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PCB Switch is Your Reliable Choice to Delight Your Customer

Fulfill and satisfy all your PCB switch requirements here at PCBMay. We design, fabricate and assemble multi-purposed PCB switches that you may include in your business and projects. PCBMay only offers those brand-new and original PCB switches to all our customers. 

So please, allow PCBMay to help with your PCB switch resolution by sending your original blueprint for your customized features and designs of this product. 

Types of PCB Switch Meet Your Requirements

Audio and Video PCB Switch

It supports an adequate and powerful switch function. It has an approximate board thickness of 1.60mm.

Customized PCB Switch

Available in different solder mask colors, including green, black, red, white, and blue. It consists of 100% copper and aluminum materials.

Medical VT-47 PCB

It manufactures using the basic materials including the High TG, Aluminum, FPC, and FR4. Ideal for particular switch modifiers and controllers.

Dual-Pole PCB Switch

Features with dual-pole structures that illuminates the sufficient electric flow of switches. Maximum voltage reaches 12V.

Rectangular PCB Switch

It comes with a unique rectangular formation. Undertaken through SMT, BGA, ICT, AOI, and FCT examination testing.

High Frequency VT-47 PCB

Our single-layer PCB switch is available in 0.075mm of its minimum line width. Maximum board size of 700*460mm.

Why Choose PCBMay for Your PCB Switch

Pick out PCBMay for being the primary source of your PCB switch. We have an intact intelligence in handling this prestigious business production. PCBMay occupies the most expansive workshop facilities and high-tech equipment for the rapid progress of our product. Being an ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and UL (E477880) qualifier, we only utilize those high-standard classes of raw materials to perpetuate our good product image.

In addition, we receive incomparable support coming from our technical engineers who take part in PCB switch production for 15+ years. Good humanity services and better quality products are what our mission shows. So, we pay 100% attentiveness to examine our products. 

Let us handle all your worries. PCBMay promises you that everything will grant practically!

VPC Plating Line

Related PCB Switch

Electrical Appliance PCB Switch
Electrical Appliance PCB Switch
It has extensive structural features that suit machines, heavy equipment, appliances, and more. Works with 500W power bolts.
Machinery PCB Switch
Compatible in all industrial, commercial, mechanical, and automotive machinery. It comes from popular models and is available in 12V to 24V power.
Sensor PCB
Multi Control PCB Switch
PCBMay is your quick-witted solution for your multi-control PCB switch. A perfect element in assisting your PCB switch business.
Shengyi S1600
Push PCB Switch
Our universal composition of push PCB switches obtains the protection of IPC surveillance. It is flexible for any customization.
Single Control PCB Switch
Single Control PCB Switch
Our single control PCB switch is available in various colors, sizes, thicknesses, widths, and power. You can avail of its upgraded model at a cost-effective price.
Standard PCB Switch
Standard PCB Switch
Get the latest and upgraded standard PCB switch here at PCBMay. A perfect integral part to use in automotive repair installation.
Round PCB
Ultra Small Size PCB Switch
A flexible PCB switch that is appropriate for in-home applications, offices, facilities, medical and more. Inexpensive yet long-lasting to use.
Semiconductor PCB
Waterproof PCB Switch
Features with waterproof membrane composition that helps in resisting even in a stationary and flowing liquid substance.

PCB Switch Production Details As Following Up

Brown Oxide
PTH Line
VCP Plating   AOI  Exposure E-Test
Layer Count1-40layers
Base MaterialKBShengyiShengyiSF305FR408FR408HRIS410FR406GETEK370HRIT180ARogers4350BRogers4000PTFE Laminates(Rogers seriesTaconic seriesArlon seriesNelco series)Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
Board TypeBackplane、HDI、High multi-layer 、blind&buried PCB、Embedded Capacitance、Embedded resistance board 、Heavy copper power PCB、Backdrill.
Board Thickness0.2-5.0mm
Copper ThicknessMin. 1/2 OZ, Max. 10 OZ
PTH Wall25um(1mil)
Maximum Board Size1100*500mm(43”*19”)
Min laser drilling size4mil
Min. Spacing/Tracing2.7mil/2.7mil
Solder MaskGreen, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow,Purple matte/glossy
Surface TreatmentFlash gold(electroplated gold)ENIGHard goldFlash goldHASL Lead freeOSPENEPIGSoft goldImmersion silverImmersion TinENIG+OSP,ENIG+Gold finger,Flash gold(electroplated gold)+Gold finger,Immersion silver+Gold finger,Immersion Tin+Gold finger.
Min. Annular Ring3mil
Aspect ratio10:1(HASL Lead freeHASL LeadENIGImmersion TinImmersion silverENEPIG);8:1(OSP)
Impedance control±5ohm(<50ohm), ±10%(≥50ohm)
Other TechniquesBlind/Buried Via
Gold Fingers
Press Fit
Via in Pad
Electrical Test

Here there’re many laminate material datasheets, they’re useful and helpful for you, please see them:

TU-872Modified EpoxyDOWNLOAD2003403.8-4.03.8
RO 3010Cer/PTFEDOWNLOAD50010.2
RO 4003Hydrocarbon/CerDOWNLOAD>2804253.38
RO 4350BHydrocarbon/CerDOWNLOAD>2803903.48
RT/duroid 5880PTFE/GlassDOWNLOAD5002.2
ISOLAPolyclad 370HRFR4DOWNLOAD1703404.8-5.1
HitachiMCL-BE- 67GModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD1403404.94.4
MCL-LX-67YSpecial LaminateDOWNLOAD185-195325-3453.4-3.6
NelcoN4000-13Modified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403653.73.6
N4000-13EPModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
N4000-13SIModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
N4000-13EP SIModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
ArlonArlon 25NCerDOWNLOAD2603.38
Arlon 25FRCerDOWNLOAD2603.58
Arlon 33NPolymideDOWNLOAD>2503534
Arlon 35NPolymideDOWNLOAD>2503634.2
Arlon 85NPolymideDOWNLOAD2503874.2
StablcorST325DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:75w/m.k(with 1oz copper)
ST10DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:325w/m.k(with 1oz copper)
Bergquistht-04503DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:2.2w/m.k(with 1oz copper)


PCBMay offers flexible shipping methods for our customers, you may choose from one of the methods below.

1. DHL

DHL offers international express services in over 220 countries.
DHL partners with PCBMay and offers very competitive rates to customers of PCBMay.
It normally takes 3-7 business days for the package to be delivered around the world.

DHL Forwarder

2. UPS

UPS gets the facts and figures about the world’s largest package delivery company and one of the leading global providers of specialized transportation and logistics services.
It normally takes 3-7 business days to deliver a package to most of the addresses in the world.

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3. TNT

TNT has 56,000 employees in 61 countries.
It takes 4-9 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
of our customers.

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4. FedEx

FedEx offers delivery solutions for customers around the world.
It takes 4-7 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
of our customers.

Fedex Forwarder

5. Air, Sea/Air, and Sea

If your order is of large volume with PCBMay, you can also choose
to ship via air, sea/air combined, and sea when necessary.
Please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

Note: if you need others, please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

On our website you can use the following payment methods:

Telegraphic Transfer(TT): A telegraphic transfer (TT) is an electronic method of transferring funds utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions. It’s very convenient to transfer.

Bank/Wire transfer: To pay by wire transfer using your bank account, you need to visit your nearest bank branch with the wire transfer information. Your payment will be completed 3-5 business days after you have finished the money transfer.

Paypal: Pay easily, fast and secure with PayPal. many other credit and debit cards via PayPal.

Credit Card: You can pay with credit card: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.

    PCBMay- Your Premier PCB Switch Manufacturer in China

    Are you seeking a perfect foundation that resolves your PCB switch issues? Leave those worries away because PCBMay is right there who will provide you needed assistance. PCBMay acknowledges as the prominent company established so far in China that only focuses on innovating and developing comprehensive production of PCB switches.

    PCBMay offers a wide range of PCB prototyping fabrications and assembly, specifically the PCB switch. We inhabited more than 8,000sqm—production facilities involving advanced production equipment.  

    PCB switch has the highest adaptation standard that meets up the various qualifications of all the customers. PCB switch is undertaken into critical inspections and examination to ensure its liability and credibility before distribution to all market branches.

    Since being founded, our PCB prototyping components, including the PCB switch, already obtain management authentication such as the RoHS, REACH, ISO9001:2015, UL (E477880), and ISO14001:2015, and ISO9001:2008 certifications.  

    PCB switch the primary function is to provide a convenient circulation of electricity with less or without resistance. Each of the PCB switches will materialize using resilient conducting materials, including copper, epoxy resin, FR4, ceramic, CEM-1, CEM-3, Rogers, and other low levels of electric resistance.

    PCBMay’s PCB switch produces from different categories. It can be a dual-pole PCB switch, waterproof PCB switch, push PCB switch, machinery PCB switch, audio and video PCB switch, and much more. The quick and easy solution is claiming an exaggerated and normal function of your switches. Convenient for any switch repair installations and does not require in-depth maintenance. 

    At the lowest cost, you can impulsively avail one of our PCB switches. We provide some substantial discounts and offers to our loyal customers and clients. You can also benefit from our newest and upgraded version of our PCB switch. 

    And for your urgent orders, there is no problem. We have a 24/7 active sourcing team who will place all your tremendous orders. Our equipped delivery personnel will manage to distribute your orders to your residential territory at the given set of times.

    The success is in your hand, so leave all your worries away and trust PCBMay for your PCB switch. You must have better business sales and be more reproductive in this profession.

    Stay connected at PCBMay! We are reachable anytime and do not feel any hesitation in messaging us for further knowledge!    

    PCB Switch: A Total FAQ Guide

    A printed circuit board switch or the PCB switch is a crucial electrical switch for many digital devices in the modern era. There are plenty of electrical switches available in the industry. However, a PCB switch is the most common and preferable one.

    PCBMay is one of the renowned manufacturers of PCB switches in China. We provide the best quality of printed circuit board switches with great efficiency, functionality, and durability. Our switches are used in more than sixty countries worldwide.

    Whether you have queries about these switches or our services, this FAQ guide is for you. Here we have discussed every little fact of the switches in detail.

    What Is A PCB Switch?

    A type of electrical switch that is identified by a printed circuit board is called a PCB switch. The main feature of this type of switch is the application of the printed circuit board. The fundamental circuitry of the PCB powers the mechanism of the switch.

    PCB Switch

    PCB Switch

    It is an electrical part that is placed in order to control a circuit by completing or breaking it. When you turn on the switch, the circuit turns completely.

    On the other hand, when you turn off the switch the circuit breaks. The connection of the circuit breaks when the switch is switched off.

    What Are The PCB Switch Types?

    There are different types of PCB switches nowadays. The use of these switches has become popular all over the world, hence the varieties came. The switch has replaced the classic switches of late.

    PCB Switch Types

    PCB Switch Types

    These switches come in several forms. The classification is done on the basis of the PCB type. Some types of PCB switches are as follows.

    • PCB micro switch
    • PCB MEC switch
    • PCB push button
    • DIP switch
    • PCB toggle switch
    • PCB rocker switch
    • Coded rotary switch

    What Are The Materials Of PCB Switch?

    Every switch is made of various materials. The type of material depends on the type of the printed circuit board switch. Though the materials vary from one PCB to another, some basic materials stay the same for every switch.

    The materials used in a switch have two main purposes. The first one is to conduct electricity. And the other one is providing insulation in the middle of the copper conducting layers.

    PCB Switch Materials

    PCB Switch Materials

    A PCB consists of materials that have several components and transmission lines. The components of the materials enable microwave circuits or radiofrequency. That is why selecting the material for a PCB is so important as it directly influences the performance of the switch.

    PCB material determines the failure or success of the switch. It also impacts the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the PCB as well as thermal behavior.

    The main and common materials of a PCB switch are substrate, copper laminate, solder mask, and silkscreen. The substrate material mainly determines the type of the PCB and provides many options.

    Why Do We Use PCB Switch?

    Many businesses and industries prefer PCB switches though there are many other electrical switches available. The main reason behind this is these switches work with electricity flow with low resistance. Copper which is a largely conductive material provides the switchless resistance to electricity.

    This switch is suitable for outdoor usage. Using a PCB for outdoor applications is the perfect solution. They are able to work properly in extreme heat and humidity and rainy, harsh environments.

    We use these switches as we can plate them on different types of plates. There is a use of gold-plated switches as well. In this case, the switch is mounted on a plate of gold.

    We can apply several soldering methods for the switches. That also makes the manufacturing process pretty easy. To utilize all of these criteria perfectly, we use PCB switches.

    Watch the following video.

    What Are The Applications Of PCB Switch?

    Printed circuit board switches are essential for many electronic devices. Any electronic device can not function properly if it does not have a working switch. All the industries that require electronic devices for their applications use this type of switch.

    Applications Of PCB Switch

    Applications Of PCB Switch

    Some crucial applications of PCB switch are as follows.

    • Consumer electronics
    • Computer electronics
    • Telecommunication industry
    • Automotive industry
    • Medical equipment
    • Aeronautical industry

    What Are The Advantages Of PCB Switch?

    The PCB switch has several advantages in several fields. Mainly they are perfect for outdoor uses. Because of its advantages, the use of this switch is only increasing day by day.

    Advantages Of PCB Switch

    Advantages Of PCB Switch

    Some main advantages of this switch are as follows.

    • A PCB switch can function properly in harsh and extreme environmental conditions. That makes it suitable for outdoor uses.
    • We can mount a switch on different types of plates. Different plate options support PCB switches. You can have a gold plate for mounting your switch and many others.
    • This switch is able to support various soldering methods. The procedures include epoxy-based soldering, hard soldering, etc.
    • A printed circuit board switch usually consists of a backlight allowing its extensive customization. You can see fiber optics, LED PCB, light guides, electroluminescent that contain standard solutions of backlighting for the switches.

    How Does PCB Switch Work?

    We use PCB switches in most electric devices. A switch contains a conductive path in order to control a circuit. You can close or open a circuit by pressing or engaging the switch.

    The associated electric device responds according to your recommendation.

    Different types of printed board circuit switches are available in the industry. One manufacturer designs PCB switches differently from the other. Different switches function differently for their applications.

    Some switches use a fabric layer covered with copper. This switch is known as copper-clad laminate. It has conductive properties of its own that flow electricity through it when we turn on the switch and complete the circuit.

    The switch allows electricity to flow through the circuit without resisting it much. Copper which is an extremely conductive material is used to cover the PCB. As a result, the switch emerges from copper.

    This copper material of the switch provides a less electrical resistance level for the circuit. The general performance and design of PCB switches are notably improved by modern technological advances. As a result, these switches are now able to work more efficiently and be durable. Watch the following video.

    What Is The Assembly Process Of PCB Switch?

    The assembly process of the PCB switch is very important as well. The assembly process is pretty complex and professional. PCB assembly is a primary step of manufacturing a printed circuit board switch.

    We utilize PCB assembly to test new and modified electronic designs. It also ensures the quality of the printed circuit board by thoroughly checking. The PCB assembly process makes sure that there is no bug in the test stage of the PCB and then updates the design.

    The assembly process generally requires two or three iterations in the procedure to make sure that everything is going fine.

    Assembly Process Of PCB Switch

    Assembly Process Of PCB Switch

    The assembly process is pretty delicate and complex. As the fabrication and manufacturing depend on it, you need to be very careful in this phase. Also, make sure that the cost of your switch matches your budget in the assembly process.

    The PCB assembly will give you an idea about the time and cost of the manufacturing process. The design also gets modified in the procedure. The manufacturing company generally looks after the manufacturing process.

    How Many Ways Are There To Mount PCB Switch?

    There are actually some ways to mount PCB switches. Two of the methods are mostly used in mounting switches. Both of them are commonly applied and basic mounting methods.

    PCB Switch Mounting Process

    PCB Switch Mounting Process

    The first method to mention is the PCB mounting method. And the other one is the plate mounting method. The manufacturer uses both of them as per the requirement of the application.

    How Is PCB Switch Mounting Done?

    PCB switches are versatile. There are many arrangement options for the switches. If you want to deploy the switch in engineering and machinery, there are more arrangement options.

    PCB switch mounting method is applicable for typical switches. The switch used in this method has a definite mounting procedure, a modular design, and front protection.

    The manufacturer mounts the switches without a plate in this method. The method also includes a 3 pin switch or a 5 pin switch. Two of them are basically the same beneficial, one does not need to be better than the other switch.

    PCB Switch Soldering

    PCB Switch Soldering

    As the system does not use a plate for mounting, the support system of the switches gets complicated. There is a lack of reinforcement in the system. That is why it may be less stable, particularly on a keyboard.

    This method is the most used one among the PCB switch mounting methods. Nevertheless, we get cheap switches with this kind of mounting method rather than the plate mounting of switches.

    What Is Plate Mounting Of PCB Switch?

    The plate mounting process of a PCB switch refers to the switch installation on top of a metal plate that is located over the PCB. The manufacturer first places the switches on the plate of metal. Then they solder them on the PCB.

    By this process, the keyboard is stabilized and reinforced thoroughly. This process also makes the keys heavier in weight. Because we use such plates on large keyboards, it offers way more support as it has a larger size.

    The larger size provides the keyboard more solidity as well. It secures the keyboard by providing more safety. Extra inflexibility is also incorporated into the keyboard which strengthens the safety.

    Plate Mounting Of PCB Switch

    Plate Mounting Of PCB Switch

    A PCB mounted PCB switch and a plate mounted switch is different in different aspects. A plate-mounted switch does not need additional guiding pins whereas a PCB -mounted PCB switch needs three or five pins.

    The reason behind this difference is pretty simple. We mount the switch on a plate in the plate mounting method and in PCB mounting method, we mount the switches on a printed circuit board.

    The process of removing the plate after the switches are soldered on the plate is extremely difficult. You should keep this fact in mind. However, the keyboards and switches using the plate-mounting procedure last longer and are way better in quality.

    What Is The Manufacturing Process Of PCB Switch?

    The PCB switch follows a specific manufacturing process. You get your customized quality product through the manufacturing process. The manufacturing company that you choose runs the manufacturing process.

    Manufacturing Process Of PCB Switch

    Manufacturing Process Of PCB Switch

    The manufacturing process of the switch is usually very diaphanous. The steps that are followed in the manufacturing procedure are as follows.

    • First step: Designing the PCB
    • Second step: Printing the design
    • Third step: Process of fabricating
    • Fourth step: Inspection process
    • Final step: Layup process

    What Vias Do You Use In PCB Switch?

    A via contains two pads in a PCB switch taking positions on different board layers. The vias are connected electrically by a hole through the PCB. The hole is generally conductive by electroplating.

    Vias In PCB Switch

    Vias In PCB Switch

    There are several types of vias drilled into a printed circuit board switch. The type of PCB depends on the functionality of the PCB. The via types of a PCB switch are as follows.

    What Is DIP In PCB Switch?

    DIP is a type of PCB switch. DIP is an abbreviation of dual-line package switch. DIP PCB switch controls a PCB’s electricity flow.

    A DIP switch is made of electronic switches that are manual but small. The small electronic switches function is to pack with a few circuits. It may work as multi-switch units or a single one.

    DIP Switch

    DIP Switch

    The manufacturer installs the DIP in a PCB, then it can be customized according to the attributes of the device. The DIP has total control over every precise function of the device.

    DIP PCB switches look like the distinctive little toggle row switches. DIP switch is an affordable and simple switch option of altering between hardware options and diverse devices.

    Why Do You Use DIP In PCB Switch?

    The use of DIP PCB switches is numerous. Some of the main uses of the DIP PCB switches are as follows.

    • DIP PCB switch works as an instrument in fixing various radio frequencies. The radio frequencies are used for transmitter and receiver pairing.
    • DIP contains expansion modules, hard drives, modems, motherboards, video cards, and some other auxiliary accessories and components.

    Use Of DIP Switch

    Use Of DIP Switch

    • We apply the DIP switch in some universal or multiple-device remote controls. The DIP in the switches stops electrical interference. As a result, the remote prevents unintentional control of an unintended device.
    • We utilize DIP PCB switches in the doors of garages. The switch works for the opening mechanism.
    • DIP switch is the configuration of multiple alternatives. Hardware components and pc peripherals can not but utilize it.

    How Does DIP In PCB Switch Work?

    DIP switch is one of the most influential types of PCB switches. The use of this specific kind of switch is versatile. The DIP switch works delicately as well.

    We categorize DIP switches for specific roles and applications. DIP switch is known for its safe operational rate of power, current, and voltage. You need to check the manufacturing ability of a manufacturer for a particular DIP switch.

    DIP Switch Work Process

    DIP Switch Work Process

    As it’s very delicate, there may be problems that you may face. The DIP switch has electrical arcing and self-mounted switches. That is why there are risks of the instability of the performance and damage of the application of the device.

    There are also several kinds of DIP switches available for measuring and testing devices, arcade machines, production and editing equipment, automatic garage doors, industrial and machinery sector control, etc.

    DIP switches are mostly used on the motherboard of a computer as there are several configuration settings. A standard DIP switch can be made of up to sixteen switches as well as a toggle, rocker, slide, or rotary switch. The manufacturer mounts all of them on a small block.

    Why Do You Use A PCB Membrane Switch Combination?

    A PCB membrane switch contains an even surface keypad assembly and a low profile. Many applications in different industries use a membrane switch accompanying rigid PCB. It replaces the silver conductors that are screen printed on polyester sheets.

    Gold plated PCB switch contact pads. The gold-plated dome switches increase the application’s reliability to a high level. The switches also provide increased functioning life that too lessens contact bounces and switches resistance.

    PCB Membrane Switch Combination

    PCB Membrane Switch Combination

    If you use a customized membrane PCB switch in the design of your application, you will be able to apply soldered LEDs as well as many more electrical components. There will be better connector options on the PCB as well. These connector selections are equivalent to the membrane PCB switch cost.

    User interfaces with PCB function finer in applications where there is a possibility of vibration, temperature range, extended shock occurring. The connector and the fragile tail are the most delicate part of the silver printed membrane switch assembly.

    You can get the best performance by applying a silver printed membrane switch following some specific characteristics. You need to apply circuit board-based and highly reliable keyboards for that. You also need to utilize keypads with standard welded connectors for the closing.

    Can PCB Switch Fail?

    A PCB switch is very complex from both the designing and manufacturing aspects. As a result, there arises a lot of opportunities for the switch to fail to work. The manufacturer needs to be very careful throughout the designing and manufacturing process to avoid the failure of the switch.

    PCB Switch Failure

    PCB Switch Failure

    There are some common reasons for the PCB to fail. Some of the reasons are given below.

    • Insufficient copper deduction
    • Slivers
    • Bad soldering
    • Plating voids
    • Acid traps
    • Missing solder mask
    • Starved thermals
    • Electromagnetic issues
    • Poor component selection

    How Much does PCB Switch Cost?

    There is no fixed pricing of PCB switches. The price differs from one manufacturer to the other. The cost mainly depends on the component of the switch, materials, assembly process, surface finishes, manufacturing process, etc.

    PCB Switch Cost

    PCB Switch Cost

    Different manufacturers set the price for their switch differently. If you customize your switch for your application, the cost will vary as well. If you want higher functionalities on the board, it will cost more.

    How Do You Choose The Right Manufacturer Of PCB Switch?

    Choosing the right manufacturer is a vital step. As the outcome depends on the manufacturing process and the manufacturer. Choosing the wrong manufacturer for the switch can lead the project to go in vain.

    PCB Switch Manufacturing

    PCB Switch Manufacturing

    Check the experience of the manufacturer. If they have enough knowledge of the switch they are working on. As the assembly and manufacturing process is fragile, they should use advanced technologies.

    Look for the expert team of the manufacturing company. They should have worked before with your field of application. They should also provide customization services according to your requirement.

    If possible take a tour of the area of the manufacturing company. Cleanliness should be maintained.


    PCB switches have become influential in the modern era with all their advanced functionalities. For this reason, the use of these switches is rapidly increasing in a diverse field of applications.

    Many industries can not but function properly without these switches. All information about PCB switches is deliberately discussed in this FAQ guide. If you have any more queries about these switches or you want to know about our services, contact us. We are always here at your service.

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