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  • Over 12 years high power PCB manufacturing experience
  • Full range of raw lamination in stock
  • From single-sided layer to multilayer printed circuit board
  • Certified with the USA and Canada UL
  • No minimum order quantity even 1 piece
  • 7/24 sales and engineering tech support
Layer Count1-40layers
Base MaterialKB、Shengyi、ShengyiSF305、FR408、FR408HR、IS410、FR406、GETEK、370HR、IT180A、Rogers4350、Rogers4000、PTFE Laminates(Rogers series、Taconic series、Arlon series、Nelco series)、Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
Board TypeBackplane、HDI、High multi-layer blind&buried PCB、Embedded Capacitance、Embedded resistance board 、Heavy copper power PCB、Backdrill, PCB Gold Finger
Board Thickness0.2-5.0mm
Copper ThicknessMin. 1/2 OZ, Max. 10 OZ
PTH Wall25um(1mil)
Maximum Board Size1100*500mm(43”*19”)
Min laser drilling size4mil
Min. Spacing/Tracing2.7mil/2.7mil
Solder MaskGreen, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Purple matte/glossy
Surface TreatmentFlash gold(electroplated gold)、ENIG、Hard gold、Flash gold、HASL Lead-free 、OSP、ENEPIG、Soft gold、Immersion silver、Immersion Tin、ENIG+OSP, ENIG+Gold finger, Flash gold(electroplated gold)+Gold finger(50u”), Immersion silver+Gold finger, Immersion Tin+Gold finger
Min. Annular Ring3mil
Aspect ratio10:1(HASL Lead-free 、HASL Lead、ENIG、Immersion Tin、Immersion silver、ENEPIG);8:1(OSP)
Impedance control±5ohm(<50ohm), ±10%(≥50ohm)
Other TechniquesBlind/Buried Via
Gold Fingers
Press Fit
Via in Pad
Electrical Test
VPC Plating Line

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Why Choose PCBMay for Your High Power PCB

As an experienced high-power PCB manufacturer in China, PCBMay has been serving hundreds of thousands of customers at home and abroad and they are happy to work with us. Because we can ensure the delivery time and high quality for you.

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PCBMay has over 500 workers in our facility and there are around 70 engineers, so you don’t need to worry about your technical problems, we can help you to solve them.

From single-sided layer to 40layer board, from rigid PCB, flexible PCB to rigid-flex PCB, PCBMay could provide different high-power PCB solutions for you.

In order to offer high-quality high power PCB to the customers, we have brought the state of the art equipment and make sure all processes are in-house. The quality will be under our control.

We have passed ISO 9001 and 14000 certifications. What’s more, we can provide a COC report and test report for each order.

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High-Power PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is a comprehensive and complete guide to know all about high-power PCB.

It includes all the essential information related to high-power PCB such as its design, customizations, manufacturing, etc.

So, before you decide to buy high-power PCB, go through this guide.

What is High-Power PCB?

A high-power PCB is a printed circuit board with the ability to work with high electric power.

There are various advanced devices that require high-power PCB to work properly.

Higher rates of current are passed through high-power PCB using heavy copper.

Moreover, a high-power PCB provides strong connection points as well as the ability to resist high temperatures.

High Power PCB

High-Power PCB

What are the Uses of High-Power PCB?

Since a high-power PCB can handle strong temperatures with higher current rates, it has various applications.

Numerous high-end electronic devices use high-power PCB.

Some of the most common usages of high power PCB are as follows:

  • Solar Power Distribution:

Solar power circuit boards require maximum power distribution.

High power PCB allows them to pass high current and voltage for better efficiency.

  • Military Usage:

Most military devices like communication, satellite, and radar systems use high-power PCB.

This is because they require sustainable and reliable high-speed circuit boards with temperature-resistant ability.

Moreover, armored vehicles and fighter planes also consist of high-power PCBs.

  • Aerospace Industry:

The most common usage of high-power PCB is in the aerospace industry.

This is because it is used in spacecraft and airplanes commonly.

The launching of a spacecraft also relies upon high-power PCB because of its efficiency.

  • Industrial Usage:

Industries have evolved themselves through the use of high-power PCB-enabled machines.

Power distribution transformers are a good example of high-power PCB usage in industries.

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, high-power PCBs have various other usages in various fields.

How High-Power PCB is Designed?

Following aspects are followed to design a high-power PCB.

  • Trace Width:

The trace is responsible for carrying the amount of current required in a circuit.

Trace width is kept higher in high-power PCBs for carrying more current through them.

  • The thickness of Copper:

It is the actual thickness of the traces on the high-power PCB.

Increased copper thickness can save space on the circuit while delivering high current passages.

  • Technical Treatment of the Manufacturer:

Every manufacturer has its own manufacturing capabilities.

The copper thickness for out layers, as well as inner layers, should be seen on the manufacturer’s website.

What temperature grade does the board material have should also be considered.

  • Heat Production:

Heat production is a primary factor on any high-power PCB.

The heat should be properly absorbed so that the PCB can be used for longer times.

Moreover, other factors could also be considered depending upon the requirements.

High Power PCB Design

High Power PCB Design

How Many Amperes Can a High-Power PCB Handle?

The amount of amperes a high-power PCB can handle varies due to change in different technical specifications.

Usually, a high-power PCB can handle an average of 30 Amperes of DC current.

Moreover, you can request to design your specified ampere passage capacity to the manufacturer.

What are the Types of High Power PCB?

There are different variations of the design of high-power PCBs.

Some of the most common types are as follows:

  • Double-Sided High Power PCB:

Since these are double-sided, you can mount components on both sides of them.

Although it is not an advanced form of a common high-power PCB, it is still better than the single-sided board.

Usually, for alternate routing traces between different layers of the board vias are used.

Double Sided High Power PCB

Double-Sided High Power PCB

  • Rigid-Flex High Power PCB:

As the name suggests, this type of high-power PCB includes both, rigid and flexible circuit substrates.

Multiple layers of flexible components are used to attract the rigid ones and combine them together.

The attachment of the flexible circuit substrates to the rigid substrates is a defining quality factor in it.

Rigid-Flex high power PCB is used in smaller devices and applications for efficiency and reliability.

Rigid Flex High Power PCB

Rigid-Flex High Power PCB

  • Multilayer High Power PCB:

The multilayer high-power PCB consists of at least three conductive circuit layers.

There could be twelve conductive circuitry layers in it most commonly.

Multilayer high-power PCB is used in the most advanced and complex applications.

Multilayer High Power PCB

Multilayer High Power PCB

What are the Components of High Power PCB?

The components of a high-power PCB depend upon the customized requirements of the client.

However, the usual components which are mostly used in a high power PCB are as follows:

In addition to the above-mentioned components, there are various others.

What are Heat Sinks in a High-Power PCB?

Since the high-power PCB works with high power, it definitely generates heat.

This amount of heat can be dangerous for the board’s health as well as performance.

Therefore, heat sinks are the components specially made to dissipate the heat into the environment.

These heat sinks are made from high thermal conductivity capability elements such as aluminum and copper.

It helps to absorb the heat so that the high-power PCB can work flawlessly.

Heat Sinks of High Power PCB

Heat Sinks in High Power PCB

What is the Board Layout of a High-Power PCB?

The board layout of the high-power PCB is the structure of the entire board and its design.

How everything on the high-power PCB is organized comes under the category of the board layout.

Some of the factors considered under board layout are as follows:

  • The routing of the high power paths between ICs and components.
  • The width, length, and other dimensions of traces within the circuit.
  • The heat transferring/absorbing mechanism is placed on the high-power PCB.

What is Trace Thickness of High-Power PCB?

Trace thickness means the size of the connections between different components on the PCB.

If copper traces are used, more resistance is faced within the board.

Usually, 2oz trace thickness is kept in a high-power PCB.

It helps the high-power PCB to provide high output while dissipating extra heat.

Trace Thickness of High Power PCB

Trace Thickness of High Power PCB


What are the Basic Features of a High-Power PCB?

The basic features of a high power PCB are as follows:

  • High-power PCB devices need a high amount of current and temperature friendliness.
  • A thick and heavy copper layer is used in high-power PCB to allow higher amounts of current.
  • To avoid short circuits, the ability to dissipate heat is equipped within the circuit.

Moreover, there could be more features of the high-power PCB depending upon the requirements.

What are Layout Guidelines for a High-Power PCB?

The layout guidelines for designing an efficient high power PCB are as follows:

  • The traces should be kept as short as possible to ensure reliability.
  • The path on the circuit should be determined by following the power.
  • Components should be placed in such a way that the heat sinking process remains efficient.
  • Each component should be kept within safe levels of temperature.
  • It is advised to remove the solder mask from the high-power PCB.
  • Decoupling capacitors should be used to overcome the problems of ground bounce and ringing.
  • The materials should be having high thermal conductivity in a high-power PCB.

Layout of High Power PCB

The layout of High Power PCB

How the Design of High-Power PCB Can be Efficient?

The design of the high-power PCB can only be efficient if the following two factors are considered.

  • The traces should be capable of delivering high levels of current through them.
  • High-power PCB should be capable of resisting the high amounts of heat produced during its processing.

The above-mentioned aspects are the primary considerations for a high-end design of a high-power PCB.

How High-Power PCB Works?

A high-power PCB works on the principles of providing high power than the usual PCB.

Thick copper traces transmits high power from end to end.

High conductivity materials and heat sinks normalize the temperature during the process.

In this way, a high-power PCB works smoothly while providing a high amount of current.

Can You Fabricate High-Power PCB?

Yes, fabrication of high-power PCB is possible and is done through various processes.

Manufacturers follow numerous steps to fabricate high-power PCB like prototyping etc.

In this way, the performance of high-power PCB is enhanced.

Which Material is Used to Make High-Power PCB?

The materials used in the manufacturing of high-power PCBs depend upon the requirements.

At first, the board material is selected because it is the backbone of the entire high-power PCB.

The board should have a higher dielectric breakdown.

Therefore, usually, FR4 laminate is used on the board of high power PCB.

Usually, copper is used in high-power PCB because it provides the capability of passing high power through it.

Resin and glass are some of the other materials which are commonly used in high-power PCB.

Materials in a High Power PCB

Materials in a High Power PCB

Who Can Use High-Power PCB?

High-power PCB can be used by various business owners in their products.

From military and aerospace to personal devices, high power PCB is equally usable in all these areas.

Advanced technological devices such as smart solar systems also require enhanced high-power PCBs.

There are numerous other people who can use high-power PCB due to its flawless and efficient design.

What are the Benefits of Using High-Power PCB?

You will get numerous benefits and advantages by using high-power PCB in customized devices.

Some of the most significant benefits are as follows:

  • High-power PCB is capable of enduring higher levels of thermal strains.
  • Without much strain, the material can pass high currents through the board.
  • The mechanical strength is greatly increased in the PTH holes and connector sites.
  • High power PCB offers reduced sizes of the products due to its compact and reliable design.
  • Heat can be transferred to external heat sinks which eventually makes the board temperature under control.

The above-mentioned benefits are a few ones to highlight the importance of high power PCB among others.

Benefits of High Power PCB

Benefits of High Power PCB

What is the Cost of High-Power PCB?

The cost of high power PCB varies due to the changing requirements of the specifications and design.

It depends upon how complex is the design of your required high-power PCB.

Since there are some types of high-power PCB as well, its structure and dimensions also play a key role to define its price.

The price of a high-power PCB is definitely higher than the standard power PCB.

An average high-power PCB costs around $100 which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, this is just an average price and it could vary in a lot of ways.

How Can You Assure the Quality of High-Power PCB?

In order to assure the quality of high-power PCB, certain factors are to be considered.

Some of these primary factors are as follows:

  • Circuit Construction:

This is the primary factor because high-level circuit construction can enhance the efficiency of high-power PCB.

Heavy copper should be used to construct high-power PCB.

High-speed plating and differential etching are some of the methods used in high-power PCB circuit construction.

  • The Capacity of Current-Carrying and Temperature Control:

A good high-power PCB can withstand temperatures of up to 100°C.

Reliable high power PCB should be able to carry high levels of current with the ability to control temperature rise.

  • The Strength of Circuit and its Survivability:

The strength of the circuit and its survivability should be checked through some tests.

The most common which can be used on high-power PCB is thermal cycle testing.

In this type of testing, 25°C to 260°C is applied through the air to air thermal cycling.

Resistance should be less and heavy copper should be used to make high power PCB.

  • Thermal Management:

Heat sinks should be used to control the thermal challenges during the process.

Each component of the high-power PCB should be kept within safe limits of temperature.

There should be proper thermal management within the entire circuit board.

 Qualities of High Power PCB

Qualities of High Power PCB

Is High-Power PCB Safe to Use?

Yes, a high-power PCB is completely safe to use because of various reasons.

Firstly, a high-power PCB is gone through numerous testing phases for checking its reliability and efficiency.

Secondly, a high-power PCB is made with reliable circuit designs and connections.

Lastly, it adheres to all the required international safety standards.

A manufacturer assures the safety and even adds extra safety components on the high-power PCB.

Can a High-Power PCB Melt?

The primary purpose of a high-power PCB is to deliver as maximum current as it can.

Ultimately, various challenges also come in alongside it.

In a nutshell, a high-power PCB cannot easily melt as it is made with various temperature-controlling elements.

The circuit of the high-power PCB is designed in such a way that it will not melt down.

Heat sinks are also used to compensate for the extra amount of heat in the board.

Therefore, the melting problem in a high-power PCB cannot be a problem if normally used.

How to Find a Reliable Manufacturer of High-Power PCB?

Finding a reliable and dependable manufacturer of high-power PCBs is a challenging task.

However, it is easy and simple if you know what to consider and what not to.

Following are the aspects to look forward to when finding out your best high-power PCB manufacturer.

  • The experience and the expertise of the manufacturer should be the top requirements.
  • The manufacturer should have adequate manpower and production facilities.
  • The staff of the manufacturing company should be well-versed with the latest tools and techniques.
  • The technical expertise should be of high quality.
  • Look for the prices asked for developing high-power PCBs by comparing different manufacturers.
  • Extremely high price options are not good as well as extremely low price options.
  • The manufacturer could be able to ship it to your area safely.
  • Packaging of the high-power PCB should be in a reliable box.

Additionally, manufacturers with international quality certifications are also considered alongside these factors.

Who is the Best Manufacturer of High-Power PCB?

Chinese high-power PCB manufacturers are one of the finest in the world.

This is because they adhere to quality standards and don’t compromise on anything.

In this market, one of the most experienced and reliable high-power PCB manufacturers is PCBMay.

It is equipped with all the capabilities to design as complex design as it could be.

You can completely rely on their high-power PCB because of its reliability and efficiency.

High Power PCB Manufacturer

High Power PCB Manufacturer

How to Order High-Power PCB?

In order to order a high power PCB, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the website of the high-power PCB manufacturer.
  • Find the “Contact” page and try to find a suitable communication medium.
  • Send a message to the manufacturer by sending all of your requirements along with the design constraints.
  • Request a price quote and ask for a sample to be delivered to your address.
  • Finalize the deal by making the payment after satisfaction with the product quality.
  • Choose all the high-power PCB import preferences.

Your order will be delivered right to your specified address.

How High-Power PCB is Packed?

A high-power PCB is packed with extreme care and safety.

Good manufacturers always provide realistic packaging such as soft plastic films.

However, you can request the packing of high-power PCBs of your own choice depending upon the shipment risk.

How Can You Import High-Power PCB from China?

Importing a high-power PCB from China is quite an easy and quick process.

All you need to do is to finalize an order to a Chinese high-power PCB manufacturer.

You will get all the precautionary aspects to be followed throughout the customs of your country.

China is one of the biggest exporters of high-power PCB and the process is therefore quite smooth.

Choose your desired shipment methods such as by air, sea, or road.

Import High Power PCB

Import High Power PCB

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Ordering High-Power PCB?

Prominent manufacturers like PCBMay don’t follow any strict Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) rules.

You can order as many quantities of high-power PCBs as you require without any restrictions.

However, some manufacturing companies require an MOQ of around 100 pieces of a defined single pattern.

What is the Average Delivery Time of High-Power PCB?

The average delivery time of the high-power PCB depends upon the requirements and the shipment preferences.

Your physical location also plays a key role in defining the average delivery time of a high-power PCB.

However, a good high-power PCB manufacturer like PCBMay can deliver it within a week.

Can You Get Free Samples of High-Power PCB?

Of course, prominent manufacturers can provide you free samples of high-power PCBs.

It is advised to provide all of your requirements at first to make the finalized high-power PCB sample as per requirements.

The sample will be delivered right at your given address and may only the shipment charges will be charged.

 Sample of High Power PCB

Sample of High Power PCB

Do You Provide After-Sales Support for High-Power PCB?

Yes, reliable manufacturers like PCBMay provides quick and dependable support for high-power PCBs.

The after-sales support is 24/7 with the option of various electronic mediums.

These mediums usually consist of phone calls, live chat, email support, and others.

What is the Warranty of High-Power PCB?

The warranty of high power PCB varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, good manufacturers like PCBMay provides a warranty of around one year.

You can get the details about the warranty after discussing your product with the manufacturer.

What are the Precautions of Using High-Power PCB?

You should use high-power PCB in devices that require higher current than usual.

These high-power PCBs should not be used in wet conditions and other unfavorable environments.

Components used with high power PCB should be completely compatible to work with it for better efficiency.

For specified guidelines, you can get in touch with your high-power PCB manufacturer.

Precautions of High Power PCB

Precautions of High Power PCB

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