Top PCB Manufacturers In USA- Everything You Need To Know In 2024


Do you know about the top PCB manufacturers in the USA?

The United States Of America is leading in various industries of the electronic world. It has also made an excellent position in the PCB industry. Clients from any corner of the world look for USA-based PCB manufacturers to ensure reliability in manufacturing.

But choosing reliable PCB manufacturers in the USA is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of factors to make a perfect choice.

Don’t worry. We are representing different features of US PCB manufacturers to make your job easier. Let’s make a move.

PCB Manufacturing In USA

PCB Manufacturing In the USA

How Is PCB Manufacturing In The USA?

The electronic world of the United States is going through many revolutionary changes. It occurs because of the rapid growth of technology in the US. Various high-quality US PCB manufacturers have changed the scenario of the PCB industry in this region.

Earlier (30 years ago), the USA was not in the high place where it is now in PCB manufacturing services. The US market is highly competitive and dense. Numerous PCB makers have excellent reputations in prototype and large-scale manufacturing of different circuit boards.

They show high-class professionalism while dealing with versatile circuit boards, like

PCB manufacturers in the USA never compromise with quality, concerning the client’s demands. They maintain proper dimensions and perfect positioning of drilled holes while manufacturing printed circuit boards.

Customers from around the globe are satisfied with the services of top-rated manufacturers in the United States. These companies always keep a close eye on the required PCB features from the client end.

A timeline is an indicator of the capability and credibility of a PCB maker. High-level PCB manufacturers maintain the lead time with excellent reliability. In that sense, USA printed circuit board manufacturers have superior capability compared to other PCB makers worldwide.

Besides, they gain clients’ credibility by delivering the product within the estimated time.  That’s why you have the assurance of high-class PCB assembly service with perfect layer count, board thickness, durable materials, etc.

Moreover, USA-based PCB manufacturers offer custom solutions to numerous problems. So, why don’t customers prefer PCB manufacturers in the USA?

The entire PCB industry is worth around 6-8 billion dollars nowadays. Even, it offers outstanding performance within the current covid situation. PCB specialists estimate a high CAGR in upcoming years.

Top PCB Manufacturers In USA

Top PCB Manufacturers In the USA

PCB Manufacturing For Different Industries In The USA

PCB designer assembly service providers in the USA produce high-level circuit boards. These PCBs are compatible with different industries because of their versatility. The top PCB manufacturers have significant contributions to the following sectors.

Medical Industry

PCB makers of the USA manufacture specific circuit boards for the medical industry. Medical equipment consists of high-frequency PCB, LED PCB, Aluminum PCB, etc. Scanners, ECG machines, and other testing equipment operate through the circuit boards manufactured by the USA PCB manufacturers.

Home Appliances

This is another sector where PCB manufacturers play a vital role. Now, the consumer electronic industry is growing by maintaining a positive slope. Do you know the reason behind it?

In the USA, home appliances are trendy due to their longevity and tremendous functionality. PCB manufacturers in the USA offer outstanding PCBs that improve the quality and efficiency of electronic instruments, like electric heaters, LED TVs, washing machines, etc.

Automotive Industry

Printed circuit boards manufactured in the USA are composed of high-quality materials and components. Top PCB manufacturers promote the automotive industry in the United States Of America. Automatic car and paper bag machines have immense popularity in the USA market.

These elements ensure the excellent durability required for automotive equipment. Moreover, PCB manufacturers have expertise in multilayer designs that improve automotive vehicles’ quality.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace has been a growing industry in recent years in the United States. That’s why aerospace PCBs have great demand in this region. USA PCB manufacturers fulfill this requirement with outstanding professionalism and reliability.

In the case of aerospace equipment, it demands a high-level environmental tolerance and outstanding technical performance. Besides, the consumers search for affordable product costs. PCB manufacturers in the United States Of America make no trade-off between these specifications and any other factor.

Military Industry

Military equipment demands maximum thermal and mechanical resistance. Again, through-hole technology is preferable to many clients in this industry.

USA-based OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and assembly service providers design highly functional circuit boards for radar, navigation systems, etc. Besides, military ships and defense instruments are also made of top-notch circuit boards manufactured in the USA.

Except for these, US-origin PCB makers provide one-stop solutions for the assembly of circuit boards. You can find these PCBs in advanced communication (BlueTooth PCB and WiFi PCB), research purposes, etc.

You just need to select a reliable PCB manufacturer in the USA. Then, it handles all matters related to your circuit board manufacturing.

PCB Manufacturing In Different Sectors

PCB Manufacturing In Different Sectors

Features Of USA PCB Manufacturers

Have you ever thought about the immense popularity of USA PCB manufacturers?

Consumers usually get attracted to these PCB makers because of their tremendous specifications. PCB manufacturers in the USA offer outstanding features that are adequate to meet your demands. Such as

Customized PCB Design

USA PCB manufacturers deliver multilayer PCB stackup with outstanding reliability. You have the scope of getting services in the following fields-

  • Circuit board design
  • Library designs for schematic components
  • Circuit simulation
  • Sufficient training for PCB design technology
  • Packaging service for the circuit board
  • PCB processing
  • SMT and THR soldering technologies

These assembly service providers efficiently take care of basic and advanced designs of versatile circuit boards. That means you can get customized design services from these manufacturers.  So, you don’t need to worry about boosting your business.

Watch this video:

Excellent Quality Control

PCB manufacturers in the USA provide excellent quality control of manufactured PCBs. These PCB makers follow the guidelines of ISO 9001 to ensure high-level quality control services.

Top-ranked USA PCB manufacturers are committed to avoiding manufacturing, receiving, and making substandard electronic products in any case.

They have reliable clients from all over the world. These clients are also satisfied with the quality control services of USA-origin PCB manufacturers.

Cost-effective Service

The PCB manufacturers who give service in the USA are reputable for their cost-effective services. You can get top-notch PCB assembly, OEM, and ODM services at affordable costs. This feature makes them preferable to worldwide consumers.

Cost-Effective USA PCB Manufacturing Service

Cost-Effective USA PCB Manufacturing Service

High-Quality Products

Quality is the first and foremost priority of PCB manufacturers who offer reliable services in the USA. So, you don’t need to be worried about the product quality if you collaborate with a PCB manufacturer in the United States.


These manufacturers are highly concerned about consumers’ demands and satisfaction. You can get all the necessary information from their intelligent and professional customer care teams. Besides, they have a full-time technical support team for ensuring instant support to customers.

Reliable Material Sourcing

PCB manufacturers ensure trusted material sourcing for high-volume PCB manufacturing in the USA. They have adequate storage of raw materials for instant custom solutions as per the client’s demand, such as Fr4, CEM-1, CEM-3, polyimide, etc. Again, these companies incorporate PCB components having durability and long shelf life.

Collaborating Capacity

USA-based PCB manufacturers offer excellent support for collaboration. They always intend to make a strong relationship with you by delivering assembly and design services for PCBs. They are ready to solve any kind of PCB manufacturing-related problems for you because they have a high-level collaboration capacity.

One-stop Solution

PCB manufacturers in the USA deliver one-stop service in most cases. That’s why you don’t need to go to and fro to manage different services. It is an excellent advantage for the clients.

Besides, these PCB assembly service providers have skilled engineers. They can advise you about the circuit board design. This facility saves both money and time for the customers without any doubt.

Quick Delivery

Trustworthy PCB manufacturers usually deliver complete PCB design and assembly service within the shortest possible time. They support providing services for express prototypes and quick-turn PCB productions at a large scale.

USA PCB manufacturers use FedEx or DHL for fast product delivery to their clients. In the case of urgent delivery,  they take a maximum of one or two working days. That means you can be sure about starting your scheduled productions timely.

Professionalism And Experience

Which factor makes the USA PCB manufacturers different from others?

It is their professional behavior and skilled team of experts. These experts have tremendous experience of more than 20 years in large-scale PCB productions that consist of fabrication, assembly, component sourcing, etc.

Again, a skilled and experienced engineer can identify minute PCB manufacturing problems and give reliable solutions. Thus, PCB manufacturers can deliver PCB products by ensuring high quality.

Advanced Equipment Setup

Do you believe that quality comes with technology?

In the case of the US PCB market, you have to believe this idea. PCB manufacturing in the USA reaches a peak because of having an advanced equipment setup.

The USA PCB manufacturers arrange high-quality instruments for manufacturing and testing from reliable sources. They usually collect equipment from the USA market. Sometimes, you can see them sourcing equipment from Japan, Germany, etc.

Environmental Effectiveness

Top PCB manufacturers in the USA are RoHS compliant. They are supportive of Lead-free technology and green electronics to a great extent.  That’s why you can rely on them if you are looking for eco-friendly printed circuit boards for your projects.

The Way USA Manufacturers Handle Difficulties While Repairing A PCB?

PCB repair is a crucial part for a manufacturer. Do you have any idea how the USA PCB manufacturers handle difficulties during PCB repair?

Usually, manufacturers face problems in desoldering, removing the conformal coating, repairing PCB crack, etc. PCB manufacturers in the USA incorporate effective repair materials like coating remover, desoldering station, etc.

Conformal Coating On PCB

Conformal Coating On PCB

Besides, they use conductive materials instead of traditional Isopropyl Alcohol while repairing cracks on PCB. That’s why these manufacturers can ensure quality in the circuit board repair services.

Check this video to know more about PCB conformal coating:


Top 10 PCB Manufacturers In the USA

Techno Tronix

Techno Tronix is a professional PCB manufacturer that delivers its service in the USA for a long period. This manufacturer offers versatile feature products of PCBs, such as metalcore PCBs, multilayer PCBs, heavy copper PCBs, etc.

This IPC-certified PCB manufacturer has an excellent reputation in the electronic industry of the USA. It offers full-time technical and sales support to the customers. There are no bindings for minimum order.

Located in California, Techno Tronix ensures sufficient high-class raw materials. That’s why it can provide IPC class 2 and class 3 standard PCBs in the United States.

It renders the following services-

  • Product delivery within the lead time.
  • Various PCB productions.
  • OEM and ODM services.
  • Testing facility


RUSH PCB Inc is a renowned PCB manufacturer in the USA. It was established in 1997and provides tremendous service in circuit board designs, fabrication, testing, etc. Its location is in San Jose, California.

It renders SMT, through-hole, turn-key assembly services with outstanding reliability. This dependable PCB maker gains the customer’s trust by means of manufacturing prototypes and large-scale PCBs.



Epec Engineered Technologies

Epec Engineered Technologies is based in Massachusetts, United States with a presence throughout North America, Asia, and Western Europe. They offer customized PCB solutions to OEMs. They ensure the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective design and manufacturing process.

Epec Engineered Technologies focus on the design and manufacturing of highly reliable electronics for medical devices, test & measurement equipment, military & aerospace electronics, portable & consumer electronics, industrial applications, and the automotive & transportation industry.

Advanced Electronics

Established in 1997, Advanced Electronics is a high-level PCB manufacturer in West Chicago. It has an impressive reputation in manufacturing printed circuit boards for the military, aerospace, and automotive industries.

This dependable PCB maker offers hassle-free fabrication of diverse circuit boards. Advanced Electronics provides customized PCB services including thickness, layer count, etc.

Its strong equipment support and experienced technical staff handle advanced and basic PCB designs with superior reliability. Besides, this manufacturer is certified by IPC and RoHS.

Advanced Circuits

This is a northern American top-class PCB manufacturer. It was established in 1996. Its physical location is in Aurora, Colorado in the USA. Advanced Circuits provides both small and large PCBs by maintaining a short lead time.

Its services include surface mount, Through-hole, mixed, and lead-free technologies. You can get stencils with framework and non-framework as per your demands.

Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits

ACT International LLC

Located in Florida, in the USA, ACT International LLC is a reputable Aluminum PCB manufacturer. Its capabilities are-

  • PCB Board: Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-Flex
  • Types Of Order: Production-grade, prototypes
  • Layer Count: Up to 22 layers
  • PCB materials: FR1,FR4, CEM1, CEM3

This USA-based PCB company offers customized designs concerning the board thickness, layer counts, etc.

Cirexx International Inc

Being a California-based top-class PCB manufacturer, Cirexx International Inc delivers quality service in the following fields-

  • Fabrication
  • Design
  • Assembly
  • Stencil
  • PCB Repair

This company has been providing service in and beyond the USA for around 30 years with excellent reliability. It has a specialty in dealing with RF and hybrid PCBs.

Moreover, its sincerity to the delivery time and material selection make this manufacturer a reliable destination for countless companies worldwide.

Cirexx International

Cirexx International

911EDA Inc

911EDA Inc was established in 2005. Though this company is not highly experienced in the PCB industry, it has a commendable reputation in and beyond the United States. It has already proved itself as a firm choice for PCB design, assembly, and inspections.

Here, you don’t need to be worried about the timely delivery of PCB products. Again, 911EDA Inc offers superb customer care and sales services. Its unique services include material sourcing, automated inspection, fabrication, etc.

911EDA Inc

911EDA Inc

Imagineering Inc

Founded in 1986, Imagineering Inc is a specialized PCB manufacturing company in the USA. Its location is in Illinois. This company renders the assembly of versatile circuit boards including prototypes and productions.

It ensures high-quality PCB manufacturing for your electronic projects. Usually, Imagineering incorporates high-level equipment and trained professionals to handle PCB assembly and other segments.

It is a certified PCB maker that has a reputation for manufacturing flexible HDI, Rigid, and Rigid-flex circuit boards. Besides, this company renders a framework and non-framework stencils during PCB manufacturing.

OnBoard Circuits Inc

Are you looking for a PCB manufacturer in the USA compatible with multilayer designs?

OnBoard Circuits Inc is engaged in designing and manufacturing PCBs having more than 72 layers.

It has a firm reputation for specific PCB types, such as

This trusted PCB manufacturer offers diversity in PCB materials type. It supports reputable material brands of the world, like Nelco, Taconic, Rogers, etc.

OnBoard Circuits, A Trusted PCB Manufacturer In The USA

OnBoard Circuits, A Trusted PCB Manufacturer In The USA

Challenges For US-Based PCB Manufacturers

USA-based PCB manufacturers face some challenges during manufacturing, such as-

  • Proper materials sourcing in the US market.
  • Ensuring trustworthy OEM and ODM service.
  • Hassle-free PCB repair service.
  • Maintaining the lead time due to lots of orders.
  • Cost-effective shipping in and beyond the United States.

Major Challenges For USA PCB Manufacturers

Major Challenges For USA PCB Manufacturers

How To Choose PCB Manufacturers In The USA?

The PCB industry is highly competitive in the United States. Choosing a trustworthy PCB manufacturer is a brainstorming task for the customer.

So, what should be your approach to finding a PCB manufacturer in the USA?

You need to consider some crucial factors while choosing USA PCB manufacturers for your electronic projects. The most noteworthy among those factors include-

PCB Manufacturing Experience

Experience is a vital issue in PCB manufacturing. An experienced manufacturer is aware of the different complications of circuit board designs. It can solve those issues reasonably because of its long-term expertise. That’s why you should choose a PCB manufacturer in the USA having sufficient knowledge in this sector.

Testing Facility

PCB testing is a crucial part of manufacturing. It ensures reliable quality control and desired performance of a circuit board. You must prioritize a manufacturer with a well-structured factory with adequate testing equipment. This facility saves you from problems that occur after the completion of manufacturing.

Compatibility With Advanced Design

Electronic devices are regularly changing because of the advancement in technology. That’s why PCB designs are also upgrading and being complicated simultaneously. A trustworthy PCB manufacturer in the United States should be up-to-date on modern electronics.

You have to focus on the compatibility of a manufacturer with advanced multilayer designs, high-density Interconnect circuits, etc. Otherwise, you can’t achieve the desired result from your electronic projects.

One-Stop Assembly Service

As an intelligent client, you should look for a PCB manufacturer who can take care of every manufacturing step.  All USA PCB manufacturers can’t deliver a one-stop assembly service. So, you have to be aware of this factor so that you don’t need to search multiple manufacturers for your projects.

Cost Performance

This is the most focused section when a customer searches for a manufacturer in the USA. A reliable manufacturer needs to have the capability of delivering products at competitive prices. You should have a clear idea about the market price so that you can compare the manufacturer’s price with others.

Skilled Engineers

A trustworthy PCB manufacturer in the USA must have a group of skilled engineers. If these professionals have compliance with RoHS, it will be great for you.

Customer And Technical Support

You have to get an idea about the customer service of a PCB manufacturer. Besides, it should have the capability of delivering 24/7 technical support.

Time Management

Many PCB service providers make the customers suffer from their improper time management. You need to consult the manufacturer about their lead time.


A top-level PCB company in the USA market should get positive reviews from their customers.  Besides, it is required for a manufacturer to have certificates from reliable organizations like IPC, RoHS, UL 94, etc. You should properly check these matters while making your choice.

High-Quality PCB Materials

Having adequate materials and collecting materials from a trusted source are essential features for the PCB manufacturers in the USA. You have to pay close attention to these issues to ensure quality manufacturing.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about PCB manufacturers in the USA. PCBMay provides dependable PCB products in the USA PCB industry. We ensure the reliable manufacturing of different PCBs in different countries.

We tried to keep these explanations straightforward. We hope you will experience the excellence of PCB manufacturing with USA PCB manufacturers. Contact us to get the best PCB experience.

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