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PCBMay is a Professional Cable Assembly Manufacturer in China,Who Provides Many Different Kinds of Cable Assembly.

Hence, we have tried to provide you all the necessary information to select the ideal components for better cable assemblies. For better performances of your products these assemblies are an integral part.

Moreover, best cable assembly have also ability to provide you the following benefits,

  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Quality assurance

Main Advantages of Custom Cable Assembly in PCBMay

Custom cables are manufactured as per the specifications in the design. This makes their application extremely precise to fit into the tolerance level detailed for the assembly.

An exact amount of cables can be ordered tailored to the needs of the application.

The length of each cable can be manufactured exactly as per the requirement of the project.

The person working with the custom cable assembly will have a closer association with the cable manufacturer.

Materials used for construction of the cable such as shield, insulation, jacketing material can all be specified to suit the application.

Applicable test data such as electrical parameters, tolerances, temperature performance and resistance to chemical exposure can all be supplied by the custom cable manufacturer to ensure that the cable is tested for the given parameters before assembly.

Custom cables save many hours which would have otherwise been spent struggling with making standard cables fit the needs of the application.

Assembly and repairs are much easier to handle with a custom cable assembly that will be the same from component to component.

100% E-test and AOI inspection.

UL,RoHs,REACH and ISO Certifications.

Shipping by international forwarder UPS,Fedex,DHL.

7/24 online support for your business.

Medical Industries

Medical Industries Cable

Healthcare operations and hospitals have very detailed requirements for cables and wiring. Conditions such as high temperatures or large amount of moisture used for sterilization of medical instruments, make the cables deteriorate and disintegrate at a much faster rate. Thus, the medical industry needs custom cables that are able to sustain this repeated exposure day in and day out.

Telecommunications Cable

Telecommunications Cable

Custom cables are manufactured for the digital age and broadcasting using fiber optic technology. Whether we are using our Smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet or anything that requires a network these cables help in the quick transfer of data. For cable technicians, custom fiber optic cables are excellent for meeting critical network needs when standard patch cables can’t do the job.

Testing Equipment Cable

Testing Equipment Cable

Testing and measuring devices, used in continuity testing for example, are critical in verifying whether a particular equipment, model, gadget or appliance meets required specifications. These instruments might need simple wiring all the way to complex custom assemblies for high quality and precise testing results.The wire comprehensive tester can test wires such as medical wires, car wires, non-standard wires.

Industrial Control Cable

Industrial Control Cable

The key component of industrial control cables is the transmission line, which naturally also contains relative dielectric strength chemicals. In the process of transmitting a lot of information, most of them is transmitted through the transmission line inside the industrial control cable, so it is an essential commodity for social development. Especially for some companies, in the case of production, processing, and manufacturing, it must be applied to industrial control cables.

Consumer Electronic Cable

Consumer Electronic Cable

Consumer electronics cable is one of the electronic components that connect electrical circuits. It mainly plays the role of electrical energy connection and signal transmission between devices and components, components and cabinets. Consumer electronics cable is an important branch of the wire and cable industry. It provides supporting services for household appliances, computers, intelligent office and other fields. It has the characteristics of small size, high technical content and high added value.

Automotive Cable

Automotive Cable

Automobile cables are also called low-voltage wires, which are different from ordinary household wires which are copper single-core wires with certain hardness. However, automobile cables are all copper multi-core cords. Some cords are as thin as hair. Several or even dozens of flexible copper wires are wrapped in a plastic insulating tube (polyvinyl chloride), which is soft and not easy to break. Due to the particularity of the automotive industry, the manufacturing process of automotive wiring harnesses is also more special than ordinary cables.

Nowadays cable assemblies have become an integral and fundamental part in the production of endless products.And we are widely using these products in industries as well as domestically.

Furthermore,cable assembly has got great importance in home electronics and industrial equipment also.So,it is very important to choose proper components for perfect cable assemblies.Hence,following information can help you to select best components.

What is Cable Assembly

A cable assembly comes in a group of wires but has packed in the form of a single component.It actually helps you to set multiple connections without any hassle or mess.It is important to clarify that basically,cable is two or more conductors which are packed in a single jacket.

These cables are group of wires which engineers pack for specific purposes.But cable assemblies are group of cables that engineers have arranged for some critical purposes in just a single unit.

Engineers put them in a group more accurately with perfect orientation and length.They do so that they can make the process of installation extra rapid and easier. Furthermore,they include cables of different:

  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Lengths

But all these terms depend on the requirements of different applications.Cable assembly has ability to fulfill all the challenges which you can face in the following industries.

Such as:

  • Aerospace components
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial and engineering equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Semiconductor testing.

Moreover,engineers use cable assemblies in bulk production,in order to save time during assembly of overall equipment or machine.

What are the Uses of Cable Assembly

There are endless industries that use cable assemblies.As electronic equipment has become an integral part in all industries. So,cable assemblies have become an essential part because we cannot imagine electronic equipment without these cable assemblies.Because electronic engineers have designed these cable assemblies in order to organize and hold several electrical wires more safely.

In addition,you can make use of these assemblies in several outdoor or indoor applications.A cable assembly has brilliant ability to keep all the wires and cables of these applications well organized and safe.

These special features and qualities allow it and future electrical workers to have access to secure and easy electronic systems.

Which 6 Factors will Guide to Select Proper Components for Cable Assembly

1. Cable Assembly Starts with the Circuit

Every cable assembly starts from a network of conductors or circuits.Basically,these circuits have ability to affect the performance because they are basic channels of flow of the current. Generally,a circuit includes:

  • Conductive material
  • Plating
  • Stranding (in order to join separate conductors).

Copper is an ideal selection for most assemblies because it is a conductive material.

It is cost effective and also has capability to work with several kinds of coating.Moreover,it is corrosion resistance so engineers use it in many cable assemblies.Engineers coat copper with some other materials in order to boost the durability.As you know that copper can prone to corrosion.

But if you want to increase breaking strength,you can use:

  • Copper-chromium
  • Copper-steel
  • Copper-cadmium.

2.Insulate the Cable Assembly

When you have selected the proper conductor,the next step is to choose the process of insulation for your cable assembly.Moreover,there are two basic materials from which you can easily select of your own kind.These two kinds are:

  • Thermoplastic
  • Thermoset

All of your choice depends on:

  • The type of conductors
  • Particular application of the device
  • The basic nature of cable assembly.

You should also consider the following additional factors when selecting an insulator material:

  • The temperature within which your cable assembly will operate
  • Voltage levels
  • Chemical and moisture exposure
  • Nature of the external environment.

Appropriate insulation will help to save the underlying layers against all the above exterior atmosphere.Furthermore,they will also make sure the durability with passing time.

Since there are several materials from which you can easily choose of your suitable conditions.  

3.Shielding Your Cable Assemblies

Shielding is another important factor for a best cable assembly.In fact, your cable assemblies have to suffer from extreme environment daily.And they will also experience the specific electromagnetic environments daily.So,you have to select perfect material that has ability to shield against all the above conditions.

So,you have to choose the perfect material for shielding.In this regard thin metal foil which is held jointly with the help of polyester.Polyester is highly effective and flexible even at very high frequencies.

Moreover,you have also another choice to use a series of wires of small-diameter. These wires are helpful to filter interference of electromagnetic.This series is tremendously flexible and is also an effective shield even at low frequencies.

4.To choose the Outer Jacket or Sheath

In order to protect the underlying cable assembly,the external jacket is all responsible.So,it must has the following features.Such as it should be:

  • Fire resistant
  • Extra tough
  • Chemical resistant
  • More flexible

in order to make easy and soft movement. Furthermore,we are providing you some options to select proper material for your shielding purposes.For example:

  • PVC:extra flexible, low cost and commonly used
  • Elastomers:durable,flexible and affordable
  • Non-halogens:better option for low toxic and low acid applications
  • Fluorocarbon sheathing:an ideal selection for fire resistance,physically great tough

5.Perfect Connectors for Perfect Cable Assemblies

Connectors have also great importance in your perfect cable assembly.Because they have to determine the overall compatibility.So,their perfection is also a necessary element. They also have great effect on the performance,which depends on the kind of signals as well as their speed.

For very speedy signals,welded connectors provide reliable path.But when engineers use to send signals via the actual assembly,it will greatly perform well with the help of frizz connectors.

These connectors are better choice because they are extra flexible.As you can fold or create frizz according to the needs of your device that you select to use.

6.Certification is Necessary for Each Cable Assembly

When you consider all the above factors,the next and more essential step is to pay attention on certification.It is crucial and most important step in the selection of ideal components for any cable assembly.

Furthermore,different countries have different safety standards because they change according to the locations.For example,in North America the basic regulatory bodies are,

Furthermore,when you design cable assemblies,you have to consider all the safety standards and certification according to your region.

From our dedicated cable assembly facilities in the China, we can fulfil production requirements for any cable assemblies and for any volume requirements.

Whether you’re looking to be more competitive in your market or respond to short-term fluctuations in demand, we can help, please send RFQ to us.

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