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In many places, you must see a lot of LED strips and the lighting is very beautiful. There are many LED strip PCBs under the lighting.

When you review and compare LED strip PCB types, you may be concerned about the color temperature, the number of LEDs, and the correct power supply pairing for you.

But have you considered where the LEDs are installed and how are they connected? You will find the answers from this article.

As a professional LED strip PCB manufacturer, we are working with many world-class suppliers. They can provide high-quality raw materials, LEDs, chemicals, etc.

In order to match the demands of LED strip PCBs from customers all around the world, PCBMay has increased our investment in recent years, so that we have become one leading LED strip PCB manufacturer in China.

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    Why Choose PCBMay for Your LED Strip PCB

    Now LED strip PCBs have many types, single-sided layer, double layer, rolled copper foil, and Aluminum PCB. Some of them are flexible printed circuit boards and the length is very long. We use the component package ways to pack the boards, it’s very safe.

    PCBMay has one professional engineering team from the process, technology, manufacturing, and quality. They can provide a very useful suggestions for your projects.

    We have over 500 workers in our workshop and the monthly production capacity is 40,000 square meters. Even in the peak season, when you have large demands, we can always support you.

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    We manufacture the LED strip PCBs based on the requirements form our customers. If there is an uncertain issue, our engineering team will provide engineering questions (EQ) for your approval.

    You choose PCBMay as your LED strip PCB supplier which is your good choice.

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    LED Strip PCB

    LED Strip PCB

    LED Strip PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    The LED strip PCB lights use is increasing at a very fast pace in the modern lighting design industry throughout the world.

    The lighting designers, architects, and structural engineers are trying to implement the LED strip light in almost every building either industrial, commercial, or residential at an alarming rate.

    This is all because of its enhanced efficacy, variety of colors, increased brightness, and easy installation.

    There are various LED strip lights in the market nowadays but no specific standard is followed for choosing the LED strip lights.

    This article is dealing with all necessary information related to LED strip PCB along with its best suppliers.

    What is LED Strip PCB?

    The LED strip PCB is actually a flexible circuit board that has a number of surface-mounted LEDs on to it along with series of resistors for safety.

    These LED strip PCB lights are also commonly known as ribbon lights or strip tape lights.

    Such lights may be populated with digital or analog LEDs which are emitting different colors of light.

    Such lights are almost 80 percent efficient than ordinary lights.

    LED Strip PCB

    LED Strip PCB

    Such lights are emitting less quantity of heat and contain zero percent of mercury. The size of such LEDs may seem small but are very bright.

    What Types of LED Strip PCB

    The following are major types of LED strip PCB that are commonly available in the market.

    1. Dimmable LED Strip PCB

    The dimmable LED strip PCBs are having a remote connection with a dimmer which has two cables from the main power source.

    The dimmer is behaving as a valve and the unit of power source is providing a voltage that is required as per ratings of the dimmer.

    These LED strip PCBs have low light when power at dimmer is low.

    2. Color Changing LED Strip PCB

    These LED strip PCBs are among the best quality lights which change color at alternating points.

    Such LEDs are weather-resistant and can be used in harsh environments.

    The performance of such LEDs is top-notch and is safe to use. The design is brilliant and improves the appearance of the place where installed.

    3. Flexible LED Strip PCB

    Flexible LED strip PCBs are giving an outstanding, energy-efficient, and long-lasting solution for lighting.

    The length of such LED strips differs along with the intensity of brightness and color temperature. Such strips are best for indoor use. These strips have an adhesive backing for easy installation.

    4. Solar LED Strip PCB

    Such LED strips are operated through batteries. These LEDs will outdo the traditional strip light in near future because of their easy maintenance.

    The maintenance is very cheap and easy and is environment friendly as well as it gains power from the natural source i.e.

    5. Outdoor LED Strip PCB

    These LED strip PCBs are usually installed at outdoor points of buildings for adding touch and color for giving an elegant look at night.

    However, choosing the best color is of critical importance as it needs to match the ambiance of the building.

    LED Strip PCB

    LED Strip PCB

    What is an LED Strip PCB Light Connector?

    There are numerous types of LED strip PCB light connectors available such as pigtail, interconnecting cables, CPS, splitter cables, and angle connectors, etc.

    All of these connectors are connecting the LED strip PCBs to the power sources and controllers. Following are the main types of connectors used for LED Strip PCB lighting installation.

    1. Pigtail Connector

    The pigtail connector is short in size and is connecting one of the ends of the strip to a screw terminal over an electronic device and its other end to wire connector.

    1. Jumper Wire Connector

    The jumper wire connector has other names too such as jumper cable, jumper, and DuPont wire.

    This is basically a wire with a pin or connector at its ends and is used for interconnecting the strips to a power source, controllers, prototype, and breadboard, etc.

    1. APC Connector

    The APC is a fiber optics type of connector which is minimizing back reflection because of 5° to 15° angles which is applied at both ends.

    As there is an angle at its ends, therefore light is not reflected back and nor leaked out of cladding.

    1. Ultra-Connectors

    Such connectors are popular in the use of LED strip lighting because it achieves comparable back reflection like angular connectors when a connection is made to it.

    However, the angular connectors are maintaining lower back reflection even in cases when there is disconnection at the output ends of the fibers.

    What Voltage are LED Strips PCB?

    Irrespective of the application of LED strip PCB lights such as residential and industrial buildings, computers, and cellphones, it operates on a specific voltage.

    These LED strips are most commonly operating on voltage in the range of 12 to 24 volts in direct current (DC) mode received from a power supply which is commonly called a driver. However, the USB LED strip lights are operating on standard 5 volts DC received through USB interfaces of different devices.

    Some main voltage strips are also sold in the market these days.

    Such LEDs are having the advantage to be usable in longer turns without any drop in their brightness.

    However, such LEDs are very heavy because of their higher current and voltage rating and have a thicker insulation coating to prevent shocks and other hazards.

    There is no need for an individual power supply even though there is a need for a rectifier among the main supply along the LED strip ends.

    The most traditional design of LED strips is having numerous parallel circuits which consist of passive resistors connected in series with a number of surface-mounted LEDs for its operation at a specific power and current ratings with a dedicated input voltage.

    Such a design of LED strips is known as constant voltage and it has higher sensitivity for minor variations in its input voltage and the voltage drop that occurs along the length of the strip.

    Whereas, its alternative design is known as constant current in where there are parallel circuits for surface mounted LEDs with smaller integrated circuits for offering a specific amount of current for all of the LEDs through a range of voltages applied to its input.

    LED Strip PCB

    LED Strip PCB

    In this way, the LED strip is operating at constant power and has a uniform brightness along the total length of the strip.

    How Long can the lights of LED Strip PCB Stay on?

    The LED strip light is also known with the names of ribbon or tape LED and is typically used for adhesive purposes. Such lighting is available on the market for over 50 years now.

    However, with the development of technology, the performance and efficiency of LEDs have increased. Conventionally, LED strip lights are in use for decoration and accent purposes but because of their enhanced performance, these are widely adopted for lighting purposes in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings too.

    These strips are available in different sizes and lengths.

    Some of the LED strips are flexible enough to be used in rugged and harsh environment conditions e.g., around doorways and under cabinets, etc.

    The strong adhesive material beneath the LED strips is allowing users to stick it to various surfaces.

    LED Strip PCB

    LED Strip PCB

    The adhesive material is strong enough to keep these LED strips attached for years.

    How to Choose one Best LED Strip PCB Supplier?

    There are different factors based on which LED strip PCB supplier must be selected. Some of the most important factors are given below in detail.

    1. Brightness or Lumen

    Brightness is the measurement that is perceived by the human eyes. Lumen is one of the most important factors for the selection of LED strip light.

    When making the comparison of the lumen output among different strips, various techniques are there for doing so e.g., different units are there for its comparisons such as lumen per watt, lumen per foot, lumen per reel, or lumen per meter.

    Different projects have different requirements of brightness to maintain the desired look.

    Therefore, the highest brightness LED strip must be selected by connecting a dimmer to it so as to change its intensity.

    1. Correlated Color Temperature

    This is referring to the light’s temperature which is measured in units of Kelvin.

    The rating of temperature is directly affecting the brightness of LEDs because it ranges within hot and cool regions.

    For example, the source of light which has a rating of 2000 to 3000 Kelvin is considered as a warm white light which is yellow or orange in color.

    When the rating is further increased, the color further changes.

    The different temperature ratings have different names but have ordinary colors e.g., red, blue, green, and white, etc.

    1. Color Rendering Index

    This is actually a measure of the way colors are rendered correctly under a source of light when compared to the sunlight.

    The measured indexation ranges from 0 to 100. 100 is considered as the optimum rating for the accuracy of color which illustrates that colors are appearing in a natural way.

    Color rendering index can be considered as a quality of source light.

    1. Comparison of Size of LED Strip and Number of Attached LEDs.

    The LED lights are packaged in the form of a reel traditionally in the length of 5 meters or more. The machines are almost 3.2 inches which are used for picking and placing LEDs onto the strip along with resistors. Each section of strip is soldered individually and then as a whole over the entire reel.

    Therefore, measuring the number of LEDs on a strip is necessary. In this way, it will be easy to compare the price with respect to the reel of LED.

    When the number of LEDs is determined on the reel, its approximated amount can be calculated.

    LED Strip PCB

    LED Strip PCB

    1. Consumed Wattage per Strip

    Power consumption is among the most important factors why people have started adapting LED strips.

    Wattage is the measurement unit of power and it illustrates the power consumption of light in ON state which in return determines the monthly energy bill.

    Therefore, verification of wattage per area, reel, foot, or meter for the LED strip is of great importance.

    1. Verifiable Quantities

    The following are some of the variable quantities related to LED strip PCB which must be known before the selection of a supplier.

    • Thermal Management: Heat can cause severe damage to the LED strip. Each LED strip is designed for performing under a certain heat range. If the heat is increased beyond the range, the LED strip lifetime will reduce. The LED’s lifespan may drop up to 50 percent depending on the amount of heat it faces. Therefore, sole reliance on aluminum heat sinks must not be done for heat dissipation away from the strip. The strip must be designed in a way that it dissipates less heat.
    • Accuracy and Color Quality: When purchasing an LED strip, one must not expect to have bright light from the LEDs. Therefore, suppliers must be asked for test reports which are proving the LEDs to be feasible.
    • Certifications: Verification of the suppliers is not a difficult task. Each authorized supplier has certain safety certifications. Therefore, checking the certifications such as UL listing, RoHS, and REACH is a must for making sure that LEDs are safe to be used and have no hazardous material like lead.
    • Quality of Material: The performance and lifespan are not only determined through LEDs’ quality but its other attributed factors too like the material of manufacturing and thickness, wires, and resistors.
    • Reports of Tests: The suppliers must be asked for test reports having details of longevity and brightness of LED strips. Such tests comprise of IES and LM-79 report etc.


    The LED strip PCB lighting is now an integral part of lighting for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings.

    In fact, the market of LED strip lights is currently highly saturated but still getting hands on a quality product is possible by checking various requirements mentioned in the article in detail.

    There are different types of LED strip lights available in the market with different features, colors, and materials for manufacturing.

    Furthermore, a number of suppliers are distributing LED strip PCB lighting but all suppliers do not have the best quality product.

    Therefore, checking the LED strip quality factors is of great importance before selecting a supplier.

    PCBMay is your best choice to produce LED strip PCB, so when you have a new inquiry, please send it to

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