2022 Best Guide To Download And Install SD2Vita For Your Gaming Console

What is SD2Vita?

SD2VITA is a micro sd card converter tool. In this way, you will not have to pay unbelievably high fees for PS Vita cards, which are very expensive.

All you have to do is to insert the micro SD card into the SD2VITA converter adapter and enjoy the games without limits.

The original memory cards of the PS Vita sold in the market are very expensive and it is impossible to find high capacity ones.

Therefore, the best solution will be SD2VITA v5.0 converter apparatus.

Below is a detailed explanation about installation and usage. Good game to everyone.

New Game Consoles Promote the Improvement of IC Carrier Board and PCB Quality

The end of this year is about to usher in the new wave of home game console platforms expected by gamers.

Among the three major game console platforms, Sony and Microsoft will launch the new era of Play Station 5 (PS5) and XBOX Series X.

Will rush to go public before Christmas shopping at the end of the year and the peak season for gifts. P

rinted circuit board groups, including IC substrates and PCB companies, are also in the game console parts supply chain.

In addition to promoting Q3 peak season shipments, In addition, high-value products with high-end products are also helpful to the product mix.

sd2vita Device

Sd2vita Device


According to past experience, the cumulative global sales of PS4 have reached more than 100 million units in the past, but it has been 7 years since the launch of PS4.

Players have high expectations for the new generation of PS5, and due to the major upgrade of PS5 specifications and functions, the market expects that PS5 will be launched.

Sales in the first year will reach 15 million units; the XBOX Series X is expected to be on sale in November, which is also highly anticipated by players.

Required List of Materials:

  • SD2VITA pro v5.0 Micro SD adapter•Micro SD memory card (fast and high quality a card is recommended)

Installation step 1: Download the necessary programs and files

You will have revealed three files, these are;
1) TF Card Plugin Tool.vpk
2) Win32 Disk Imager.exe
3) Put

After you see the warning, press the X key to accept and continue the installation.
After the installation is done, you can download Vita Shell close it and return to PS Vita’s main menu.

When you examine the main menu, you will see that the ” TF Card Plugin Tool ENG ” application has been installed.

We have no business with this application for now, we will use it later.

Installation step 2:
1) Connect the Micro SD memory card with a card reader to the computer.
2) Run the program named “Win32 Disk Imager” .
3) Select the memory card shortcut from the “Device” section.
4) Show “zzBlank.img” path in “Image File” section . 5) ” hash” value to “none”
Press the button and make yes to the incoming warning.
6) After the process is completed, remove the micro SD memory card from the computer and put it back in the computer.
7) The formatting warning will come up, accept it and come to the formatting screen.
8) Set the “File system” section to “exFAT” in the format screen . Set the “Allocation unit size” section to “default allocation unit size” . Then click the “Start” button to start the formatting process and wait for it to finish successfully.
insert into the card.
10) If PS Vita is turned on, turn it off or put it to sleep.
11) Insert the SD2VITA converter adapter with the Micro SD memory card into the game card slot of the PS Vita.
12) Turn the PS Vita back on. If HENkaku is not active, activate it.
13) Open the application “TF Card Plugin Tool ENG” in the main menu of PS Vita .
14) Move to the ” SD2VITA = uma0 / MemoryCard = ux0 ” option at the top and press the “circle” button on the PS Vita .
15) A warning message will appear twice, both press the “circle” key.
16) After PS Vita reboots , go into h-encore and reinstall HENkaku (if you have the permanent version, you don’t need to go into h-encore and install HENkaku).
17) Enter the Vitashell application. Press the “Start” button on the PS Vita and open the settings section.
18) Set it to be “USB device – Memory Card” .
19) Set it to be “SELECT button – USB” .
20) Press the ”Circle key and exit the VitaShell settings.
21) Connect the PS Vita and the computer with a USB cable. Then press the “SELECT” button on the PS Vita to establish the actual connection.
22) PS Vita’s memory (ie PS Vita’s own original memory card) will look like a USB flash drive when connected with the computer.
23) Now we will make visible the hidden folders and files inside the memory card that looks like this flash drive.
24) Continue to maintain PS Vita’s connection to the computer.
25) From your computer” Control Panel >> Appearance and Personalization >> Folder Options >> View >>Fill in the option ” Show hidden files, folders and drives “. Uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” option, which is a little further down in the same place , and click “apply – ok” to close the window. files will be provided will be revealed and access.
26) to the desktop of your computer “COPY” name, create a folder or create a folder on another name you wish.
27) a little while ago all folders that have you and before revealed in PS Vita, you created on the desktop  Copy and paste into the folder named “COPY” .
28)Enter the “VitaShell” application. Press the “Start” button on the PS Vita and make the settings appear.
29) Edit it as “USB device – sd2vita” . Edit it as “SELECT button – USB” .
30) Exit VitaShell settings by pressing the “circle” button on PS Vita.
31) Establish the connection with the computer by pressing the “SELECT” button on the PS Vita .
32) Once you establish the connection, you will now start to see the memory of the micro SD card inserted in the ” SD2VITA ” converter adapter.
33) The “COPY” we created aboveDrop it into the micro SD card inside the SD2VITA converter adapter.
When you get an article about files of the same type, “Overwrite?” If a question comes up , continue by saying “yes” .
34) Open TF Card Plugin Tool ENG application and enter.
35) Move to the SD2VITA = ux0 / MemoryCard = uma0 option on the second line and press the “circle” button on the PS Vita twice in order. Warnings will appear when you press the circle button, it is perfectly normal. After that, PS Vita will shut down and turn on automatically.
36) After PS Vita is opened, enter the h-encore and activate HENkaku (not necessary if you are using the permanent version).
37)Try your applications and they will open without any problems if you have installed correctly. You can also get an idea by looking at your storage in the content manager section.
38) That’s all. If you want to see whether your transaction was successful or not, you can see how much capacity you have in the system settings.

sd2vita Device

sd2vita Device

How to Use SD2VITA?

It seems that it can be used even if it is not HENkaku Enso, but it does not mean that it can be used immediately by inserting a miscoSD card into the adapter.

It seems that you need to format the partition table after setting it to none (value 0) using a PC.

Necessary Items that Want to Briefly Explain How to Use SD2VITA

  •  PS Vita FW3.60 (HENkaku installed)
  •  SD2VITA (game card type microSD adapter)
  •  microSD card
  • PC (Windows XP or later / Linux)
  •  microSD adapter for PC
  • gamesd.skprx (when mounting microSD as ux0, Vita memory card as uma0) gamesd.skprx (when mounting microSD as uma0)
  • Win32 Disk Imager
  •  DD for Windows (when Win32 Disk Imager does not start)
  • zzBlank .img

Operation Procedure:

1,When mounting the microSD card as ux0, back up the entire ux0 partition to the PC (backup by FTP connection or USB connection instead of CMA) When mounting as uma0 (external memory) Back up only ux0 / tai / to PC (If you don’t need to take over the plugin from the current environment, you don’t need to back up the tai folder)

sd2vita Gamer

Sd2vita Gamer

2, 2000 type and Vita TV, remove the memory card and restart to enable HENkaku * To mount 1GB (imc0) of internal memory as ux0 and delete the tai folder * HENkaku is once in the internal memory If you have never put it (probably because there is no tai folder in imc0), you do not need to do step 2.

3. Delete the ux0: tai folder with molecularShell. (By deleting it, tai / config.txt of ur0 will be referenced from the next time HENkaku is enabled.)

4. Copy the tai folder backed up in step 1 to ur0 by connecting via FTP
(because it is to take over the plugin If you haven’t backed up the tai folder in step 1, you don’t have to do it.)

5. Copy gamesd.skprx to ur0 / tai / and add
* KERNE Lur0: tai / gamesd.skprx to config.txt .

6. Insert the microSD card into the microSD adapter of the PC 7. Write zzBlank.img to the microSD card with win32diskimager or DD for Windows

7. Format the microSD card on Windows with the following contents
File system: exFAT
Allocation unit size: Standard allocation size
Volume label: None
Quick format: Check

8, if you want to mount the microSD as ux0, insert all the items backed up in step 1 (If you have not backed up the entire contents of ux0, you do not have to do step 9)

9. Insert the microSD card into SD2VITA. Insert and insert SD2VITA into Vita’s game card slot

10. Restart Vita to enable HENkaku

sd2vita Device

sd2vita Device
The published SD2VITA is a file format (.gbr) for printed circuit boards, called the Gerber format. The format is said to be almost the industry standard, so if you are familiar with the equipment, you can make your own board.


With the civil rights movement in the United States in full swing, Sony originally planned to hold the PS5 online press conference on June 4, US time and decided to temporarily postpone it.

However, the relevant supply chain industry pointed out that the postponement of the conference should not affect the overall shipment schedule.

The relevant supply chain should be fully launched in the second half of 2020, and the PCB supply chain that provides motherboards includes HannStar Board and Guangyu, and Xinxing and Nandian, which provide main chip carrier boards, are expected to usher in rare game console innovation business opportunities during the peak season.

The supply chain industry revealed that in fact, Sony and Microsoft (Microsoft) have confirmed that they will each launch the next-generation game console PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2020.

Therefore, related businesses have the opportunity to fully increase the volume in the second half of the peak season, and the epidemic may become an alternative.

In the past, the replacement of new machines would have had a wave of consumption enthusiasm caused by early adopters of players.

If the demand for housing economy is added, the kinetic energy of pulling goods will gradually increase in the second half of the year.

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