You Need To Know The Importance Of BOM In PCB Assembly

Importance of BOM in PCB Assembly

As we know, BOM means a Bill of materials. Paying attention to PCB Design goes beyond aesthetics in plate assembly.

It is clear that choosing the best components, planning the circuits, and having good software planning is very important for the functioning of the hardware, but if the board in question does not have a good layout, all this can be lost.

Therefore, some good practices need to be taken into account. We separate some of them:

In layman’s terms, PCB is a circuit board with no components, and PCB Assembly(PCBA) is a circuit board with soldered electronic components.

PCBA is the most important part of all electronic product components, similar to the neural network of the human body.

The brain of electronic products: CPU is installed on PCBA. The life, operating speed, reliability, and stability of general consumer electronic products have the most direct relationship with PCBA.

The quality of PCBA is also the most direct determinant of the overall quality of electronic products.

Consequences of Poor Component List

If your PCB component list is not up to standard, you will encounter costly errors during manufacturing, in addition to component mismatches and delayed operation, which will have a negative impact on your business entity.

Sometimes, even the lack of a single component may force you to redo the entire job, which can lead to delays in delivery and ultimately results in a high price for you.

A PCB with properly manufactured and SMT components is essential to the actual function of the equipment using it.

A comprehensive list of electronic components will help you avoid many problems that may delay PCB development or increase costs.

This is the consequence of the inferior component list.

A well-planned and thorough BOM list are very important to ensure the normal operation of the circuit, and it can also maximize the opportunity for manufacturers to deliver printed circuit boards on time.

As an SMT chip processing factory, if you happen to forget a detail, you may end up releasing substandard printed circuit boards, which will damage the company’s reputation.

Therefore, the final PCB components to be used on the board deserve careful consideration. At this point, we have clearly defined the basic requirements for an excellent electronic component list.

Errors in PCBA Proofing

PCBA proofing errors are a recent challenge faced by most printed circuit board designers.

For designers, we can all agree that nothing is better than a perfect prototype.

However, most of the time, the manufacturer will tell you that your product is not ready, otherwise, they will have to make some adjustments to the prototype.

PCBA proofing errors

PCBA proofing errors

Although there may be many reasons for this excuse, major errors in PCBA proofing are mainly due to poor consideration of the PCB component list.

By using unqualified components or assuming necessary components, as a PCB prototype manufacturer, it is easy to understand why you will produce prototypes that do not meet industry needs.

Here, you are likely to encounter manufacturing errors, which are not only costly but ultimately time-consuming.

To make matters worse, if you encounter errors in PCBA proofing due to the hastily developed component list, you may even lose some loyal customers to competitors.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers seem to be struggling with an invalid PCB component list and encounter many errors in the PCBA proofing process.

The Components Do Not Match

Nothing is more frustrating than launching a printed circuit board composed of incompatible components on the market.

In the long run, these boards may not function as expected or completely crash.

Similarly, if the list of electronic components you rely on is unqualified, then you will manufacture circuit boards with mismatched components, which will cause you to experience delays in operation and increased costs.

The problem of substandard or incomplete lists is eye-opening.

It may be that some important parts are not inserted into the printed circuit board, or these parts are finally placed in the wrong place.

In most cases, mismatched components may require all rework, which is expensive and time-consuming.

The Cost is Higher Than Expected

Manufacturing PCBs, especially PCBs containing multiple single layers, is relatively expensive.

Usually, PCB manufacturers aim to minimize their manufacturing costs in order to achieve a certain profit.

However, for most PCB designers, this is not the case.

Due to the weak list of PCB components, the manufacturing and transportation costs of many components are higher than expected.

If the component list is shallow, it may be necessary to re-complete the board to repair all the errors on it, and this will cause the PCB manufacturing company to incur additional and unnecessary costs.

PCB Assembly Sample

PCB Assembly Sample

Have a complete list of components, listing all the components needed to manufacture printed circuit boards.

In addition, you can determine their prices and where to purchase them as early as possible.

In this way, unnecessary costs are avoided.

PCB Development Delay

PCB manufacturers that take a long time to manufacture customer products may lose them to the manufacturers, and these manufacturers will shorten the delivery time.

When customers delay the delivery of PCBs beyond expectations, it can make them feel frustrated.

Sadly, this is the case for most companies engaged in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

The delay in the development of printed circuit boards is a challenge, which may occur due to a weak component list.

The list of components is low, and it is difficult to manufacture printed circuit boards at the agreed time.

The reason for the incomplete documentation is that it takes a lot of time to get a printed circuit board because you have to travel back and forth between different suppliers to find the necessary components to complete the circuit board.

Delayed Operation

PCB production, especially mass production, is technical and professional work, and a good list of components must be listed on the components that make up the circuit board.

Delays in the PCB manufacturing process are usually caused by imperfect component lists (these lists do not contain all the necessary components that make up the printed circuit board).

PCB Assembly Process

PCB Assembly Process

If the list is incomplete, you may lose out to customers of manufacturers who produce their printed circuit boards on time.

If the component list is incomplete, you will not be able to start production on time, which will delay the production of printed circuit boards.


In terms of fast and accurate PCBA proofing production, a PCB manufacturer should ensure that your entire electronic component list is not only accurate but complete, with a fully customized BOM analyzer.

Using tools, you can quickly check the availability of components, find omissions and errors, view and effectively download documents, and make corrections.

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