Megtron 6

What is MEGTRON 6?

MEGTRON 6 is advanced material designed for high-speed network equipment, mainframes, IC testers, and high-frequency measuring instruments.

The main attributes of MEGTRON 6 are low dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation factors, low transmission loss, and high heat resistance; Td = 410°C (770°F).

MEGTRON 6 meets IPC specification 4101 /102 /91.

As it is scheduled to start providing services for the fifth-generation mobile communication system “5G” in the future, data communication is expected to further advance towards large-capacity and high-speed transmission.

Under this trend, multi-layer substrate materials play an important role in servers and routers supporting the backbone of the communication network.

In addition to large-capacity and high-speed transmission, they are also required to be halogen-free materials from the perspective of environmental protection.

With the help of unique resin design technology and blending technology, the company has realized the commercialization of multilayer substrate materials for communication infrastructure equipment.

This multilayer substrate material is halogen-free and achieves low transmission loss, high heat resistance, and high reliability.



The Feature of Megtron 6

  1. Realizes low transmission loss while being halogen-free, contributing to the large-capacity and high-speed transmission of data communication
  • Relative permittivity (Dk) [3]=3.4 (12GHz)
  • Dielectric dissipation factor (Df)[4]=0.003 (12GHz)
  1. Contribute to the stable operation of equipment through high heat resistance and high-reliability multilayer substrate materials
  • Heat resistance of reflow soldering: 10 cycles Pass (260°C 32 layers)
  • Insulation reliability: 1000 hours Pass (85℃, humidity 85%, 50V)
  • Thermal expansion coefficient (thickness direction): 39ppm
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg): 250℃/DMA
  • thermal decomposition temperature (Td) 435℃
  1. Corresponding to halogen-free, improve the manufacturability and processability of high multilayer substrates with more than 20 layers
  •  Specification value of low dielectric constant glass cloth
  • Ultra-low transmission loss multilayer substrate material: MEGTRON6 (model R-5775)

Applications of Megron 6

MEGTRON 6 from Panasonic is an advanced circuit board laminate material designed for high-speed applications such as network equipment, mainframes, IC testers, and high-frequency measuring instruments.

Panasonic MEGTRON 6 material is best known for low dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation factors, as well as low transmission loss and high heat resistance.



Part Numbers of Megtron 6

R-5775 Laminate

R-5670 Prepreg

IPC Datasheet_R-5775

PCBMay for a Suitable Low-Loss Material

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Especially with an increasing demand for special materials like Megtron 6.

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