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PCBMay manufactures a wide range of green PCB for your project. We can offer customized solutions for your green PCB requirements.

  • IPC Class 3 compliance
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  • High-quality green PCB
  • Passed E-test and AOI inspection

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PCBMay is a full-service provider, manufacturer, and supplier in China, offering a complete range of green PCB and services, including quick-turn, low volume to medium volume manufacturing, and high volume product development related to green PCB development.

Usually, green is not yet irritating to the eyes. That’s why our team manufactures a wide range of green PCB. Most engineers and workers stare at the PCB for a long time in maintenance or production. Using PCBMay green PCB is perfect because it’s friendly to the eyes.

PCBMay has been supplying premium quality green PCB to customers for over ten years. We can assist your green PCB development from quick-turn prototypes to production quantities in a specified time and everything in between.

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PCBMay offers flexible shipping methods for our customers, you may choose from one of the methods below.

1. DHL

DHL offers international express services in over 220 countries.
DHL partners with PCBMay and offers very competitive rates to customers of PCBMay.
It normally takes 3-7 business days for the package to be delivered around the world.

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If your order is of large volume with PCBMay, you can also choose
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Why Choose PCBMay for Your Green PCB

PCBMay is a perfect place to manufacture and customize your green PCB needs. We have a lot to offer when it comes to your green PCB requirements. PCBMay is a professional PCB assembly supplier and PCB manufacturer in China that can provide a one-stop service for you.

Our PCBs are mostly green because of their soldering mask covering the copper circuitry in the glass fiber. It is the best way to avoid soldering mistakes, short circuits, and more. PCBs must not be green. Different colors are beneficial to modify or differentiate various PCBs.

PCBMay has over 500 workers to manufacture colorful circuitry, including green, black, blue, white, and red. PCBMay is your trusted green PCB manufacturer and supplier in China. We can offer you custom or standard colors for your PCBs, depending on your applications. Besides, we can provide commercial goods as per request.

If you’re a PCB designer looking for a different PCB color for your project, PCBMay is the right place to come. We have been an ISO-certified company in China, realizing necessary processes and controls to ensure consistent quality products.

Green PCB

For the past ten years, PCBMay works with customers of many industries and sizes, including consumer electronics, automotive, industrial equipment, marine, LED, medical, test and measurement, and so much more.

It is genuinely challenging when you’re selecting the best green PCB for your projects. Fortunately, PCBMay has vast knowledge and expertise in green PCB production, green PCB manufacturing services, and assembly.

Being your reliable green PCB manufacturer, we can assist your product development from design instruction, material suggestion, prototyping, to production. Since the beginning, PCBMay is committed to green PCB innovations, allowing us to develop world-class technology.

At PCBMay, we welcome your ideas, designs, and drawings for your custom green PCB development. When it comes to precisely-manufactured green PCB, PCBMay is a company you can trust. We prioritize flexible lead times, rapid quote response, and technical support, which our customers should experience.

PCBMay is committed to providing price-to-value ratio, cutting-edge technology, and various green PCB solutions through a single source. We are looking forward to building you a solid partnership to skyrocket your business in the future.

For more information about our green PCB and services, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

Green PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you wondering about protecting your PCB circuits from short circuits?

Or are you planning to remove the soldering errors from the circuits of your sensitive devices?

Don’t worry! Green PCB can be your best pick in both of the above cases since it is most common in circuits.

That is why we have collected every relevant question to this common PCB in the guide below.

Let’s get started without any further ado.

What is Green PCB?

A green PCB is a type of printed board circuit that is not adequately green on all its surfaces but exhibits a green color due to the solder mask.

The solder mask, also known as the outer covering made up of resin to resist the solder or oil, is usually green in color, thereby giving prominent green color to the printed board circuit.

This green-colored resin in the majority of the PCBs is hardened with the help of many other pigments, which are applied to the silkscreen fashion board of the circuit.

The significant green color solder mask on the Green PCB plays the leading role in preventing short circuits in the PCBs.

In addition to this, the soldering errors have also been significantly reduced with green-colored PCBs in the circuits.

The prominent appearance of the printed board circuit in different electrical circuits is also due to the green-colored resin embedded in it.

However, not all printed board circuits are green. The manufacturers can use any color for the resin by mixing it with different types of colored pigments.

Green PCB

Green PCB

What is the Purpose of Green PCB?

The primary purpose of the Green PCB is to support the printed board circuit without damaging or oxidizing the copper installed on the board.

Besides this, it also plays an essential role in connecting all the electric components with the help of conductive pathways.

Both layers of copper on the printed board circuit are soldered green for reducing the extent of oxidation during working.

Another essential purpose for which green printed board circuit is used in the electric devices is to prevent the short circuits and the excessive waste of electricity.

They are also used to decrease the soldering errors in the printed board circuits. These sheets are laminated on copper as a non-conductive substrate.

The non-conductive substrate and the solder mask play the leading role in supporting the circuit boards in all sensitive electric devices.

The green solder mask done on the copper layers of PCB is famous for protecting these copper sheets from corrosion and moisture.

The soldering rework can also be done with the help of a green covering on the copper sheets of the printed board circuit.

Purpose of Green PCB

Purpose of Green PCB

Why Are PCBs Green?

Some of the common reasons due to which printed board circuits are green in color are listed as under:

  • Material Used in Construction

One of the common reasons for the green color of printed board circuits is the use of particular materials in their construction.

These materials include the glass epoxy that is green in color to make the solder mask for copper sheets. The majority of the manufacturers choose a green color to cover the copper sheets with the solder mask.

Fiberglass boards are also used in the construction of green PCBs. They are also grey, thereby giving prominent green color to the printed board circuits.

  • Contrast Of the Text

Many manufacturers prefer the green color of the PCBs because it doesn’t cause any problem to the observer’s eye.

It is pretty easy to observe every part of the printed board circuit because of the green-colored resins.

Moreover, the manufacturers consider it cost-effective to produce the printed board circuits with green-colored resins and solder masks.

  • Exposure Rate of Solder Mask

The green color in the PCBs is substantially due to the solder mask present on the copper sheets. This solder mask has increased the exposure of PCBs.

When you install different solder masks with varying colors, there are many potential changes for the requirement of a higher solder mask.

But in the green soldered PCBs, you have to achieve a tight tolerance on the PCB design, thereby reducing the need for exposure.

Why Are PCBs Green

Why Are PCBs Green

What is the Difference Between Green and Blue PCB?

The primary differences between green and blue color PCB are listed as under:

  • Blue color PCB is available with the shallow contrast as compared to the green-colored PCB
  • There is a vibrant blue solder mask in blue PCB and a green solder mask in the green PCBs
  • Green colored PCB is pretty easy to repair and maintain as compared to the blue colored PCBs
  • Green colored PCB is manufactured in large quantities as compared to the blue colored PCB
  • The production of green PCB is comparatively cost-effective as compared to the production of blue PCB

Difference Between Green and Blue PCB

Difference Between Green and Blue PCB

Is PCB Available in Different Colors?

Yes, there is a long list of different colors for printed board circuits. Some of these common colors for PCBs are listed as under:

Regardless of the color of PCBs, they play an essential role in improving the performance and electric conductance of the circuits in electric devices.

The majority of the Chinese manufacturers produce the highest quality of different colored PCBs. PCBMay is also one of these manufacturers that fulfill the demand of the users.

PCB Available in Different Colors

PCB Available in Different Colors

How Can You Make PCB Green Mask?

You can make the PCB green mask by following the given steps:

  • Take a Layout of the Print Board Circuit

The first step in manufacturing green masks in the PCBs is to make a layout of the PCB design on the butter paper.

Make sure to take a negative layout image of the soldering pad. The soldering pad should be white, and the surrounding material should be black.

  • Preparation of the Silkscreen for Painting

Once you’re done with the layout of the green PCBs, it’s time to prepare the silkscreen for the screen printing process. For doing so, make sure to purchase the highest quality silkscreen.

Carry out the exposure method on the silkscreen by using the photo coat emulsions. After this, mix the photo coat thing with the potassium dichromate. Apply the mixture on the upper layer of the screen and let it dry.

  • Print the Circuit

After complete drying of the solution on the silkscreen, it’s time to print the circuit with the help of dried silkscreen. Make sure to trace the layout of the circuit with high-quality ink.

You can use special tools for marking the exact size of the PCB components on the circuit. After that, spread the ink on the circuit layout and allow it to dry.

  • Etching Process of PCB

The next step after printing the PCB circuit is to etch it. Try to etch the printed board circuit with the help of ferric chloride solution.

This method is used to remove the excessive amount of copper on the circuit board. Stop etching the PCB once all extra copper is removed.

  • Application of Green Soldering Mask on PCB

The last and essential step is the application of the green PCB. In this step, it is required to arrange the screen with the soldering pad of the printed board circuit.

Apply a small quantity of hardener along with a small amount of photo imageable ink. Once you’ve spread the ink, try to spread the mixture all over PCB and allow it to dry. After complete drying, make sure to carry out a dip soldering.

You can also contact PCBMay to get the highest quality of green PCB soldering masks.

PCB Green Mask

PCB Green Mask

What are the Advantages of Green PCB?

The advantages of green-colored PCB are listed as under:

  • They help to release the visual fatigue during the observation by the manufacturers
  • It enables the manufacturers to carry out a detailed inspection of the printed board circuits
  • It helps in the identification of elements from viewing the layers
  • It helps in the efficient conduction of electricity
  • Green colored PCBs are used to prevent the short circuits
  • They provide the essential mechanical support to the courses present in the devices
  • The solder mask keeps all the components stable on the circuit

Advantages of Green PCB

Advantages of Green PCB

What are the Disadvantages of Green PCB?

Some of the common disadvantages of green PCBs are given as under:

  • They require extra processing during their manufacturing process
  • They are a bit difficult to carry out the surface finishes
  • Manufacturers need to use the highest quality of resistance or a tape
  • Some of these green colored PCBs are a bit expensive than other items

How to Select the Right Color of PCB?

You can select the correct color of PCB by following the given steps:

  • Check the Silkscreen Colors

The color of the PCB also comes from the type and color of silkscreen used in its construction. However, the majority of the silkscreens are limited in color.

Make sure to select the correct color of the silkscreen that is compatible with your printed board circuits.

  • Color of the Board

The board’s color in the printed board circuits is referred to as the code to determine the right color of the PCB. Thus, make sure to adopt different types of colored boards that are specified with colors.

  • Cost And Batch

Another essential factor to consider while choosing the right color for your soldering mask is the price and quantity of the board you need.

Due to lesser cost and high accessibility, green, red and blue colors are widely used in most electronic items.

They are reliable and available in massive quantities if required.

PCBMay is a successful supplier for the PCB circuit boards in bulk because they possess sufficient raw materials to meet the demands of their customers.

  • Color of the Solder Masks

Another vital factor to consider while purchasing the right color of the printed board circuit is the type of solder masks present on the copper layers.

There are many colors available for the solder masks of the printed board circuits are given as under:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Dark
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • White

Right Color of PCB

Right Color of PCB

What to Consider While Purchasing the Green PCB?

Make sure to consider the following factors while purchasing the green PCB:

  • The design or the PCB layout
  • Board testing
  • Ability to conduct the electricity
  • Color of the soldering mask
  • The color of the printed board
  • Ability to prevent the power short circuits
  • Manufacturing cost of the PCB
  • The right side of the PCB

Purchasing the Green PCB

Purchasing the Green PCB

What Materials are Used in Green PCB?

The significant material used in constructing the green PCB is the solder mask made up of high-quality resin and solder oil.

It is a complicated type of resin manufactured with colored pigments applied on the boards of the silkscreen.

The green color in the printed board circuit is due to the particular resin covering the copper sheets.

In addition to the resins, the non-conductive substrate material is also used to construct the printed board circuit.

The primary reason for using the substrate material in PCBs is to improve the electrical conductivity of the circuits in sensitive devices.

However, the copper sheets are also installed on the inner and outer layers of the PCB to improve its conductivity.

Other than this, some other materials used in the construction of green PCB include aluminum and iron.

These materials are included in the copper layers of the PCB. That is why the majority of the PCBs are known as copper clad.

All the materials that are used in the manufacturing of PCB are known to mechanically support the circuit.

Materials Used in Green PCB

Materials Used in Green PCB

What is the Best Place to Purchase Green PCB?

No doubt there is a long list of the best places to get your hands on the premium quality of the green PCB, but China is still regarded as the most efficient place to buy these PCBs.

Many manufacturers in China play the leading role in meeting their customers’ needs without compromising the quality of the green PCB.

PCBMay is also one of those Chinese manufacturers that go the extra mile to provide premium quality components and PCB circuits at reasonable prices.

Besides the availability of many manufacturers, there are some other potential reasons for Chine to be the best place for purchasing green PCBs.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Several years of manufacturing experience by the manufacturers
  • Fulfillment of all quality and safety standards for making the green PCB
  • Direct placement of an order is preferred
  • Use of the sufficient and highest quality raw materials in the construction of the PCBs

What Are the Properties of Green PCB?

The properties of the green PCB are described as under:

  • They can withstand all types of temperatures
  • They can persist in every environment
  • They are highly un-reactive to other chemicals
  • They are highly resistant to harmful acids, bases, and heat
  • Green printed board circuits are not soluble in water
  • They help to conduct electricity through the circuit
  • They are readily soluble in fats
  • They can easily be used in capacitors and transformers

Properties of Green PCB

Properties of Green PCB

What are the Applications of Green PCB?

The applications of green PCB include

  • LEDs contain the high quality green colored PCB
  • They are used in the automotive components
  • The aerospace devices include the different types of green-colored PCB
  • They are also used in the safety and security equipment
  • Maritime applications also have the green PCBs
  • The medical devices are also operated with the help of highly developed PCBs
  • Consumer electronics contain the premium quality PCBs

Applications of Green PCB

Applications of Green PCB

What is the Warranty of Green PCB?

The warranty of almost all types of green PCB ranges from three to five years.

However, the warranty period of the green PCBs differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Some Chinese manufacturers also provide a lifetime warranty of the printed board circuits to their customers worldwide.

The warranty period of the green PCB also includes many other services such as the installation, repair, and replacement of the items.

However, in the case of the damaged or destroyed PCB, you’ll have to pay the VISA fee of the worker coming to your place.

PCBMay also provides a reliable warranty with the utmost quality of green PCBs.

What is the Manufacturing Process of Green PCB?

The manufacturing process of green PCB comprises of the following steps:

  • Make the Design of the Board

The first step in the manufacturing of the green PCB is designing the layout of the circuit board. Special software is used to make the efficient design of the printed board circuit.

The width of the circuit board is estimated with the help of a trace width calculator. It will also help you to determine the other various details of PCB.

  • Print the Layout or Design

Once you’re done making the design of the PCB, it’s time to print the layout for designing the printed board circuit. Make sure to use the two colors when printing the layout.

It is preferred to use clear ink for printing non-conductive areas and black ink to print the conductive copper part of the printed board circuit in a defined order.

  • Make the Substrate

The next step is the manufacturing of the substrate to give a potential form to the PCB. In this step, resin and glass fiber is used to manufacture the components of the PCB.

  • Print the Inner Layers of PCB

After making the substrate of the printed board circuit, it’s time to print the inner layers of the PCB. In this step, a photo-sensitive layer is also made, which is then exposed to ultraviolet light.

This step is important because it gives the actual print of the board. Drills are also used in this step to make the holes in the PCB for the alignment process.

  • Use Ultra-violet Light

In the next step, the manufacturers use ultra-violet light to laminate the photo-resist. The exposure of the light on the circuit boards helps to reveal the pathways of copper.

After the exposure of the light, the printed board circuit is then washed with the alkaline solution for removing the unnecessary photo-resist.

  • Removal of the Copper

The excess amount of the copper is removed with the help of a chemical solution. You can also use an alkaline solution to remove the extra amount of copper from the circuit board.

The chemical solution doesn’t impact the hardened part of the photo-resist.

  • Inspect the PCB

The last step in the manufacturing of PCB is to inspect the layers with highly efficient tools. Check the alignment of the inner and outer layers.

You can also use a punch machine for checking the holes created by the drill machine. Inspect the board for the absence of any defects.



What is the Assembly Process of Green PCB?

The assembly process of the green PCB consists of the following steps:

  • Application of the solder paste
  • Placement of the PCB components
  • Reflow of the solder paste
  • Insertion of the through-hole components
  • Final inspection


What are the Standards for Green PCB?

The standards for the manufacturing of green PCB are listed as under:

Almost all Chinese manufacturers, including the PCBMay, also follow the quality mentioned above and safety standards during the manufacturing of green PCB.

What is the Layout of Green PCB?

The layout of the green PCB is made to improve the conductive pathways in the PCB. However, some tips for the layout of a PCB are listed as under:

  • Manufacturing of the node
  • Spacing between the components of the PCB
  • Placement of the PCB components with the same orientation
  • Printing the finalized layout of the PCB
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