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Welcome to PCBMay, Your Best Partner of PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly in China
PCBMay provides high quality printed circuit board products and PCB assembly services to more than 3000 customers around the World, customer satisfaction is our goal.

Founded in 2008, PCBMay (a trademark for MV Circuit Technology Co., Limited) is the leading manufacturer of high-tech quick-turn prototypes, high mix, low and medium volume PCBs in China, offering original PCB design, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly services.

It has a stable professional team that has more than 15 years of production experience.

Our products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world and are widely used in many fields, such as aerospace, military, automotive, data communications, industrial control, IoT, medical, electric power, energy, railways, safety-critical, telecommunications, LED lighting and other fields.

Our core competitiveness: leading high technology, high quality, high on-time rate, expedited delivery, customer service, and the best cost performance.

PCBMay has an experienced team of experts by professional elites. Most engineering and technical personnel have more than 20 years of valuable working experience in large factories of PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and components sourcing, which can provide timely and professional PCB solutions to our customers.

Our continued success depends on every employee, from the back-end to the front office. Due to their relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to high standards, our team has helped to translate our goals into substantial accomplishments over the years.

Every member of PCBMay believes strongly in the vision and core values of the company.

Quality is the life of our products, in other words, it’s the most important in each section during the process of PCB manufacturing and assembly.

PCBMay provides high-quality products by following the ISO production procedure and adopting the IPC class 2 quality surveillance standards.

PCBMay has passed ISO-9001 quality system certification, ISO-14001 environmental system certification, USA and Canada UL(E477880), and RoHs.

  • PCB Manufacturing inner layer check
  • PCB Manufacturing Selective boards
  • PCB Manufacturing Visual Inspetion

PCB Manufacturing Service

Our PCB plant has a workshop of 13,000 square meters, There’re more than 450 employees, and the monthly production capacity is 40,000.

Our main products are 2-18 layer boards which are around 60%.

We could provide a quick-turn service for prototypes and small batches. From simple single and double panels to complex high-tech boards, we have been breaking through ourselves.

Now we are professional in the production of buried blind vias of any layer, line width/spacing can be achieved 2/2mil. Our products are related to MultilayersAluminum boardFPC boardFlex-Rigid boardRogers boardhigh frequency high speed boardHalogen Free boardheavy copper PCB, and other types of boards.

PCB Assembly Service

Our PCB assembly plant has a workshop of 8,000 square meters.

They’re more than 200 employees, there’re 50 engineers for the R&D team, and 30 overseas sales for the business team. 6 fully automatic SMT production lines, 3 wave soldering production lines, 5 assembly lines, and auxiliary testing and aging facilities.

The main manufacturing capabilities include SMT, THT, box-build, cleaning, aging test, ICT, FCT, etc. What’s more, we have advance equipment with Fuji machines,  AOI, SPI, X-RAY, and BGA rework facilities. Additionally, we have testing and box building services to make up the complete production process.

Our extends services include PCB design & PCB Layout, hardware design engineering, firmware & software development, and personalization.

  • PCB Assembly Inspection
  • PCB Assembly Soldering
  • PCB Assembly IC
  • PCB Layout
  • PCB Design
  • PCB Design & Layout

Electronic Components Sourcing

PCBMay pays high attention to inspect and analyze the incoming material, especially electronic components.

Electronic components sourcing seems it’s very easy, in fact in the process of purchasing electronic components, it is necessary to control the purchasing cost and ensure the quality of the components.

You have to understand the classification of ICs, diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors, and other components, also understand semiconductors, model structures, packaging, model substitutions, which manufacturers are producing, etc.

PCBMay has established electronic components suppliers’ input and analysis systems to ensure our complete advantages of material quality, lead time, and price. Our electronic components sourcing team can acquire inventory information of remote, unpopular, and short materials, thus presenting the best purchasing solution.

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