-volume PCB applications. It allows an easy and reliable soldering process for different materials. You can handle the complicated circuits easily due to 6 oz copper.

Is 6 Oz Copper PCB Better Than A Standard PCB?

6 oz copper PCB is superior to a standard thickness of PCB from many angles. Such as:

  • It is more efficient to transfer the current load of higher values than standard PCB.
  • This copper thickness provides better mechanical strength against external forces compared to standard thicknesses of PCB.
  • The heat conduction of 6 oz copper is more impressive than standard 1 oz copper PCB.
  • Component placement is highly convenient in this PCB. But, standard PCB doesn’t provide a sufficiently flat surface for placing the PCB components efficiently.
  • This thickness enhances the mechanical impedance of the PCB layers. On the contrary, standard PCB can’t improve the resistance between layers.

Standard 1 Oz Copper PCB

Standard 1 Oz Copper PCB

What Is The Trace Width Of 6 Oz Copper PCB?

The trace width of 6 Oz Copper PCB relies on different parameters like cross-sectional area, temperature, resistance, etc. You should use a perfect trace width for the PCB with 6 oz copper thickness.

6 Oz Copper PCB Trace Width

6 Oz Copper PCB Trace Width

The required trace width can easily be calculated through the following formula.

Trace Width


In this formula, I= maximum current carrying capacity,

T= 8.22 mils (thickness of 6 oz copper), K is 0.024 and 0.048 for internal and external layers respectively.

How Does Impedance Stability Affect 6 Oz Copper PCB?

Impedance is a crucial subject that needs to be considered during 6 oz copper PCB design. Stable impedance promotes the durability and heat management of multilayer stackup.

6 Oz Copper PCB Impedance Control

6 Oz Copper PCB Impedance Control

Impedance affects the dielectric constant of PCB materials. Its stability ensures sufficient dielectric strength. That means impedance control improves the robustness of 6 Oz Copper PCB.

You need to ensure consistent thermal properties in electronic devices. Impedance stability is also effective for high glass transition temperature.

How Do You Calculate The Current Capacity Of 6 Oz Copper PCB?

You can calculate the current capacity of 6 oz copper PCB by using the following equation. You just need to know the trace width of this PCB.

Maximum current

Area, A= WT1.378 square mils

Here, W= trace width, T= 8.22 mils, b= 0.725, c= 0.44.

Does 6 Oz Copper PCB Offer A Low Manufacturing Cost?

6 oz copper PCB offers a competitive cost during manufacturing. Initially, it costs high due to its thickness. But, it provides numerous benefits which are responsible for low manufacturing costs.

Cost-Effective 6 Oz Copper PCB

Cost-Effective 6 Oz Copper PCB

Its materials are extremely durable. You can place the components efficiently that improves the performance of electric circuits. That means 6 oz thickness helps to solder and etch the copper surface.

It saves you from the additional cost of fabrication. We have been providing manufacturing service for more than 15 years. We provide skilled technical support that ensures reliable manufacturing at a reasonable cost.

How Does Moisture Affect 6 Oz Copper PCB?

Moisture absorption rate should be low in the case of 6 oz copper PCB. The notable effects of moisture are-

  • Moisture affects the dielectric materials negatively. FR4, prepreg materials can’t provide dielectric strength due to high moisture absorption.
  • It causes inconsistency of thermal properties.
  • Intense moisture promotes the oxidation of components.

Durable 6 Oz Copper PCB

Durable 6 Oz Copper PCB

The copper PCB with 6 oz thickness is effective for low absorption of moisture. So, you are free from these adverse effects.

Which Technology Is Good For 6 Oz Copper PCB Component Mounting?

You can apply surface mount technology (SMT) and through-hole technology (THT) for mounting 6 oz copper PCB components.


Surface mount technology is used for tiny PCB components. Here, components are placed on the landing pad through proper soldering.  It allows smooth and permanent electrical joints among the PCB components.

Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount Technology

This technology is highly effective for high-speed data transmission. Watch this video about SMT:


Here, the leads of PCB components are placed into a hole on the PCB surface. The cost of this mounting process of 6 oz copper is comparatively high. Again, its circuit design is more complicated than surface mounting.

Through-hole technology provides stable component placement on the PCB surface. But, you should consider SMT concerning the cost and technical aspects of mounting the components.

What Are The Design Techniques Of 6 Oz Copper PCB?

You have to consider some factors to design a productive 6 oz copper PCB. Such as components type, dimensions, minimum spacing, etc. We are here with some important design techniques for this PCB.

  • Copper fill levels with resin materials should be more than 75%. Otherwise, delamination happens.
  • Use more copper for galvanic coating.
  • The thickness of the solder resists layer should be a minimum of 0.25 mm.
  • The minimum spacing for 105 m thick copper foil should be 13 mils.
  • The pathwidth needs to be at least 12 mils.

 6 Oz Copper PCB Design

6 Oz Copper PCB Design

A perfect design ensures minimum thermal stress for electric circuits. That’s why you must consider these techniques before designing a 6 oz copper PCB.

How Can You Fabricate A 6 Oz Copper PCB?

6 oz copper PCB ensures stable component placement on the surface through soldering. So, you need to fabricate it carefully. Fabrication of this PCB includes plating and etching.

You have to cover the desired section of copper surface with a photopolymer that works as a protective layer. Then the PCB needs to be kept in ferric chloride solution for etching. This standard solution eliminates the bare portion of this thick copper PCB.

6 Oz Copper PCB Etching

6 Oz Copper PCB Etching

Etching reduces the path width of the circuit through an undercutting effect. You can’t apply electrostatic spray during the fabrication process. You can fill the 6 oz copper PCB substrate by using a solder mask and then apply solder resist.

This process affects the efficiency of PCB. A proper fabrication makes this copper PCB compatible with high-power projects.  Watch this video:

Which Surface Finish Process Is Effective For 6 Oz Copper PCB?

ENIG is the most effective surface finish for 6 Oz Copper PCB. It promotes the efficiency of this copper PCB to a great extent.

6 Oz Copper PCB ENIG Surface Finish

6 Oz Copper PCB ENIG Surface Finish

This surface finish improves the lead-free compatibility of 6 oz copper. It also widens the PCB surface that promotes the productivity of component placement. You can easily design the solder joints.

Again, ENIG resists corrosion of the PCB surface. It develops the longevity of your device. You can also keep the components free from oxidation that lessens the effectiveness of PCB applications.

Is 6 Oz Copper PCB Good For Multilayer PCB Stackup?

6 Oz Copper PCB is a good choice for multilayer PCB stackup. When you think of a well-designed multilayer PCB, you need to consider impedance control, component, weight, spacing, etc. Copper PCB with 6 oz thickness supports all of these factors.

Multilayer 6 Oz Copper PCB

Multilayer 6 Oz Copper PCB

It consists of useful dielectric materials which provide a wide range of dielectric constants. This property is worthwhile for controlling impedance in different PCB layers.

Besides, 6 oz copper delivers a broad surface to accommodate PCB components of different weights. You can utilize the vias properly here. It ensures smooth heat conduction. That’s why 6 Oz Copper PCB is compatible with multilayer PCB stackup.

What Is The Process Of 6 Oz Copper PCB Assembly?

6 oz copper PCB assembly is a major factor that influences performance. You need to follow the following process for a well-designed PCB assembly.

  • First, laminate the copper foil on the fiberglass for having a uniform 6 oz copper thickness.
  • You have to drill the PCB surface now.
  • Then, you need to plate copper on the drilled holes. It is necessary for joining the definite portions of this copper PCB. Nickel and gold are also used in this case.
  • Now, it’s time to etch the PCB.
  • In the end, place the components according to the design with proper soldering.

PCB Assembly With 6 Oz Copper

PCB Assembly With 6 Oz Copper

What Are The Vias In 6 Oz Copper PCB?

Vias are used for connecting the PCB layers. They are placed in the drilled holes of the PCB surface. These components ensure heat conduction and flow of electricity between 6 oz copper PCB layers.

Different PCB Vias

Different PCB Vias

You will notice the following vias in this PCB.

Blind Via

PCB blind vias connect the outer layer and an internal layer. That’s why it is called “blind”. It promotes thermal management in PCB layers. You have to maintain the proper ratio (1.1:1) of diameter and hole depth for the blind vias.

Buried Via

Buried vias link two internal layers. They ensure proper conduction of electricity and heat in the inner sections of this thick copper PCB.

Through-hole Plated Via

This type of via conducts heat between two outer surfaces.

Thermal Via

Thermal vias are very effective for distributing the heat of these PCB layers. You should place thermal vias properly to get the best result.

There are some important factors like current rating, fan-out, etc while using the PCB vias. You have a  chance to apply multiple PCB vias for better thermal management.

How To Test A 6 Oz Copper PCB Performance?

A reliable test of 6 oz copper PCB enables you to be confirmed of its performance. Some trustworthy inspection methods are as below.

In-circuit Test

This test is carried out by using probes on the PCB components. You need to separate the components for inspection. It checks the solder connections, wrong placement, current rating, power, etc.

6 Oz Copper PCB Test

6 Oz Copper PCB Test

This test takes enough time to examine the components individually. But, it is cheap and reliable.

Automated Optical Inspection

It compares the images of 6 oz copper PCB with the perfect PCB. Thus, the inspector detects the faults of PCB. Here, The AOI machine is applied to conduct this test. It is expensive due to the high price of the machinery.

What Are The Limitations Of 6 Oz Copper PCB?

The considerable limitations of 6 Oz Copper PCB are-

  • Its cost is comparatively high similar to other thick copper PCBs.
  • Sometimes this copper thickness of PCB lacks efficiency due to overheating.

Perfect 6 Oz Copper PCB

Perfect 6 Oz Copper PCB

You need to manufacture it from a trustworthy manufacturer to avoid these problems. Contact us. We provide the most effective IPC Class 2 standard PCB having 6 oz copper thickness.


6 oz copper PCB has become a trustworthy solution to improve your device performance. It provides you with the optimum output of electric circuits. Versatile benefits of this copper thickness enable you to design superlative projects.

PCBMay always renders the best manufacturing service. We have tried to explain the minute details of 6 oz copper PCB in this FAQ guide. We hope you won’t face any difficulty in the case of PCB assembly. If you have any further queries, contact us and stay tuned.

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