How 5G Expansion is Assisting Chinese PCB Industry in 2020

Benefited from the surge of 5G mobile phone replacements, the PCB material factory’s giant rubber pad and bakelite shipments grew, which drove the company’s third-quarter operations to rise.

The cumulative net profit for the first three quarters after tax was 48.08 million yuan, an annual increase of 61.8%.

According to the company, the main benefit of PCB customers’ inventory depletion was completed last year and replenishment was initiated this year.

During the epidemic, demand for consumer electronics such as laptops and tablets has increased, and the third quarter is the peak season for traditional electronics.

Announced new flagship 5G machines separately, pushing the demand for higher-level soft boards and PCB manufacturing processes to continue to grow, and driving the company’s backing boards and bakelite board shipments to flourish.

Although there will be foreign exchange losses this year, the optimization of the product mix will increase the gross profit margin, which is simultaneously driven Profits improved in the first three quarters.

China PCB Industry’s consolidated revenue in October was 97 million yuan, which was reduced from the previous month due to the reduction in working days during the November holiday.

The cumulative revenue for the first 10 months was 1.01 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1.85%. However, the company is optimistic that the wave of 5G replacement has begun, and the demand for ABF carrier boards required by 5G base stations is also strong.

In addition, the momentum of U.S.-based new machines is concentrated in the fourth quarter.

It is expected that orders from October will be postponed to December. Order visibility clearly, the view on revenue growth remains unchanged.

Looking ahead to this year, China PCB Industry believes that the new crown epidemic has promoted the growth of demand for some products, global tablet shipments are expected to reach new highs, and the deployment of 5G base stations continues to be accelerated.

After the release of 5G mobile phones, it will also drive a wave of replacements, which is expected to be promoted.

As the PCB process upgrades and demand growth, the company has been cultivating PCB process mats for many years, and its market share has reached 90%.

In addition to the PCB business benefiting from the growth in demand, it will also inject new momentum when entering the building materials field.

The overall operation is out of the bottom of last year. The level is expected to rise next year.

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