How To Hire China Best Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers? (Cost PCB Board 2022)

PCBMAY custom circuit board manufacturers specializes in manufacturing in the field of electronics, in particular, one of the popular services that we provide is the manufacture of printed circuit boards to order .

The development of an electronic component such as a printed circuit board is becoming an increasingly important service in the face of the increasing role of electronics in everyday life.

Custom circuit board manufacturers offers the manufacture of printed circuit boards according to the sample, including boards for a wide range of purposes: both for simple household appliances of various accuracy classes, and printed circuit boards for specialized equipment.

The production possibilities for PCBs are virtually endless. You can order from us:

You can find the technical capabilities of our production on our website.

PCB Manufacturing Technology: Methods and Varieties

The technology for the production of printed circuit boards is quite complex; it is a multi-stage process performed in one of four modern methods.

Today the most relevant are the chemical and electrochemical, combined and additive methods.

Foil dielectrics with one-sided or two-sided coating are used as the main material.

Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the purpose and application of the printed circuit board, its type and manufacturing method are selected.

As the simplest components for household appliances, you can order single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards from us.

One-sided dielectric plates have a conductive pattern on one side; they are most often used in simple structures and household appliances.

You can also order the production of double-sided printed circuit boards from custom circuit board manufacturers, which have expanded functionality due to the presence of a conductive pattern on both sides.

In our company, you can use the service of manufacturing multilayer printed circuit boards, which differ from single-layer printed elementary plates by the presence of a more complex design with a certain sequence of layers, which allows you to reliably fix the elements on the printed circuit board.

For the production of equipment with a complex system, you will need such varieties as rigid and flexible-rigid printed circuit boards, and you can also order the production of flexible printed circuit boards from us.

They differ in their functionality and characteristics, for example, flexible-rigid boards are made in the form of a loop with several rigid plates on which there is a conductive pattern, most often they serve as a connection between rigid printed circuit boards.

The production of rigid printed circuit boards is carried out on a solid frame without the threat of subsequent deformation, this type of board is widely used in the computer field, since the well-known computer motherboard is precisely a kind of rigid printed circuit board.

In some cases, it may be necessary to manufacture heat-conducting boards that will be able to withstand high loads from high temperatures due to the presence of ceramic inserts.

Finger Gold PCB

Finger Gold PCB

What Materials Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers Use?

Custom circuit board manufacturers use a wide range of high quality materials to manufacture custom PCBs.

We cooperate with both domestic and foreign import manufacturers with international certification.

Quality control of our products is a priority for us; therefore we work with proven materials:

Stages of Manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards

Before starting the manufacturing process, all files undergo an engineering check to identify problem and potential problem areas in your design documentation.

The manufacturing process of printed circuit boards is multifaceted, there are several main stages.

At the stage of developing printed circuit boards according to the requirements and sources provided by the customer.

The process of forming a library of components taking into account the requirements takes place, the main elements and their location are fixed on the preliminary layout, after which the final fixation of the elements and the counting of the number of layers of the printed circuit board are performed at the stage of routing.

This is followed by simulation with analysis of signal and power integrity and compatibility analysis. Each stage is completed with quality control in order to minimize possible errors.

The maximum number of layers in a PCB manufactured from custom circuit board manufacturers is 40 layers.

The production options for printed circuit boards differ depending on the choice of manufacturing method:

  1. The chemical method involves the following steps: copper foil is applied to the dielectric on both sides, after which a positive or negative pattern is transferred to it according to the selected scheme. The finishing step is etching the copper, which creates the conductive pattern.
  2. The electrochemical manufacturing method has similar stages, however, at the final stage, the conductive pattern will not be created using copper etching, but using electrochemical metal deposition.
  3. The combined method of manufacturing printed circuit boards combines the steps of the first two methods, since it contains a copper etching step and an electrochemical step for metalizing holes.

A visual quality control procedure is carried out at the end of each stage in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

After the completion of all work, a final inspection of the Quality Control Department takes place and then an electrical test.

Also in custom circuit board manufacturers production there is an X-ray of printed circuit boards – one of the key methods of quality control of internal structures.

Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers Required Documents

To place an order for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, we need:

  1. Ready PCB project of your printed circuit board, format: Gerber, PCAD, Sprint-Layout or Diptrace
  2. A description that reflects the information necessary to properly and quickly prepare the PCB for production
  3. Information about the customer (for legal entities – the details of the organization, for individuals – passport data) and your contact information. We recommend using a single order card (XLS format)

Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers Price and Terms

The cost and timing of the production of printed circuit boards will depend on the type and complexity of the work, as well as on the volume of the order.

You can order small-scale production of printed circuit boards or custom-made printed circuit boards, the production time for small and medium series will be three weeks.

We also work with large batches of orders; their lead time will be on average from 3 to 5 weeks.

PCB AAssembly of Printed Circuit Boards

Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards

Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards

Wholesale and custom circuit board manufacturers is pleased to offer its customers services in the field of electronics – production and development of printed circuit boards to order, as well as one of the popular services that we provide is assembly of printed circuit boards .

Regardless of the level of complexity, we carry out high-precision SMD assembly of printed circuit boards and DIP assembly, taking into account individual technical specifications.

The technology of mounting printed circuit boards is a mechanical connection of parts, components and elements of a printed circuit board in the required sequence, which will guarantee the interaction of elements according to the established technical specifications.

Production Area of Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers

The growing role of printed circuit boards is difficult to underestimate; they are used in almost all areas of electronics, from household items to complex computer systems in large industries.

Custom circuit board manufacturers’ production is equipped with high-precision modern equipment from leading world manufacturers, which ensures the highest quality of assembly.

It is possible to visit the production site by prior arrangement.

Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers Technology and Types of PCB Assembly

There are several types of PCB assembly on the electronics market, such as:

  • Lead-out mounting is the installation of components with leads into the holes of the printed circuit board and subsequent soldering. All elements are fixed on the printed circuit board from the reverse side.
  • Soldering by a wave of solder – a wave is formed on the surface of the molten solder by electromagnetic, mechanical or hydrodynamic methods, over which the PP is carried out during the soldering process.
  • Surface Mount (SMT) is the attachment of all components directly to the board surface by SMD soldering.
  • As practice shows, editing can be mixed. When mounting the board, the technologies of each of the methods described above can be used.

Each type of installation consists of several stages. Briefly they can be presented as the following flow:

  1. Solder paste application (through a stencil)
  2. Control
  3. Installing components on a PCB
  4. Soldering
  5. Final control

Stages of PCB Assembly

From custom circuit board manufacturers you can order: manual and automatic surface mounting, as well as lead-out assembly of printed circuit boards.

The installation principle will be similar and contains the following steps:

Custom circuit board manufacturers’ automatic surface mounting:

  1. Begins with the process of transferring solder paste using screen printing or inkjet printing.
  2. This is followed by the SPI stage of checking the quality of the solder paste application.
  3. The next stage is the installation of elements on the board.
  4. The fourth stage is automatic surface mounting – this is group soldering, most often performed using conveyor ovens, and melting using convection ovens helps to achieve the best quality level.
  5. Ultrasonic cleaning of printed circuit boards + hot air drying.
  6. The last one is the final control; it goes as an attention to the process with automatic optical inspection.

Surface of PCB

Surface of PCB

In cases where it is necessary to carry out the installation of small-scale lots or a piece order, then a manual surface method is performed. Like automatic installation, it has several stages as follows:

  • The first is the transfer of solder paste through screen printing.
  • Second, control after the solder paste transfer phase
  • Thirdly, the elements of the printed circuit board are mounted and the components are fixed.
  • Fourth, reflow in a convection oven.
  • Fifthly, the final control. A significant difference is the third stage – the installation of elements, since manual manipulators are used.

Procedure for acceptance, storage and return of smd-components in case of receipt from the customer

  • Acceptance of customer-supplied raw materials is carried out according to the invoice for the transfer of raw materials to the Processor (M-15), drawn up by the customer.
  • Tolling raw materials are located at site. Storage in a warehouse, which is located in a production building. Then the raw materials are transferred to the workshop for processing. · After the completion of the work, finished products are placed in the warehouse in order to prepare for shipment.
  • Shipment or transfer of products to the customer is carried out according to the acceptance certificate, invoice, and a report on the use of raw materials is provided.

Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers Quality Assurance and Reliability of Soldering

When working, custom circuit board manufacturers strictly take into account the quality standards.

First of all, the assembly of printed circuit boards is carried out according to the requirements for the customer’s products with the control of compliance with the requirements of the IPC standard.

Also, regardless of the chosen installation method, the second and fifth mandatory stages are quality control: the application of solder paste by automatic inspection systems (AOI), and the quality control department conducts quality control of the soldering of the output components.

Custom circuit board manufacturers also carry out additional control as agreed with the customer: when providing an algorithm, which should consist of specific actions that follow in a specific order.

The percentage of technical losses during mounting on a chip-passive, on an asset in: stickers, flights, reels are:

  • For liabilities from 0.5 to 1.5%,
  • Less than 0.5% per asset. It all depends on the quality of the components.

Lead times

The actual lead time for standard orders with a total area of 2 to 5 thousand square meters. dm. is about 9-10 business days. If you need urgent assembly of printed circuit boards , then it will be

  • Automatic surface mounting– from 3 working days
  • Manual surface mountingand lead-out from 3-4 working days

The cost and timing of the manufacture and installation of printed circuit boards will depend on the type and complexity of the work, as well as on the volume of the order. You can order small-scale assembly of printed circuit boards or order individual assembly of printed circuit boards.

The average price for a stencil for automatic mounting is 6-8 thousand rubles.

Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers Ordering Procedure

To form an application and to assess the cost of installation, the following documents are required:

  • A list with the exact name and number of boards to be mounted.
  • The project itself is a file in the format – PCAD, CAM350, Gerber or Pick and Place.
  • Wiring diagram or assembly drawing, with reference designations of elements and polarities
  • Specification (list of elements) indicating the full name of the elements, reference designation, body type and ratings. The document must match exactly the assembly drawing and the project file.

Files are accepted in the following formats – PDF and DXF. A multiplied file is required for printed circuit boards.


Routing PCB

Routing PCB

Additional Installation Requirements

You can specify the following additional requirements for ordering PCB assembly:

  • Choice of solder paste – water-based lead or lead-free,
  • Separation of boards,
  • Setting elements to a height,
  • Washing boards for varnish,
  • Molding of elements,
  • Special requirements for packaging, etc.

Custom Circuit Board Manufacturers Cost

The cost of manufacturing printed circuit boards depends on the following criteria:

  • – Materials used;
  • – The size of the fee;
  • – Thickness of material and foil;
  • – Number of holes;
  • – Accuracy class and difficulty level.

To calculate the cost, leave a request or contact us at the phone number indicated on the website, and our manager will contact you.

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