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When building electronic circuits, you will work with a number of basic electronic components, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, inductors, and integrated circuits. Below is a brief overview of the components and their functions.

    1. Resistors: A resistor is one of the components you will come across in an integrated circuit. As the name suggests, the device resists the flow of current. Resistors are graded based on their power ratings (amount of power they can handle without exploding) and resistance values (capacity to resist current). The measurement is done in units know as ohms. The electronic symbol of the unit is O.

    2. Capacitors: These components can store electric charge temporarily. The components come in different varieties, with the most common ones being electrolytic and ceramic disks. The capacity of a component is usually measured in microfarads (µF).

    3. Diodes: Diodes allow an electric current to flow in a single direction only. Each diode has two terminals known as the anode and cathode. When the anode is charged with positive voltage and the cathode with a negative one, an electric current can flow. Reversing these voltages will prevent the current from flowing.

    4. Transistors: These components are easy to identify through their three terminals. For the components to work, voltage has to be applied to one of them; the base terminal. The base can then control current flow in the two other terminals (the emitter and collector).

    5. Inductors: These are passive components that store energy in form of a magnetic field. An inductor simply consists of a coil of wire wound around some kind of core. The core could be a magnet or air. When current passes through the inductor, a magnetic field is created around it. The magnetic field is stronger if a magnet is used as the core.

There’re some other components as following:

  1. Integrated Circuits: An integrated circuit refers to a special device that has all the components required in an electronic circuit. The component has diodes, transistors, and other devices, all of which are etched on a tiny piece of silicon. The components are used in many electronic devices, including watches and computers.

  2. Microcontrollers: Microcontrollers are small computers used to control a multitude of devices, such as power tools, remote controls, medical equipment, and office machines.

  3. Transformers: Built with two coils of wire, transformers are commonly used to step up or step down power.

  4. Batteries: Batteries convert chemical energy to electrical energy. The two different cells of a battery are anode (+) and cathode (-).

  5. Fuses: Fuses help preserve components from overloading with excessive current. A fuse consists of a connection body, support, contacts, and metal-fuse material such as zinc or copper.

  6. Relays: These electromechanical switches shut power on or off. A relay includes an electromagnet, an armature, a series of electrical contacts, and a spring.

  7. Switches: Switches interrupt current. The four types of switches are single pole single throw (SPST), single pole double throw (SPDT), double pole single throw (DPST), and double pole double throw (DPDT).

  8. Motors: Motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Key components include a rotor, stator, bearings, conduit box, enclosure, and eye bolt.

  9. Circuit Breakers: As a protective device, a circuit breaker can be controlled with a remote switch. It is designed to protect the circuit from overloading or a short circuit.

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Why Choose PCBMay for Your Component Sourcing

PCBMay is not only a reliable PCB fabrication supplier but also a one-stop provider for all your PCB assembly requirements. Our services are including PCB design&layout, component sourcing, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly. All processes are in-house.

When you have the PCB assembly project, please send it to us. We can help your component sourcing according to your BOM list, therefore, you don’t need to look for multi-suppliers with different parts. It will save your cost and time.

We are working with many global distributors including Digikey, Mouser, Future, Element 14, etc. We also work with Chinese local authorized distributors who can provide some local components for you.

Are you looking for a qualified component sourcing partner? PCBMay is your best choice. No matter you are a software/hardware engineer, a product manager, a souring agent, or a purchase manager, PCBMay will be your best partner in China.

We have our own warehouse to stock all the components, including Diode, Transistor, Capacitor, Resistor, Inductor, Integrated Circuit(IC), etc, so that it will save your lead time when you need it.

In order to provide the reliability and traceability components to you, we have one professional component sourcing team. They can help you to recognize the true or false components, and also test the function before put into practice.

If we couldn’t find the component that you need, we will suggest a substitute to take place of it, but we will send the sample for your test at first. After your approval, we will proceed with it.

At PCBMay, we can help you to reduce supplier count, shorten delivery time, save cost.

For more inquiries, you will contact us today.

Component Sourcing: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A manufacturer’s biggest challenge is making PCB components.

Getting them to the buyer delicately, without damaging the PCB component, is a far more difficult task.

If you want to source your PCB components efficiently around the world, you should focus on getting a quote and testing the manufacturer’s performance.

In this FAQ guide, we have decided to answer all your queries related to the sourcing of special PCB components.

So let’s get started to know everything about the import and sourcing of PCB components.

What is PCB Component Sourcing?

PCB component sourcing is clearly defined as the process of purchasing the PCB components from a reliable manufacturer.

The PCB components include the parts that are required to be assembled on the printed circuit board.

E-commerce has revamped sourcing for increasing the convenience and flexibility of choices to a greater extent.

The apparent procurement of the PCB components is regarded as one of the most fundamental traits of the PCB components suppliers.

A manufacturer can have a wide variety of options to source the PCB components to its buyers.

Some of these ways include purchasing the items from reliable distributors and transporting them to the buyers on their demand.

Moreover, the process of component sourcing is regarded only for the international transport of the PCB components.

The time duration for sourcing the PCB components depends on the manufacturer’s efficiency and sourcing the components.

Some efficient manufacturers also source the PCB components within the state, which is an easier process than the international PCB sourcing.

PCB Components

PCB Components

What are Different Options for Sourcing Components?

When you’re out searching for reliable manufacturers to source the PCB components, a complete plethora of options are available to choose the best supplier.

That’s why it is suggested to briefly go through the options for sourcing components before selecting the suitable suppliers and investing your bucks there.

To build a trustworthy sourcing procurement for the PCB components, some options are listed as under:

  • Individual Component Research

If you’re thinking of purchasing the individual components from the suppliers, then individual component research is the best option to reach out.

But it’s one of the inefficient methods of sourcing the PCB components since it’s hard to find such manufacturers in the state.

  • Explore PCB Software Library

PCB software library is the best option for those who don’t have an insight into the PCB components. Many sourcing packages are available with the PCB software libraries, which include schematic symbols.

In addition to this, they’re also available with the convenience of uploading design data and images to make an exact sketch of the PCB components.

  • Manufacturer Component Research

If you’re an experienced designer and finding a way to source the PCB components most appropriately, there will be no other better option than the manufacturer component research.

The PCB manufacturer is itself the most potent source to get information about the designing, importing, and transport the PCB components.

  • Internet Component Database

Last but not least option for PCB component sourcing is the internet component database. The most extensive collection of information gives an exact idea about the PCB components.

This also extracts data from the prominent manufacturers of the state to revamp the collection of information, thereby giving better ideas to the customers.

What are the Advantages of Sourcing PCB Components from PCB Manufacturers Directly?

Sourcing PCB components from the PCB manufacturers directly is regarded as one of the fastest and efficient methods. It saves both money and time.

The primary advantages of sourcing PCB components from the PCB manufacturers are listed as under:

  • Customer Service

Sourcing PCB components from the manufacturer comes with the benefit of having the most reliable customer services.

The manufacturer is eligible for providing one-to-one services to assist you with the proper working, assembly, and installation of the PCB components.

  • Cost-Effective Process

Another biggest advantage of sourcing PCB components from PCB manufacturers is that it saves a possible amount of money. When you’re sourcing the components through a manufacturer, you’re in a stable cooperative relationship.

Thus, if you want to have the most efficient yet reliable sourcing of PCB components, you should choose the respective PCB manufacturer to do so.

  • Easier

There’s no need to put your efforts into finding the best supplier for sourcing the PCB components to your address when you have the option of a reliable manufacturer.

The manufacturer will speed up sourcing PCB components by giving you direct access to the designs and sourcing options.

  • No Re-Shipping of Parts

One of the most significant advantages of sourcing PCB components from PCB manufacturers is that you don’t have to re-ship the components.

The manufacturer always tries their best to consolidate the orders according to the number of projects, thereby minimizing inconvenience.

  • Technical Expertise

In the case of the damaged PCB components, you don’t have to suffer through the financial loss because of the manufacturer’s expertise.

The PCB manufacturer has the most experienced team of workers who analyze and solve the problem within seconds.

  • Fabrication Experience

Manufacturing the PCB components is as important as sourcing them from the manufacturer.

Thus, it is suggested to involve the manufacturer in sourcing the PCB components since they have a better idea about constructing and resolving the issues related to PCB components.

You can visit PCBMay to avail yourself of some of the most appealing services for sourcing PCB components.

Advantages of Sourcing PCB Components

Advantages of Sourcing PCB Components

What are the Disadvantages of Sourcing PCB components from PCB Manufacturer Directly?

There’s no doubt that sourcing PCB components from PCB manufacturers is the best of all the other options, but it comes with many disadvantages.

The disadvantages of sourcing the PCB components from the PCB manufacturers are listed as under:

  • Labor Costs

The manufacturer’s labor will be involved in packaging the PCB components when you’re sourcing them through the PCB manufacturer.

This is why the majority of the manufacturers charge high fees from the buyers in the name of labor costs.

  • Taxes

A wide variety of PCB manufacturers don’t redeem the taxes while sources the PCB components.

So, if you’re sourcing PCB components through the PCB manufacturer, there are many potential chances that you’ll have to face the problem of higher utility and tax expenses.

  • Lack of Product Pricing

Another disadvantage of sourcing PCB components from PCB manufacturers is that they don’t let you enjoy the complete information about the pricing of the parts from the actual source.

The manufacturer will never reveal the actual prices to you when transporting the PCB components through a third-party source.

  • Counterfeit PCB Components

Bearing the availability of counterfeit PCB components even when you’re getting this service from the PCB manufacturer is a pretty heft task.

However, there are many chances to receive counterfeit PCB components when sourcing them from PCB manufacturers.

  • Inefficient Product Configuration

You’ll provide a BOM to the PCB manufacturer when letting them source the PCB components to your place.

This can cause the manufacturer to assume certain factors about your needs, resulting in the product configuration’s inadequate quality.

Disadvantages of Sourcing PCB components

Disadvantages of Sourcing PCB components

What Are the Types of PCB Components that Can be Sourced?

Some of the essential PCB components that you can source are given as under:

  • Capacitors
  • Resistors
  • Inductors
  • Diodes
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Transformers
  • Capacitors
  • Crystal Oscillators
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • Passive Device Guide
  • Wires
  • Potentiometer
  • Semiconductors
  • Coil and Chokes
  • Component Sockets
  • Suppressors
  • Sensors
  • Energy Harvesting Modules
  • LEDs
  • Ferristers
  • Connectors

And many other PCB components can be sourced.

Types of PCB Components

Types of PCB Components

What are the Steps Involved in Getting a Quotation for Component Sourcing?

Sourcing the PCB components is only possible when you get a proper quotation from the manufacturer.

It’s the most crucial procedure in sourcing the PCB components. However, the significant steps involved in getting a quotation for a PCB component sourcing are listed as under:

  • Prepare Your Document for RFQ

The first and the essential step in getting a quotation for sourcing the PCB components is preparing the required documents. These documents include the major requirements along with the input and internal stakeholders.

Some of the significant requirements for the PCB documentation include quantities of the PCB components, the proposed method of sourcing, submission requirements, delivery requirements of PCB components, and payment terms.

  • Preparation of PCB Component BOM

Some requirements like the assembly, number of components, manufacturer’s name, and reference designator are included in the PCB component BOM.

You can adopt a table format for creating the BOM most clearly.

  • Send a Request for PCB Component Quotation

When you’re done preparing the most impressive BOM, material layout, and schedule requirements, it’s time to upload the RFQ request.

You can directly contact the manufacturer to give you a quote through the CAD system along with the product testing, deliverables, and schematics.

  • Receive the Response and Analyze the Results

You’ve to ensure everything about the RFQ response is either sent manually or automatically.

Ensure a fair result by closing all the bids on the due date and accepting them after that.

  • Selection of the Efficient Supplier

Another step in getting a quotation for sourcing the PCB materials is selecting the proper manufacturer that stands rightly on all your sourcing standards.

You can contact PCBMay to get the most reliable quote for the sourcing of PCB components since they have the lowest prices for all goods and services.

Getting a Quotation for Component Sourcing

Getting a Quotation for Component Sourcing

What is the Lead Time for PCB Component Sourcing?

Lead-time is more precisely defined as the time required for manufacturing the PCB components from the day they are ordered.

The lead-time of the PCB components comprises the preparation, quotation of the parts, setup of the system, run-time, and of course, the inspection duration.

However, the PCB component sourcing lead-time takes only 5-8 working days, including the day of the order. But the mass production of the PCB components can take two weeks.

The lead-time of the PCB components can vary according to the degree of difficulty faced by the manufacturers in the PCB components procurement.

The least lead-time ranges up to only five days, whereas the maximum lead-time of the PCB components takes few weeks.

What Type of Packaging is Used for PCB Components?

The significant types of packing that are used for PCB components include:

  • Anti-Static Packaging

It is one of the most reliable packaging types used to ship the electrostatic discharge containing PCB components. It comes with cushioning all around the component to prevent any damage during shipping.

In addition to the cushioning property, the anti-static packaging is mainly used to dissipate the electrostatic discharge of the PCB components while shipping.

  • Moisture-Proof Packaging

It is a common fact the moisture in the environment is supposed to damage the electrical components of the PCB components since it can cause a short circuit.

Thus, to minimize the chances of short circuits in PCB components, moisture-proof packaging is used to ship the PCB components.

It includes bare chips and other PCB components.

  • Anti-Vibration Packaging

The rigorous handling of the PCB components can cause flex damage to the structure of the PCB circuit, thereby resulting in its non-functionality.

That is why many manufacturers have adopted anti-vibration packaging along with padding to safely source the PCB components.

Regardless of the packaging type, these methods are registered with worthy trade industries, including JEDED and Pro Electron.

Besides all the packaging mentioned above, aluminum conductors are packaged in reels and coils since they are made with stranding machines.

Moreover, all types of PCB component packaging are automated and are carried out by skilled engineers and technicians.

Packaging is Used for PCB Components

Packaging is Used for PCB Components

How is Quality Testing Done and What Factors are Involved in it While Sourcing Components?

The quality testing of the PCB components is carried out by the respective manufacturers responsible for sourcing such components.

This process is done during the manufacturing process of the PCB components. The manufacturers set some standards for checking the quality of the PCB components.

The quality check standards of the PCB components include the development of product criteria and the basic specifications.

In addition to this, the manufacturers perform brief product testing before sourcing it to the customer.

However, some essential factors that are involved during the quality testing of the PCB components are given as under:

  • Fabrication

This factor includes checking the PCB components based on their specifications, clearances, and spacing.

It also consists of a regular check for the trace currents, pin voltages, board temperature, and power supply levels.

  • Assembly of the PCB Components

It is also an important factor included in the quality testing of the PCB components since this factor is responsible for determining the functionality.

This step involves a brief inspection of the PCB components by the internal and external optical scans and a regular check for the contamination in the electrical components.

  • Testing for Component Procurement

Another step in the quality check for the PCB components is testing their procurement process. The BOM for the components is checked during this step.

In addition to this, the procurement step differs depending on the component tolerance and solderability.

How to do PCB Sourcing for Hard to Find Components?

You can do the PCB sourcing for hard-to-find components by searching the well-known and reputable manufacturers, including PCBMay.

They check the hard-to-find PCB components regularly to ensure quality and proper performance.

In addition to this, another method to do PCB sourcing of the hard-to-find components is to find the alternatives which are easy to source from all manufacturers.

Go for the suppliers that have a connected supply chain for worldwide countries.

PCB Sourcing for Hard to Find Components

PCB Sourcing for Hard to Find Components

How to do PCB Sourcing for Obsolete Components?

Similar to the hard-to-find PCB components, the obsolete PCB components are not only hard to find but are hard to source as well.

You can find obsolete PCB components at a wide variety of electric retail shops.

The primary reason for the availability of obsolete materials at the retail shops is their short lifespan.

The obsolete PCB components include televisions, computers, and many other mobile devices with a shorter lifetime than aerospace or medical devices.

They are called obsolete PCB components when they cannot survive the gap time between the upgrade or redesign time frame.

However, many manufacturers in China, such as PCBMay, make some amendments to mitigate this risk.

Some of these methods are:

  • Approach the Contract Manufacturer

For having assurance for the obsolete PCB components, contacting the contract manufacturer is a good option since they provide end-of-life (EOL) notification for their components.

  • Go for a Third-Party EOL Database

If you’re unable to contact the manufacturer, you can use the option of a third-part EOL database since the third party provides complete datasheets for the EOLs of obsolete components.

PCB Sourcing for Obsolete Components

PCB Sourcing for Obsolete Components

How to Get the Best Price While Sourcing PCB Components?

One of the most efficient and fastest methods to get the sourcing of PCB components done is to source them through China.

China has a long list of manufacturers and suppliers who provide competitive prices for the PCB component sourcing.

PCBMay can be considered your best pick since it plays the leading role in sourcing PCB components through all global countries.

Some of the major companies Chinese suppliers cover for sourcing the PCB components include Europe, Asia, and even the USA.

In addition to this, another reason for choosing China to source the PCB components is that the manufacturers here have long-term partnerships with reliable companies.

Thus, the guaranteed partnership of the suppliers with companies offers the most competitive prices for the PCB components.

Best Price While Sourcing PCB Components

Best Price While Sourcing PCB Components

What are the Factors that Affect PCB Components Price?

Some of the essential factors that affect the PCB components price are listed as under:

  • Material choice for making PCB components
  • Size of the sourced PCB component
  • Number of layers present in the component
  • Final coating or finish involved in the manufacturing of PCB components
  • The size of the hole present in the board of the PCB components also influences their price
  • The availability of trace or space on the PCB components
  • The thickness of the PCB components and their aspect ratio
  • Unique of custom specifications present in the PCB component

How to Make a BOM List Sourcing?

You can make a BOM list sourcing by following the given steps:

  • Analyze the Critical Questions
  • Creating the document
  • Organizing document
  • Fill in the columns appropriately
  • Fill all the rows
  • Make updates according to needs

BOM List Sourcing

BOM List Sourcing

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for PCB Component Sourcing?

The minimum order quantity for PCB component sourcing is regarded as five pieces.

However, this minimum order quantity for PCB component sourcing can vary according to the efficiency of the manufacturers.

PCBMay is one of those Chinese suppliers which don’t have any MOQ, you can order even one PCB component.

Do Manufacturers Perform Testing of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Before Shipping?

Yes, almost all the manufacturers perform Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) testing before shipping them to the buyers.

Some of the testing methods these manufacturers adopt to test the Printed Circuit Board Assembly are:

  • In-circuit Testing
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Flying Probe Testing
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • Burn-in Inspection
  • Functional Testing

All these testing procedures ensure everything about the quality production and manufacturing of PCB components.

Moreover, the manufacturers carry out these tests to revamp their position in the market.


What is BOM Scrub?

BOM scrub can be defined as the process to scan Bill-of-Materials (BOM) to remove all kinds of inconsistencies, errors, and potential risks.

It is done by ensuring the specified part numbers that are either correct and procurable or not.

You can also use the Component Procurement Tool to perform the BOM scrubbing of the Bill-of-materials.

How Much will the Custom Duty Charges Be?

Many PCB components will have custom duty charges to source them to different countries from China.

But some PCB components, including semiconductor devices, capacitors, and even resistors, are exempted from such custom duty charges.

However, the other PCB components you want to source to different companies from China can have 7.5% or 10% BCD customs duty charges.

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