What are the Reasons behind Recent PCB Raw Material Prices Hike in 2021?

holiday, what’s more, the price of raw material is not stable. You will see the main reasons as following:

  1. Slow industry process due to pre and post covid era
  2. Increased demand for printed circuit boards on a global level
  3. Overall industrial accidents happening in china

The price of FR-4(40*48) has been reevaluated by  +80 yuan(about 12USD) per sheet; CEM-1/22F(40*48) has been enhancedby +80 yuan (about 12USD) per sheet; CEM-1/22F(40*48) has been enehanced  by +80 yuan(about 12USD) per sheet; CEM-1/22F(40*48) will be increased by +80 yuan (about 12USD) per sheet.

When searching for the acquisition of a value printed circuit board, it is necessary to consider that this is a factor that can vary a lot because, currently, there are several types of circuit boards, each with a specific function.

Found in several sectors of the industry, the printed circuit board is used in sectors such as electronics, automotive, medical hospitals, among others. But since the prices of PCB raw materials are increasing, it is very difficult for PCB manufacturers to provide affordable printed circuit boards.

If we see in post covid era, we can see a sudden jump in printed circuit board raw materials.

No doubt, it has a huge impact on the PCB manufacturing industry itself.

Raw Material Prices Continue to Rising to Break the Original Pattern of the Industry

There is a huge variety of materials required for PCB production, mainly:

  • Copper clad laminate (CCL)
  • Prepreg (PP)
  • Copper foil
  • Copper balls
  • Gold salt
  • Ink, dry film, and other materials.

If we talk straightforward, in the PCB cost composition, the copper-clad laminate accounts for about 37%, the prepreg 13%, the gold salt 8%, and the copper foil copper ball 5%.

The labor cost accounts for about 11%, and the raw materials of different types of products account for about 11%.

How to Find a Printed Circuit Board Accessible Value and Quality

In order to find a good printed circuit board muanufacturer at an affordable price, the ideal is to look for companies specialized in printed circuits, since manufacturing companies can supply different types of circuit boards in just one place.

The plates will be produced respecting the specifications of each client’s project.

In addition to assisting the customer in case of technical doubts regarding technologies and manufacturing processes.

All these services have an influence on the purchase of the printed circuit board, which may change according to the contracting of the services.

The printed circuit board value varies according to the type of raw material with which it will be produced, in addition to involving a number of third-party suppliers.

The better the supplier and the more quality in the materials used, the more the value may vary.

However, the quality of the materials will result in increased efficiency and safety provided by the part.

When the circuit board is not manufactured in the correct way, following international standards, there is a great risk of damage, as it can damage parts or all, causing damage to operators, the environment and even paralyzing the production of a factory.

Thus, the acquisition of a printed circuit board with a very low value can result in higher expenses later.

Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a printed circuit board value compatible with the quality of the raw materials that will be used, so that the quality of the product is indescribable.

Where to Find a Reliable PCB Board Manufacturer?

PCBMAY is a qualified and renowned manufacturer in the market, which has had high-quality products in the printed circuit segment for many years, always offering the best quality, with attractive values, meeting the demands of electronic engineers, designers, and circuit board designers printed, industries of various segments, among others, with service throughout the world.

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