How to Solve the Microparticles in the IC Packaging Process?

IC packaging forms vary widely and are constantly evolving, but the production process can be roughly divided into more than a dozen stages, such as wafer cutting, wire bonding in the chip placement rack, and sealing and curing.

Only the packaging that meets the requirements can be put into practical application, then become a terminal product.

IC packing plays a very important role in printed circuit board assembly process.

The quality of the packaging will directly affect the cost and performance of electronic products.

In IC packaging, about 1/4 of device failures are related to contaminants on the surface of the material. How to solve the contaminants such as microparticles and oxide layers in the packaging process.

Improving the quality of packaging has become particularly important.

The problems in IC packaging mainly include solder delamination, virtual soldering, or insufficient wire bonding strength.

The culprit of these problems is the pollutants on the lead frame and chip surface, mainly microparticle pollution, an oxide layer, organic residues, etc.

These existing contaminants make the wire bonding between the chip and the frame substrate incomplete or there is a false solder.

Plasma cleaners mainly use active plasma to physically bombard the surface of the material or chemical reactions and other single or dual effects, so as to achieve the removal or modification of contaminants at the molecular level of the material surface.

Plasma cleaners are effectively used in the IC packaging process to effectively remove organic residues, microparticle contamination, and thin oxide layers on the material surface, improve the surface activity of the workpiece, and avoid bonding delamination or virtual welding.

The application of plasma cleaning equipment and processes in the IC packaging field will become more and more extensive, and with its excellent performance, it will become a key production device in the IC packaging field in the 21st century, and it has become important to improve product yield and reliability in the mass production process.

Technological measures will be indispensable in the future.

Plasma cleaning technology will also continue to develop and expand the scope of application.

Based on the current situation, it is imperative for its process technology to be extended to the LED packaging and LCD industry trends.

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