Military Circuit Board Tarkov: (Where to Find Military Circuit Board Tarkov in 2022)

Abstract: Military electronic equipment uses harsh conditions and requires high quality and reliability.

In order to meet the requirements of combat readiness and improve the environmental adaptability of the equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the protection of equipment.

Through the implementation and inspection of the protective design of the printed circuit board of the core basic component of electronic equipment, it has explored the characteristics of a variety of small batches suitable for equipment and manually implemented the protective coating of the printed circuit board, which has passed environmental testing and actual environmental verification.

It is an effective protection method for printed circuit boards.

The work condition of military electronic equipment is very bad, which demands high quality and reliability.

To satisfy the requirement of combat readiness, to improve the ability of environment adaptability, the defending ability of military electronic equipment must be enhanced.

By designing and testing the defending method of the core components of electronic equipment, a defending coating method of the hand-made printed circuit board is given to satisfy the variety and small-scale production of electronic equipment.

The environment test and real environment verification are passed, which would be an effective defending method of the printed circuit board.

Military electronic equipment protection generally refers to moisture proofing, fungus proofing, salt, and spray proofing (moisture proofing, fungus proofing, salt and spray proofing), referred to as “three proofing”.

However, in actual applications, as a common name for product environmental adaptability protection measures, three preventions have a broader meaning (environmental factors usually include temperature, vibration, humidity, sand, and dust, salt spray, low gas Pressure, and impact, etc.).

With the rapid development of modern electronic technology, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the reliability of military electronic equipment, and the reliability of electronic equipment is closely related to environmental factors.

The three defenses of electronic equipment involve machinery, Multi-disciplinary and multi-scientific comprehensive technologies such as electrochemistry and biology play an important role in improving the quality and reliability of the equipment, extending the service life of the equipment, and reducing the failure rate of the equipment.
Almost all electronic equipment, from remote control toys to computers, communication equipment, industrial control equipment, military equipment, etc., as long as there are electronic components such as integrated circuits, printed circuit boards must be used.

In order to achieve the role of component installation and electrical interconnection. With the large-scale use of huge-scale integrated circuits, ultra-high-speed integrated circuits, and surface mount components, the use of advanced electronic interconnection technology has made the assembly density of printed circuit boards greater and improved the reliability of printed circuit boards.

High requirements put forward higher requirements for the three preventions (environmental adaptability) of printed circuit boards.

After the three-proof coating, the components are bonded to the bottom plate through the coating to increase the mechanical strength, and the pins are separated by the coating to achieve long-term moisture, mildew, and salt spray corrosion protection.

But it needs to be pointed out that the three defenses of military electronic equipment is a systematic project involving all aspects, and the three defenses coating treatment of printed circuit boards is only one of the indispensable important links.

The military tasks are undertaken by the institute usually have the characteristics of multiple varieties and small batches.

When the three-proof coating process is applied to the printed circuit board, it is different from the large-volume automatic processing, and more manual methods are used.

To this end, after many explorations and learning, summed up the manual method of coating the printed circuit board, and now take the coating of DB SF-6101 three-proof protective agent as an example for a detailed introduction.

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