2022 Best Company For PCB PCBA Quick Quote Online: How To Order PCB?

How to Order Printed Circuit Boards: PCB PCBA Quick Quote

You can order the production of printed circuit boards according to the finished project in any convenient way.

Required set of documentation and accompanying information for PCB PCBA Quick Quote:

  • Files of the finished PCB project in Gerber, P-CAD4.5 and P-CAD8.5, PCAD200X, Altium, DipTrace formats;
  • Accompanying text description of the project (order card);
  • Information about the customer / payer for the formation of payment and shipping documents (for legal entities – the details of the organization, for individuals – passport data).
  • Contact information (full name, phone number, e-mail) for communication on organizational and technical issues.

When ordering a project by email, you must first compress all sent files into a ZIP / RAR archive.


To re-order printed circuit boards, send us an application with the following data:

  • The exact name of the original PCB design;
  • Order quantity (number of pieces / panels);
  • Type of production (super express / urgent / serial);
  • Additional information different from the original (change of address / delivery method, change of payment details, change of the payer, etc.).

To place a re-order, you can use the “Re-order Form.xls” file or the “My Account” service.

PCB PCBA Quick Quote Price

For the vast majority of electronic equipment, the use of a printed circuit board, also known in the market by the acronym PCB, is indispensable.

However, to ensure its full performance, when looking for printed circuit board price is only one of the factors that must be considered.

Printed Wiring Board Price and Other Relevent Factors for Acquisition

When it comes to the PCB PCBA Quick Quote matches the quality of the device.

For this reason, it is essential to acquire a piece developed with materials of good origin, in order to guarantee its high resistance and, with this, its long durability, essential characteristics for the application of the plate.

Also, when searching for printed circuit board price may vary according to your model and its composition.

To meet all types of market needs, PCBs can be developed in two main models:

  • Simple face printed circuit boards: they have a copper face and can count on materials such as phenolite, composite laminate, fiberglass laminate or aluminum;
  • Double-sided printed circuit boards: they have two copper faces and are composed of laminated fiberglass material.

In addition to the appropriate model for the application, it is of utmost importance to make sure that the entire manufacturing process of the plate was developed in accordance with the guidelines of the technical standards of the segment, which confer not only the efficiency of the device, but also the safety in its use.

Thus, when purchasing printed circuit board price and quality will be side by side.

The variation of the value depends on the complexity of the board, for single-sided boards the cost is purposely lower, going up in scale, considering, size, material and number of layers.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board price Fiting in the Budget

When looking for a fair PCB PCBA Quick Quote market, PCBMAY has all variations of the board, with distribution to several countries.

With great experience in the segment, in order to fully meet any market needs, the company remains committed to providing a good cost-benefit ratio, through agile delivery terms, affordable prices, good payment conditions and guarantee of high standard of quality in all its products and services.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

The printed circuit board manufacturer with extensive experience in the market efficiently serves the electronic industries that make use of the component for various applications.

Therefore, before purchasing printed circuit boards and other products of the kind, it is essential to evaluate the manufacturer in order to guarantee materials of good origin and high technology along with best PCB PCBA Quick Quote.

Fundamental Information to Search Printed Circuit Board Specialized Manufacturer

When looking for a printed circuit board specialized manufacturer, there are several models of the board available, so that the customer can choose the one that best suits the needs that he will compose.

The three main plates are named as follows: single face, double face and multilayer, or layers.

It is important to note that when searching for a printed circuit board manufacturer, it produces the component with quality raw material, and therefore the durability is excellent.

The single-sided plates have very resistant materials, such as fiberglass and aluminum.

For this reason, the printed circuit board manufacturer of printed circuits is used in most electronic products on the market.

The PCI or multilayer printed circuit board, for example, can have up to 30 faces.

This model of printed circuit board manufacturer produces this component in a very particular way.

The layers are superimposed and separated by a layer with insulating material, which gives greater quality to each layer.

The best practice is to ask for prior PCB PCBA Quick Quote before making final order.

PCB PCBA Quick Quote

When looking for printed circuit board manufacturers should offer personalized service.

The printed circuit boards chosen are made quickly, and the deadline for delivery is always respected, so as not to hinder the progress of the projects of the company that requests the printed circuit boards.

You have found the best printed circuit board! High technology, quality and low price in one place! Click here!

The printed circuit board is a piece that has conductive tracks on the surface, which represent the circuit where the electronic components will be fixed.

This product is used in several industry segments that demand electronic technology, such as computer technology, aerospace, defense (military), telecommunications, medical, hospital, automotive, entertainment and many others.

When it comes to printed circuit board how much it costs is usually a common question, since normally, the customer believes that this product is not very accessible.

However, after researching the printed circuit boards how much PCB PCBA Quick Quote, it turns out to be one of the main benefits of this product.

Printed Wiring Board Cost and Advantages

When looking for information about the printed circuit board how much it costs, surprises often arise, since this innovative product is sold at very competitive prices.

However, when purchasing the printed circuit board how much it costs is not the only factor that must be taken into account.

It is very important to check if the printed circuit board is manufactured with materials of good origin, it is important that the manufacturer has raw material suppliers, approved according to a strict quality control system.

In addition, when choosing a printed circuit board, how much it costs is information that must be considered together with the efficiency of the product and its technical specifications, and the most appropriate model must be chosen for the desired application.

With the printed circuit board how much it costs, in addition to an adequate price, quality and efficiency must always come first.

Applied where there is a need for the use of cutting-edge electronic technology, the fast printed circuit board is the ideal solution for those looking for a highly efficient product, which offers numerous advantages.



Quick Printed Circuit Board- Versatility and Efficiency

In order to acquire a high quality fast printed circuit board, it is essential to consult a specialized location, which is preferably already consolidated in the market, thus the chances of getting a more beneficial business along with best PCB PCBA Quick Quote are greater.

A reliable company will be able to manufacture numerous types of fast printed circuit boards for the most varied uses, in an agile, efficient way, and in accordance with regulatory standards of the segment.

Some of the Types of Fast Printed Circuit Boards that are Available on the Market are:

  • Single and double-sided printed circuit boards.
  • Printed circuit boards with thick copper for high power.
  • Multilayered with BlindVia or BuriedVia drilling.
  • Multilayer with up to 40 layers.
  • Models with aluminum heat sink (MCPCB).
  • Custom printed circuit boards, equipped with special laminates, with ceramic compounds and PTFE, indicated for high frequency applications, and processed with plasma.

One place where it is possible to find all types of fast printed circuit boards mentioned is PCBMAY, a reference manufacturer in the market, which has over 30 years of proven expertise, aligning competitive prices with high quality and useful life.

Knowing a Good Company Where to Buy Printed Circuit Board

With the great advance of technology, nowadays it is possible to find several electronic equipment with great modernity.

Such electronic equipment makes use of printed circuit boards. In short, the plates transmit electrical currents throughout the equipment in order to make them work.

Printed circuit boards are important components of electronic equipment. We can use as an example:

  • Remote controls;
  • Computers;
  • Automated chairs;
  • Security systems;
  • Smartphones;
  • Toys;
  • Cars;
  • Showers

These are just a few examples of where to use a printed circuit board. Different types of materials can be found in its composition, from plastics and glass fibers to metallic materials such as gold, bronze and silver.

These are used to conduct electrical energy so that the equipment mentioned above can develop its functions with quality and in the correct way, as it should be done.

PCB PCBA Quick Quote

And where to buy printed circuit boards is one of the questions that business owners may have when evaluating companies to develop the boards.

First, before you know where to buy a printed circuit board, it is important to do market research.

With this market research, in addition to knowing where to buy printed circuit boards, it is possible to evaluate prices, compare the quality of the boards that companies offer, among other things.

The place where to buy a printed circuit board can directly interfere with the quality of services developed by the internal circuits.

That is why it is very important to find quality companies to manufacture the plates.

Still Don’t Know where to Buy Printed Wiring Board?The Right Place is the PCBMay –Professional Printed Circuit Board and Assembly Manufacturer

A product increasingly used by electronic engineers, designers and professionals responsible for circuit layout is the professional printed circuit board.

This card supports and interconnects electronic components, through tracks that conduct the electric current, and is present in different everyday applications such as computers, security systems, cars, smartphones and much other equipment.

The professional printed circuit board is widely used in electronic equipment, with emphasis on industries in the segment of information technology, telecommunications, entertainment, aerospace, defense, automotive and many others.

The engraving process of the professional printed circuit board it can be carried out through prototyping, which guarantees speed and superior quality to the product.


There are several models of professional printed circuit board, which can be chosen depending on the application:

  • Single and Double Sided produced in 8 hours;
  • Multilayer with up to 24 layers;
  • Multilayer with BlindVia and / or BuriedVia drilling;
  • With thick copper for high power;
  • With special laminates of ceramic compounds and PTFE for high frequency applications, processed with plasma;
  • With aluminum heat sink (MCPCB).

To ensure that your professional printed circuit board is efficient and poses no risk to your equipment, it is important that it is purchased from a company committed to the quality of its products. Agility in delivery and durability are also important factors to consider.

Why PCBMAY is the Best Option for PCB PCBA Quick Quote?

A market leader, PCBMAY has been offering advanced technology in the production of professional printed circuit boards and other components for many years, with personalized service and a specialized team.

PCB PCBA Quick Quote

Circuit board prototypes are manufactured according to the design specifications of each customer, with excellent cost-benefit and fast delivery.

Raw material suppliers are reliable and all production is standardized according to the quality system, all production procedures and processes follow the definitions of the IPC 6012 standard.

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