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An Overview of the Thailand’s Electronics and PCB Industry

Thailand’s electronics industry is a key player in the global market. It focuses on consumer electronics, semiconductors, and automotive electronics. The country is known somewhat as a hub for electronics manufacturing. That’s due to its strategic location, skilled workforce, and favorable business environment. Thailand’s electronics industry is the largest in Southeast Asia, with exports accounting for a significant portion of the country’s GDP.

Thailand’s electronics industry and its role in the global market

The electronics industry produces various electronic products, from small components to large appliances. Thailand’s electronics industry has grown rapidly over the past few decades, with many global electronics companies choosing to set up manufacturing operations there. Favorable government policies, competent workers, and a strategic location have driven the industry’s growth.

Thailand’s electronics exports accounting for a is focused on producing consumer electronics, semiconductors, and automotive electronics. Many global electronics companies have established manufacturing operations in Thailand, including Samsung, LG, and Intel. The country’s location in Southeast Asia makes it an ideal hub for electronics manufacturing, with easy access to key markets in the South East Asian (SEA) region.

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What makes Thailand a good location for PCB manufacturing?

Thailand is an attractive location for PCB manufacturing due to several factors, including:

Favorable government policies

The Thai government has implemented a range of policies to encourage investment in the country’s electronics industry. These policies include tax incentives, streamlined business registration processes, and support for research and development.

Skilled workforce

Thailand has a highly skilled workforce, with many workers trained in electronics manufacturing. The country has a sound education system, as there are universities and technical schools offering courses in electronics engineering.

Strategic location

This nation’s strategic location in Southeast Asia makes it an ideal hub for electronics manufacturing. The country has easy access to key markets in the region, including China, Japan, and South Korea.

Competitive costs

They offer competitive manufacturing costs, which makes it a wonderful location for companies looking to reduce production costs.

Established supply chain

Reputably, Thailand has an established supply chain for electronics manufacturing, with many suppliers and service providers in the country.

Overall, you can see from the above text that Thailand’s favorable business environment makes it an attractive location for PCB manufacturing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Thai PCB Manufacturers

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing Thai PCB manufacturers. We enumerate them here:

Cost benefits of using Thai PCB manufacturers

One of the main reasons why companies choose to manufacture in Thailand is the cost. Labor costs in Thailand are lower than in many Western countries, and the cost of living is also relatively low. Thai workers receive lower wages than their counterparts in the US and Europe.

The cost of living in Thailand is also lower than in many Western countries, meaning that employees can maintain a decent standard of living with a lower wage than what would be needed in the US or Europe. These cheaper costs can make Thai PCB manufacturers attractive to companies looking to save costs. This translates to lower manufacturing costs for PCBs.

Additionally, the Thai government offers incentives for foreign investment, which can further reduce the cost of doing business.

Quality standards and lead time considerations

When it comes to quality, Thai PCB manufacturers are generally reliable. Many manufacturers have certifications such as ISO and UL (we will elaborate on these in the next few sections). These certificates ensure that their products meet international standards.

Lead time is another consideration. While Thai PCB manufacturers may be able to offer competitive pricing, lead times may be longer than in other countries. This is especially true for larger orders, as many manufacturers in Thailand are small to medium-sized businesses with limited production capacity.

Pros and cons compared to other countries

Thailand has some unique advantages and disadvantages as a location for PCB manufacturing. Here are some factors to consider:


  • Lower labor costs compared to European, US, and Canadian nations
  • Government Incentives for foreign investment
  • Reliable quality control measures in place
  • Great geographical location for shipping to other Asian countries


  • Longer lead times compared to some other countries
  • Limited production capacity for larger orders
  • Political instability and regulatory uncertainty at times
  • Not as technologically advanced as China, Europe, and USA

Listing the best Thailand PCB Manufacturers – We give you ten!

Whether you have a small business or you are a large corporation needing mass production, these top ten Thai companies will meet your needs. With so many options, it can take time to determine which companies are worth considering. That’s why we’ve completed a list of the top 10 Thai PCB manufacturers based on sales volume, popularity, and easy accessibility through the Internet.

The following is in alphabetical order.

Thai Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

This company was established in September 2001. It is located in Mueang Samut Sakhon District, Samut Sakhon, Thailand. They specialize in producing rigid PCBs, including double-sided and multilayer boards. They are committed to continuously improving their processes to meet the needs of their customers. Their process capabilities include PCBs with 2 to 6 layers, a minimum finished hole size of 0.2mm, a maximum board thickness of 2.0mm, and an SMD minimum pitch of 0.4mm. Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd. uses materials such as FR4, CEM-3, halogen-free FR-4, and some Rogers material and offers final coatings such as OSP, immersion silver, immersion gold, carbon ink, and peelable mask.

For all the details on their products and services, be sure to visit their website:

Thai Amallion Enterprise (Thailand) Corp.,ltd.

Amallion Enterprise (Thailand) Corp., Ltd.

Amallion Enterprise (Thailand) Corp., Ltd.

This group’s chairman has a history of bringing technical expertise and technology to PCB manufacturing ventures, starting with AE Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia in 1987. The company expanded its capacity and incorporated Amallion Enterprise (M) Corp. Ltd. in Thailand in 1999 to meet the increasing demand in the country. Their process capability includes single and double-sided PCB or PWB for various products, such as double-sided lead-free, double-sided carbon, thru-hole, double-sided silver thru-hole, and double-sided non-thru-hole. They have surface finish options like tin plating, hot air leveling, nickel plating, and OSP. However, they do not manufacture multilayer PCBs and use copper-clad laminates, average CNC cutting machines, and X-ray machines for inspection. They specialize in low to average-volume orders.

Looking for their contact information? You can find it on their website:

Thai Autech Thailand

Autech Thailand

Autech Thailand

This company was founded in 1990. They specialize in producing double-sided and multilayer PCBs using standard drilling, electroplating, etching, screen printing, and AOI machines. The company is based in Chachoengsao and mainly offers HASL surface finish for its products. They do not provide any other type of surface finish.

To get a better sense of their expertise, check out their website

thai Besttech Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Besttech Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Besttech Manufacturing Co., Ltd

This company is a sub-contract manufacturer established in 2003. It serves the local Thai electronics industry. Besttech specializes in producing fast turn-around assembly using either surface mount, conventional or mixed technology. The conventional boards are machine soldered, and surface mount placement is by touchless automated pick and place machine for larger volumes or hand placement for prototype/low batch quantities. Recently, the company expanded its capacity by moving to new factories and attracting new customers from Japan, the USA, and Europe, particularly for low and medium-volume orders.

For a full list of their services, visit their website:

thai Bluechips Microhouse Co., Ltd.

Bluechips Microhouse

Bluechips Microhouse

Different from the rest, this company specializes in providing various services related to electronics production. They offer Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) that cover the entire production process, from design to execution. They also have research and development services to help their clients develop new products. Bluechips has a large-scale production floor for making PCBs. They offer tailor-made production services to give clients tailor-made solutions. They’re a well-trusted source in Asia.

More info? Their website is a great place to start:

thai Circuit Industries Co., Ltd.

Circuit Industries Co., Ltd.

Circuit Industries Co., Ltd.

This company has received several awards, including “The Distinguished Workplace on Labour Relations and Welfare” since 2008; and the local “Management Excellence Award 2020”. CI can produce single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, and aluminum PCBs for lighting. This is a PCB manufacturer that was established in 1990.

CI has achieved various certifications, including UL FILE E-115789 for the safety of PCB from the United States, ISO 9001:2015 in Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 in Environmental Management System, ISO 45001:2018 in Occupational Health and Safety Management System. They strictly follow the IATF 16949:2016 in Quality Management System for Auto-Parts Manufacturer and TLS 8001:2010 (Thai Labour Standard 8001).

To learn more about them, take a look at their website:

thai Draco PCB Public Company Limited

Draco PCB Public Company Limited

Draco PCB Public Company Limited

Founded in 1989 by a corporation in Taiwan, this company specializes in simple PCBs. Expertly made products are: single-sided PCBs, double-sided silver through-hole PCBs, double-sided plated through-hole PCBs, and other related products. PCBs with carbon or silver jumpers and keypads are also available. Draco PCB offers various surface finish options and peelable solder masks.

Find their contact information on their website:

thai KCE Group

KCE Group

KCE Group

This company provides customer, sales, and tech support through its globally associated organizations. They don’t just exist in  Thailand but also in America, Singapore, Europe, Korea, China, Mexico, and France.

The company has a unique ability to provide similar services worldwide, making it an ideal manufacturing partner for multinational customers. KCE Group offers 2-10 layer PCB with a finished hole of 0.25 mm, PTH minimum drill size of 0.30mm, less than 0.7% Bow and Twist defects, immersion gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, OSP, FR-4, Kapton tape, and solder mask colors of green, blue, and white only.

Want contact them directly? Head to their website:

thai Shye Feng Enterprise Thailand

Shye Feng Enterprise Thailand

Shye Feng Enterprise Thailand

The company has great customer relations with Sony and Canon. It can produce PCBs with impedance control of -/+ 10% and surface finish options, including OSP, HASL, and ENIG. Shye Feng can offer mass production of PCBs in just 1-2 days. Shye Feng is a company established in 1990 that specializes only in producing single-sided PCB with more than 100,000 SQM per month capacity.

For more information, visit their website:


Trinity Electronics Thailand

Trinity Electronics Thailand

It has 17 years of experience in the electronic industry. They offer various services, including PCB assembly, stencil, Box Build Assembly, and wire harness. They specialize in high-quality production and efficient delivery to meet customers’ needs. However, they do not make PCBs a product.

To get in touch with them, check out their website:

Thai PCB Manufacturing Quality Standards and Certifications

Here are some specific ISO and UL certifications that Thai PCB manufacturers hold:

Specific ISO certifications that Thai PCB manufacturers hold

ISO 9001: This certification outlines the requirements for a quality management system and ensures that a company can consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

ISO 14001: This certification focuses on environmental management and encourages companies to minimize their ecological impact through sustainable practices.

ISO/TS 16949: This certification is specifically for the automotive industry and outlines the requirements for a quality management system in the design, development, production, installation, and servicing of automotive-related products.

UL certifications held by Thai PCB manufacturers

For UL 94: This certification is for the flammability testing of plastic materials for parts in devices and appliances.

Next, UL 746A: This certification tests the electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties of plastics in electrical equipment.

Last, UL 746C: This certification tests plastics’ electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties in devices and appliances.

Remember, exercise due diligence! Not all Thai PCB manufacturers hold the same certifications, so it’s important to research and ask for documentation of their credentials before choosing a manufacturer.

Thai Supply Chain and Logistics

If it’s a good idea to leverage Thailand’s geographical placement, other points remain to consider.

Raw material sourcing process for Thai PCB manufacturers

Thai PCB manufacturers typically source their raw materials from Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan. These countries are major suppliers of copper foil, laminates, and other essential materials for PCB production.

However, Thai manufacturers also source some materials locally—specifically the chemicals and packaging materials.

Thai manufacturers prioritize suppliers who can provide high-quality materials at competitive prices. As a result, they have a mix of local and international suppliers.

Some of the commonly used raw materials include copper-clad laminates, solder masks, and PCB inks. Here’s a thorough video tutorial on the topic:


Logistics in transporting PCBs within Thailand and to other countries

Thai PCB manufacturers have established logistics networks that allow them to transport their products efficiently and cost-effectively.

They work with local and international shipping companies to make timely and safe delivery of their PCBs.

Some companies also offer customized delivery options to meet their customers’ needs.

Customs clearance processes in Thailand for PCBs

Thailand has a relatively straightforward customs clearance process for PCBs.

However, companies must still comply with various regulations and requirements, such as providing proper documentation and paying the necessary fees and taxes.

The documentation required for customs clearance typically includes the official invoice, packing list, and bill of lading.

Manufacturers may need to provide certificates of origin or other specialized documentation for certain products.

Regarding fees and taxes, importers of PCBs into Thailand are subject to value-added tax (VAT) and customs duties. The VAT rate is currently 7%, while customs duties vary depending on the product and country of origin.

What’s the future of PCB Manufacturing in Thailand like?

The Thai PCB manufacturing industry has been experiencing steady growth in recent years.

Current trends in the Thai PCB manufacturing industry

Growth is driven by increasing demand for electronics products, the country’s strategic location in SEA, and favorable government policies promoting investment in the industry. The current trends in the industry include the following:

  1. The adoption of more advanced production technologies.
  2. A shift towards higher value-added products.
  3. An increasing focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Areas of growth and investment

Despite the challenges faced by the industry, there are several areas of growth for Thai PCB manufacturers. One such area is the production of high-end and specialized PCBs, such as those used in aerospace, medical, and automotive applications.

Another growth area is the development of smart and connected devices, which require more complex and sophisticated PCBs. Additionally, growing demand for environmentally friendly PCBs presents opportunities for manufacturers who can offer sustainable solutions.

Challenges faced in the current market

Thai PCB manufacturers’ biggest challenge is competition from other low-cost manufacturing hubs such as China and Vietnam. In addition, the industry is also facing increasing pressure to adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices. Doing so can be costly and require significant investment. Another challenge is the need for more skilled labor in the industry. Because of this problem, Thai cannot adopt advanced production technologies and compete in the high-end segments.

Opportunities for growth

Despite the challenges, there are several opportunities for growth in the Thai PCB manufacturing industry. For example, the country’s location and warm business environment make it a destination for foreign investors looking to establish a foothold in SEA. The growing demand for normal PCBs also presents opportunities for manufacturers who want to cut costs. Furthermore, adopting more sustainable production practices presents opportunities for manufacturers who can offer environmentally friendly solutions.

Choosing a reliable PCB manufacturer

The quality and reliability of your electronic products depend heavily on the quality of the PCBs used in their construction. A reliable PCB manufacturer should have a strong track record of producing high-quality, defect-free PCBs that meet industry standards. Choosing a reputable PCB manufacturer can also help avoid costly delays, defects, and production issues.

There are better alternatives to Thai PCB Companies

While Thai PCB manufacturers can offer advantages such as lower labor costs and proximity to markets in Asia, there are also potential drawbacks to working with them. For example, Thai PCB manufacturers may have a different experience, technology, or quality control than manufacturers in other countries, such as China or Taiwan. Also, Thai manufacturers may need help with supply chain issues due to raw materials’ limited availability and access to the latest production technologies.

Trust us PCBMay

A Reliable PCB Maker

Trust us, PCBMay

Compared to many Thai PCB manufacturers, PCBMay boasts a wider range of capabilities and more advanced technology. Our production capabilities extend beyond single-sided and double-sided PCBs to include multilayer PCBs with up to 40 layers. They offer a variety of surface finishes and solder masks and have invested heavily in their production processes and equipment. This investment includes implementing advanced quality control systems and using the latest production technologies.

Moreover, our location in Shenzhen, China, provides a strategic advantage for logistics and transportation. Shenzhen is a hub for global trade, with a well-developed transportation infrastructure that facilitates easy shipping and delivery of PCBs to customers worldwide. This location advantage is superior to the logistics infrastructure in Thailand, which may be a challenge for some companies.

While Thai PCB manufacturers may offer cost savings, they may have a different level of technology, production capabilities, and logistics infrastructure than PCBMay.

End Note

Thank you for reading this article on PCB manufacturing in Thailand and the importance of choosing a reliable manufacturer. If you want top-quality PCBs with advanced technology, consider us. We’re a better alternative to Thai PCB companies. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Learn more about their services and how we can help you!

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