How To Reduce PCB Assembly Cost? (6 Practical Ways To Minimize PCB Assembly Cost In 2022)

PCB boards are performing as the backbone in the field of electronic devices.

Today all the modern advancements are totally depending on these PCB boards.

It will be right to say that, smart gadgets are impossible to construct without using these PCB circuits.

But the main question is how can a PCB manufacturer reduce PCB assembly cost? Let’s figure it out.

Moreover, the process of assembling or soldering all the electronic components to a PCB is PCB Assembly.

Nowadays, many electronic engineers are trying to find the ultimate PCB assemblies at an affordable cost.

Because PCB assembly cost really affects the overall production.

How to Reduce PCB Assembly Cost?

6 Practical Ways to Minimize PCB Board Assembly Cost in 2020

1) The main focus in the production of electronic modules is to reduce the cost of assembly and assembly of printed circuit boards while maintaining a consistently high level of quality.

2) Correct design of the printed circuit board (taking into account the requirements imposed by automatic installation) allows you to reduce the cost of installing the product and sometimes quite significantly. This is a special process for assembling circuits on electronic circuits. Assembly can be done mechanically or electrically.

3) Decrease in cost. Reducing the area of ​​printed circuit boards, fewer materials used in components, automated assembly – all this, other things being equal, can significantly reduce the cost of a product in serial production.

4) The production requirement when using soldering systems, and also allows electronics manufacturers to reduce the size of products, reduce their cost, What and how can and should be checked after assembling the printed circuit board

5) Automation of the assembly process can significantly reduce the cost of assembling products.

6) The main direction in the production of electronic modules is to reduce the cost of assembly and assembly of printed circuit boards while maintaining a consistently high level of Technology. This increases the flexibility of the production lines, although it decreases productivity.

Today we are here to describe to you that what the PCB Assembly is.

Furthermore, by adapting which processes you can really reduce the overall costs of these PCB assemblies.

PCB Assembly Inspection

PCB Assembly Inspection

What is PCB Assembly?

Printed Circuit Board Assembly is also popular as PCBA.

Where PCBA actually stands for Printed Circuit Board Assembly.

In this process, manufacturers solder all the electronic components to a PCB.

The other short name for it is PCA (Printed Circuit Assembly).

Additionally, there are two kinds of tools which manufacturers use like,

  • Manual PCB Assembly tools
  • Automatic PCB Assembly tools.

Moreover, there are several different stages in the process of PCBA in which includes,

  • Add the solder paste to the board
  • Soldering
  • Pick and place all the components
  • Test and inspection, etc.

Hence, manufacturers pay special and deep attention to all PCA process because it is necessary for creating extreme quality devices.

So, it is clear that the extreme quality functioning and durability of all electronic appliances totally depends on the PCBA.

PCB Assembly Cost Really Effects

Although, PCB manufacturers are trying to find out ways to reduce the PCB Assembly cost.

Because they want to produce electronic devices with high functioning at low prices.

But it is a fact that that there is still not any PCB Assembly service which will be low cost.

In fact, creating complex electronic gadgets using low-cost PCB Assemblies can be riskier.

Because for precision quality electronic devices, manufacturers have to use the best quality PCB boards.

So, it is dangerous to rely on low-quality PCBs for mass production.

But Assemblers of Printed Circuit Boards are continually trying to dig for ways to reduce costs.

So that they can attract more and more business. In this way, they will get more benefits and profits.

In addition, according to customers needs, the PCB Assembler is best which can actually provide the perfect balance between,

  • Consumer cost and service
  • Assembly cost, etc.

Moreover, in this article, we are going to describe several ways, by applying them you can really reduce the PCB Assembly cost.

Discover a Professional, Trustable as Well as a Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards Assembler

In fact, most of the PCB assembly providers claim that they will provide you the best low-cost PCB Assembly service.

But most of them are fail in order to prove their claim. Furthermore, before selecting any assembly service, first, you have to determine all of your project’s budget and needs.

  • After this consideration, you should completely get knowledge about all the popular PCBA services via the internet
  • Trade show
  • Magazines, etc

Here are some aspects that you should cover during all the researches. These are:


The PCB Assembly service which you select must have the latest equipment to provide highly efficient and extreme quality assembly.

Nowadays the equipment relating to SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is providing high precision assembly.

Because this latest technology has the ability to place all the components with great precision at extreme manufacturing speed.


In fact, the PCBA service which you select for low-cost assembly must have all the necessary certifications.

So that you can get an ideal result for your needs and accessories which is your target.

The Necessary Certifications for Efficient and Reliable PCB Assembly are:

  1. RoHS
  2. ISO9001
  3. UL, etc.


RoHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substances is basically a series of restrictive laws.

These laws are actually the laws to ban the use of 6 hazardous substances in the manufacturing of electronic equipment.


ISO9001 is actually a family of international quality-management guidelines and standards.

Its aim is to promote organizations and companies’ abilities in order to meet all the expectations of users to provide them highly efficient services and products.


UL service is basically relating to power supplies and high-quality PCB circuits.

Its purpose is to rigorously test all the products and their procedures for hassle-free functioning.

Furthermore, for reducing PCB Assembly cost and perfect functioning above certificates are part and parcel for all best PCB assemblers.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Components purchasing:

You should make good decisions to purchase the components.

Moreover, you have to totally cooperate with the PCB assembler you select.

Because your assemblers better know what is right for you.

They know how to buy cheap but excellent components in order to put on extreme quality PCB boards.

Ideal Instructions to Select Reliable Manufacturers for PCB Assembly Cost Reduction

In order to choose the ideal and affordable PCB assemblers you should also consider the following aspects such as,

  • Price
  • Lead time
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Quotation rate
  • Minimum order volume and many more.

Hence, considering all the above instructions can really help you to choose ideal and affordable assemblers for precision PCB assembly.

Improve the Design of Bare PCB Schematic for Getting Better PCB Assembly Cost

Before you launch your products into the market, first you check whether PCB boards are reliable for the device or not.

So, the DFM checking service is totally low-cost and reliable. And several PCB Assembly providers also have this service.

However, in order to design a bare PCB at a low cost, we are giving some important tips to you. So, these are:

The shape and size of PCB board:

Always try to design standard types of shapes like,

  • Rectangle
  • Square

These shapes helpfully lead to smaller costs. But if you will try to design special or unique shapes, they will be more costly and can affect your budget. Because these unique shapes have needed special materials with extra costs.

Additionally, if the size of the board will be bigger, it will also increase the cost. So, try to decrease the final size of the board.

Layers in PCB

PCB layers really affect the expenses. As the number of layers will increases, it will be more expensive.

So, assemblers must try to reduce the number of layers to lower the PCB Assembly cost.

In fact, 4layers PCB circuit boards are best for low-cost PCB Assembly.

PCB via holes issue

Basically, the greater number of vias causes smaller diameters and more costs.

Furthermore, it will result in the PCBs with extra cost. Hence it is necessary that you must arrange all the vias very carefully with minimum numbers.

Moreover, you have to decrease the number of vias with guaranteeing more sufficient and satisfactory functions.

Perfect-Surface Finish for Lower the PCB Assembly Cost

This is also an important and crucial part of the PCB Assembly.

You have to select the surface finish type which ideally suits your products in order to prevent board pads from oxidizing. Moreover, there are several different kinds of surface finishes. For example,

However, these surface finishes also have many advantages and disadvantages.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

The Type of Material Really Affects the PCB Assembly Cost

Selecting the proper material is also an important and critical part of the manufacturing of PCB Assembly.

In fact, selecting the proper material actually has good effects on the PCB assembly cost.

Because the material actually determines the all and all

  • Performance of the board
  • Durability and strength
  • Scope of the application.

So, a perfect assembler must have to select the material which has the following factors,

  • Tensile strength
  • Temperature resistant
  • Dielectric constant
  • Flexibility and many more.

Basically, FR4 in PCB boards manufacturers mostly use FR4. and it is an ideal type of material that has the ability to tolerate several different temperatures.

Moreover, there are also many best quality materials.

But we are also providing the overall increase in the price. Such as,

  1. FR4-TG150
  2. FR4-TG170.
  3. FR4-TG180

FR4-TG150 has the ability to increase 5% of the overall cost.

And FR4-TG170 will increase up to 10% of the total cost, and FR4-TG180 will increase up to 20% of the total cost.

Must Prepare an Effective, Efficient, and Complete BOM:

BOM stands for Bill of Materials. It is actually a complete and extensive list of

  • Unrefined and raw materials
  • Components
  • Items
  • Assemblies
  • Sub-assemblies, etc.

for the need for product manufacturing. You are thinking that it is very easy to make in comparison to the Gerber file.

But we have examined many mistakes during the making of BOM in comparison to Gerber files.

Furthermore, a complete and authentic BOM must have necessary items for PCB Assembly, it includes,

  • Part number
  • Reference designator
  • Manufacturer name
  • Package/Case
  • Quantity
  • Description
  • SMT method
  • Top/Bottom
  • Points/Footprint
  • Note/Comment
  • BOM level.

Most all the PCB Assemblers contain their BOM creating guidelines and in-house BOM template.

So, you can easily fill it according to your needs and hence can fasten the procedure of quotation.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

In fact, there should also facility to add new or latest components in your BOM.

Because there is always a possibility of upgrading the old items with the latest development.

So, there should always be chances to add the new and emergency implementation in the BOM list.

How can Lower PCB Assembly Cost by Selecting Assembly Methods?

You can actually lower PCB assembly costs by selecting proper assembly methods.

Because selecting different types of assembly methods can really reduce the production costs.

Moreover, while you are working on small batches; hand assembly will be a better choice.

But for your bulk production size machine assembly is an ideal choice. Because machine assembly is a low-cost option for your mass production.

You should never Ignore the test or inspection

In fact, it is a crucial and necessary part of the PCB Assembly process and you should never ignore it.

You can save your circuit from open and short with the help of the bare PCB E-test.

Furthermore, for perfect PCB Assembly

  • X-RAY
  • AOI

will certainly ensure you that all of your PCB components are well assembled. Both tests have the capability to save money and time.


We have tried to provide you all the essential things to low your PCB assembly cost. We can hope that you will find a proper and affordable assembly method that will make your designs successful.

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