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Controller PCB

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If you are looking for a controller PCB supplier in China, PCBMay is your best choice.

We have over 12 years of controller PCB manufacturing experience and served over 1000+ customers all around the world like Huawei, Flex, Hitachi, Jabil, and Fluke.

As an ISO certificated controller PCB factory, PCBMay put quality first. We strictly control the incoming material, each process of manufacturing, test inspection, and final shipping. Make sure to follow all requirements and provide high-quality products for you.

PCBMay has a large controller PCB manufacturing capability, most equipment is imported from the USA, EU, and Japan.

When you have any questions about controller PCB, we are always here to support you.

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PCBMay: Why Choose Us for Your Controller PCB

As one of the best controller PCB manufacturers in China, PCBMay has passed a lot of certifications such as ISO9001, 14000, USA & Canada UL, and SGS.

If you need to produce a controller PCB with a quick turn, we can offer a 24h express service for the prototype of the controller PCB.

There are over 500 workers in our workshop and over 13,000 square meters of workshop, and the monthly production capability is over 40,000sq.m2.

When you need any PCB prototype service, PCBMay is always here to support your project.

XBOX One Controller PCB
Originally a wireless solution, the Xbox One Bare Gamepad PCB is configured for wired use, and stripped to its bare essentials. This saves time and money spent purchasing a new controller, removing the plastic externals, and configuring it for wired use.
PS4 controller PCB
PCBMay is a reliable PS4 controller PCB manufacturer and supplier in China more than 12years.If you are looking for a high quality of PS4 controller PCB,then you're at the right place,we could provide different variations of PS4 controller PCBs.
Xbox 360 wireless controller troubleshooting xbox 360 wireless controller repair and service manuals. A used or even broken controller will also work fine as long as the pcb which is pretty much sealed and cord or remote are fine so check your old controllers.
Water Level Controller PCB
An automatic water level controller is a device which senses undesired low and high water levels in a tank, and switches a water pump ON or OFF accordingly to maintain an optimal water content in the tank.The water level controller pcb is popular.
DC Controller PCB
Simply put, a DC motor controller is any device that can manipulate the position, speed, or torque of a DC-powered motor. Also, unlike some AC motors, DC motors are easily reversed by simply switching their leads so that the DC current runs in the opposite direction.
Gamecube Controller PCB
The GameCube controller is the standard game controller for the GameCube home video game console.The GameCube controller was sold in several different colors over the console's lifespan.Standard colors included "Indigo" (dark royal purple), "Jet Black", and "Platinum" (Silver).

The Advantages for Our Controller PCB

Various Capability
Various Capabilities
We have strong and diverse processing capabilities,including PCB layout,electronic components sourcing,PCB manufacturing and assembly in house.To satisfy our customer’s products with top quality,we have brought in many high tech equipments from home and abroad,PCBMay is one of your best choices.
Stock Material
Stock Materials
To make sure the delivery for our customers or are looking for small quantity in-stock items, we provide a regularly updated list of current materials available from our warehouse,including copper clad laminate (CCL), insulated metal substrate (IMS), prepreg (PP), copper foil, solder mask Ink, some chemicals,components,etc.
Extensive experience
Extensive Experience
PCBMay has one professional team who has extensive experence from design,sourcing,production,sales,FQC and shipping.
Cost Saving
Cost Saving
By reducing labor cost, improving production efficiency, bringing full-automatic equipments, we could save you 30-40% of your cost.
Fast delivery
Fast Delivery
As a full service printed circuit board supplier, PCBMay offers a complete line of products and services from express prototype and quick turn mass production.
Professional Team
Unhindered Communication
In order to no language barrier,we have hired many sales team for different languages,such as English,Spain,German,Italian,French,they could communicate via email and phone.
PCB Manufacturing Process
PCB Lamination
PCB Lamination is very important for the multilayer PCB.
Brown Oxide
Brown Oxide
The brown oxide treatment is one of the methods for refining shiny copper surfaces.
PCB Etching
PCB Etching
Etching is a method for PCB and to remove the unwanted copper from a laminate.
PTH Line
PTH Line
PTH(Plated Through Hole) make thick copper on the printed circuit boards.
VCP Plating
VCP Plating
VCP Plating line is a good method to improve the copper on the wall of PCB.
PCB AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) is inpected the inner layer and outer layer.
PCB Exposure
PCB Exposure is for circuit lines and soldermask which need very precise.
Automatic E-Test
Automatic E-Tester is very fast for the mass production of PCB.

1, What Is Controller PCB?

The controller PCB is also a kind of circuit board. Although its application range is not as broad as that of the standard circuit board, it is smarter and more automated than the ordinary circuit board. Simply put, a circuit board that can play a control role can be called a control board. The control panel is used in the interior of the automated production equipment from the manufacturer to the toy remote control car used by children.

2, What Is Motor Controller PCB?

The motor is the actuator of automation equipment, and it is also the most critical component of automation equipment. Commonly used motor drive control boards are: ACIM-AC induction motor control board, brushed DC motor control board, BLDC-brushless DC motor control board, PMSM-forever Magnetic synchronous motor control board, stepper motor drive control board, asynchronous motor control board, synchronous motor control board, servo motor control board, tubular motor drive control board, etc.

3, What Materials Is The PS4 Controller Made Of ?

The PlayStation controller is actually made out of a plastic and rubber mix, and the indents you feel are there for grip.

4, What Is Medical Device Control PCB?

Mainly used in the circuit board of medical equipment, control the work of the equipment, data acquisition, etc. The common medical instrument control boards around are: medical data acquisition control board, electronic blood pressure monitor control board, body fat meter control board, heartbeat meter control board, massage chair control board, home physical therapy instrument control board, etc.

5, Is Xbox One Controller Good For PC?

The best PC controller for most people is the Xbox One controller. This controller works well out of the box with the widest range of PC titles, provides better rumble than the DualShock 4, and is available in a range of colors at a reasonable price.

6, What Is A DC Motor Controller PCB?

A DC Motor Controller PCB is a particular type of electric device that transforms electric energy into mechanical energy. DC motors receive electrical power by utilizing direct current and then go ahead to convert this sort of energy to some automatic rotation.

7, How Does A DC Speed Controller Work?

Thus, the speed of a DC motor can be controlled in three ways: By varying the supply voltage. By varying the flux, and by varying the current through the field winding. By varying the armature voltage, and by varying the armature resistance.

8, What Is The Water Level Controller?

water level controller is a device that manages water levels on a variety of systems such as water tanks, pumps, and swimming pools. The basic function of a water level controller is to regulate water flow and optimize system performance.

PCBMay is Your Premier Controller PCB Supplier in China

Do you often play video games? We guess you should know X-box game machine and there is one controller PCB. In fact, there are controller PCBs in most electronic products.

As a reliable controller PCB manufacturer in China, PCBMay has over 12 years of manufacturing experience. From design and material purchasing to PCB fabrication and component assembly, our workers have to be strict training until they get a work license.

Due to the competitive market and the price increasing of raw material, we still keep the negotiated price agreement with our customers and don’t increase the price optionally.

We put the quality first and don’t compromise the quality even the price is lower.

When you have a controller PCB request, please send a message to us.

Controller PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The controller PCB is extremely important for the safety of any complex electric circuit.

Usually, everything we use has a controller PCB. Suppose we give an example of a pump.

Suppose the pump has a power of 1000 horsepower. And it is connected to a 2400 volt power supply.

When the pump is turned on, it will consume a maximum and minimum amount of current according to power rating and voltage.

This means that the motor in the pump will not always rotate at a constant rate. It will vary according to power rating and voltage.

But at any time, if the power supply is more or less than the power rating, there will be a problem with the motor.

In this case, since we are working with more power, if something goes out of control, the machine or device may be damaged.

So a controller circuit is required that can control this.

What is Controller PCB

The controller PCB is also used in all the well-known electronic devices that we use.

The device you are using to charge the mobile also uses the controller circuit.

Suppose our mobile’s battery is best charged at a 5-volt 2-ampere rating. But the power supply is 230 volts.

Now you understand how much danger can be if direct charging is done. In all these cases, the controller circuit has always been safe for us.

Now there are 3 types of controller PCB. Class 1 controller circuit, class 2 controller circuit, and class 3 controller circuit.

Class 1 controller circuit used to deal with higher voltage basically to deal with 600 volts or more.

Class 2 and class 3 controller circuits are used for comparatively low voltage. We are now going to discuss that.

We all know that the labor costs and component costs are increasing day by day in the electronics industry due to many reasons.

You may think that it is now necessary to think about the simplest and minimal design footprint with a lower number of components and less complex designs.

Yes, you are right at some point but when it comes to designing a general-purpose PCB it is not the best option because there we may have to compromise with the quality of the component or safety of the total circuit board which may affect our customer base in the long run.

When we design a general-purpose controller PCB we design a PCB layout with the general specifications.

The same controller with different firmware can have different specifications.

It means we don’t have to use different controller boards for different functions.

We can just change the firmware and can use the same board for completely different applications.

A General-purpose controller consists of :

  • A Microcontroller(MCU)
  • Peripheral Interface( Ethernet,USB,RS485)
  • Memory chips( SRAM,FRAM,FLASH,EEPROM)
  • Inputs ( Analog, Digital, Optocouplers)
  • Outputs ( Relays, Digital)
  • Wire to Board Connectors

When a PCB designer designs a PCB, he has to keep in mind many things like what will be the size of the final product, what purpose the product will be used for, i.e. whether it will be used for a commercial product or project testing, how much voltage will be used, etc.

If we want to design a controller PCB considering the cost aspect or considering the price of the product, it is better to design the PCB on a single board.

Because it really costs a lot. For example, it is possible to make 10 PCB boards with the same amount of money you used to build 5 PCBs.

But the biggest disadvantage of making PCB using less expensive components and materials is that the post-manufacturing cost increases a lot.

Such as upgrade cost, Maintenance cost, etc. Moreover, the longevity of the product will decrease.

The biggest feature of a well-designed controller circuit is that it has a sufficient amount of gap between each component and element so that it can be easily removed in the future if a particular component is faulted or damaged.

If a controller board is designed to be extra small, then the size of the product will be small, but the problem will occur when we are going to install the components.

The biggest problem with placing a component so close is that there is a chance of a short circuit at any moment and it is difficult to remove a component from the board if it goes bad in the future.

As a result, this type of board is often not reusable.  More than one board can always be used for designing a reliable controller circuit if required.

Detached printed circuit board parts that are vigorous and have long life cycles go on the I/O module.

This incorporates power the executive’s circuits, wire-to-board connectors, correspondence ICs, optocouplers, and transfers.

The MCU module incorporates the more keen segments, similar to the MCU, memory chips, ethernet hardware, and Bluetooth or WiFi modules.

As far as I can tell as a design engineer, I’ve noticed that segments, similar to the MCU and memory chips are expected to fail more quickly, for instance, voltage controllers or transfers.

This is the reason isolating uninvolved and high-use parts makes sense.

On the off chance that a segment is probably going to fizzle, it very well may be found on the effectively removable MCU module.

One thing we must be very careful about is that we have to design the controller circuit in such a way so that it can give a device as much security as possible and can operate it safely.

At the end of the day, the only purpose of the designers is to design a good circuit.

Usually, if there is a problem in the controller circuit of most of the devices that we use, we can see that there is no other way but to change the whole circuit board.

The only reason for this kind of situation is because most of the companies tend to be over-profitable.

To get out of this mentality, we need to design controller circuits in such a way so that the user does not have to pay extra service costs.

Now we will discuss some applications of Controller PCB:

Microsoft XBOX One controller PCB:

We all know about Microsoft Xbox One. It is extremely popular.

But have you ever opened it to see what’s inside? Maybe not. But today we analyze what is inside it.

A few years ago Microsoft gave a brief discussion about their XBOX ONE architecture at Hot Chips 25.

The architecture of XBOX ONE is very similar to the architecture of AMD’S Trinity and the Kabini APUs in overreaching System design.

xbox1 controller PCB

xbox1 controller PCB

The main problem for most of the available consoles in the market that their tendencies to design multi-chip devices for cost consideration.

The main strategy behind it is to make the two of the biggest affordable chips and then shrink them a few times to decrease the cost.

Customarily this will in general be two ~300+mm^2 gadgets which are then contracted to two more modest gadgets when the following cycle gets moderate.

This is then followed up by joining them into one SoC more modest than the two more seasoned ones consolidated on the following psychologist if costs are agreeable.

Since the two greatest segments of any framework are the CPU and GPU that has implied one pass on for each. Xbox One (XBOX) is somewhat unique since it depends on a PC design, AMD’s APU to be more explicit.

That implies the CPU and GPU are both firmly coupled and on one kick the bucket to some degree in view of practical need in a cutting edge framework and part of the way since they can really do it on one chip now.

The fundamental SoC is the dominant part of the user while the subsequent chip is adequately a Microsoft-planned South Bridge.

These gadgets are generally pin-bound and not very execution touchy so they are made on a – 1 or – 2 interaction.

In the event that you take a gander at what usefulness it contains, three USB3 ports, two SATA ports, PCIe, some video IOs, and an eMMC regulator, there isn’t actually too much to it.

This chip is essentially a boot room/streak host and some lower speed I/O regulators that handle various voltages in a more expense-proficient way than a fast 28nm SoC.

All that truly matters is on the principle of SoC.

XBOX One controller PCB

XBOX One controller PCB

CPU Details:

You can see there are so many on this chip, 8 AMD Jaguar centers coordinated into two squares of four each with a 2MB 16-way L2 store divided between completely related CPUs.

As you would expect the two L2s are cognizant however not straightforwardly addressable by CPUs in the other gathering of four.

Every Jaguar center has 32K of 2-way L1 I$ and 32K of 8-way L1 D$ also. AMD’s Jaguar just goes up to four centers so Microsoft needed to concoct an instrument to both guarantee coherency among the two bunches of four CPUs and the remainder of the framework including the GPUs.

This is the place where a ton of what Microsoft added to the framework came in.

The most eminent change here was that the information ways between the CPUs and the North Bridge/framework texture were greatly reinforced.

The blue bolts above are for cognizant memory gets to, yellow for non-intelligible traffic and every one of the significant squares is lucid with one another.

In the event that you consider the sheer volume of coherency information that necessitates going between the two CPU blocks, Microsoft most likely needed to amplify the L2 to NB connections to nearly coordinate with that of the L1 to L2 joins.

While particulars were not given out, Semi Accurate was advised it was “fundamentally more extensive” alongside expanded cradles and more profound lines.

Try not to limit this as a minor change, it is both basic to the framework execution and an extremely mind-boggling activity.

It will be intriguing to perceive how Sony did their variation on the off chance that they at any point give a discussion on the PS4 engineering.

The CPU NB likewise has intelligent connections to the GPU MMU and I/O MMU, something you would expect on any framework that treats GPU process work appropriately.

AMD has their HSA/HUMA engineering accompanying Kaveri very soon yet XBO depends on a plan ~1+ ages more established so no high-level AMD CPU/GPU coherency here.

Fortunately, Microsoft is ready here and placed their own instrument wherein they would shockingly not go into detail.

Memory Details:

The CPUs interface with four 64b wide 2GB DDR3-2133 channels for a terrific absolute of 68GB/sec data transfer capacity.

Do take note that this number precisely coordinates with the width of a solitary on-pass on the memory block.

Something fascinating to note is that the speed of the CPU MMU’s lucid connection to the DRAM regulator is just 30GBps, something that emphatically recommends that Microsoft sticks with Jaguar’s half-clock speed NB.

In the event that the NB to DRAM regulator is 256b/32B wide, that would mean it runs at about 938MHz, 1.88GHz in the event that it is 128b/16B wide.

SemiAccurate would be extremely amazed in the event that it was 128b wide, wires are modest, power-saving regions not.

For what reason is this significant?

Except if Microsoft’s Xbox One draftsmen are masochists that appreciate doing unnecessary and irritating work they would not have wasted time and put a subjectively interactive offbeat interface between the NB and the CPU centers/L2s.

Added intricacy, brought down execution, and kick the bucket punishment for definitely no helpful potential gain is certifiably not a decent design choice.

That implies the Xbox One’s 8 Jaguar centers are timed at ~1.9GHz, something that wasn’t reported at Hot Chips. Presently you know.

PS4 Controller PCB:

If you want to know about the PS4 controller circuit, you should see how standard controllers and their circuit board layout work.

That way, you will understand what the console expects so you can guarantee that your customization will work.

Initially delivered in 2013, the Sony Model CUH-ZCT1 PlayStation 4 Wireless Controller, likewise called the DualShock 4, is a remote control cushion for PlayStation gadgets, Viable to both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4.

The controller can likewise associate with the primary reassure through a Micro USB-B link.

The controller additionally incorporated an earphone jack, an underlying Mono sound system, and a two-point touchpad.

Computer game consoles are the absolute most intentionally planned gadgets on the planet.

While you can utilize them as PCs, their essential capacity is amusement. Furthermore, you can see this all through their plan and segments.

Along these lines, supports, and likewise their other controllers, regularly have dark and restrictive circuit board surfaces and parts, and the PlayStation 4 is the same.

Certainly, the principle console utilizes standard PCB, yet the regulators require particular circuits.

One of the biggest things that we have to remember when we are going to design a PCB for PS4 or something like that is that the controller PCB must be comfortable for different hand gestures.

The 4 sub PCB handles all the possible user interactions and it contains all the buttons and triggers switches.

The regulator PCB additionally has a LED computer game wellbeing pointer that sparkles green for a full life and red for the miscreant.

The regulator’s primary PCB has all the essential PC connectors, just as the potentiometers that hold and read the simple sticks.

All the features and parts of a regular cell phone with the regulator’s processor, USB, and organization associations with comfort.

The mainboard likewise has a three-hour reinforcement battery, metal mounting sections, and a cooling fan get-together.

Although Sony launches new versions of DualShok4 controllers every year they install different circuits in their respective new versions.

A few of them are:




The model number of the above-board is JDM001.  It is the simplest and cleanest design texture we have ever found.

The color variation available for this board is green and blue and it has all of its button switches in Active states.

“Left 1” and “Right 1” trigger buttons are dynamic also, however you should interface them to the 3.2-volt line for them to work.

Then again, the “Left 2′ and “Right 2” triggers need a PWM signal.




The subsequent circuit board surface is more modest than the 001 with a portion of the things moved around yet is generally indistinguishable.

The lone genuine distinction is in the USB/LED daughterboard which was revamped with fewer associations.

The shell is additionally more modest, forestalling a 1:1 trade or substitution.




The JDM-020 is the current delivery circuit board surface for the essential PlayStation 4 support.

It includes a Freescale ARM chip rather than a Fujitsu one, and it is the first to execute daze vertical interconnect access (by means of) focuses, or interfaces between the layers of a multi-facet PCB, for the connectors, daughter boards, and buttons.

Via for the X and triangle buttons are on the lower part of the board, while Circle and Square are on top.

The 020 additionally refreshed the sub-circuit board surface and shell.

The sub-circuit boards stay as two pieces that interface with the sides of the fundamental board rather than in the center as they did in past updates.

There are other few models such as 040, 050, 055.

Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller PCB:



The architectural design of the Microsoft Xbox 360 is very different and unique.

This Microsoft Xbox 360 has been designed with a few special aspects in mind. Such as user comfort, first access, accurate controlling, and superpower saving.

This is extremely useful for any controller mod type.

The most effective method to piggyback an xbox360 regulator or controller on an all-inclusive PCB.

Additionally, note Xbox 360 and ps3 regulators work on laptops with legitimate drivers.

The general PCB up for short undertaking was begun to permit a solitary game controller particularly battling sticks on whatever number of various consoles as could be expected under the circumstances.

Because of the safety efforts, Microsoft has set up on all Xbox360 controllers, it isn’t as of now conceivable to have the UPCB locally talk with the Xbox360.

In this way, to play your stick on an Xbox 360, we need to associate the Xbox360 regulator with our controller.

Prior to starting on this way, if it’s not too much trouble, set aside some effort to check the controller chips away at your PC!

Nothing is more awful than discovering the controller is dead AFTER you’ve placed the entirety of this work into it.

Whenever you’ve tried everything and seen the buttons work on your PC, at that point you can securely begin.

Xbox 360 circuit diagram

Xbox 360 circuit diagram

Before we get into the genuine guidelines, I need to pause for a minute to clarify a touch of the hypothesis.

I feel it’s best that on the off chance that you see how things work, you’ll be more qualified for building and investigating those things.

So before we get into how to make a piggyback PCB, I need to pause for a minute to clarify how and why it functions; we’re going to get a somewhat electrical mechanism.

Those of you who as of now have a nice arrangement might need to address a few focuses like electron openings; there is no need.

The clarifications given here are intended to be straightforward and intended to apply to single force supply advanced hardware, similar to video game controllers.

Try not to get terrified, yet we need to cover something speedy before we just into how this all influences you: ‘voltage’. You’ve heard it, and may not be certain what it implies.

That is fine. It’s simply a development of power, a lot of electrons under tension, prepared to shoot out in the event that it just had somewhere to go.

Somewhere less swarmed with electrons. High voltage: bunches of electrons under loads of pressing factor.

Low voltage, not really. In the event that you set up the two, those electrons from the High voltage will shoot out and mix with the Low voltage point, until they are all at similar tension on the two sides.

Whenever they’ve leveled out the pressing factor, there’s no place else to go.

Since they are at a similar pressing factor, they are at a similar voltage.

In the event that you’ve looked into the pinouts of your number one console controller on the web, you’ve most likely seen one line with a specific voltage on it (+3.4 volts on Sony controller, +5 volts on pretty much all the other things.) and a different line checked Ground.

So connecting a controller to your console is actually similar to connecting a 5-volt battery to your controller, with Ground going to the short side of the battery. At the point when we talk about voltage, we will contrast it with Ground.

A low voltage is one truly near the ground. A high voltage is one higher than the ground.

The chips of your controller PCB, considering the Universal PCB, have one wire for each switch.

In the event when it seems that the line has a High pressing factor, it realizes that button has not been clicked.

On the off chance that it seems that the line has a low pressing factor, it realizes the button has been clicked.

Yet, how does each line get high or low? We realize that there is high tension on the + of our battery.

We know there is a low pressing factor at the less side, or ground, of our battery. So we should simply have the line associated with high when the button isn’t squeezed, and have it associated with the ground when the button is squeezed.

The line to the PCB is made high since it’s associated with the + of the battery with the resistor.

At the point when the battery is squeezed (shut), those high-pressure electrons see a spot to proceed to shoot out to the ground association.

Since the entirety of the tension on the line is no longer there, the chip sees a low pressing factor and realizes you squeezed the button.

Since we can interface that equivalent ground to the entirety of the switches, this arrangement is alluded to as a Common ground’, since all switches share one line for all intents and purposes: ground.

Water Level Controller PCB:

Water level controller PCB is now being used almost everywhere. In particular, the use of water level controller PCB at some pump plants is on the rise.

Now we will discuss how this water level controller PCB works.

Usually, some sensors are stuck in the wall of the water tank.

When the pump is filled with water, these sensors measure the water level and send the data to the microcontroller.

And the pump can be turned off manually when the microcontroller shows all this data on the display.

In many cases the whole process is automated.

When the tank is filled, the sensors send a signal to the microcontroller and the microcontroller will turn off the pump according to the program so it is fully automated and no human interaction is needed in this full process.

water level controller circuit diagram

Water level controller circuit diagram

5v supply is given to the microcontroller and the rest of the circuit from a battery.

The tank has 9 conductive sort sensors (different kinds of sensors have been referenced before however in our venture just conductive sort are utilized) inserted into it and 8 wires of sensors out of 9 are associated with semiconductors and the ninth is associated with 5v+ Power supply.

The utilization of semiconductors goes about as an inverter, all semiconductor output is associated with the PORTB of the microcontroller.

The 7 segment display is associated with PORTD. It is associated with a typical cathode design.

The Output for the seventh level isn’t just appeared on seven section show yet in addition demonstrated with a spasmodic ringer sound.

The output for the eighth level (for example tank full condition) isn’t just appeared in the 7 segment display yet additionally demonstrated with a constant signal sound.

DC Controller PCB:

DC engines and motors vary according to power, force, and size.

You can observe huge systems used from pulling lifts and elevators, power vehicles, too little ones found in toys.

However, once more, how does a DC engine work? DC engines comprise two fundamental parts: an armature and a stator.

The stator is the lasting part of the motor, and the armature is the turning part.

A DC engine utilizes writing material arrangements of magnets found in the stator notwithstanding a curl of wire.

The circle of wire has a current that goes through it producing an electromagnetic field that is adjusted.

At least one curl winding of the protected wire gets wrapped encompassing the center of the engine for reasons for concentrating the attractive field.

The windings of the protected wire get associated with a revolving electrical switch (commentator) that goes on to apply an electrical flow to the curl windings.

The pivoting electrical switch permits each armature loop to get empowered, consequently making force or consistent turning power.

Upon turning on and off the coils in sequence, there is the creation of a magnetic field that interacts with different areas of the stationary magnets creating torque.

These fundamental operating principles allow DC motors to convert electrical energy from direct current to mechanical energy that can use for propulsion equipment. All this is through a rotating movement.

DC controller PCB

DC controller PCB

These controllers are deftly picked depending on the capacities you need to remember for the PCB regulator.

Engine speed controllers accompany different element alternatives. A delicate beginning will permit you to decide what amount of time you wish to require for the gadget to control up.

Basic for frameworks that are under hefty load or require cautious taking care of.

You would prefer not to suffocate them in high currents simultaneously.


Then we can see how wide and versatile the use of controller PCB is.

Each of the 6 examples we saw above is very familiar and important to us.

So we need to take the controller PCB design and its process very seriously.

More advanced technology will help us to make a more perfect PCB. This will give users a better experience and make them more comfortable using conventional devices.

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