Semiconductor DRAM Chips are in Short Supply, and Prices may Rise in 2021

The price of semiconductor memory chip DRAM(Dynamic Random Access Memory) is currently on an upward trend, with an increase of about 60% compared to the beginning of the year, the highest level since March 2019.

Due to the increase in demand for personal computers and other electronic products, coupled with the recovery of the automobile industry, the demand for semiconductors has increased.

Since the sanctions imposed by the United States last year, supply and demand have been tight.

Some analysts believe that maintaining the balance of supply and demand will take a long time. Over time, the price may rise to a certain extent.

At present, the main customers of DRAM spot are small and medium-sized enterprises, which only account for about 1% of the world market.

The median price of mainstream 4GB DDR4 memory on March 9 was around US$2.68.

It continued to rise after the Spring Festival holiday, up by about 60% from the beginning of the year.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic has caused confusion in market supply and demand.

Since 2020, due to the expansion of home office work due to the epidemic, the demand for computers and smartphones for electronic products has increased.

Beginning in the second half of last year, due to the gradual recovery of automobile manufacturers’ production, the demand for semiconductors has expanded.

At the same time, due to the impact of Sino-US trade frictions, the US government initiated a facto embargo on Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) and reduced transactions with SMIC.

Orders have flowed to Taiwan’s foundry Manufacturer TSMC.

Due to the continuous expansion of demand, major manufacturers are unable to make the corresponding supply.

With logic semiconductors processing operations as the center, semiconductor shortages are becoming more and more serious.

At present, the memory DRAM mainly produced by South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix has also been affected to a certain extent.

Some semiconductor manufacturers also said that after entering February, the DRAM market has gradually changed.

Previously produced by Taiwanese companies abandoned general-purpose products and switched to TSMC’s higher interest rate products. The market is still in short supply.

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