2022 Best Quick Turn PCB Assembly Guide (Rapid PCB Assembly Process)

Time has great importance in every age but in today’s world, it has become the most precious factor.

Quick turn PCB assembly is essential because it can save time and money.

It will be right to say that time is money. In this rapid race of technology, the importance of time has much increased.

Moreover, all the modern development is totally depending on the electronic industry.

Thanks to PCBs technology because without them we cannot even imagine designing complex electronic appliances and devices.

This technology has become the backbone of electronic industry.

It has estimated that in 2020, the PCB industry will reach up to $72.6 billion.

So, there is no time to waste if we want to be a part of this progress.

Hence for this need, quick turn PCBs have come into being. For the purpose of an ideal business.

What is Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

As we have already described that behind every successful project time really matters.

Time is the money. It is extremely precious for a perfect business.

So, for any PCB manufacturing company, it is really important to deliver their orders on time.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

It often happens when you need to create your PCB boards very urgently. In that case, you have to consult a reliable manufacturing company that will able to provide your needs within your deadline.

The best company will never hesitate to fulfill all of your requirements of quick PCB assembly.

Manufacturers have to ensure that all their clients will get their orders on time.

So, it is really important for reliable PCB manufacturers to carry out the orders on a quick turn-around time.

Moreover, PCB assembly in a quick turnaround has the ability to satisfy all the requirements of their customers.

Basically, it is essential for the best PCB manufacturing companies to fulfill all the needs and orders of the companies timely.

So, a quick turn PCB assembly service can provide more efficient and faster turnarounds with cost-efficiency.

Furthermore, all these service providers actually are masters in their creating techniques and time limitation.

But for quick and reliable turnaround times the customers must know about all the details of their needs.

Moreover, they imperatively have exact information for the sake of getting quick-turn services of their PCB assembly orders.

So, as PCB assembly services will know about your requirements, they will be able to supply your exact orders timely.

Reliable and expert PCB manufacturing companies always have vast packages which will be sync with:

  • Type of devices and tooling
  • The production quality
  • The urgency of the project and size of the PCB
  • Delivery and deadline for the assignment.

Why Quick Turn PCB Assembly Have Importance?

When we talk about technology, most people need fast PCB solutions. It does not matter that today your latest,

  • Music players
  • Phones
  • Games stations
  • Or any other device is performing extremely well.

It also has no care that they all are of latest models because they will become old-fashioned within seconds.

So, if you want to be a highly successful business dealer you have to stay one step ahead by both ends. Such as,

  • Curve
  • Competition

There is a basic rule of standing ahead in the competition of technology.

Anyone who has the ability to launch his latest product first in the market will rule over the industry of modern technology.

Hence, in these circumstances, quick turn PCB assembly has great importance.

It can fulfill all the needs and requirements of printed circuit board customers around the globe.

Furthermore, the good service of this quick PCB assembly also has the capability to satisfy all demands of clients with reasonable prices.

So, if you want to compete with the whole industry your prices have to set according to the range of shoppers.

In this way, you will become the industry topper by following these rules like,

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Launch your product first in the market.

Furthermore, all and all depends on the quick and reliable PCB assembly services.

Hence, in the technology race, quick service of PCB assemblies has great importance.

It will be right to say that it totally depends on the service of quick turn PCB assembly.

PCB assembly

PCB assembly

What are the Benefits of Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

This assembly type has several advantages in the field of the electronic industry.

But if you want precision quality products, your PCB assembly houses should be experts.

Additionally, they also should be masters in the technique of making much faster turnarounds at affordable prices.

In fact, the quality of electronic products totally depends on PCBs.

Moreover, all the electronic companies want extreme quality PCB production.

But with these quality productions, they also want to save precious time.

To meet all the above purposes, electronic companies will get their services to those PCBs manufacturers who offer quick turn assembly services.

Following are some relevant advantages of quick turn PCB assembly service. These are:

  1. This service has the ability to save the more precious time of companies to save. So that they can launch their product on time in the market.
  2. Many quick turnaround services pay full attention to assembling all the specific designs of their consumers. Hence, they are able to fulfill all their clients’ requirements much faster than ever before.
  3. Most of the quick turnaround services can also help their customers by correcting their designs under highly expert technicians. But for this sake, you have to call for help in your design specifications.

What Will the Exact Time for Quick Turn PCB Assembly Delivery?

Any quick turn PCB assembly service may take from 24 hours to 5 days.

Moreover, you have to select the best quick turn PCB service which less time.

So, you can get the best value for your precious money with much precious time.

But some standard PCB assembly services may take extra time for your PCB orders.

Such as they can take between 5-10 days. But it totally depends on you that whether you select an incredible or normal PCB assembly service.

Which Type of Solders Has Used for Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

In the PCB assembly procedures, manufacturers basically use several different kinds of solders.

Moreover, they can use either,

In addition, the non-leaded variant generally prefers the leaded one because of the environment.

The non-leaded solder is ROHS compliant.

Why Checking and Inspecting is Important?

When all the process of assembly has completed, it is necessary to inspect all the PCBs in depth.

It is really important to examine that whether all the PCBs have assembled properly.

Furthermore, if any type of

  • Error
  • Faults
  • Emissions

will trace then the process of rework must have carried out.

However, the need for rework has mostly avoided because it takes much time.

Moreover, it is a total waste of time and also can give huge losses.

And we know that all of these two are very precious in the field of technology development.

Hence, in order to avoid the reworking process, manufacturers of quick turn PCB assembly make use of prototypes.

In this way, they can get the whole design more precise and accurate.

And they can also fulfill all the challenges which they have to face in the development of the electronic industry.

Manufacturers also use another method in order to check the errors in their quick around orders of PCBs.

The second method is DFM analysis.

In well-organized PCB manufacturing companies, this DFM analysis has provided free of cost.

Furthermore, these PCB manufacturing companies also provide your quick around orders after full PCB testing.

And they also satisfy their customers in every possible way.

PCB Assembly Inspection

PCB Assembly Inspection

Does Cost Matters In Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

Most of the clients feel hassle when they examine the prices of PCB assembly manufacturers.

Because price really affects. On the other hand, many special manufacturers of PCB circuit boards may be expensive but they never compromise on the qualities of their products.

In fact, if you hire a special PCB manufacturing companies which will claim to provide quick turn PCB assembly at a low cost.

Then they must compromise on their quality. So, you should never compromise on the quality because of low cost.

Because all of your electronic products totally depend on the perfection of these PCB assemblies.

Hence, always try to find the best PCB manufacturing company which can give you PCB assemblies on budget with quality assurance.

What Is the Main Reason To Choose Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

One of the major reasons to use quick turnaround assembly is the fastest need of today’s use.

PCB manufacturing companies like to hire the companies, which will take more time to give back the orders.

Only the fastest PCB assembly services can fulfill all of your requirements.

They have become the basic needs of all today’s fastest needs.

The best companies know that your need is streamlined productions.

So, they pay their best attention to all the processes for best reliability and reduce the cost.

But always favor using best manufacturing companies which are able to give your orders perfectly.

Moreover, they are also affordable with the best performance PCB assemblies.

Contact Assembly Methods

The printed circuit board is a dielectric material.

The plate is coated with foil-plated, electrically conductive SMD circuits and through-holes are created in it for soldering the terminal components.

When the base is fully prepared, the PCB is assembled.

Depending on the types of electronic components used, it is performed in one of the following ways:

  • Superficial
  • Output
  • Mixed

SMD surface mounting is the process of soldering elements onto pads located on one or both sides of a plate.

Component leads are soldered directly to the foil tracks. Through Hole – THT or DIP is the process of fixing elements into plated holes.

When executed, the component leads go straight through the plate.

Manufacturing complex devices often requires a combination of methods. In such cases, mixed circuit boards are used.

How the Boards are Assembled?

When creating electronics, the manual labor of experienced engineers and functional automatic and semi-automatic equipment is used.

More than 90% of electronic devices are manufactured primarily by surface mounting.

When it is carried out, the main operations are performed on special assembly machines.

Fixation of surface electronic components is carried out in several stages:

  • Application of solder paste using stencils
  • Installation of SMD elements
  • Heat treatment of the board in the oven.

Solder paste is usually applied using semi-automatic equipment.

For additional treatment of small areas, it is also distributed with special syringes.

Solder paste is a fine powder. It contains flux and solder. T

he first component has a cleansing function.

The flux removes traces of oxidation from the contact pads.

Solder provides a molecular connection of the leads of electronic components with an electrically conductive circuit.

Both components are converted from a powdery composition to a liquid mixture.

This is achieved during the group soldering of the elements in the furnace after the board is assembled.

If it is also required to install outlet elements on the plate, they are mounted THT-method.

This operation is performed after the completion of SMD editing.

Fixation of through components is done manually. First, the flux is applied with a soldering iron, then the solder.

In this case, a strong connection of the leads of the elements with the walls of the holes is achieved as a result of the preliminary hearing of the latter.

After push-through installation, trimming the solder bumps on the back of the plate is required.

PCB Assembly Inspection

PCB Assembly Inspection

Benefits of Automatic Assembly of Electronic Boards

Surface mount applications have many advantages:

  • Minimum overall and weight parameters of electronic components and finished product
  • The ability to use both sides of the board as work surfaces
  • No need to drill and metalize holes in the plate.

One of the main advantages of SMD mounting is the ability to automate mounting operations.

Surface assembly of electronic boards is carried out mainly on special machines.

In this case, the application of solder paste, the installation of elements, and soldering are performed as separate technological operations.

Semi-automatic Assembly has a Number of Important Advantages:

  • routine execution of operations using computer algorithms eliminates errors due to the lack of a human factor
  • automatic assembly can be carried out simultaneously on several lines and practically around the clock
  • the use of machine tools reduces the share of manual labor in the finished product, which reduces its cost
  • Automation of production creates reserves for reducing the highly paid staff of engineers.

Against the background of the presented advantages, the disadvantages of automatic assembly can also be distinguished:

  1. The need for expensive equipment;
  2. The impossibility of eliminating the defects of the previous stages
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