How to Choose a PCB prototype Company in China? Latest Guide in 2021

PCBMAY deals with assembling circuit boards, but also the electronic board prototypes in an advanced laboratory dedicated to the development of all types of electronic prototypes for the civil, industrial, and automotive. Let’s see how the prototype construction process takes place.

The Phases of Creating Prototypes of Electronic Boards

The prototyping phase is the first in the lead to the development of a card or electronic equipment and everything comes from an idea of functions and insights generated by market needs or particularly inventive.

Many designers intuit the feasibility of a product and the characteristics of the circuit board to be connected.

In principle, every electronic design company must be able to count on an equipped laboratory and specialized personnel.

The laboratory must have: 

  • Electronic components;
  • Equipment for the physical construction of electronic board prototypes;
  • Precision mechanics equipment.

It is a basic idea of the designer then transformed into a prototype with a broad vision of computing needs, mechanical, physical, and in terms of hardware.

In the case of complex electronic board prototypes, we turn to an electronics consultant with proven experience in the field.

Once you are drawn to the electrical schematic diagram, the laboratory staff designer a the prototype electronic boards using the technique of WIRE-WRAP or of the wound thread, which allows you to create microprocessors with over 1000 connection points.

The mechanical stress of winding leads to gold-silver smelting and all establishment of a contact resistance nothing, as well as a moisture resistance à and vibration. The result is the creation of electronic board prototypes that can be tested in various conditions of temperature and humidity.

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