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Analog vs Digital Input

Analog vs Digital Input blog

Analog vs Digital I/O Why You Need to Know the Difference Between Analog vs Digital Input Why do you need to bother distinguishing between the two input methods? Frankly, the distinction is essential for circuits’ signal processing. You should be aware of it to avoid improperly combining one system with another. Additionally, analog input has …

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JST Connector Types

JST Connector

A JST Connector What is a JST Connector? Have you ever seen circuit boards with little white connectors attached to them? Any electrical appliance has surfaces called circuit boards or PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) where electrical components are mounted. JST Connectors are white-colored connectors with wires attached to one end and a PCB attached to …

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Conductive Paint

conductive paint blog

Conductive Paint for Circuit Boards What is Conductive Paint for Circuit Boards? Perhaps you’re unsure of what conductive paint is. In this post, we talk about it in terms of how it is used in circuit boards or PCBs. This is not a very sophisticated hard-to-understand product. It can be said to be very simple …

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