The Characteristics and Advantages of FR4 TG laminate, What is the Difference between TG150 and TG170 ?

In PCB prototypes, we will also use FR4 TG150 and TG170 laminate; what are the advantages of these two laminates compared with the FR4 TG130 that we commonly used in PCB samples in the past? To clarify this problem, we must know at first, what is TG?

TG refers to the glass transition temperature of the sheet under high-temperature heating.

As we all know, the circuit board must be flame-resistant and cannot burn at a certain temperature, but can only be softened; the temperature at this time is called the glass transition temperature (Tg point), and this value is related to the dimensional stability of the PCB board.

The higher the TG value, the better the temperature resistance of the board, especially in the lead-free tin spraying process, high Tg applications are more common.

Generally, TG sheets are above 130 degrees, high TG is generally greater than 170 degrees, and medium TG is about 150 degrees.

High TG sheets are mostly used in multilayer printed circuit boards (more than 8 layers), whose applications are automobiles, packaging materials, embedded substrates, precision instruments for industrial control, routers, and other fields.

As the Tg of the board is increased, the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stability, and other characteristics of the printed board will be improved accordingly.

Therefore, the performance of TG170 and TG150 in all aspects is definitely better than that of TG130.

In order to provide better PCB services and meet the needs of various markets, PCBMay has also added TG150 and TG170 sheets to meet customers’ various PCB needs.

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