Benefits of Batch Production of Printed Circuit Boards(Best Tutorial in 2021)

The production of serial printed circuit boards ensures the stable operation of any production process. At the same time, a feature of the production is the creation of a buffer stock of finished products.

This type of cooperation allows you to reduce logistics costs, as well as significantly reduce costs when ordering large quantities.

For the debugging of serial production, we offer the manufacture of samples, as well as professional advice on all issues related to serial printed circuit boards.

  • Small and medium series. In the production process, certified materials are used, the stock of which is constantly in warehouses. This feature of the manufacturing process allows the manufacture of printed circuit boards with different numbers of layers.
  • Large series. The ability to manufacture printed circuit boards of any complexity level according to the highest quality standards.

Additional Features of Series Production of Circuit Boards

Savings are achieved due to the accurate selection of materials, and the correctly selected production equipment allows you to make an order really quickly.

During production and after the completion of all installation work, electronic and visual quality control is carried out to ensure the reliability and durability of finished products.

Our company also produces serial printed circuit boards of any complexity, thereby helping customers to successfully solve all technical issues of their production.

The boards are offered in a wide range, with guaranteed quality and long stable service life.

Our company accepts orders for the urgent production of printed circuit boards from organizations of all sizes, including small firms that need several units of production.

The entire range of products can be manufactured in the shortest possible time: urgent production of a two-sided board will take only a few days.

The cost of urgent production of prototypes and single copies of products depends on the technologies used in the manufacture, as well as the design and materials used.

Urgent Production Includes:

  • Fast and very fast delivery times for PCBs;
  • Guaranteed quality;
  • Professional advice at the stage of placing an order and designing.

Limitations of production of urgent PCB

Urgent production of boards has a number of features:

  • firstly, it is impossible to produce a large batch – this requires long-term employment of equipment;
  • Secondly, urgent printed circuit boards are made from standard materials or standard blanks. The production process includes only previously worked out technological operations. Such a scheme imposes certain restrictions: it will not work, for example, to select or change the color of the solder mask, or to make a blind hole in a board consisting of several layers. Urgent PCB fabrication allows the production of PCBs with up to 8 layers.

As part of a rush production order, adaptation to serial requirements is also possible.

The quality of the printed circuit board determines the operability of the device that contains it, therefore special attention must be paid to it; therefore control is carried out at the end of each stage of production.

Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services

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