Custom PCB Board Suppliers: Best 3 Reasons To Hire Professional Manufacturers

Why Custom PCB Manufacturers and Suppliers will be Your Wise Choice?

Since PCB boards are critical to use in modern electronic devices so breadboarding a new PCB is a key skill in itself.

Only a perfect custom PCB board supplier can understand their importance.

So, they deeply examine their fabricated assessment as PCBs drive the different electrical equipment and tools that we use every day.

Come with us to reveal the benefits of hiring custom PCB manufacturers and suppliers!

Why Custom PCB Board Suppliers will be Your Perfect Choice?

In particular, when we peep back, we examine that earlier PCB boards were traditional as well as the same.

But today with the evolution in technology, they have become more complex.

So, getting custom design boards for your highly developed electronic project will be your wise choice.

In fact, nowadays almost all modern electronic builders are increasingly coming up with interesting ways to integrate customized boards into electronic devices.

It is only because getting custom-designed PCB boards provides much advancement in technology.

Moreover, it is much more reliable in comparison to having the prototype in the house.

Why Modern Companies Highly Prefer Custom PCB Board Suppliers?

Generally, a PCB board in any electronic gadget has become an integral part as they are at the heart of all electronics whether they are our smartphones or even our latest models’ cars.

Essentially, a highly designed PCB board doesn’t have much weight as well as costs less.

But it is only possible because of reliable custom PCB board suppliers.

So, it is the main reason why modern companies are opting for a customized option as compared to one that is willingly available in the market.

So, let’s start to discuss custom PCB manufacturing and assembly!

PCB Board

Printed Circuit Board

What is the Difference Between PCB and PCBA?

Virtually, a PCB board is a special board that electrically connects all electronic components by using conductive pads, traces, as well as several other special features etched from copper foil laminated onto a non-conductive substrate.

In fact, a PCB board may have single-sided with one copper layer or it may be double-sided with two copper layers. Further, it also can be multi-layer with outer and inner copper layers.

Similarly, conductors on different layers are connected with the help of vias (plated-thru. holes)

Basically, the multi-layer PCB boards also allow for much higher component density as well as include extreme design complexity.

On the other hand, a PCBA is a board on which all the essential parts and components have installed and soldered on the PCB. In fact, a PCBA is a kind of PCB board that is now able to accomplish all the electronic functions it was designed for.

What is the PCB Assembly Process?

PCBA or Printed Circuit Board Assembly is actually an extremely important step in the fabrication of PCB boards. Usually, it involves assembling all the components that are necessary to solder in order to produce the complete PCB.

There are several different stages in the process of PCB assembly such as includes;

  • Solder pastes to the board,
  • Pick and place the components,
  • Soldering,
  • Inspection,
  • And test.

Consequently, only good custom PCB board suppliers understand that all the above procedures are needed to be highly monitored in order to make sure that a product of the highest quality is going to produce.

What are PCB Assembly Services?

As we have already described that PCBA is a highly important step in the fabrication of PCB boards. Further, there are two main methods that manufacturers use to construct PCBA such as;

  1. Surface Mount Technique (SMT)
  2. Through-Hole Technique (THT).

In short, the method of SMT is ideal when there is limited space on the PCB board. While the method of THT can provide more strength to the component.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

How Much does PCB Assembly Cost? – Custom PCB Board Suppliers


Primarily, there are lots of facts that include in the overall cost of PCB assembly, for example;

  • Cost of labor,
  • Technology,
  • Turnaround time,
  • Packaging of parts,
  • As well as the quantity of PCBs required.

However, most PCB assembly units may cost between $10 and $50 but it totally depends on the number of units produced. Remember that the above is a quite rough estimate as well as it doesn’t have all set up and tooling charges.

But the final cost varies widely by custom PCB board suppliers.

What are the PCB Design Basics?

Basically, the whole design of the PCB depends on the basic unit of the PCB, such as the base.

The base in any PCB consists of several layers. Furthermore, each layer plays an extremely important role in the functionality of the final PCB.

In fact, each of this layer consists of;

  • Substrate
  • Copper
  • Solder mask
  • Silkscreen


The substrate is actually the base material in a PCB board. The rigidity of any PCB depends on the substrate because it gives the final rigidity to the PCB.


All the PCB manufacturers add a layer of conductive copper foil. This is generally a thin layer of copper that has to add to each functional side of the PCB.

In a single-sided PCB board, it is added on one side but in a double-sided PCB, it has to add on both sides of the board.

Solder mask:

Virtually, the solder mask lies on the top of the copper layer. The green color of the PCB is just because of the solder mask. Moreover, it insulates copper traces from unintentionally contacting other conductive materials.

You can say that it is only a solder mask that can keep everything in its real place.

Additionally, the holes that you see on the PCB board, are where solder is applied to attach components to the board. It will be right to say that it is the solder mask that stops soldering from taking place on unwanted parts with shorts avoided. Moreover, it is a crucial step for the smooth and even manufacturing of PCBA.


Generally, the silkscreen that is often in white color, is basically the final layer on a PCB board. Further, this final layer helps to add labels to the PCB in the form of symbols and characters.

It helps to indicate all the functions of each component on the board.

Yellow and green soldermask

Yellow and green soldermask

What are the 3 Primary Types of PCB Boards?

Although there are several types of PCB boards that you can easily get from reliable custom PCB board suppliers the 3 primary types of custom PCB boards are:

  1. Rigid PCB
  2. Flexible PCB
  3. Metal Core PCB, etc.

Rigid PCB boards:

The rigid PCB boards are actually the most common types of PCB boards. Moreover, in these boards, manufacturers use a rigid base that accounts for the majority of PCBA. Essentially, this rigid base of a rigid PCB gives these boards thickness as well as rigidity.

In fact, these rigid bases consist of a few different materials. For example, the most popular material is fiberglass that is also known as “FR4”.

These are cost-effective as they use phenolics or epoxies but these are less durable than FR4.

Flexible PCB Boards:

These boards are actually designed using bendable, high-temperature plastic such as Kapton. They provide a bit more pliability in comparison to rigid boards.

Metal Core PCB:

Usually, they are alternatives to the traditional FR4 board. Moreover, PCB manufacturers generally use metalcore. They are extremely popular because they tend to spread heat more efficiently in comparison to others.

All the latest LED technology is just possible because of MCPCB boards.

What are the Best Online PCB Manufacturers’ Sites in China?

Generally, manufacturing of PCB boards whether they are prototype to large scale and defect-free production is an extremely complex task. You can’t trust all PCB manufacturers’ companies as they may not be reliable.

So, we are here with a helpful suggestion for you. We have only suggested it to you because of its fantastic overall performance for the last couple of years.

You can easily get your PCB boards from this company via your custom PCB board suppliers.

This is PCBMay and it is actually a world-class custom PCB manufacturing and assembly service in China.

What is More about PCBMay?

Today, PCBMay has become a highly professional PCB Fabrication and Assembly Manufacturer in China. Further, it offers you several different kinds of PCB boards, PCBA services.

You can not only get your prototype for mass production but also can get reliable PCB boards for even your small run project via trusty PCB suppliers.

What Kind of PCBs You can Get from PCBMay?

Basically, PCBMay offers its global clients to get PCB boards and assembly for almost every industry such as;

  • Aerospace,
  • Automotive,
  • Medical,
  • Industrial control,
  • Consumer electronic products,
  • Power supply,
  • Optical,
  • LED lighting and many, many more.

Furthermore, PCBMay provides all orders in a quick turnaround time to satisfy its global clients.

3 Ideal Benefits of Using Sustom-Designed PCB Boards?

In fact, getting custom design PCB boards and assembly services via custom PCB board suppliers is much more reliable than opting to readily PCB boards and assembly.

You can get several advantages but the top 3 are here for you.

  1. They are ideally cost-effective for mass production.
  2. Custom design boards are ideal in appearance as everything is arranged to perfection.
  3. Custom PCB boards and assembly services are more durable as compared to traditional boards.

Hence, getting custom PCBs and assembly service via reliable PCB manufacturers and suppliers is more beneficial for your bulk production.

Installation of printed circuit boards of any complexity manufacturing enterprise PCBMAY offers its customers a full cycle of production of boards for electronic products of any type and purpose. We also carry out automatic, manual, volumetric and surface mounting of boards (hereinafter referred to as PCBs) in China using modern imported equipment with constant quality control at all stages of production.

How to Get Quick Turn Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards?

A printed circuit board is a panel or plate that consists of a system of conductive patterns or one / more patterns. Most electronic assemblies are built using printed circuit boards.

They are located on a dielectric base, interconnected in accordance with the electrical circuit.

Multilayer boards and other highly integrated electronic components can improve various characteristics, including such as the weight and dimensions of radio products.

A printed circuit board is a necessary part that is present in the design of the module, is a carrier of components and is used to connect the leads of components using electrical conductors.

Fastening the parts of the module to the board and their contacts with a conductive pattern, carried out mechanically, is carried out using a process called soldering, that is, joining the parts with a low-melting alloy. Installation should be carried out on modern and professional equipment, focused on installation of any complexity with the direct participation of highly qualified specialists.

PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service

Why Choose PCBMay Assembly Services in China?

Installation features affect the final product quality. PCBMAY uses the most efficient equipment for assembling high-complexity printed circuit boards.

According to the client’s technical assignment, a technological route of the product is created and the selection of components and materials for manual or automatic installation takes place.

Starting from the moment of ordering, the client’s project goes through several stages: from the approval of the technical task to the final assembly.

Provided that quality is maintained, taking into account the nuances of technology, it is necessary to take into account the importance of adapting the project for implementation on existing equipment.

Installation can be urgent for single copies or small batches, while time is wasted only on the delivery of the necessary components and consumables.

Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services

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