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PCBMay is an excellent orange PCB manufacturer and supplier in China. If ever you need a reliable and stable orange PCB PCBMay is the best place to count.

We consistently surpass a customer’s satisfaction and particular demands. PCBMay professionally manufactures all PCB materials and offers excellent PCB assembly services.

We commit ourselves to provide the most outstanding orange PCB and electronic components. As a professional company, we customize elegant and versatile orange PCB designs.

We always conduct strict quality control in every production process, ensuring the best orange PCB’s quality. PCBMay can offer a turnkey solution for your orange PCB needs.

We fully support your business needs, especially when it comes to Orange PCB and other PCB assemblies. Choose PCBMay to get a reliable orange PCB solution.

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Why Choose PCBMay for Your Orange PCB

PCBMay is one of the most experienced orange PCB manufacturers in China. We are proud to offer high-quality PCBs and excellent PCB assembly services nationwide. We are capable of recommending the best PCB for your business. PCBMay can bring your business to a higher level.

PCBMay orange PCB is workable and serviceable materials. They are very popular in various industries, including communications, automotive, military, medical, and other industrial sectors. PCBMay orange PCB provides low electronics components noise.

PCBMay orange PCB enables you to connect more components. Orange PCB is the primary use in manufacturing various technologies. If you are looking for a unique layout and design of orange PCB, PCBMay is the right place for you.

The orange PCB provides the best level of rigidity. They function with versatile and stable characteristics. PCBMay orange PCB has a compact size and comes in different shapes depending on your project requirements. Orange PCB is very applicable in assembling various electronic components and electronic products.

PCBMay manufactures a stable and reliable orange PCB. We fully complain about the ISO quality management system. We offer a low-cost and high-quality orange PCB. PCBMay is an ISO and UL-certified manufacturer for all kinds of PCB products.

PCBMay offers an extensive range of PCBs products, including the purple PCB, green PCB, yellow PCB, black PCB, white PCB, Isola PCB, and much more. We also specialize in sourcing electronic components and parts.

At PCBMay, you can expect reliable products, qualified production, and on-time delivery. We are a great place to count whenever you need an exceptional orange PCB. PCBMay is capable of exporting PCBs products nationwide. We are familiar with most shipping methods.

We are a reachable company since we provide 24 hours online services to accommodate your inquiries. PCBMay can offer a fast and quick response if you have an urgent need. We can deliver your goods in a short delivery time.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit PCBMay’s website for more details!

Orange PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

PCBs are defined as the backbone of modern electronics. It can be different in colors to specify their unique identity. Orange PCB is one of them. Though the performance and working process are almost the same for all color PCBs.

Orange Printed Circuit Boards have some special features as well. PCBMay offers different colors of PCBs like Green, Red, Yellow, Black along with Orange circuit boards.

What Is Orange PCB?

The Orange PCB is one kind of special color PCB that is designed with the Orange solder mask at both sides. It’s a small circuit board that contains tiny traces to connect all the ports, headers, sockets, and battery contacts. These activate the function correctly of the device ensuring proper connections.

Orange PCB

Orange PCB

Different types of PCB materials are used to create Orange Printed Circuit Board. Though Orange Printed circuit boards are engineered by the layer of Orange liquid photo image-able lacquer, it doesn’t affect or change real the performance of the PCB.

What Are The Construction Materials Of Orange PCB?

The construction materials of Orange PCB are like other PCBs except for the color of the solder mask. Orange PCBs are the fusion of conductive metal films and non-conductive layers. PCB Materials are used based on the requirements of the applications. For fabricating the Orange Printed Circuit Boards, generally, the following 3 types of materials are used.

● Teflon PTFE

Among various types of Teflon, PTFE is used for the fabrication of Orange PCBs. Teflon PTFE features excellent dielectric properties like no adhesion, high lubrication, high insulation, weather resistance, and so on. Besides, as Teflon PTFE is a kind of plastic material, it can be resistant to moisture, oil, liquids, grease, and chemicals. For these reasons, Teflon Polytetrafluoroethylene is ideal for PCB-based electronic appliances.



● FR-4

The FR defines flame retardant and the number 4 defines woven fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin. For single and double-layer Orange PCBs, an FR-4 code is placed between 2 copper layers.

For multilayer Orange Printed Circuit Boards, there is an additional layer of polyester and polyamide fabricated between the code and copper layers.

● Metal

About 26% of metal is used in the construction of the Orange PCBs. To fabricate Orange Printed Circuit Boards, different types of metals are used that have Surface mount technology (SMT).

Watch this video to learn more about the Surface mount technology (SMT):

This property helps to integrate the components. Generally, Copper, Iron, Aluminum, etc are used to manufacture Orange PCBs.

Copper Plate

Copper Plate

But why them? The non-conductive metal layers are internally connected and or shown on the external surface. They are lighter, less costly, and more durable.

As PCBs are the heart of most electronics products, the fabrication materials should have a long shelf life. Copper, iron, or aluminum have a long shelf life as well as good thermal conductors. That ensures the decent performance of Orange Printed Circuit Boards. In a nutshell, they are non-toxic, recyclable, and more environmentally friendly.

What Are The Applications For Orange PCBs?

The invention of PCBs made the word more minimalist by optimizing electronic applications. Orange Printed Circuit Boards can be used in almost all types of EE devices.

The most common applications of Orange PCBs are –

● Consumer Electronics

Orange Printed Circuit Boards are used in smartphones, computers, Tv, AC, and other several consumer electronics. So now we get slim and flat devices.

● Medical Sector

PCB-used medical devices make this sector more convenient and reliable. Almost all electrical devices can use Orange PCBs as the circuit board. Like blood pressure machines, heart rate monitors, Infusion pumps all are examples of PCB applications. Similarly, they are used to make ultrasonic scanners, Pacemakers, CT, and CAT as well.

Internal Circuit Of Pacemaker

Internal Circuit Of Pacemaker


led Orange Printed Circuit Boards are used in LEDs also. It heaps to flow and control the heat away from the bulb of LEDs.

● Automotive Components

Automobile components like Entertainment and navigation systems, engine management system, Car sensor to monitor and warn, etc are the example Orange Printed Circuit Board applications.

● Industrial Equipments

Almost all electrical industrial equipment can use Orange Printed circuit boards like power electric drills, solar power cogeneration DC-to-AC power inverters, and so on!

● Safety, Security, and communication

Orange PCBs can be used in the fabrication of a Smoke detector, door lock, security camera, Telecom tower, advanced electrical cars, drones, etc.

● Aerospace Components

Orange Printed Circuit Boards can be part of aerospace components as well. Orange PCBs are used to engineer space shuttles, satellites, planes, radio communication systems, and accelerometers.

What Are The Main Components Of An Orange PCB?

The proper combination of Orange PCB components can operate and control the device properly. Each component is defined as the crucial organ of the Orange PCB. Because everyone has their functionality and duty.

Depending on the requirements and operation of the electrical device, different components are used to design the Orange PCBs. Our company PCBMay offers all kinds of quality components of Orange PCBs.

The main and most common components of Orange Printed Circuit Board are-

● Orange Solder Mask

The Orange color solder mask is the unique identity of Orange PCBs. An Orange solder mask is a layer of thin polymer placed on the conductive tracks. That works against the oxidation of copper tracks and short circuits.

● Battery

The brain of the Orange PCB. As it works as the voltage source to the circuit.

● Resistors

Resistors are the controlling agent of the electric current through the Orange Printed Board circuit. The specific color code defines their values and specific works.

● Capacitors

Another vital element of the Orange Printed Circuit Board is capacitors. These are worked for harbor electrical charge.

Orange PCB Components

Orange PCB Components

● LEDs

LEDs are the light-emitting diode that considers the eye of the Orange Printed Circuit board. When currents flow, it lights up and behaves according to the programmed pattern.

● Inductor

The indicator has to charge, change and stop the current according to the signal.

● Diode

The diode has one direction that flows current by blocking the other path.

● Switches

That needs to allow current flow in the circuit or block depending if the switches are open or closed.

What Is The Standard Orange PCB Thickness?

Orange PCBs are a small Orange color printed circuit board that is used widely as the base of many applications. The durability and performance depend on various factors. PCB thickness is one of them. But there is no standard PCB sheet thickness defined for Orange PCBs. The thickness is determined by the density and requirements of the electronic device.

The combination of the core thickness and the range of prepreg sheets can attain the perfect thickness for electronics. Different combinations of Orange PCB thickness exist in our company.

The current standard Orange Printed Circuit Board sheet thickness is 157mm or 0.063inches. Also, there is an available range of thickness such as 1.20mm, 1.00mm, 0.80mm.

Usually, plywood is used for Orange PCB sheet thickness. Though epoxy can be another good alternative that results in a more intensive and better finish.

PCB Thickness Example

PCB Thickness Example

The thickness of Orange PCBs depends on several manufacturing factors like –

  1. PCB size
  2. Surface Finish
  3. Metal thickness
  4. Assembly method
  5. Tolerance
  6. Hole number and size
  7. Number of layers and vias
  8. Gap and track geometry

The measurement should be based on the client’s demand and design requirements. Also keep in mind the product weight, flexibility, and components compatibility. It can also be customized according to the requirements of the electronic device.

What Is The Working Methodology Of Orange PCB?

Once the technology of Printed Circuit Board was released, electronics manufacturers quickly adopted it as it provides much more cost-effectiveness than the traditional point-to-point construction of electronics.

That can create newer, faster, and more complex circuit boards. Among various colors of PCBs, how do the Orange Printed Circuit Boards work?

For Orange PCBs, an electrical load, an energy source, one controller switch, and a conductor are vital and common elements. They work together like turning on or off a lightbulb.  The miniature circuit of the Orange PCB seems complex but it generally works properly according to the signal.

Again, the construction materials are an Orange solder mask, copper, gold plating, silver, and multiple chemical baths. The layer of copper is engineered to allow some of them to stay and flow electricity through the base-forming channel. These channels are highly compact, computerized based on control device purposes.

Operating Process Of Orange PCB

Operating Process Of Orange PCB

The components are connected by 2 different methods- Through-hole technology and surface technology.

In Through-hole technology, every component consists of thin leads. Which are pressed through tiny holes in the substrate and soldered to the connection board in the circuit on the reverse side.

Watch this video to learn more about Through-hole technology:

In surface-mount technology, J shape, and L shape on every component get in touch by the PCB directly.

Several functions are done by the Orange Printed Circuit Board like modulation, demodulation, amplification, attenuation, encoding, and so on.

What Are The Main Features Of Orange PCB?

The main features or characteristics of Orange PCBs are as follows-

● Higher Performance

The construction materials are durable and have the properties to serve for a long time. Orange PCBs ensure longer shelf life and keep running the same performance for years to years.

● Higher Resolution

The Orange color solder mask is used to fabricate the Orange PCBs. The facility to use Orange color is it provides more visible and high-resolution traces. Also, it’s easy to place the traces and repair broken traces for resolution.

● Cost-effectiveness

Another crucial feature of Orange Printed Circuit Boards is cost-effectiveness. For this reason, it is now widely used in various applications.

● Reliability

It is proved by several tests and inspections, Orange PCBs can perform reliably for up to 20 years.

● Assembly ability

Orange PCBs can assemble with other manufacturing components of the electrical devices without disturbance.

● Great Maintainability

Orange PCBs are more convenient and flexible. In case of failure or malfunction, Orange PCBs provide the facility to repair or replace without any complexity.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Orange PCB?

The advantages of Orange Printed Circuit Boards can’t be described in one sentence. They have the following major advantages –

  • High-quality and durable construction materials with longevity
  • High-resolution Orange color solder mask
  • Reasonable price with long time uninterrupted functionality
  • Compact and reliable size
  • Clean and effortless repair system
  • A little chance of short circuit
  • electric noise and safe to use
  • High temperature withstand capacity
  • Make your life simple and complex free

What Are The Differences Between Orange PCB And Green PCB?

The main difference between Orange PCB and Green PCB is the color of the solder mask. The Orange PCBs have an Orange color solder mask where the Green PCB has a Green color solder mask.

Orange PCB Vs Green PCB

Orange PCB Vs Green PCB

In addition, another difference is the original color of glass epoxy resin is also green. For this reason, green PCB can use this one, Orange PCB uses customized Orange color glass epoxy resin.

What Is The Maximum Temperature Capacity of an Orange PCB?

Most of the parts of the Orange Printed Circuit Board operate at 50 degrees celsius. The temperature is controlled by the thermal vias sensor or a heatsink of the Orange PCB. This heatsink is placed between the top copper layer to the bottom and flows heat by creating a low thermal resistance path.

Orange PCB Heat sink

Orange PCB Heatsink

The maximum temperature capacity of Orange PCB is 150 degrees celsius. If anyhow temperature rises around 160 degrees celsius, there is a high possibility to melt down the leaded solder paste.

What Are The Considerations Before Buying An Orange PCB?

Before making a purchase decision of Orange PCBs for any project or application, you should consider the following factors to get high-quality PCBs.

● Material

The first and noteworthy factor before buying an Orange Printed Circuit Board is the fabrication materials and the nature of the materials.

Usually, Orange PCBs are non-conductive and laminated with metal like copper. It creates a conductive surface. The base of the Orange PCBs is covered by FR-4 glass-reinforced epoxy.

● Color resolution

Orange PCBs have Orange color solder masks which are more visible and have higher resolution than other PCBs. Make sure your PCB solder mask color is not faded or dull. It may cause an inappropriate connection.

● Copper Traces

Copper traces are the veins in the Orange Printed Circuit Boards. They are placed by removing some excess copper by various techniques from the solid metal sheet. Make sure copper traces are not broken or disconnected.

● PCB Layers Stack-Up

Initially, you have to decide how many layers of PCB you need for your project. Orange PCBs can be single-layered, double-layer, or multi-layered. Each has a different operating method and functionalities.

Orange PCB Layers Stack-Up

Orange PCB Layers Stack-Up

● Vias Types

Orange PCBs support all types of vias. Mainly vias help to establish the proper connections among the PCB components. The operation of Orange PCB has a direct relation with the vias type and current-carrying abilities.

For buying the best one, vias should be minimized. You should research it before making the purchase decision of the Orange PCB.

● Design rules

Design rules of the Orange Printed Circuit Board can be different for different applications and devices. Circuit design software is not the fact, you should consider the placement of components, time of flight analysis, number of layers, Design for Manufacture (DFM) rules, cross-talk budgets, etc to buy the best one.

● Signal and power integrity

The performance and operations are interrelated to the circuit signal and power. In Orange PCBs, signals are passed through various components and layers. You have to consider the related factors like signal fall and rise times, signal integrity (SI) simulations, track lengths, drive strength, etc.

● Need of changes

Orange Printed Circuit Board is a small circuit board, making any change or updating is kind of difficult once it is designed. You should buy that company’s Orange PCB which offers any changes of circuit design and components whenever you need for your application.  PCBMay already offered this facility.

● The RoHS Compliance

RoHS Compliance stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances of electrical devices. It helps to protect human health and the environment from the wastage and adverse effects of electrical and electronic devices. Your purchasing Orange PCB should follow the RoHS Compliance standards for better protection.

● Price

The Orange PCBs are normally reasonably priced.  They are mostly popular for their cost-effectiveness. Though the price range varies according to the materials, several layers, components, operation type, fabrication process, and so on.

● Warranty

You should buy electronic products with a warranty. Because anytime it can be destroyed for malfunction or equipment failure. A warranty for several years ensures high-quality products and services without failure.

Is There Any Disadvantage Of Orange PCB?

Orange PCB has some disadvantages like other PCBs but they are not major at all.

  • Sometimes it has an uneven finish and causes solder bridging.
  • Once you design the circuit, you can’t update it easily
  • Repair is not quite easy all that time
  • Sometimes it may cause thermal shock

How To Create An Orange PCB At Home?

Homemade Orange PCB

Homemade Orange PCB

Making an Orange printed circuit board isn’t rocket science. However, you can construct an Orange PCB at home by the toner transfer method.

You need the following things-

  • Laserjet printer
  • Electronic iron
  • 4”x6” Orange color sticker
  • A piece of copper-coated sheet
  • Liquid resin
  • Mini drill machine
  • Liquid Ferric chloride (CI3Fe)

Working Process

Step 1- Design the circuit to your preferable PCB design software based on the application need.

Step 2- Take the sticker, peel off the backside and paste it again. Print the circuit design on the sticker.

Step 3- Now cut the piece of copper according to your circuit size. Then clean it with scotch brite and water.

Step 4- Place the circuit paper on the copper board. Put a piece of paper on it and iron it for 10 minutes by applying a lot of weight to it.

Then leave it to cool down for 10-12 minutes. Now peel it carefully. You can remake any broken traces by using permanent markers.

Step 5- Now it’s ready to etch. Pour Ferric chloride into a bowl.  Wear hand gloves, hand gloves, and an apron while handling these chemicals. Set it for 15-20 minutes until the naked copper is removed.

Step 6- Now wash it with water and scratch it by using scotch brite. Make holes by the mini drill.

Step 7 – Then apply a thin layer of resin on it. That protects from rusting.

Liquid PCB Resin

Liquid PCB Resin

Does Solder Mask Color Change The Performance Of Orange PCB?

The solder mask is the base of an Orange PCB to connect the components. There is no effect of the Orange color solder mask on the performance or has no direct relationship with the functionalities of Orange PCBs.

In addition, the Orange color solder mask has a higher resolution than some other color solder masks like yellow or black.

Orange solder masks also make the components more visible without affecting the real performance.

Does Orange PCB Need Special Designing?

The internal construction and functionalities of Orange PCB don’t need any special design except the color solder mask. The Orange color solder mask defines the identity of Orange PCB and protects it from corrosion and oxidation.

As the color doesn’t affect the functionalities, the design of Orange PCB has been done mainly based on the application category, size, and features.

Can You Fabricate a Multiple Layer Orange PCB?

Multilayer Orange PCB can be fabricated by the design process of standard PCB manufacturing software and mechanical processes. Multilayer PCB can be 2 to 10 layers. If the application requires, it can be up to 50 layers.

To produce a multi-layer Orange Printed Circuit Board creates the layers of prepreg and conductive core materials. Then passes through the chemical treatment called Oxide.

That prevents delamination or chance of layers separation. At the same time, this process helps to improve the laminate bond strength.

Multilayered Orange PCB

Multilayered Orange PCB

Generally, multilayer copper plates are used as Orange PCB metal. Then the conductive copper layers and epoxy-infused fiberglass sheet are pressed by hydraulic press. The pressure and high temperature laminates the layers and combines them by applying resin layers.

The next step is plating. It is an electroplating process where the copper layer is plated for the design requirements of the circuitry.

Once the plating process is complete, time to PCB etching. It is a method to remove the unwanted copper from the circuit to achieve the desired pattern of the Orange Printed Circuit Board.

Can You Apply All Kinds Of Vias In Orange PCB?

Vias in Orange PCBs are holes that go from top to bottom layers. Vias can pass through multiple layers. When they pass through a layer that they don’t want to connect to, the copper is removed around the via on that layer.

The categories of vias are-

● Through-hole vias

That can be placed from the top layer of the Orange PCB to the bottom layer to establish PTH or NPTH. For PTH connection.

● Micro vias

Micro vias have a smaller diameter and are drilled by laser. It can be classified as Stacked vias and Staggered vias according to the location of the layer of Orange Printed Circuit Board.

Types Of Vias

Types Of Vias

● Blind vias

Blind vias connected either top or bottom layer to a middle layer.

● Buried vias

Buried vias are connected internal layers.

Depending on the functionalities of Orange PCBs, any kind of visa can apply to it.

Is Custom Shielding Possible At Orange PCB?

Yes, custom shielding is not possible at Orange Printed Circuit Boards but it’s also essential to reduce the emission of high frequencies by the digital circuit boards to avoid malfunction.

Custom shielding is the way of customizing electromagnetic shields like EMI shields to protect electromagnetic waves from leaving or entering an electronic device. Similarly, RFI shields prevent radio frequency intrusion.

Custom Shielding Of Orange PCB

Custom Shielding Of Orange PCB

What Is The Specialty Of Orange PCB?

Orange Printed Circuit Board itself is a special type of PCB among different colors of PCBs. The specialty of Orange PCB is the high-resolution Orange color solder mask and the cost-effectiveness with higher performance. At the same time, black or white silkscreen can be applied to it.

Orange Color Solder Mask

Orange Color Solder Mask


Before the invention of remote PCBs, electronic devices were bulkier, more complex to operate and some were out of your imagination like flat monitors, drones, or remote control cars.

The invention of PCBs has brought a revolution in the field of EE devices. Where Orange color Printed Circuit Board plays a vital role as well. They have vast usage in various applications.

Therefore, PCBMay has been producing and serving quality PCBs for the last 15 years successfully.

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