Top PCB Manufacturers In Australia- Everything You Need To Know in 2024


The electronic industry is growing tremendously in different sectors of Australia. PCB manufacturer in Australia plays a significant role in making the PCB assembly service and entire production more worthwhile.

These PCB makers deliver an amazing performance in exploring new possibilities of manufacturing without disturbing the production cost too much.

PCB Manufacturing In Australia

PCB Manufacturing In Australia

Do you have intense knowledge about PCB manufacturers in Australia?

Have you any idea how they deal with different complexities during PCB production?

Don’t worry. We are here to provide necessary information about the PCB world and its elements in Australia. We hope you will get the ins and outs of top PCB makers and their working process.

Let’s start.

How Is PCB Industry In Australia

The PCB industry is going through continuous development and expansion now. This market requires more time to reach its peak. That’s why there is always a chance of upgrading in terms of manufacturing and assembly services.

Numerous low and high-volume PCB companies have entered this industry to take part in the upgradation of PCB-based electronic applications. All of them are not capable of handling mass production. But they have expertise in prototype productions and breadboard-based circuit designs.

PCB Assembly Service In Australia

PCB Assembly Service In Australia

There are a bunch of PCB manufacturers who have fabrication capabilities in different types of PCBs. Some companies collaborate with overseas PCB assembly service providers. They get an additional advantage in the case of component procurement, equipment facility, etc.

PCB Manufacturing For Different Industries In Australia

PCB manufacturers in Australia supply PCBs and other electronic products for different industries. Their skilled engineers and technical professionals handle complex circuit board designs with great efficiency.

The major sectors where Australian PCB makers have significant contributions include-

Aerospace PCB

Aerospace PCB

PCB Manufacturing Process In Australia

PCB manufacturer in Australia ensures a hassle-free manufacturing process during their operations. They are usually compatible with both single and multilayer circuit designs. You can find slight differences in terms of their manufacturing services.

Here, we are going to describe the basic steps of the PCB manufacturing process in Australia.

PCB Layout Design

In the beginning, you need a PCB design that can lead you to further processes. There are numerous design software are available like Altium Designer, Eagle, KiCAD, etc

for this purpose. You should give the optimum priority to this part.


Then. print the circuit design through photoreactive chemicals and UV rays.

Initial Etching

Etching means a reduction process of unnecessary copper from the PCB surface. You can do this by using chemical solutions or laser technology.

In the case of chemical etching, you have to place the circuit board in a toxic solution, like Ferric Chloride or Cuprous Chloride. You should avoid excessive toxic solutions. Don’t forget to cover the required portions before keeping the PCB inside the solution.

After 25-30 minutes, you can pick the board. Within this interval, ferric chloride can eliminate all copper from the PCB substrate. Cuprous Chloride is a little bit more toxic than Ferric Chloride.

So, you have to use the etching solution carefully considering the concentration and amount of copper you need to reduce.

Check this video about etching during PCB manufacturing:

Laminating of PCB Layer

This is a crucial part that is ignored in many cases. In multilayer PCB manufacturing, proper alignment of PCB layers is mandatory. An AOI test can check the layer alignment quickly.

Binding PCB Layers

Now, connect the PCB layers to the substrates. In this segment, maintaining dimensional stability is very crucial.

PCB Drilling

The next part is the drilling of the circuit board. First, you need to set the places for PCB drilling and back drilling. An AXI test is helpful to identify the suitable positions for drilling. It is necessary to check the hole dimensions while dealing with this step.

Copper Plating

Then, place copper into the drilled holes concerning their dimensions. In this step, it is required to make images of PCB layers through photoresists.

Final Etching

After the copper plating, etch this board to eliminate unwanted copper once again.

PCB Surface Finish

Surface finish is a reliable technique for improving solderability and protecting the PCB surface from corrosion. In this part, a suitable metal is coated on the copper layer according to the requirement of electronic devices.

The most used PCB surface finishes are-

Assembly Testing

Check The PCB multiple times to make it error-less as much as possible. You can depend on the following tests-

  • Automated Optical test
  • Automated X-ray Inspection
  • Flying Probe Test
  • Electrical Test
  • Functional Test

Top 10 PCB Manufacturers In Australia

The Australian PCB industry hasn’t reached its saturation point yet. It’s developing day by day and various PCB makers are interested in the market regularly. It’s not so easy to pick the best PCB manufacturer among these high-caliber options.

That’s why we are presenting a list of reliable manufacturers who deliver all kinds of support related to manufacturing in Australia. Now, it’s time to get introduced to the top 10 PCB manufacturers in Australia.

Allegro Services

This is a PCB assembly service provider, working for a long period in the Australian market. It was established in 1990. Nowadays, Allegre Services delivers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services to overseas markets, as well as fulfilling the demand of the local electronic industry.

Allegro Services

Allegro Services

Usually, Allegro contracts with different industries in Australia like aerospace, defense, medical, communication, etc. This PCB assembly contractor has a firm reputation for delivering almost flawless service and maintaining lead time properly.

This company never compromises in terms of quality control during PCB production. You have an assurance of dependable Bill Of Materials (BOM) checking, multiple inspections, electrical testings, etc.

It also provides stencil services, along with PCB design and repair at affordable costs. Besides, it strictly follows the rules of ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

So, you can rely on Allegro Services for your small and large-scale PCB production in Australia.


  • Low volume PCB manufacturing
  • High volume PCB production
  • Lead-free assembly services at home and abroad
  • Complete turnkey solution

Special Services

Allegro Services provide full-fledged PCB assembly services that cover the following sectors-

  • Surface mount and Through-hole component services
  • Procurement of PCB materials
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • Electrical tests
  • Prototype assembly
  • Harness assembly services
  • Conformal coating
  • Surface finishes


Location: Australia, New South Wales, Caringbah

Unit 2, 13 Adventure Place Caringbah NSW 2229

Contact: +61 2 9524 0177

B.E.C Manufacturing PTY LTD

Established in 1992, B.E.C Manufacturing Pty LTD is an Australian PCB maker. It has been providing its reliable manufacturing services around the globe for many years. B.E.C Manufacturing Pty LTD has managed a significant place in the PCB industry in the USA and Europe.

BEC Manufacturing Pty LTD

BEC Manufacturing Pty LTD

It is mainly reputable for prototype PCB assembly services. Besides, you can get solder paste stencil, membrane switches, harness assembly, cable assembly, etc.

Fabrication Capabilities

  • PCB Board: Rigid
  • Number Of Layers: 10 layers
  • Order Type: Prototype, mass production
  • PCB Materials: FR4
  • Thickness: 02”-0.07”
  • Lead Time: 5-7 days


Address: Australia, Queensland, Lawnton

7 Walter Crescent, Lawnton QLD 4501, Australia

Contact: 61 7 3881 1321

Broad Avenue Industries Pty Ltd

Have you come from an R&D company? Are you a hobbyist of PCB manufacturing?

Broad Avenue Industries Pty Ltd is the most reliable PCB manufacturer in Australia for you. It delivers a worthwhile prototype service for engineers and die-hard fans of electronics. It offers a cost-effective testing facility to bring your ideas into reality.

PCB Assembly Service Of Broad Avenue Industries Pty LTD

Broad Avenue Industries Pty LTD

Usually, this PCB manufacturing service provider ensures the affordability of PCBs for different classes of people. Moreover, Broad Avenue Industries Pty Ltd manufactures circuit boards that last for a long period.

Special Services

  • Multilayer PCB stackup
  • PCB fabrication
  • Low-volume PCB production
  • SMT and THT PCB assembly
  • Design sharing facility
  • Customization in PCB tracing, solder mask color, thickness, etc
  • The automated upload process for Gerber files.

Broad Avenue Industries Pty Ltd provides full turnkey service at convenient ways and affordable prices. Its main strength is maintaining a short lead time and superb efficiency in prototypes and mass production.


Address: B Avenue, Westleigh, Australia

Contact: 0289241767

Complete PCB Solution

It is an Australia-based PCB manufacturing company. It provides dependable assembly and fabrication services all over the Australian market. Complete PCB Solution has a strong collaboration with PC suppliers abroad.

That’s why it can ensure high-class PCB materials and components around the globe. This PCB maker deals with both prototypes and productions with high effectiveness.

PCB Services Of Complete PCB Solution

PCB Services Of Complete PCB Solution

Offered Services

  • An adequate supply of Bare PCB
  • Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-flex PCB assembly
  • Multilayer PCB management (up to 16 layers)
  • Reliable procurement of PCB components
  • Custom PCB components
  • Single-sided and double-sided PCB production
  • Design and engineering services
  • Turnkey solution
  • Reverse engineering of PCB
  • Customized cable harness assembly
  • PCB testing


Address: 8/18 Export Drv, Molendinar, QLD, 4214, Australia

Phone: (07) 5574 5007

Fax: (07) 5594 7725

Lintek Pty LTD

Lintek is an innovative PCB maker who has almost 30 years of experience in the Australian PCB market. It delivers a wide variety of PCB products for versatile industries. But its main use in commercial and defense industries.

Lintek Pty LTD- A Reliable PCB Manufacturer

Lintek Pty LTD- A Reliable PCB Manufacturer

Usually, Lintek incorporates a patented high vacuum deposition process during PCB manufacturing. That’s why it can ensure top-notch features in circuit boards.

PCB Types


  • Prototype and large-scale production facility
  • DFM Checking
  • Multilayer capability
  • FR4, Aluminum, Polyimide, PTFE materials


Address: Australia, New South Wales, Queanbeyan

20 Bayldon Road, Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Contact: (+61) 2 6299 1988

Entech Electronics

Entech Electronics is a quality certified PCB manufacturer in Australia. It has been delivering quality service since 1986 in the southern region of this country. It ensures high-quality original equipment manufacturing in different sectors.

Entech Electronics

Entech Electronics

Besides, this PCB maker offers leading automation facilities that help you initiate start-ups in various industries like IoT, communication, medical instruments, etc. You can also depend on Entech Electronics to take care of your AgTech, mining, aerospace, etc industries.

Special Services


Address: Australia, South Australia, Devon Park

37 Belford Ave. Devon Park, S.A. 5008 Australia

Phone: 61 8 8245 6789


This is a professional industrial supply chain service provider in Australia. It supplies high-class PCB materials, along with ensuring a worthwhile workplace for engineers and technicians.



Significant Services

  • PCB layout design
  • Fabrication service
  • Component sourcing
  • PCB assembly service
  • Plastic and CNC
  • Wire harness assembly
  • Cable assembly

Special Quality

Strong Support System: GreenPCB provides 24/7 customer and sales support with profound effectiveness.

Time Management: This PCB maker delivers 99% of products within the lead time.

Cost Performance: GreenPCB ensures the manufacturing of economical PCB products through its effective turnkey solutions.

Reliability: This PCB service provider follows RoHS guidelines and maintains the criteria for lead-free PCB productions.

Dependable Professionals: It incorporates highly experienced and skillful engineers and technical staff who can deliver the desired output as per your demands.


Address: 14 panoramic roads,

Balwyn North VIC 3104

Phone: +61 405 250 533

Huntsman Technologies PTY LTD

Concerning your requirement, Huntsman Technologies Pty LTD provides quick-turn assembly services at convenient prices. This PCB manufacturer can handle mass production as well as prototypes. This is an amazing quality for a PCB manufacturer in Australia, isn’t it?

Huntsman Technologies Pty LTD

Huntsman Technologies Pty LTD

You can enjoy rigid-flex and stretchable PCBs having single and double-sided features. Moreover, it is compatible with both single and multilayer circuit board productions.

Most noteworthy, Huntsman Technologies Pty LTD offers outstanding service for PCB stencils. It can take care of Aluminum-framed stencils and solder stencils without compromising PCB performance.

Major PCB Services

  • Fault analysis
  • PCB repair service
  • Upgradation of circuit boards
  • PCB assembly service
  • PCB design
  • Prototypes
  • Stencil and PCB components


Address: Australia, Victoria, Bayswater

Factory 6, No:44 Burgess Road Bayswater, Victoria, 3153 Australia

Contact: +61 3 9761 5983

Iconic PCB

Located in Queensland, Iconic PCB provides PCB prototyping, assembly, and manufacturing. This company initiates a different and effective approach to manufacturing services. That’s why it can deliver the products very quickly compared to other PCB manufacturing service providers in Australia.

Iconic PCB

Iconic PCB


Component Sourcing: Iconic PCB has already established a strong connection at home and abroad. That means it can procure PCB components from reliable suppliers.

IC programming: IC chips are part and parcels of modern electronic products. Iconic PCB proper programming of integrated circuits before placing them into circuit boards.

Box Assembly: This PCB service provider aims at delivering reliable case and box assembly services. It can ensure limited milling and enclosure facilities that help protect external portions of PCBs.   

PCB Tests:

Iconic PCB manages PCB tests (functional and electric tests) before shipping the products. That’s why you can be sure of their quality.


Address: Australia, Queensland, Mango Hill

Q-Test Nominees Pty. Ltd A.C.N. 082 129 995 109-137 Chermside Rd, Mango Hill, QLD, 4509 Australia

Phone: +61 407 311 309, +61 409 203 363


IMP Electronics Solutions

Are you looking for a PCB manufacturer in Australia who can give you an unmatched experience?

If yes, IMP Electronics Solutions is such a company. It can provide some exceptional benefits. Such as personalized PCB services, overseas PCB costs, etc.

IMP Electronics Solutions- A Worthwhile PCB Manufacturer In Australia

IMP Electronics Solutions- A Worthwhile PCB Manufacturer In Australia

This PCB maker doesn’t face any kind of communication and product delivery issues. It can handle the production of large-scale turnkey circuit boards and click-and-buy prototypes.

PCB Fabrication Capabilities

PCB Board Type: Rigid, Rigid-flex, flexible, single-sided, double-sided

Layer Count: up to 32 layers

PCB Material: FR4, Aluminum, CEM-3

Types Of PCB: High TG PCB, Halogen-free PCB

PCB Thickness: 0.02-0.06mm


Address: Australia, South Australia, Payneham

396 Payneham Road, Payneham SA 5070, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8368 7100


How To Choose The Best PCB Manufacturer In Australia

The Australian PCB industry is highly competitive. Choosing a trustworthy PCB manufacturer is not an easy job from the consumer’s point of view.

You need to consider some crucial factors while searching for a reliable PCB manufacturer in Australia. Such as-

Reliable Assembly Service

You have to focus on the quality of PCB assembly services delivered by a PCB maker. If you have a proper understanding of different aspects of PCB assembly services, you can compare and make a good choice.

It is mandatory for a top-class PCB manufacturer to ensure high-quality PCB materials. Besides, PCB fabrication, design stability, etc are important features for this sector.

Reliable Inspection

Proper testing improves the overall quality of printed circuit boards. That’s why you must choose a PCB manufacturer who can conduct manual and automated inspections for your circuit boards.

Advanced Design

The electronic sector is changing rapidly. A quality PCB assembly service provider should cope with the advancement of electronic technologies. You need to check whether the manufacturer is compatible with advanced PCB designs or not.

Competitive Cost

It’s a vital issue for almost all kinds of people. A dependable PCB manufacturer can optimize the production cost through innovative approaches. The Australian PCB market is highly competitive.

You can find versatile companies offering assembly services at different price ranges. You should choose a PCB maker whose service justifies the price it demands. That’s why you must have a clear conception of the price-to-performance ratio of different services properly.

Technical Support

If the technical staff have the expertise, you can expect a premium output in PC manufacturing. So, you have to search for a company with a bunch of skilled persons with adequate equipment.

Quick Turnkey Solution

This is another crucial thing to consider making your decision. It is necessary to check the manufacturer’s capability of maintaining lead time. Besides, all PCB makers don’t have the expertise in delivering custom solutions as per the demands of consumers.

So, you must focus on this issue by paying close attention. Otherwise, you can’t get the desired result from your chosen PCB manufacturer in Australia.

Consumer Review

Nowadays consumer’s impressions make a lot of sense. That’s why you can rely on consumers’ verdicts on the performance of a PCB manufacturer. But you should check it on your own first. Don’t depend on the review only.


Experience matters in any sector. In the case of PCB manufacturing, its importance is also high. If a PCB company doesn’t have enough experience in handling critical situations and complex designs, it can’t overcome that situation easily.

Besides, experienced engineers are used to multilayer stacks and are aware of their complications. So, you should prefer the combination of experience and compatibility with modern technology while choosing a dependable PCB manufacturer in Australia.


PCB manufacturer in Australia supports modern technologies with great effectiveness. Moreover, most of them incorporate custom solutions within the shortest possible period. We tried to keep the ins and outs of PCB manufacturing features in this region.

We hope this article can solve your confusion about the PCB manufacturing process. If you have more things to know, contact us. Our customer service team will contact you.

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