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PCBMay is a professional BGA assembly manufacturer in China, BGA assembly is a type of SMT process, which is used for printed circuit boards. It allows for the customer to have more Room for the PCB layout.

  • Over 12 years of BGA assembly manufacturing experience
  • Files receive full CAM review prior to manufacturing
  • Over 50 technical engineering to support your projects
  • No set-up fees & no stencil charges for repeat orders
  • 7/24 sales and engineering tech support
No.ItemProcess Capability Parameter
1Order Quantity≥1PC
2Quality GradeIPC-A-610
3Lead Time24 hours expedited service can be offered. 3- 4 days normally for PCBA prototype orders. We will give you an accurate lead time when we quote for you.
5Board TypeRigid PCB, Flexible PCB, metal core PCB
6Min Package01005 (0.4mm*0.2mm)
7Max PackageNo limit
8Mounting Accuracy±0.035mm(±0.025mm)  Cpk≥1.0 (3σ)
9Surface FinishLead/Lead-free HASL, Immersion gold, OPS, etc.
10Assembly TypesSurface mount (SMT), Through-hole (DIP), Mixed Technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
11Component SourcingTurnkey (All components sourced by PCBMay), Partial turnkey, Kitted/Consigned
12BGA PackageBGA Dia. 0.14mm, BGA 0.2mm pitch
13SMT Parts PresentationCut Tape, Partial reel, Reel,Tube, Tray, Laser-cut Stainless Steel
14Cable AssemblyWe supply custom cables, cable assemblies, wiring looms/harnesses and power leads for various industries including automotive, security, mining, medical and entertainment.
15StencilStencil with or without frame (offered free by PCBMay)
16Quality InspectionVisual inspection; AOI checking; BGA placement – X-RAY checking
17SMT Capacity3 Million~4 Million Soldering Pad/day
18DIP Capacity100 Thousand Pins/day

1, What Is The Meaning Of BGA?

A ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging (a chip carrier) used for integrated circuits. BGA packages are used to permanently mount devices such as microprocessors. A BGA can provide more interconnection pins than can be put on a dual in-line or flat package.

2, What Is BGA Soldering?

Soldering a BGA (BGA Soldering) Soldering a ball grid array. A ball grid array (BGA) is a type of surface-mount packaging used for integrated circuits. BGA packages are used to permanently mount devices such as microprocessors.

3, What Is BGA Pitch?

Pitch is defined as the space between the center of one BGA ball to the center of the next one.

4, What Are The Advantages Of the BGA Assembly?

High density, better electrical conductivity, lower thermal resistance, ease of assembly & management are some of the advantages of BGA PCB.

5, Do You Offer Custom Quote For BGA Printed Circuit Board?

Yes, all you need to do is share your exact BGA assembly requirements here, and we will review them and get back to you with custom quotes.

6, Can You Offer BGA Assemblies In Quick Turnaround Time?

Yes, absolutely! We are committed to offering quick turnaround times. Although it would be depending on your requirement, the complexity of products and quantity as well. For any kind of urgent assistance or queries, feel free to contact us.

7, Do You Undertake BGA Rework?

Yes absolutely! You can count on us for BGA rework services that ensure optimal performance.

PCB Assembly Production line

Releted BGA PCB Assembly

PCBMay: Your Professional BGA Assembly Supplier in China

You may have some BGA assembly projects which couldn’t find the right supplier, PCBMay can help you. We provide a specialized BGA soldering service for inspection and testing.

Each our BGA assembly board, we will use X-ray machines to detect various defects such as soldering ball, paste bridging, and poor placement. This method will eliminate the soldering problem for each board so that we can guarantee to provide a high-quality product for you.

We also provide you with BGA rework and BGA rebelling at an affordable price.

Our PCB assembly plant has a workshop of 8,000 square meters and over 500 workers. There are 6 fully automatic SMT production lines, 3 wave soldering production lines, 5 assembly lines, and auxiliary testing and aging facilities.

BGA Assembly

BGA Assembly

Whoever you are an electrical engineer, a purchasing manager, a project manager, or a product designer looking for BGA PCB assembly, PCBMay will be your excellent BGA PCB assembly supplier in China.

Send us your Gerber data and BOM list files, you will get an awesome product.

BGA Assembly: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

PCBMay Provides BGA assembly, SMT assembly, and Turnkey PCB assembly services with extensive experience and knowledge.

Ball Grid Array is an important type of surface-mount packaging employed in integrated circuit boards.

Ball Grid Array essentially used for mounting high-performance devices including microprocessors.

BGA assembly Implemented with advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment, we can produce a high-quality BGA Assembly Board with excellent proceeds rates.

BGA Assembly

BGA Assembly

What is BGA Assembly

The Ball Grid Array or BGA is one of the encapsulation methods used to connect components in integrated circuits.

With a large number of pins, the BGA Assembly makes the connection by welding small balls with direct fixation between component and plate.

It is one of the most critical encapsulations of the process and requires extra care during assembly, as without the aid of radiological equipment, it is possible to inspect only the external balls of the component.

BGA Assembly Technique

This type of technique is fundamental in small-size cards, such as microchips for cell phones or devices attached to IoT equipment, such as smart clothes, or for example.

For this size of the frame, Quad Flat Pack (QFP) technology is not as efficient.

The BGA Assembly allows a greater number of connections with extreme precision.

As the connections are in the component and not in terminals, this type of technology has stood out as the best alternative to aggregate multiple functions in tiny plates.

In this way, with the terminals under the component, no side area, other than that corresponding to the component itself, is occupied on the printed circuit board.

BGA Assembly

BGA Assembly

What are the Advantages of the BGA Assembly?

  • It has excellent thermal dissipation capability and electrical property, hence is widely chosen for the production of miniature packages for an integrated circuit.
  • Since BGA leads are made using solid solder balls, there are minimal chances of board damage during operation.
  • A better level of solderability, which enhances the manufacturing yields. This in turn results in a speedy assembly whilst meeting the expected quality level.
  • Ball Grid Array enables assemble boards with reduced thickness. This is beneficial when it comes to making sleek electronic products like smartphones, and tablets.
  • The packaging is more stable owing to the fact that there are no pins that can be bent and broken.
  • They seldom require maintenance and repair.
  • BGA packaging is compatible with high-efficiency system products.

BGA Assembly: Essential Care for Successful Assembly

Good practices for the use of techniques and equipment are fundamental for the success of the assembly.

We already talked here on the blog, for example, about choosing the right equipment, which can interfere with the speed and accuracy of the assembly.

We also address the importance of having well-aligned processes and clear communication through the process sheet, among other good practices.

So, with BGA it couldn’t be different. However, for BGA Assembly to be carried out successfully, some extra care is still necessary. Check out:

Component Storage and Handling Precautions

Each and every component for the assembly of electronic boards requires care.

However, some of them have special needs, which must be observed in the component packaging at the time of purchase and strictly respected until the product leaves the factory.

Most components are fragile and sensitive to moisture and when it comes to mounting BGA even more.

When the size of the plate in question is reduced, extra care is also taken in relation to handling, so that there is no loss and material management.

It is recommended that the industry or the specialized assembler that will handle these components, have the necessary expertise and use the right equipment and procedures for the handling and management of inputs.

Otherwise, some losses can result in damage to the continuity of the BGA Assembly line, occasional delays, or unnecessary losses.

BGA Assembly

BGA Assembly

Choice of Equipment in BGA Assembly

The BGA assembly, as it is more sensitive, must have extremely precise equipment for applying the paste.

Otherwise, you will not reach all the necessary points.

Stencil – A stencil in poor condition or with poor material can ruin all BGA solder paste application planning.

The IPC7525 standard defines parameters that ensure quality in the application, stay tuned to it.

Support – some solder paste application errors occur simply due to an error in the support of the plate in the equipment.

Make sure that the base guarantees the application in all points of the plate. For large BGA Assembly batches, it is even recommended to make support dedicated to the specific plate.

Paste quality – The good application of solder paste requires that the product is in perfect conditions of use, within the validity, and with normal texture conditions.

It is necessary to homogenize the product from time to time so that the bottom is no longer concentrated and impairs the application.

Stencil cleaning – in addition to taking care of the paste itself, also take care of cleaning the stencil.

Large batches need maintenance from time to time on the equipment used. Otherwise, the application quality of the first board will not be the same as the last.

Care in the Inspection of Solder Paste

Because it is so important for the operation of the plate, the application of the solder paste requires further inspection.

Therefore, SPI equipment is essential to allow a complete verification of displacement, height, volume, insufficiency, etc.

Only then will the plate be able to follow the course of the production line without problems.

If this step is skipped, it is possible that some errors will go unnoticed and the plaque will only be identified as inconsistent at the end of the process.

Worse, it may be that the problem did not occur on just one, but on several cards. In this case, the error can be irreversible and the losses much greater.

Care in the Insertion Stage

The insertion of components using the BGA assembly technique needs to be done by specific equipment.

The chosen inserter must be extremely precise, due to the small distance between balls that require perfect centralization of the component.

The technology of plate assembly has reached the point that human hands and eyes are not able to achieve the precision required in such small sizes. Not to mention that in such a small space for multiple functions, a micrometric displacement can compromise the final disposition of the other components on the plate.

BGA Assembly

BGA Assembly

Care in the Remelting Stage

Every electro-electronic assembly that passes through the remelting oven requires the “sacrifice” of a plate. In this way, it will be possible to carry out a thermal profile of the remelting furnace that takes into account the characteristics of the plate and the components, ensuring a quality weld.

If this is not done, when passing through the oven, the other plates may be overheated, or underheated, and may not have as much quality as necessary, or even need to be discarded.

BGA Rework Station

Another important point is that if there is a need to exchange or assemble with the other components already welded to a BGA component, specific equipment, called a BGA rework station, is required. It is equipment that also needs a specific thermal profile that guarantees a quality weld.

How to Choose an Assembler Suitable for the BGA Assembly

Considering the advantages and the high number of items that must be taken into account in the BGA assembly, you must be wondering if it is really worth it. PCBMay is your best choice.

Thus, it becomes much more advantageous to hire an outsourced assembler, especially if it is in the form of total outsourcing.

In this way, each of the stages, care, and tests are under the contractor’s responsibility and your company receives the ready,well-finished, and perfect plate to be inserted in the equipment in question.

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