Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

The mission of PCBMay is to create value and increase competitiveness for global customers,also to keep promises and make great achievements with integrity.

Our Vision:

To be a global leading PCB manufacturing and Assembly expert. Value and cultivate talents, look at the future of the company with a development perspective, and contribute our part to the realization of intelligent manufacturing.

Our Value:

  • Masculinity is the temperament of a company;
  • Enterprising is the vigorous and progressive spirit of an enterprise;
  • Bravery is the soul of an enterprise, worthy of admiration;
  • Honesty is the character of an enterprise and can be entrusted;

Team Work:

  • Good commication will lead to good results
  • Setting a goal
  • Share and Respect each other

For the enterprise, all employees work hard,constantly pursue higher product pass rates, continue to increase investment in research and development of new technologies and processes,continuously improve the management model of the factory, and continuously accelerate the delivery cycle of products.

For customers,the company keeps going with honesty, takes customers as the next process and makes great progress by continuously improving product quality and future capabilities.

At the same time,the company advocates zero-distance caring service, continuously strengthens customer experience management, and improves products Added value and customer satisfaction, accompany customers to grow up together, and go further on the road of continuous independent innovation and development.

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