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PCBMay is your original and excellent Battery PCB manufacturer in China. We also offer different types of Battery PCB equipment and a wide range. PCBMay is a trusted supplier for your Battery PCB project.

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Battery PCB is Your Best Choice for Your Project

With over 15 years of competence in this industry, you can guarantee that PCBMay can always supply your Battery PCB and any PCBs equipment needs. At PCBMay, you can select from our widest options of Battery PCB to complete your production and business projects. All the Battery PCBs are developed and designed by our skilled professional manufacturing workers.

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Types of Battery PCB Meet Your Requirements

Lithium Battery Charging Protection Board PCB

Protection Board PCB has a high-accuracy voltage detection circuit, and the terminal of the charger using a high voltage device.

Drive Charger Phone Charger PCB

PCB and PCBA OEM USB flash drive car charger phone charger PCB. Full of high-quality and long-lasting to use.

Power Bank Mobile Battery Charger

Power Bank Mobile Battery Charger products are widely used in telecommunications, computing networks, medical equipment, Auto, and other high-tech fields.

Power Bank Battery 10400 MAH Circuit Board

Power Bank Battery 10400 MAH Circuit Board material, FR4, CEM1, CEM3, High TG, Rogers, F4B, Taconic, FR1, FR2, aluminum. Orders yours now at PCBMay services.

DIY 18650 Lithium Battery Charger

Mobile power bank DIY 18650 Lithium Battery Charger PCB board boost step-up module with LED. Full of high-quality and safe to use.

FR4 1.6mm PCB Battery

FR4 1.6 mm PCB Battery mass production: 394mil (10 mm). Most of our engineer has over 15 years of experience. We have about professional workers. We have passed ISO9001 certifications.

Why Choose PCBMay for Your Battery PCB

You can assure a top-quality Battery PCB at PCBMay since we have advanced technology, and we always use the best strategy. You can choose us as your supplier. We strive to meet your Battery PCB demand. We’re also customizing Battery PCB with your specifications.

PCBMay, Battery PCB products are structured with high-quality raw materials. We highly demanded our Battery PCBs from the international market, we make them more durable, reliable, and high-performance to improve efficiency.

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VPC Plating Line

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Battery Charger PCB For Phone Printed Circuit Board
Battery Charger PCB For Phone Printed Circuit Board
We offer complete product development and prototyping services for your custom electronic product. We are your one-stop-shop for tech product development.
Protective Circuit Board Lithium Battery
Protective Circuit Board Lithium Battery
Low voltage and high voltage protection, Each product will be tested before send out, Most safety and comfort pack material.
Iphone Mobile Phone Battery Power Charging PCB
Iphone Mobile Phone Battery Power Charging PCB
Extending feature, USB expanding port is for current and charging the battery, and testing the charging current of USB.
12v BMS Lifepo4 Battery Pack
12v BMS Lifepo4 Battery Pack
We offer a one-stop battery PCB, plastic product, and plastic injection mold for power bank, power battery, and digital battery, which can solve customer’s multiple solutions.
Lithium Battery Protection Circuit Board
Lithium Battery Protection Circuit Board
Safe and easy to use: fasten to use. If the battery is fully charged, it will stop the output current to prevent overcharging inflated.
Mobile Power Bank 12v Battery Charger PCB
Mobile Power Bank 12v Battery Charger PCB
Mobile Power Bank 12v Battery Charger PCB 100% AOI and X-Ray testing. The firmware burned in the MCU and programming, ICT testing, and Function testing as requested.
Battery Repairing Activation Charging Testing PCB
Battery Repairing Activation Charging Testing PCB
The battery activation board brings old or dead batteries back to life, enables the battery to give out more power, and prolong its lifetime.
PCB Lithium Battery Smart BMS Battery
PCB Lithium Battery Smart BMS Battery
We professionally manufacture PCB Lithium Battery Smart BMS Battery and PCB for more than 15 years in China. You can assure the high-quality of our product.

Battery PCB Production Details As Following Up

Brown Oxide
PTH Line
VCP Plating   AOI  Exposure E-Test
Layer Count1-40layers
Base MaterialKBShengyiShengyiSF305FR408FR408HRIS410FR406GETEK370HRIT180ARogers4350BRogers4000PTFE Laminates(Rogers seriesTaconic seriesArlon seriesNelco series)Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
Board TypeBackplane、HDI、High multi-layer 、blind&buried PCB、Embedded Capacitance、Embedded resistance board 、Heavy copper power PCB、Backdrill.
Board Thickness0.2-5.0mm
Copper ThicknessMin. 1/2 OZ, Max. 10 OZ
PTH Wall25um(1mil)
Maximum Board Size1100*500mm(43”*19”)
Min laser drilling size4mil
Min. Spacing/Tracing2.7mil/2.7mil
Solder MaskGreen, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow,Purple matte/glossy
Surface TreatmentFlash gold(electroplated gold)ENIGHard goldFlash goldHASL Lead freeOSPENEPIGSoft goldImmersion silverImmersion TinENIG+OSP,ENIG+Gold finger,Flash gold(electroplated gold)+Gold finger,Immersion silver+Gold finger,Immersion Tin+Gold finger.
Min. Annular Ring3mil
Aspect ratio10:1(HASL Lead freeHASL LeadENIGImmersion TinImmersion silverENEPIG);8:1(OSP)
Impedance control±5ohm(<50ohm), ±10%(≥50ohm)
Other TechniquesBlind/Buried Via
Gold Fingers
Press Fit
Via in Pad
Electrical Test

Here there’re many laminate material datasheets, they’re useful and helpful for you, please see them:

TU-872Modified EpoxyDOWNLOAD2003403.8-4.03.8
RO 3010Cer/PTFEDOWNLOAD50010.2
RO 4003Hydrocarbon/CerDOWNLOAD>2804253.38
RO 4350BHydrocarbon/CerDOWNLOAD>2803903.48
RT/duroid 5880PTFE/GlassDOWNLOAD5002.2
ISOLAPolyclad 370HRFR4DOWNLOAD1703404.8-5.1
HitachiMCL-BE- 67GModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD1403404.94.4
MCL-LX-67YSpecial LaminateDOWNLOAD185-195325-3453.4-3.6
NelcoN4000-13Modified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403653.73.6
N4000-13EPModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
N4000-13SIModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
N4000-13EP SIModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
ArlonArlon 25NCerDOWNLOAD2603.38
Arlon 25FRCerDOWNLOAD2603.58
Arlon 33NPolymideDOWNLOAD>2503534
Arlon 35NPolymideDOWNLOAD>2503634.2
Arlon 85NPolymideDOWNLOAD2503874.2
StablcorST325DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:75w/m.k(with 1oz copper)
ST10DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:325w/m.k(with 1oz copper)
Bergquistht-04503DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:2.2w/m.k(with 1oz copper)


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1. DHL

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FedEx offers delivery solutions for customers around the world.
It takes 4-7 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
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5. Air, Sea/Air, and Sea

If your order is of large volume with PCBMay, you can also choose
to ship via air, sea/air combined, and sea when necessary.
Please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

Note: if you need others, please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

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    Your Professional Battery PCB Supplier

    PCBMay is your number one Battery PCB manufacturer and supplier in China. We can produce, provide Battery PCB globally. We are the most reliable and trusted Battery PCB supplier and manufacturer that came from China.

    Not only that, but we manufacture our Battery PCB with high quality and durable types of PCB. Besides, PCBMay is using reliable materials for our Battery PCB. And you can assure that it is perfect for your Battery PCB needs or want.

    Our Battery PCB has full of high-quality and long-lasting to use. That can widely use in telecommunications, computing networks, medical equipment, auto, and other high-tech fields. Our Battery PCB has passed ISO9001 certifications.

    We can help you to provide your Battery PCB with a 100% reliable product. PCBMay has complete control of the incoming materials that we use, assemble, and install processes.

    We manufactured and supplied it with a true Battery PCB product that can make you satisfied. PCBMay has more than 500 employees. We have 70 engineers for the R&D team and 30 for the overseas sales business team.

    We can provide manual intervention, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the quality of products. If you think there’s a problem with our Battery PCB, don’t be worry because our Battery PCB has tested and certified productions.

    We, PCBMay, have a large selection of Battery PCBs in China. All Customers’ requirements are all we should do. We have operator training follows on ready if needed, no matter where you are. And we give it to you at the right time that you want.

    We can also provide a quick-turn service for prototypes and small batches, from simple single and double panels to complex high-tech boards. And we extend services, including PCB designs and PCB layout.

    If you are searching for a unique and high-quality Battery PCB manufacturer? Then, PCBMay is your trusted and perfect partner. Be connected with us to provide your Battery PCB professionally.

    You can feel free to contact Us! We are friendly to accommodate your inquiries.

    Battery PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Battery PCBs are a kind of printed PCB board found in virtually any device that uses energy. This is one of the most popular printed circuit boards you will encounter in your everyday life.

    PCBMay is the most important company in China for Battery PCBs. Our customers often contact us with questions regarding battery PCB. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information available on the internet regarding battery PCBs. The purpose of this FAQ is to make things as straightforward as possible.

    What Is A Battery PCB?

    When compared to lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries provide several distinct benefits. They are smaller, lighter, more energy-efficient, charge quicker, and also have a longer lifetime. They are, however, vulnerable to a variety of circumstances that may cause harm to the battery pack.

    Lithium-ion batteries must be more sophisticated and contain components that help prevent certain adverse conditions from occurring to realize this potential. The primary function of the Battery PCB is to achieve this result.

    Battery PCB

    Battery PCB

    In a Lithium battery pack, the battery PCB (also known as the protective circuit module or board) serves as the “heart.” A lithium battery pack must be equipped with an overcharging, over-discharging, and over drain safety mechanism to avoid an explosion, a fire, or damage to the Lithium battery pack’s internal components.

    What Are The Battery PCB Characteristics?

    The Battery PCB is not the same as a standard PCB. A significant difference exists in the operation of this kind of PCB. The primary purpose of the Battery PCB is

    • To safeguard the lithium batteries from harm caused by overcharging or over-discharging the battery.
    • It also estimates the remaining charge, keeps track of the battery’s temperature, and checks its overall health and safety by looking for connectivity issues and internal shorts.
    • Maintains the balance of charge across the cells, allowing each cell to perform fully.
    • Shuts down if the battery detects any hazardous circumstances, thus protecting the device’s lithium-ion cells from damage.

    Battery Placed In Battery PCB

    Battery Placed In Battery PCB

    What Are Some Of The Applications Of Battery PCB?

    Monitoring and controlling battery banks, which are utilized in various sectors, is accomplished by using battery PCB. The prevalence of lithium-ion batteries across all energy storage devices has elevated PCBs to the position of essential enabler, both in terms of functionality and safety.

    Among the most critical industrial sectors served by battery PCB are:

    Electric Vehicles

    Forklifts and other electrically powered machinery are included in electric vehicles, including electric cars and off-road vehicles like golf carts. Communication between battery banks in forklifts, automobiles, and buses is often accomplished via CAN (Controller Area Network).

    Battery PCB In Electric Vehicle

    Battery PCB In Electric Vehicle

    Grid Power Infrastructure

    Gridded power infrastructure utilizes battery banks to provide backup power or guard against voltage variations. The power distribution grid towers, alternating current infrastructure equipment, aviation ground support systems, and distributed energy resources, are all examples of applications.

    The latter use, which includes wind and solar facilities, is a significant business in and of itself. This video gives you an insight into battery PCBs in an electric car:

    What Are The Benefits Of A Battery PCB?

    Battery PCBs provide several advantages over other kinds of PCBs, including the reliability of lithium-ion batteries. This is why battery PCBs are used in many applications, including electric vehicles. Here are some of the advantages of using a battery PCB that you should take into consideration:

    • In electric vehicles, a battery PCB extends the life of the battery cells.
    • This is a very effective method for measuring and controlling the voltage of the cell.
    • It ensures long-term stability and dependability.
    • It helps to protect the battery pack, which is particularly important for large-format lithium-ion batteries.
    • It improves the overall performance of the battery.
    • It continuously monitors the battery packs to prevent the possibility of a failure or an explosion.
    • The PCB aids in the detection of problems such as high heat, smoke, fire, and other issues that may damage the cells.
    • It regulates the temperature, ensuring that it remains at the optimal or optimal 45 ° Celsius for battery operation.
    • It indicates how long the battery’s capacity would last before it has to be recharged.
    • Eventually, it predicts the capabilities of the battery pack.

    Battery PCB Performance

    Battery PCB Performance

    What Are The Types Of Battery PCB?

    Battery PCBs are divided into two categories: the first is the construction category, and the second is the performance category. More sophisticated designs based on the demands and requirements of customers pave the way for the production of various PCBs.

    Before selecting a PCB, you should examine a few factors, such as the amount of space needed, the amount of stress it can withstand, and the electrical and mechanical integrity of the board. There are many distinct kinds of battery PCBs available, depending on the build:

    Depending on how well the performance goes, battery PCBs are divided into two categories.

    • Systems for monitoring and targeting energy use – These systems are intended to monitor energy consumption and identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Continuous system commissioning–adapt to suit your requirements, including ventilation, heating, conditioning systems (HVAC), and other systems.

    Different Types Of Battery PCB

    Different Types Of Battery PCB

    This video will provide you with an understanding of the many kinds of PCBs utilized in our products.

    What Are The Parts Of Battery PCB?

    Depending on the platform or electrical item for which a PCB is built, various components will be required for other circuits on the same board. These components can be made up of a variety of different electronic components. The following are examples of standard Battery PCB components:


    The battery supplies the circuit voltage.

    Battery In Battery PCB

    Battery In Battery PCB


    They can control the electrical current that flows through them. To identify the value, resistors are color-coded.


    A light-emitting diode is a semiconductor that emits light. When current runs through it, it illuminates, and it will only enable current to travel in one way at a time.


    It increases the intensity of the charge.


    These are electrical charging components.


    Charge and stops, as well as changes in current, are stored.


    Allows current to flow exclusively in one way while blocking the other direction.


    Can enable either current or block, depending on whether they are open or closed.

    What Are The Safety Precautions To Take While Utilising A Battery PCB?

    While compared to other PCBs, battery PCBs need additional caution when handling or operating. If you are planning to deal with battery PCB, you should be aware of the following safety precautions:

    1. You should use a non-flammable, solid barrier between the two battery electrodes. When an accident happens, the border must be constructed of an insulating substance, and the electrodes shouldn’t ever come into touch with one another. The barrier prevents batteries from encountering an internal short circuit.
    2. Because the batteries are among the inputs to the battery PCB, it is possible to employ flame retardants in the solutions of cells to prevent accidents from arising. For substances to be effective, their flashpoint must be greater than that of electrolytes.

    Nevertheless, precautions must be taken to ensure that the battery’s efficiency and the performance of the reactor system are not compromised.

    Safety Measures For Battery PCB

    Safety Measures For Battery PCB

    1. During the combustion in a battery, a sequence of chemical changes occurs, igniting the battery. Choosing the oxidizer, fuel, and control unit so that the batteries are not subjected to fire or any other irregularity is essential to avoid this situation.

    How To Wire A Battery In Battery PCB?

    The process of implementing a Battery PCB wiring schematic can be pretty complex. Therefore we will build a battery pack to show you how it is done.

    Adding a Battery PCB to your lithium battery

    The large and thin cables are the two major types of cables you will need to place in your home. You’ll use the large cables as your charging/discharging wires, while the tiny cables will serve as your balancing wires.

    B-wire installation

    You’ll now attach the open end of the B-wire to the battery’s wiring clamps, which should fasten to the opposing end with your first line of cells.

    Installation of balancing cables

    These are the little cables with a white connection. If your PCB has more balancing wires than your battery, you’ll notice.

    P- wire installation

    After finishing your balancing wires, you can go on to the thick wires. A P- cable is the negative discharging connector, so attach it to an inverter.

    C- wire installation

    You have to connect your C-wire next. Remember, you already have this wire placed on the PCB.

    Installation of positive load and unload wires

    They typically connect to the battery directly.

    Battery PCB Wiring

    Battery PCB Wiring

    That’s all your Battery PCB needs to be installed. Remember to proceed gently and make sure you do not shorten your battery by putting any connections or cables on the open terminals.

    What Are The Considerations When Designing A Battery PCB?

    Creating a dependable, cost-effective Battery PCB requires careful layout design. A design that doesn’t account for crucial PCB layout issues may wind up being unusable in reality.

    A lousy layout may cause EMI, part conflicts along either side, restricted board functioning, or even board failure. Furthermore, if you don’t get the design perfect the first time, you’ll have to redo it, causing delays and expenses.

    PCB Design Consideration

    PCB Design Consideration

    Board Limits

    The initial restrictions to consider are those of the bare board. The panel’s size and form are examples of fundamental limitations. Verify you have enough board space for the circuit. The board’s size is determined by the final product’s size and usefulness.

    Production Methods

    Consider the manufacturing methods you want to use to make the board. Methods have limits and constraints. Use standard holes or locations that comply with the board’s production process. Always keep components out of holes.

    Parts and Materials

    During the layout process, consider the board’s materials and components. Make sure the required objects are accessible first. Some materials and components are scarce, while others are prohibitively costly. Parts might have distinct design requirements.

    Partitioning Order

    The sequence in which components are placed on the board is among the most basic PCB design principles. Connectors come first, followed by power circuits, precision circuits, crucial circuits, and the remainder of the components. Power, generation, noise susceptibility, and routing capabilities all affect circuit routing priority.


    Try to arrange the parts in the same direction while placing them. This will speed up the soldering process and reduce errors.


    Avoid putting components behind plated through-holes on the soldering side of the PCB.


    Organizing your parts logically may minimize assembly stages, improving productivity and decreasing costs. Assemble all surface-mount parts on one side as well as all through-hole components on the other.

    What Is The Cost Of A Battery PCB?

    Some variables can vary with battery PCB pricing. The number of layers, batteries, and the quality of other components can influence the cost of the PCB. If you purchase a PCB battery, be sure that you receive a quality product. A cheap battery PCB can damage or destroy your gadget.

    If you buy in bulk, a typical battery PCB may cost around $9-$50.

    Battery PCB Price

    Battery PCB Price

    What Are The Drawbacks Of Battery PCB?

    PCB batteries off-the-shelf have to be competitive to endear to a spectrum of uses and companies. Due to such considerations, the battery PCB will be loaded with certain features preferred by a vast customer base features for a particular consumer niche can be specialized.

    However, not all elements are cut. The size of the battery PCB may be limited based on application. The size restrictions also decrease the number of features that can be positioned in the housing.

    Most customized battery PCBs will concentrate on the critical characteristics of battery cell safety, battery control/discharge limit tracking, and battery readiness to power the particular application. However, battery PCBs disadvantages can include:

    • Cell equilibrium
    • Load control
    • The function of the Logbook

    Battery PCB Disadvantage

    Battery PCB Disadvantage

    How To Assemble A Battery PCB?

    If you wish to assemble a battery PCB, this procedure should greatly assist you for a long time.

    Apply Paste Solder

    This initial step in constructing the printed circuit board is to add solder paste to the board.  There are two options for doing this.

    To begin, make use of solder paste stencil. Using stencils to apply solder paste evenly and consistently is very beneficial. In addition, employing a stencil makes implementing solder paste quick and straightforward. All required is that a tiny quantity of solder paste is applied to every pad upon PCB.

    Place the parts

    After the solder paste has been deposited, it is necessary to put all parts on the board using tweezers. One of the drawbacks of designing creative printed circuit boards is the silkscreen utilized to assist in correctly identifying and placing components is frequently either not visible or not visible at all.

    Reflow the printed circuit board

    When you have finished placing all of the parts on the Board, it is necessary to reflow the board. It is required to heat the circuit board till the soldering paste melts for it to reflow. Upon PCB, permanent solder connections will be formed between each part and the pads after the board has reached room temperature.

    Including the Battery Holder

    The AAA cell holder, located on the rear of the PCB, will be added once everything has been connected to the front part of the PCB. This stage is very straightforward.

    Examining the product and ensuring its quality

    After the reflow procedure, a specialist must verify the completed board to ensure that it functions properly as soon as the surface mount parts are soldered in position.

    The final and functional inspection

    After the soldering stage of the PCB, assembly operation is completed, the PCB will be subjected to a final inspection to ensure that it is functioning.

    This kind of examination is referred to as a “functional test.” The PCB is put through its paces in this test, which simulates the typical operating conditions the Battery PCB would function.

    PCB Assembly Process

    PCB Assembly Process

    What Is The Standard Thickness Of Battery PCB?

    We are unable to provide a certain thickness or size for a battery PCB. It is possible to design your battery PCB with the dimensions that you need. However, to assist you, the average thickness of battery PCB is regarded to have the following sizes (w x l x h) 190 x 114 x 39 mm.

    Battery PCB Thickness

    Battery PCB Thickness

    How To Define Battery PCB Control Impedance?

    To guarantee that your Battery PCB’s control impedance, you must give specifications for several different factors:

    • The target’s impedance is measured.
    • The trace’s width is measured in millimeters.
    • Trace height is measured in centimeters.
    • Impedance trace layer is a kind of trace layer that measures impedance.
    • Copper component spacing on controlled traces is measured.

    Battery PCB Impedance Control

    Battery PCB Impedance Control

    If you have precise needs, you may want to consider supplying a graph with the relevant specs. Incorporating a chart will aid in the clarification of uncertainty by graphically presenting the information provided.

    What Is The Testing Method Of Battery PCB?

    The manual visual inspection of circuit boards was adequate for detecting possible problems like short circuits, poor solder connections, interrupted traces, reversed component-polarity, and even the presence of missing components when the circuits were reasonably basic.

    The MVI method was not without flaws caused by human errors when executing tedious and repetitive tasks. Faults were found late in the design phase when changing the circuit after the design was too expensive.

    Some of the typical battery PCB testing methods include the following:


    AOI may identify PCB flaws or errors early in the development stage. AOI is an inspection process technique that takes pictures of the boards from various angles and lighting conditions.

    The obtained pictures are compared to the desired outcome (also referred to as the “golden board”). This technique can identify many flaws and be utilized in various phases of development. The major drawback is that you can’t verify connections concealed by BGA and other tools.


    SMT’s high density and difficulty detecting interconnections in BGA packages necessitated more precise inspection techniques, such as X-ray (AXI). The AXI method identifies all interconnections and welds and those concealed by the packaging; solder junctions may also be examined for bubbles.

    Welds are apparent in radiography pictures because their atomic weight is greater than the other elements on the board. The probability of identifying proprietary electrical component counterfeits is likewise high. However, AXI is a costly method that is only warranted for highly dense PCBs and parts using BGA or CSP packages.

    X-Ray Examination Finds PCB Flaw.

    X-Ray Examination Finds PCB Flaw.

    In-Circuit Testing

    Each electrical part on the PCB is tested after assembly to ensure proper operation and placement. It checks for shorts, open circuits, resistance, capacitance, and other characteristics. A floating probe is utilized, consisting of sensors that freely move on the board to conduct the test.

    What Is The Way To Locate The Finest Manufacturer Of A Battery PCB?

    Finding a trustworthy Battery PCB manufacturer isn’t always easy. If you wish to save time and effort by bypassing the long track, consider:

    • Board layout
    • How they handle Thermal Relief
    • Assure they’re using suitable materials.
    • How they’re using the components and assembling them
    • The service fee
    • Timeline for PCB fabrication
    • PCB shipping technique

    Manufacturer Of Battery PCB

    Manufacturer Of Battery PCB


    Battery PCB is one of the most in-demand PCBs on the market. Because a battery PCB is a highly sensitive PCB, it takes a lot of time and works to produce and build one.

    PCBMay is the biggest battery printed circuit board manufacturer in China. We can manufacture, assemble, examine, and test battery PCBs to the highest standards of quality. This FAQ guide was one of the most often requested by our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

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