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Extra Heavy Copper PCB design and assembly need expert craftmanship. With PCBMay, you can be assured that your order turns out well.

We have dedicated PCB engineers with us. They will willingly oblige your Heavy Copper PCB request. Experienced in their jobs, our PCB experts have global exposure by participating in PCB trade shows.

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Types of Heavy Copper PCBDedicated To Your Needs

Single-sided heavy copper pcb

The Single-sided Heavy Copper PCB is ideal for simple electronic products without complicated wiring. However, these devices need to withstand high temperatures and frequent manual handling. Example: power distribution tools.

Double-Sided Heavy Copper PCB

PCBMay’s Double-Sided Heavy Copper PCB is very sturdy. We make sure that this product is given allowances for plating thickness during the PCB design phase. For PCB design, we use Kicad or Protel.

Multilayer Heavy Copper PCB

Multilayer Heavy Copper PCB is more multipurpose than Single-sided or Double-sided PCBs. With 8 Layer or 14 Layer PCB, it is possible to accommodate military applications, for example, GPS PCB, Drone PCB.

FR4 Heavy Copper PCB

The customary use of FR4 is why FR4 Heavy Copper PCB is more popular than CEM-1 PCB or CEM-3 PCB. FR4 PCB has an operating temperature of 130 Celsius, which is adequate.

HDI Heavy Copper PCB

HDI Heavy Copper PCBs use advanced material. Applicable to RF and Microwave devices, our HDI Heavy Copper PCB outfit Vector Modulators, RF Mixers, Transceivers and etc.

Immersion Gold Heavy Copper PCB

For Immersion Gold Heavy Copper PCB, the main concerns are conductivity, high thermal resistance and prevention of board corrosion.  The PCB can also have Gold Fingers installed in its terminal parts.

Your Heavy Copper PCB Fulfilled by PCBMay

At PCBMay, we are competent with our capability as a Heavy Copper PCB producer. In this video, we introduce our world-class facilities, which are fully equipped to handle PCB production of all types.

In our Shenzhen-based plant, we employ more than five hundred employees. We care for them as a responsible company, so they will care for your PCB needs.

Do you have any need for Heavy Copper PCB products for your High-speed applications? Then, inquire now.

VPC Plating Line

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Heavy Copper PCB Production Details As Following Up

Brown Oxide
PTH Line
VCP Plating   AOI  Exposure E-Test
Layer Count1-40layers
Base MaterialKBShengyiShengyiSF305FR408FR408HRIS410FR406GETEK370HRIT180ARogers4350BRogers4000PTFE Laminates(Rogers seriesTaconic seriesArlon seriesNelco series)Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
Board TypeBackplane、HDI、High multi-layer 、blind&buried PCB、Embedded Capacitance、Embedded resistance board 、Heavy copper power PCB、Backdrill.
Board Thickness0.2-5.0mm
Copper ThicknessMin. 1/2 OZ, Max. 10 OZ
PTH Wall25um(1mil)
Maximum Board Size1100*500mm(43”*19”)
Min laser drilling size4mil
Min. Spacing/Tracing2.7mil/2.7mil
Solder MaskGreen, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow,Purple matte/glossy
Surface TreatmentFlash gold(electroplated gold)ENIGHard goldFlash goldHASL Lead freeOSPENEPIGSoft goldImmersion silverImmersion TinENIG+OSP,ENIG+Gold finger,Flash gold(electroplated gold)+Gold finger,Immersion silver+Gold finger,Immersion Tin+Gold finger.
Min. Annular Ring3mil
Aspect ratio10:1(HASL Lead freeHASL LeadENIGImmersion TinImmersion silverENEPIG);8:1(OSP)
Impedance control±5ohm(<50ohm), ±10%(≥50ohm)
Other TechniquesBlind/Buried Via
Gold Fingers
Press Fit
Via in Pad
Electrical Test

Here there’re many laminate material datasheets, they’re useful and helpful for you, please see them:

TU-872Modified EpoxyDOWNLOAD2003403.8-4.03.8
RO 3010Cer/PTFEDOWNLOAD50010.2
RO 4003Hydrocarbon/CerDOWNLOAD>2804253.38
RO 4350BHydrocarbon/CerDOWNLOAD>2803903.48
RT/duroid 5880PTFE/GlassDOWNLOAD5002.2
ISOLAPolyclad 370HRFR4DOWNLOAD1703404.8-5.1
HitachiMCL-BE- 67GModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD1403404.94.4
MCL-LX-67YSpecial LaminateDOWNLOAD185-195325-3453.4-3.6
NelcoN4000-13Modified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403653.73.6
N4000-13EPModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
N4000-13SIModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
N4000-13EP SIModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
ArlonArlon 25NCerDOWNLOAD2603.38
Arlon 25FRCerDOWNLOAD2603.58
Arlon 33NPolymideDOWNLOAD>2503534
Arlon 35NPolymideDOWNLOAD>2503634.2
Arlon 85NPolymideDOWNLOAD2503874.2
StablcorST325DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:75w/m.k(with 1oz copper)
ST10DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:325w/m.k(with 1oz copper)
Bergquistht-04503DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:2.2w/m.k(with 1oz copper)


PCBMay offers flexible shipping methods for our customers, you may choose from one of the methods below.

1. DHL

DHL offers international express services in over 220 countries.
DHL partners with PCBMay and offers very competitive rates to customers of PCBMay.
It normally takes 3-7 business days for the package to be delivered around the world.

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If your order is of large volume with PCBMay, you can also choose
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Note: if you need others, please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

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    PCBMay Handles Heavy Copper PCB Specialized Production

    Leave the fine details of Heavy Copper PCB production to us. We are experts with this kind of PCB fabrication. No other brand can compare to the benefits you get from using PCBMay’s Heavy Copper PCB.

    Why trust us? We are renowned for our High-density Interconnect and Multilayer PCBs. We have the means to produce a high volume of PCBs as we are well-stocked. Our reputation for bringing you the Heavy Copper PCB you ordered in time is known by loyal customers.

    Due to our name, we have built a network of repeat customers. PCBMay can be your OEM PCB manufacturer. If you are operating as EMS, we can make EMS PCB parts for you too. Indeed, we have Fast PCB—we are able to produce your order given a short lead time.

    When it comes to customer service, we reign supreme. We assure you that no company is faster in giving quick quotes. Your call will be answered by a very friendly sales representative who will take you through your Heavy Copper PCB order. In no time, your problem will be solved.

    Heavy Copper PCB

    Rather than waste huge loads of money on expensive PCBs, why not buy from us? Our Heavy Copper PCB, High Power PCB, Bluetooth PCB, and other specialist products are very affordable. No need to worry about defective parts! We follow strict international standards such as REACH and RoHS.

    So, don’t hesitate. Contact PCBMay now!

    Heavy Copper PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Heavy Copper PCB is an outstanding circuit board in the PCB world. A large number of electronics are taking advantage of these PCBs.

    PCBMay is one of the leading manufacturing companies of Heavy Copper PCBs in China. We are dedicated to producing the best quality printed circuit board with the best efficiency. We have been producing these copper boards for the longest time.

    This FAQ guide contains all information regarding heavy copper PCBs. We hope you will get answers to all your questions.

    What Is Heavy Copper PCB?

    The heavy copper PCB is an effective circuit board for electronic applications. It contains thick coppers in its both layers. The sidewalls and plated holes increase their copper thickness to a large extent.

    Heavy Copper PCB

    Heavy Copper PCB

    This thick copper PCB provides numerous benefits in different electronic sectors. The additional copper contains more current in the boards. The boards also possess great mechanical stability in the connector sites as well as in the plated-through holes.

    Its construction materials and components are reputable for excellent reliability. This circuit board is supportive of multilayer designs. All of its features are effective for modern electric circuits.

    Besides, heavy copper PCBs are lead-free compatible. That means these circuit boards support green electronics. These PCBs have opened up new options for manufacturers.

    Why Do We Use Heavy Copper On A PCB?

    The heavy amount of copper on a PCB provides many more advantages. Heavy copper flex boards have enhanced properties.

    Commercial products mostly use heavy copper boards. The copper thickness varies concerning the PCB designs and customers’ demands. Heavy copper PCBs offer outstanding features that meet your demands to a large extent.

    Use Of Heavy Copper On A PCB

    Use Of Heavy Copper On A PCB

    Electrical circuitry and electronics mostly use these PCBs as we need high power transmission there. The extra copper in the boards can conduct more current.

    Heavy Copper boards also possess better thermal strength. For applications that require high temperature and need to maintain it, this PCB is perfect for those. Temperature affects the application performance badly so it needs to be controlled.

    Electronics operating in a lot of temperature fluctuation use heavy copper PCB. The heat-sinking capacity of these boards is a lot higher than any other PCB. As heat sinking is another very important factor for a durable circuit, these PCBs are of great help there.

    What Are The Types Of Heavy Copper PCB?

    There are many types of Heavy Copper PCB that can be used in different applications. The main types of this PCB are as follows.

    Types Of Heavy Copper PCB

    Heavy Copper PCB Types

    How Do Heavy Copper PCBs Work?

    Heavy Copper PCBs work in a very delicate way. As there is a good amount of copper, the copper helps to conduct more current on the board. The copper also helps to dissipate heat throughout the board.

    Working Process Of Heavy Copper PCB

    Working Process Of Heavy Copper PCB

    The copper on the board makes the PCB strong. It also provides great mechanical stability to the board. These types of PCBs are perfect for high-end applications for these reasons.

    We can assure the compatibility of our Heavy Copper board by the power carrying capacity resolution. We can measure the resolution by the thickness and the width of the copper layer. Heavy Copper boards can operate in extreme temperatures, where there is a lot of current exposure as well.

    Watch the following video.


    What Are The Capabilities Of Heavy Copper PCB?

    Heavy copper PCBs have useful capabilities that improve the performance of basic and advanced electronic devices. Their capabilities affect the manufacturing process. The cost of the fabrication may vary depending on the capability of your printed circuit board. But the basic capabilities are as follows.

    • The exterior copper should be less than or equal to 15 oz.
    • 457mm by 610mm is the maximum board size.
    • 6mm by 6mm is the least board size.
    • The thickness of the board should stay between 0.6mm to 6mm.
    • The color of the silkscreen may be black, white, or yellow.
    • The finished thickness of the PCB should be between 0.020 inches to 0.275 inches.

    Capabilities Of Heavy Copper Flex PCB

    Capabilities Of Heavy Copper Flex PCB

    What Are The Applications Of Heavy Copper PCB?

    There are versatile uses of Heavy Copper PCBs in different fields of application. The use of these boards is only increasing day by day. The major applications of these PCBs are as follows.

    • Signal and safety system
    • Overload relays
    • Protection relays
    • Highly power rectifiers
    • UPS system
    • HVAC system
    • Surge protector
    • Location control system
    • Switching systems for power grid
    • Line reactors

    Heavy Copper Flex PCB Applications

    Applications Of Heavy Copper PCB

    • Converters of solar power
    • Torque controls
    • Pumping plants for storage
    • Railway power converters
    • Railway traction converters
    • Charging of electrical vehicle
    • Monitors of power line
    • Radars
    • Hydro-electric plants
    • Control systems for weapons
    • Welding equipment
    • Backup for power grid
    • Fuse blocks
    • Nuclear power systems
    • Power regulator systems
    • Energy storage systems

    How Do You Defer A Heavy Copper PCB From Other PCBs?

    There are actually a lot of differences between a Heavy Copper PCB and other PCBs. Manufacturer fabricates standard PCBs by copper etching and other plating procedures. Through these procedures, copper thickness is added to the PTHs, traces, pads, and planes.

    Standard PCBs have 1 oz copper whereas the copper-clad ones have more than 3 oz. manufacturers fabricate these PCBs by step platting as well as with differential etching. The heavy ones are able to pull off strong complex applications but on the contrary, other PCBs pull off lighter applications.

    A Standard PCB

    A Standard PCB

    Heavy Copper boards can conduct more powerful and more strong currents. But the other PCBs deal with a lesser current level. Heavy Copper boards also have great thermal distribution, for this reason, they are suitable for high-end applications. They also possess stronger mechanical capabilities than other standard PCBs.

    What Are The Advantages Of Heavy Copper PCB?

    Heavy copper PCBs add various positive points to electronic appliances. These PCBs are perfect for complex applications. For these advantages, the use of these PCBs is increasing day by day.

    The benefits we get from heavy copper boards can be sorted as follows.

    ● Mechanical Capability

    Heavy Copper boards have great mechanical strength. The electrical system of these boards is very efficient and durable.

    ● Varieties Of Material

    Many uncommon materials can be used on Heavy Copper boards. Copper on these boards enhances and protects these materials. Electronic components on these boards are often built of these materials.

    Heavy Copper PCB Advantages

    Heavy Copper PCB Advantages

    ● Effective Heat Sink

    You can use onboard heat sinks on these Heavy Copper boards. These heat sinks help to get effective results on mosaic surfaces.

    ● Great Conductor

    Heavy Copper PCBs are great conductors. We use them for producing electronics for this property.

    Several boards can be attached together here. These boards are able to transmit current throughout the board as well.

    ● Efficient Thermal Resistance

    There is a high level of thermal resistance present on Heavy Copper boards. The copper-plated vias provide high resistance here.

    Applications that require high frequency and high speed use Heavy Copper boards. Applications that need to operate in extreme temperatures use these boards.

    ● Efficient Dissipation Factor

    The components that need a lot of power, these applications use Heavy Copper boards. Heavy Copper boards help to prevent overheating. Overheat can be dissipated effectively here.

    What Is The Thickness Of Copper On A Heavy Copper PCB?

    The copper thickness is more than 3 oz per square foot on a Heavy Copper PCB. But in that case, line spacing and inner layers width are very important to consider as there may be a factor of side corrosion.

    PCB copper thickness chart can be as follows.

    Inner layer 8 oz: line width 14/18mil

    Inner layer 7oz: line width 14/16mil

    Inner layer 6 oz line width 12/14mil

    Inner layer 5oz: line width 10/12mil

    Inner layer 4oz: line width 8/12mil

    Inner layer 3oz: line width 8/10mil

    Outer Layer 8oz: line width 16/18mil

    Outer Layer 7oz: line width 14/18mil

    Outer Layer 6oz: line width 12/16mil

    Outer Layer 5oz: line width 10/14mil

    Outer Layer 4oz: line width 9/13mil

    Outer Layer 3oz: line width 8/12mil

    Watch the following video to know more about copper thickness:


    Which Surface Finish Is The Best For Heavy Copper PCBs?

    Surface finish is very important for Heavy Copper PCBs. It protects the board from external damages.

    As there is more copper on Copper clad PCB, surface finish is crucial here as more copper needs more protection from outer damages. Many surface finishes are used on Heavy Copper circuit boards. But all of them do not give the best protection.

    The best surface finish for Heavy Copper PCBs is HASL, OSP, and Immersion gold. These metallic coatings ensure excellent protection for the PCB surface. Besides, surface finishes keep the heavy copper circuit board components free from oxidation.

    That’s why these elements remain functional for an extended period. Again, you can apply conformal coatings with these surface coatings. This property ensures a low moisture absorption rate in humid conditions.

    Immersion Gold Surface Finish

    Immersion Gold Surface Finish

    What Is The Copper Thickness Conversion Method On Heavy Copper PCB?

    We calculate the thickness of the copper on these boards in oz. 1 oz of copper on this PCB is an average of 28.35g. 1 oz per 1 square foot means 28.35 g per square foot on the printed circuit board.

    Copper Thickness Conversion Method

    Copper Thickness Conversion Method

    Oz is a measurement unit in the English system. The full form of oz is an ounce. The copper thickness means the average copper foil thickness on the board is the weight per unit area.

    • 1oz=28.35g
    • 1oz=16 dram
    • 16oz=1 pound

    What Are The Technical Options For Heavy Copper PCB?

    There are some specific technical options for Copper clad PCBs. One can choose their suitable option among them according to their requirement.

    Technical Options For Copper Clad PCB

    Technical Options For Copper Clad PCB

    There is a specific thickness for copper layers, outer layers with minimum conductor width and spacing. These technical options for the inner layers and the outer layers are only applicable after electroplating for some cases. PCB copper thickness chart is given below.

    Inner layers

    Copper foil thicknessMin. conductor spacingMin. conductor width
    105 µm250 µm250 µm
    140 µm300 µm300 µm
    210 µm500 µm500 µm
    400 µm900 µm900 µm

    Outer layers

    Final thicknessMin. conductor spacingMin. conductor width
    105 µm250 µm250µm
    140 µm350 µm350µm
    210 µm500 µm500µm
    400 µm900 µm900µm


    How To Design Heavy Copper PCB?

    Designing Heavy Copper PCB is as important. As you design your PCB, your final output of the PCB will be the same. That is why it is very important to be careful at the design step.

    Heavy Copper PCB Design

    Heavy Copper PCB Design

    The manufacturer, the customer, and the designer should come to a decision on how they want the PCB to be made. And the Heavy Copper PCB design should be produced according to that exact point to point. As the printed circuit board will come out exactly like the design.

    Once you design the board and proceed with the manufacturing process, it is very difficult to change anything or even fix anything. It is a very difficult and costly process. So you should be sure of the process before proceeding with the manufacturing.

    You can take the help of many PCB designing software for your Heavy Copper flex PCB. Designing software plays a vital role in this aspect. You should input every little detail in your Heavy Copper PCB design.

    What Are The Methods Of Fabricating Heavy Copper PCB?

    Etching or plating is used most of the time for fabricating Heavy Copper PCB. We add copper thickness to plated holes and sidewalls through this process.

    Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturers

    Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturers

    There are some methods of fabricating these PCBs and they are not that difficult as well. The etching and plating procedures are different here for the extra copper thickness.

    The normal etching procedures are not suitable for these Heavy Copper boards. The manufacturer should use advanced technologies for these boards.

    In the case of chemical etching, you need to place the circuit board in a Ferric Chloride solution. The ferric chloride is effective for eliminating unwanted coppers from the PCB surface. You must cover the required portions before etching.

    The Heavy Copper PCB manufacturer electroplates the boards. By this process, the PTH walls get thickened on the circuit board. The issuance of impedance decreases, as well as the count of layers, lessens.

    There are different techniques to fabricate these circuit boards. The Heavy Copper PCB manufacturers may use any of the methods. The methods can be pointed as follows.

    • Blue bar method
    • Embedded copper method

    You should consult a trustworthy manufacturer of heavy copper PCB to handle this issue. We offer flawless assembly of heavy copper PCBs at an affordable cost. Inquire us immediately to experience high-quality PCB fabrication.

    Do You Manufacture Flexible PCB With Heavy Copper?

    We can manufacture flexible PCBs with Heavy Copper. As copper is one of the most used materials for flexible PCBs, we can also fabricate flexible PCBs with Heavy Copper.

    Flexible circuit boards offer sufficient flexibility, along with moderate robustness in flexible electronic applications. The printed circuit boards with low copper thickness are not suitable for ensuring these features.

    Besides, you need to ensure the required stretchability in flexible circuit boards. The heavy copper surface is appropriate for the smooth stretching of FPCs.

    Heavy Copper Flex PCB

    Heavy Copper Flex PCB

    Heavy Copper flex PCBs are used in many industries for optimum efficiency. Copper or copper foils are used in the fabrication of flexible PCBs.

    How To Maintain The Uniformity Of The Copper Thickness On Heavy Copper PCB?

    Maintaining the uniformity of the copper thickness all over the board on Heavy Copper PCB is a very difficult job. But the uniformity should be maintained in order to get the maximum functionality from the printed circuit board. The uniformity should be maintained during the manufacturing process.

    Heavy Copper PCBs have inner core plates. Each plate comes with an open area that is copper-free at the exact same location. The copper pads should have the same shape that can be oval, round, square, or diamond.

    Copper Thickness Uniformity

    Copper Thickness Uniformity

    There are some copper pads at the board edge as well. All of them should come to a balance to provide uniformity to the Heavy Copper circuit board.

     How Is Thermal Pressure Absorbance Of Heavy Copper PCB?

    Thermal pressure is one of the main concerns of Heavy Copper PCBs. There are many technologies that can be used in the PCB production process. These PCBs are greatly capable of dealing with thermal stress.

    Thermal Pressure In Heavy Copper PCB

    Thermal Pressure In Heavy Copper PCB

    As the PCBs possess a great quality of thermal sinking, they are extremely environment friendly. The manufacturer can minimize the power budget as well by taking care of the performance of the circuit. Overheating is a matter of great concern for PCBs as it can turn the application to fail.

    We can measure the heat sinking quality. Due to the heat bleakness, the distribution of heat is not wasted. The components that produce heat in this PCB operate as the temperature rises.

    This high heat is consumed and then transferred to the environment. The heat is balanced in this way as well as the thermal stress. No high heat will be anticipated here.

    Mainly aluminum and copper are used for making heat sinks. But there are some development issues that cost price as well as the huge requirement of time and space.

    The manufacturer prints the heat sinks on the Heavy Copper circuit board during the fabrication process. The heat sinks in these PCBs serve a lot better. The heat sink does not require as much as external heat sinks.

    What Are The Limitations Of Heavy Copper PCB?

    Heavy Copper PCB has some limitations as well. The limitations of these PCBs can be pointed out as follows.

    • There is an uneven surface from the traces.
    • Heavy Copper traces are tough to manufacture.

    Limitations Of Heavy Copper Flex PCB

    Limitations Of Heavy Copper Flex PCB

    • The etching process of these PCBs is costly.
    • A lot of copper needs to be decreased.

    How To Choose The Right Manufacturer Of Heavy Copper PCB?

    Choosing the right manufacturer is crucial because the wrong manufacturer can lead the whole project to go in vain. There are some criteria that you should check to get the right manufacturer that best suits you. The criteria are as follows.

    • The manufacturer should have adequate knowledge of the project we are working on.
    • Experience is very necessary. As the more experienced the manufacturer is, the more flawless the project can be.
    • The manufacturer should have international certificates for their products.
    • The manufacturer should be able to customize PCB according to requirements.
    • There should be a group of experts in the manufacturing company who will deal with your project.

    Right Manufacturer Of Heavy Copper PCB

    Choosing Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturer

    • If possible, pay a visit to the manufacturing area. Look out for what they are providing you.
    • The manufacturer should contact you frequently for updates on the product.
    • Cleanliness in the manufacturing process is as important.


    The major advantage of Heavy Copper PCB is its survival capability for recurrent exposure. Many industries can not but use these PCBs for getting the maximum amount of benefits. PCBMay has been manufacturing Heavy Copper circuit boards for the longest time.

    If you have any more inquiries about these PCBs or our services, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We are here at your service.


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