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PCBMay is a professional low volume PCB assembly manufacturer in China, low volume PCB assembly, also known as small-volume PCB assembly, refers to an assembly of PCBs in the range of 25-5000 with design for manufacturability (DFM), and design for testability (DFT).

  • Over 12 years low volume PCB assembly manufacturing experience
  • Over 50 technical engineering to support your projects
  • No MOQ for new orders, even one piece
  • 100% E-test and AOI inspection
  • 7/24 sales and engineering tech support
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PCBMay: Your Expert Low Volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer in China

Apart from prototype PCB assembly, PCBMay also provides low volume PCB assembly for your projects. Our price level will make you the most satisfied one of low volume PCB assembly.

We understand the price of low volume PCB assembly is critical for your profit, so if you think our price is higher than you expect, please tell us your target price, we will do the best to match it.

Quality will be another consideration for you to choose the best supplier of low volume PCB assembly. We will never sacrifice on quality though our price is competitive.

Please send your inquiry to us, we will provide the best product for you.

Many Different Types of Low Volume PCB Assembly Speed up Your Projects

LED Low Volume PCB Assembly

LED PCB Assembly is the result of PCB technology evolution. The advancement is the reason behind the world’s re-innovating the application of the circuit. Today, we are able to see Printed Circuit Boards in almost every consumer application.

HDI Low Volume PCB Assembly

It’s essential to know that HDI made the micro-via technology famous and it’s perfectly ideal for blind vias, micro-vias, and buried vias. HDI PCB assembly needs hi-tech equipment, there’re many different types of components such as IC’s assembly.

Heavy Copper Low Volume PCB Assembly

Heavy copper PCB is also known as thick copper PCB, in which there are 3 ounces (oz) of copper or more on the internal and external layers of a printed circuit board. What’s more, these heavy copper assemblies are power supplies from all electronic products.

High Frequency Low Volume PCB Assembly

High-frequency wireless and embedded systems are complicated beasts that require a mix of design rules, and missing some of these rules can create a number of signal problems in your device. PCBMay provides all of the tools you need to design and verify the functionality of your next embedded system in a unified environment.

Flex Low Volume PCB Assembly

Flex circuits provide manufacturers with significant challenges, SMT pick-and-place machines typically operate at high speed and with an extremely small margin of error. The slightest difference between nominal circuit dimensions and actual flex circuit geometry can generate problems in the assembly process.

Rigid-Flex Low Volume PCB Assembly

Rigid-flex PCB Assembly has been used in the military and aerospace industries for many years. The process of rigid-flex PCB Assembly is very complicated, which combines rigid PCB assembly and flexible PCB assembly together. Rigid-flex circuits and assemblies are hybrid constructions

PCBMay is a Premier Low Volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer for You

If you’re looking for a high-quality low volume PCB assembly supplier. PCBMay is always here to support you.

As a reliable assembler and PCB manufacturer, PCBMay will provide the low volume PCB assembly service you request. Our workshop has special production lines for low volume PCB assembly. You don’t worry about the quality and delivery time.

There are some other assemblers who may request high volume orders from the customer, but PCBMay not. We pay the same attention to the low volume PCB assembly the same as high volume.

We have brought many high-tech types of equipment, especially the automatic SMT production lines and wave soldering production lines.

PCB Assembly Production line

Related Low Volum PCB Assembly Products

Metal Core PCB Assembly
Metal Core PCB Assembly
PCBMay can provide metal core PCB and assembly for you, please send inquiry to us.
Through Hole PCB Assembly
Through Hole PCB Assembly
PCBMay can offer through hole PCB assembly and surface mounting assembly.
Rogers PCB Assembly
Rogers PCB Assembly
Rogers PCB Assembly are applicated in high frequency products, we have enough Rogers material in stock.
Prototoype PCB Assembly
Prototoype PCB Assembly
PCBMay can provide quick turn service such as 24h delivery time for prototype PCB assembly.

Low Volume PCB Assembly Details As Following Up

Please see the capabilities from PCBMay as below:

No.ItemProcess Capability Parameter
1Order Quantity≥1PCS
2Quality GradeIPC-A-610
3Lead Time24 hours expedited service can be offered. 3- 4 days normally for PCBA prototype orders. We will give you an accurate lead time when we quote for you.
5Board TypeRigid PCB, Flexible PCB, metal core PCB
6Min Package01005 (0.4mm*0.2mm)
7Max PackageNo limit
8Mounting Accuracy±0.035mm(±0.025mm)  Cpk≥1.0 (3σ)
9Surface FinishLead/Lead-free HASL, Immersion gold, OPS, etc.
10Assembly TypesSurface mount (SMT), Through-hole (DIP), Mixed Technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
11Component SourcingTurnkey (All components sourced by PCBMay), Partial turnkey, Kitted/Consigned
12BGA PackageBGA Dia. 0.14mm, BGA 0.2mm pitch
13SMT Parts PresentationCut Tape, Partial reel, Reel, Tube, Tray, Laser-cut Stainless Steel
14Cable AssemblyWe supply custom cables, cable assemblies, wiring looms/harnesses, and power leads for various industries including automotive, security, mining, medical, and entertainment.
15StencilStencil with or without frame (offered free by PCBMay)
16Quality InspectionVisual inspection; AOI checking; BGA placement – X-RAY checking
17SMT Capacity3 Million~4 Million Soldering Pad/day
18DIP Capacity100 Thousand Pins/day

Here you will find many quick questions and answers about Low Volume PCB Assembly, don’t hesitate to contact us, our email is

1, Do You Handle Small Batch PCB Production Orders?

Absolutely. We cater to small batches without compromising on quality.

2, What Are The Benefits Of Low Volume PCB Assembly?

It is perfect for prototypes, testing a new product as well as making any design changes.

3, Can You Manufacture RoHS (Lead-Free) Printed Circuit Board Assemblies In Low Volume?

Yes, you can count on us to offer you lead-free PCB assemblies in low volumes.

4, Can You Provide Custom Made PCB Assembly In Low Volume?

Absolutely. We offer bespoke custom-made printed circuit board solutions suited to your requirements.

5, Do You Also Undertake Low Volume PCB Assembly Rework?

Yes absolutely! You can count on us for PCB assembly rework services that ensure optimal performance.

6, Can You Provide Low Volume PCB Production With Mixed Technology?

Yes, we are fully equipped to provide it.

Why Choose PCBMay for Your Low Volume PCB Assembly

As your trusted low volume PCB assembly supplier in China, PCBMay has one world-class customer support team who can answer all your questions and address your concerns. Some customers may worry about the communication, but please do not worry about it. Because we have several language sales team to support you.

Due to our commitment to continuous improvement and assurance of quality, we have gained a vase customer base for the low volume PCB assembly service from different applications: medical device, LED lighting, telecommunication, industrial control, and power supply.

Our PCB assembly plant has a workshop of 8,000 square meters and over 500 workers. There are 6 fully automatic SMT production lines, 3 wave soldering production lines, 5 assembly lines, and auxiliary testing and aging facilities.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

If you have a low volume PCB assembly project, we can handle it right now, and please send RFQ to us, we will provide a quotation within 1-2 working days.

Low Volume PCB Assembly: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Low volume PCB assembly is a perfect choice for your bulk production.

It can provide you all benefits at a low cost. But you have to select the right manufacturer for getting more advantages of this assembly.

They will completely lead you to get a successful production. They will also help you to get maximum performance on a low budget.

PCB is the heart of all electronic devices. Therefore, all electronic device manufacturers pay special attention to high-quality printed circuit boards.

Low volume PCB assembly refers to a small number of circuit boards ranges from 25 to 1000 boards.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Therefore, if you are looking for the best low volume PCB assembly manufacturer, PCBMay is your best choice!

What is Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low volume PCB assembly usually needs a very small number of PCBs.It actually uses 25 to 1000 PCB boards which require soldering parts on.

Low volume PCB Assembly refers to assembling a small quantity of circuit board including DFM checking as well as DFT checking.

It is very beneficial for prototypes or the large size of productions.

Basically,the main procedure of PCB assembly does not change. Moreover,the main purpose of using a small number of PCBs is to verify that whether these PCB boards fulfill all the requirements of customers.

So using a small volume takes less time to get assurance about the final functionality of products.

In several conditions, manufacturers need an only small number of PCB boards for some applications.

Hence, this PCB assembly of low volume is only the solution to such situations. They have the ability to reduce the extra costs with perfect quality.

Manufacturers claim that the process of Low volume PCB assembly takes a very short time and needs fewer PCB boards.

So, they call it low volume and make use of it to test the functioning of their products.

Moreover, they also make use of it in small-scale manufacturing for its low cost. Its process and technique are similar to high or normal volume assembly.

While its volume of work is very small and hence its turnaround is also very rapid and quicker.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Furthermore, the main goal of this assembly is to optimize the quality of the final board and solving all the issues which may occur.

So Low volume PCB assembly actually uses two techniques. These two techniques are:

  1. DFM
  2. DFT

Hence, with the help of these two techniques, you can simply trace any problem or issue. In this way, you can easily optimize all the main issues before working on the final or mass production.

Which Kind of PCBs are Used in Low Volume PCB Assembly

Generally, there is no difference between bulk production or low volume PCB boards.

The process is the same but you can test the final design by low volume techniques easily.

The three most important kinds of PCBs which are used in this low volume assembly are:

In fact, rigid boards are extremely popular and essential. But modern electronic devices always need a specific amount of flexibility.

So customers always prefer to use flexible and flex-rigid PCBs for low volume PCB assembly.

Because several electronic industries design rigid-flex boards with some special plans and policies.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Three Major Technologies Used in Low Volume PCB Assembly

Basically, electronic manufacturers use three different kinds of technologies during low volume PCB assembly procedures.

  1. Surface mount technology
  2. Through-hole mounting
  3. Mixed technology

1, Surface Mount Technology:

In this technology, manufacturers put all the components directly on the surface of the board.

It is a very effective technique because it has the ability to improve quality and production. Moreover,it has proven as a primary technology for several decades.

2, Through-hole Mounting:

In this method, electronic manufacturers use to put all components on the boards via drilled holes.

They drill these holes on the board. In this method, electronic manufacturers put all components in the holes.

Manufacturers drill these holes for components on the board.

Moreover, it is a very old and ancient technique and it was very famous by then.

But this technique is not famous nowadays and manufacturers do not make use of this ancient technology.

3, Mixed technology:

In several conditions, it is a very wise choice to use both of the above techniques.

Because both technologies are very beneficial for low volume PCB assembly. Basically, manufacturers start processing using the SMT technique but later they start using through-hole mounting without any hesitation.

But they generally use the through-hole mounting technique when it is necessary for the low volume assembly.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly

Low Volume PCB Assembly Lead Time

Generally, the manufacturing of low volume assembly can be different in certain conditions.

It mostly depends on the number of PCBs that manufacturers have used in the assembly.

Furthermore, it usually takes 1 to 5 days to complete the production. While for the precision solutions and ideal performance of PCBs, the lead time may be from 10 to 16 days.

What Benefits does Low Volume PCB Assembly Provide?

In fact, we have already described that low volume assembly is very efficient in many ways.

They are very beneficial when it comes to cost. When you are working on a project and want to test its functionality.

You can easily test it with the help of this assembly. Because you have to use only a small number of PCBs.

So you will pay less amount for testing the performance of your project, there is no need to pay the amount for those PCBs which you do not use during the procedure.

There are Many More Benefits of Low Volume PCB Assembly:

1, Assemblies of Small Quantities

As it is clear from the name, these are small volume assemblies with a small number of PCBs.

This quantity normally starts from 25- 1000. In addition, this quantity may be increased up to 5000 PCBs.

Basically, low volume PCB assembly is an ideal choice for constructing new products.

By using this technique, you can easily get the issues that you can face after the final production. So it is a perfect choice for new products.

2, Benefits of Price

It is a cost-effective assembly. If you will get service from good providers, they can facilitate you in the following ways:

  • With the help of a waving stencil, they can save extra charges
  • They reduce NRE costs even on your repeat orders.

Moreover, they will guide you to purchase from Satisfactory distributors so that you will easily pay lower prices.

So, all this will lead you to a very low cost even for your mass productions.

3, The Design Changing Low Volume Printed Circuit Boards

This low volume of assembly actually facilitates the consumers to final their product designs.

Furthermore, they also can take a final decision that if they want to go for their long production with the same design.

Hence, low volume assembly of PCB actually gives you to change the design according to your needs.

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