How To Find Best Printed Circuit Board Suppliers In China? (2022 Best Guide)

World-Class PCB Design and Supply Capabilities

The key factors that determine the type of printed circuit board suppliers in china are a clear understanding of the design requirements, the need to use the most appropriate technology, and the choice of logistics solutions.

What is the Quality of Best Printed Circuit Board Suppliers in China?

The manufacturing capabilities allow you to support PCB manufacturing technologies with virtually no restrictions.

Depending on the complexity of your project, the pcb supplier should be ready to organize the production of products.

Moreover, it should provide the manufacture of boards with up to 8-10 layers.

The important advantages of printed circuit board suppliers in china include the existence of its own factory, which provides the production of small-scale batches of products and prototypes in a short time, which is an ideal condition for innovative engineering projects, as well as cooperation with qualified foreign partners to organize, if necessary, the production of large batches of products.

Professional Printed Circuit Board Suppliers in China Consulting Services

Professional printed circuit board suppliers in China are able to ensure the creation of added value for a product already in the early stages of product development by providing a full range of services in the electronics industry from the organization of high-quality PCB design and design and continuous technical support to the production of finished products.

The professional level of the company’s employees and extensive experience in the microelectronic industry allows such suppliers to optimally interact with developers, quickly understand all the nuances of your business and technical specifications, while offering practical advice on the best options for technical solutions throughout the entire life cycle of product development (from design to production) .

This helps to reduce development time and improve the efficiency of production processes.

A team of highly trained bilingual technicians, available 24 hours to advise and successfully applying advanced technologies and best manufacturing techniques for microelectronic products, will make it easier for you to successfully market your product while minimizing your total project cost.

Expert Printed Circuit Board Suppliers in China Offer the Following Services and Conditions for the Implementation of Your Projects:

  • Development of a schematic electrical diagram in CAD
  • PCB layout design (Mentor Graphics Expedition & Cadence Allegro PCB suites);
  • Signal integrity analysis, power systems, and thermal analysis
  • Optimization of the board design in preparation for manufacturing (design taking into account technological requirements – new opportunities!);
  • Mechanical design;
  • Transmission line impedance calculation (using Polar Speed track);
  • Technical support 24 hours;
  • Design taking into account production volumes (DFV – design for volume);
  • RF / Digital Design;
  • On-site / off-site component output;
  • Formation of a multilayer structure/development of stacks of layers;
  • Modeling using stereolithography (SLA modeling).

High Degree of Organization of the Supply System

The formation of a competitive infrastructure for the successful implementation of projects is ensured by printed circuit board suppliers in china by streamlining of design management processes in interaction with the customer, planning, implementation, control, and organization of the supply system.

This allows you to optimize the international supply chain, synchronize supply and demand, and correctly assess production capabilities.

Proposed Options for Cooperation Within the Supply Chain:

  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Centralized Manufacturing and Technology Resources (the UK, Malaysia, and the USA);
  • Supply Management Center for Southeast Asia (Malaysia);
  • Flexible supply chain (10 partners of component manufacturers and technology partners);
  • Deep understanding of the product
  • Consignment warehouse (safekeeping) / Buffering (creating interim stock) / System of organization of production and material and technical supply according to the principle.

The flexibility of the Production System

An attentive attitude to the needs of customers allowed printed circuit board suppliers in china to create a flexible system of services for the provision of custom-made production with the possibility of pre-setting requirements for the following conditions:

  • Batch size;
  • Prototyping,  and operational production service (UK);
  • Manufacturing of small-batch and medium volume orders;
  • Manufacturing of medium and large batch batches with the involvement of foreign partners;
  • Flexible pricing system depending on the batch size;
  • A well-functioning system for responding to urgent operational needs;
  • Guaranteed provision of the required quality of work.

PCB Routing

PCB Routing

Stability of Printed Circuit Board Suppliers in China Production Reliability Indicators

Leveraging advanced technologies to expand manufacturing capabilities, printed circuit board suppliers in china confidently support the development and manufacture of products based on a modern advanced laboratory and advanced test equipment.

A holistic approach is applied to the implementation of a project of any complexity, expressed in the absence of binding to a specific location of capacities and providing a single technological infrastructure throughout the entire life cycle of development and manufacture of a finished product.

Services Provided on the Basis of the Laboratory and Test Equipment:

  • In-circuit test setup with a matrix of spring-loaded needle contacts;
  • Shell strength testing;
  • Material testing;
  • Micro site analysis;
  • Styloscope;
  • Thermal analysis;
  • Extended flying probe;
  • Soft flying probe (high interconnect density / small pitch);
  • Testing prototypes;
  • Solder test.

PCB Technology 

  • Medicine (non-invasive and for patients);
  • Defense (communications, weapons, data);
  • Aviation (military and (civil) commercial applications);
  • Navy (weapons and data processing);
  • Space industry (satellites and data processing);
  • Power engineering (lighting, tidal power plants, wave formers, power generators);
  • Semiconductor industry (device testing, loading board, development of design documentation);
  • Manufacturing of contract electronics (all markets);
  • Automotive industry (safety critical and not);
  • Fuel and gas (downhole drilling equipment and data processing);
  • Marine (sonar modules and other commercial applications);
  • Sound and image (broadcast and high definition television);
  • Telecommunications (personal electronic communicators / smartphones, base stations);
  • Network technologies (modems, wireless USB adapters.

Application and Main Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Single and multilayer metal-based PCBs

Metal-based boards are used in products that generate a lot of heat, such as high-power SMD LEDs.

On one side of such PCBs, there is a metal plate connected to the board by a gasket with high thermal conductivity.


  1. One-sided mounting.
  2. Cannot mount the output components.

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are of 2 types:

  • Single-layer PCBs– consist of a metal plate, dielectric, and copper foil.
  • Multilayer PCBs– consists of a metal plate, heat-conducting prepreg, and PP itself.

For a metal base, use:

  • 1100 (AD) – high thermal conductivity and plasticity, ideal for stamping
  • 5052 (AMg2.5) – technological and inexpensive
  • 6061 (AD33) – high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The disadvantage is the price
  • Copper – very high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The disadvantage is the price
  • Stainless steel – high strength and corrosion resistance, but low thermal conductivity and high cost

High-Density Printed Circuit Boards

High-Density Interconnect (HDI boards) – in such boards, the thickness of the wires, the gaps between them, vias, and pads are less. Dielectrics are ultra-thin.


  • Compact devices for communication, surveillance, tracking
  • Military systems
  • Medical equipment

Produced with high-precision lasers.


Layersup to 40
Thicknessup to 8 mm
Hole diameterMetallized + -0.051 mm

Non-metallized + -0.076 mm

Width (min.)Conductor – 0.075 mm

Gap – 0.09 mm

Hole diameter (min.)Laser – 0.075-0.1 mm

Through – 0.1 mm

For copper filling – 0.4 mm



Microwave PCBs

Printed circuit board suppliers in china use high-frequency printed circuit boards are used in high-frequency technology.


  • Dielectric constant: 2.2-10.2 GHz
  • Thickness: 0.2-8mm

Dielectric loss tangents: 0.0009-0.004

Flexible and Flex-rigid Printed Circuit Boards

Such boards successfully replace flat-type wires and ribbon harnesses.

They make it possible to replace large connectors and create a reliable connection between rigid electronic components and cables.


  • Weight – 2 times less than that of rigid
  • Compactness
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Flexibility
  • Heat dissipation

The production of flexible printed circuit boards is carried out on the basis of a thin, durable, and polyimide film or polyethylene terephthalate.

Such dielectrics contain SMD components or elements without packages. Flexible PCBs can be compact and flexible.

Rigid-flex PCBs are made up of rigid and flexible dielectric layers.

Improves connection reliability and eliminates the need for connectors.

How to Buy a PCB on the Best Terms from Printed Circuit Board Suppliers in China?

Prepare a design file-Gerber file

Suppose you are going to manufacture electronic devices and want to buy printed circuit boards from printed circuit board suppliers in China. Three situations are possible here:

  1. You have a finished product in your hands and no technical documentation. Photograph it on graph paper from both sides, send it to their address. They will contact you, discuss the specifics of the product and develop a set of documentation with a design file for you.
  2. You have a schematic electrical diagram, a list of elements, and a technical assignment for the product being designed (weight and size + operating conditions). The scenario is the same as in the first case, but it is faster and cheaper.
  3. You give PCB manufacturers and suppliers a design file in any CAD-CAM environment convenient for you, and the PCB supplier checks it, optimizes it in agreement with you, and pass it on to production.

The first two options are expensive. It makes sense to go for this only if there is no way to trace the board yourself, and the circulation is large enough.

Order a Large Quantities

If you are completely confident in the topology of printed circuit boards, have made them earlier, and produce the equipment in series, it is reasonable to buy a large circulation of printed circuit boards: this way you will reduce the cost of the final product, saving on the price of the printed circuit board.

Also, regardless of the serial number of your product, when you re-order, you do not have to pay for the technological preparation of production.

There are printed circuit board suppliers in china that produce printed circuit boards in a few days. This makes sense if urgency is vital to you because otherwise, you will simply overpay 5-7 times.

It is cheaper to buy printed circuit boards in China.  Choose a supplier with good quality control

An obvious defect is not so dangerous, because with a complaint you can force the supplier to return the money. True, no one will return the time spent waiting for a defective order and correcting errors.

Hidden defects are more insidious: you will learn about them from your customers’ complaints when products with defective boards fail.

If you want to buy PCBs and not face any unpleasant surprises, choose reliable printed circuit board suppliers in china with the quality control systems.

Such suppliers periodically inspect the manufacturing plant and confirm: all printed circuit boards undergo final parameter control for compliance with the requirements of the international IPC standard.

Upon your request, such pcb suppliers and manufacturers will provide a final inspection protocol, a microsection of the PCB structure, and a test coupon confirming the quality of the finish coating of the contact pads (“soldering”).

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB

Supply of Printed Circuit Boards Implies:

  1. Receiving the original gerbera file from the Customer
  2. Clarification of the accuracy class and some features of the product
  3. Delivery time agreement
  4. Providing the Customer with a file from production before the run. If necessary, PCB supplier company will analyze printed circuit boards for manufacturability
  5. With the help of open dialogue and reliable manufacturers, a selection of the best materials, on-site quality control of products, and well-functioning logistics are available. All this ensures the delivery of products on time.

Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services

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