5G, RF, Antenna and Processing Equipment Exhibition will be held on 8th-10th,November 2020 in China

With the issuance of 5G licenses, large-scale 5G commercial construction is being rolled out.

In the 5G era, under the requirements of multiple technologies such as high speed, broadband, low power consumption, high frequency, and low latency, whether it is base station antennas, video modules, and baseband chips, Small base stations, etc., or communication system equipment, communication devices and processing equipment, test equipment, optical devices, optical modules, radiators, fiber optic cables, and optical communication solutions, or chip semiconductors, 5G mobile phones, VR/AR, autonomous driving.

More than a dozen emerging application areas such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, smart medical care, smart transportation, industrial interconnection, and smart factories will gain opportunities and growth.

At the same time, the changes in 5G terminal products will drive a significant increase in microwave dielectric ceramics, PCB materials, semiconductor materials, mobile phone antenna materials, mobile phone case materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, and thermal and heat dissipation materials;

The 3rd Shenzhen International 5G RF, Antenna, Filter and Processing Equipment Exhibition will integrate communication equipment and transmission solutions, including communication system equipment, communication device products, covering semiconductor chips, system integrations, transmission solutions, microwaves & antennas, Materials & smart manufacturing, smart equipment, 5G smart terminals and segmented applications, open up the upstream, middle and downstream, and build for the integration and development of communication, optical fiber and sensing, broadband transmission, electronics, artificial intelligence, chip semiconductors, smart terminals, and emerging application industry chains Technical cooperation and exchange platform;

In addition, to continue to showcase emerging application solutions, this exhibition will focus on communication solutions & equipment, operation & application solutions, communication modules, microwaves & antennas, radio frequencies, 5G new materials, 5G terminal smart manufacturing, smart equipment, 5G+ smart industrial Internet of Things etc.

The 3rd Shenzhen International 5G RF, Antenna, and Processing Equipment Exhibition will be held concurrently with the 3rd Semiconductor Exhibition, covering the communication, semiconductor, and mobile phone industry chain; the exhibition area is 550 million square meters.

Promoting the 5G communication industry and semiconductor industry effectively integrate with emerging application markets, inviting the operators, communication solution providers, and terminal large enterprise users to visit and exchange, design, manufacturing, solution, material, and equipment manufacturers to carry out cooperation and dialogue, create popular market segments and emerging application terminal customers and communications an excellent platform for close cooperation and communication in the industry chain.

Exhibitors scope:


——-Filters, devices, materials, and processing equipment, etc.;

  RF Devices

——-Power amplifier (PA), filters, duplexers, radio frequency switches, low noise amplifiers, mixers, antennas and testing equipment, processing equipment, etc.;

  5G Antennas

——-Antenna, materials and processing equipment, etc.:


——-High-frequency circuit board, high-frequency copper clad laminate, electromagnetic compatibility, microwave absorbing materials, microwave components, conductive silver paste, wireless and other related 5G electronic materials, etc.:


——Resistor, capacitor, triode, field effect tube, electron tube, integrated circuit:

   Communication Microwave Machines

——-Mobile communications, spread spectrum microwave, microwave point-to-point, paging related and other microwave communications and supporting and auxiliary products

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