Your Custom Power PCB Manufacturer in China Over 12 Years

PCBMay is a professional Power PCB manufacturer in China since 2008, we could provide many different kinds of power PCBs for your project.

  • Over 12 years power PCB manufacturing experience
  • The copper thickness to be reached 12oz
  • Provide WIP(work in process) report to you each week
  • 100% E-test and AOI inspection
  • 24h quick turn service for your prototype of power PCB
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PCBMay: Your Skillful Power PCB Supplier in China

As a leading manufacturer for power PCB, PCBMay could help you to produce all types of power PCBs from 2 oz copper to 10 oz copper finished product. You just send your Gerber data to us, we will offer you high-quality at a guaranteed competitive price.

There are over 500 workers in our workshop and the monthly capacity is 40,000 square meters, so you don’t worry about our quality and delivery time. We could reach your requirement even in the peak season.

This is a custom-made product for power PCB, so there may be happened some quality complaints. We will provide an 8D report for each quality complaint and then you will know the rooted cause. If it is our problem, we will remake the product for free for you.

All Different Types of Power PCB Speed up Your Projects

Power PCB (2oz)

This is a 4layer power PCB, whose copper thickness of the inner and outer layer is 2oz, the trace width/space is 10mil/10mil, what’s more, this is a normal board and most PCB manufacturers can produce it, whose application is power supplies, power converters.

Power PCB (3oz)

Heavy copper is more commonly used for PCBs featuring 3oz of copper in the internal and external layers. This term is also applied to any circuit with a copper thickness of more than 4 Oz/ft2. The term extreme heavy copper PCB refers to PCBs with 20 Oz/ ft2 to, which has 200 oz. per ft2

Power PCB (4oz)

This is a 6layer heavy copper PCB with 4oz, the applications are electric vehicles, simulating solar arrays for the development of inverters, steering magnets for particle accelerators, powering radar systems, driving traction controllers for locomotive development.

Power PCB (5oz)

Heavy copper printed circuit boards feature 5 ounces of copper in outer/inner layers. These printed circuit boards are valued immensely, due to their thermal management capabilities. The heavy copper composition helps keep inner components cool, and improves their performance.

Power PCB (6oz)

PCBMay is a highly experienced PCB manufacturer that can develop and produce a superior heavy copper PCB product of the highest quality. We can offer a 6oz thick copper PCB manufacturing service,whose trace width/space is 16/22mil,surface finished is Leaded free HAL.

Power PCB (7oz)

Heavy copper PCB has the capability to conduct and implement an additional layer to keep things safe and work perfectly.It is the newest trend in the PCB industry that ensures hefty electrical current flow through the electrical circuits.This kind of heavy copper 7oz is mostly prototyping PCB.

PCBMay is an Expert Power PCB Manufacturer for You

PCBMay is one of your trusted suppliers of power PCB since we fabricate to make full use of our high technology equipment. We’re focusing on high-quality quick-turn prototypes and medium production runs for power PCB.

We could offer power PCBs with different applications like power supply, computer power, medical device power, UPS system, radar systems, and consumer products.

We are very pleased to serve our customers, in order to gain customer’s satisfaction, we produce your power PCB in high-quality, and can be purchase at affordable costs.

VPC Plating Line

Related Power PCB Boards

Power PCB (8oz)
Power PCB (8oz)
Materials are costly, and lead times are typically longer for heavy copper laminates and not always in stock. As a leading manufacturer in heavy copper and extreme copper PCBs, we understand the process and what is needed to get the job done right the first time,moreover,we can give you some design advice for your products.
Power PCB (9oz)
Power PCB (9oz)
Are you looking for a PCB manufacturer who can help you to produce heavy copper PCB?PCBMay is one of your best choices.This is a 2layer board,whose specification as following:9oz finished copper,LF HAL surface finished,4.0mm board thickness,green soldermask.The final product is from medical instruments.
Multilayer PCB
Power PCB (10oz)
The heaviest copper board we made was 10oz.Heavy copper PCB used for welding equipment,power suppliers, solar panel,automotive,electrical power distribution,power converters.heavy copper board has high voltage/current ,it is very dangerours when supply power,the board must be the right copper thickness.
Power PCB (12oz)
Power PCB (12oz)
PCBMay can produce the finished copper 12oz for outer layer, no mater they are double sided layer or multilayer PCB, or prototype PCB or large volume PCB, we can always support you here.

Power PCB Production Details As Following Up

Brown Oxide
PTH Line
VCP Plating   AOI  Exposure E-Test
Quality GradeStandard IPC 2
Number of Layers2 – 20layers
Order Quantity1pc – 10000+pcs
Build Time2days – 5weeks
MaterialFR4 TG130,FR4 High-TG,Rogers,PTFE Laminates
Board SizeMin 10mm x 10mm | Max 500mm x 600mm
Board Thickness0.4mm – 3.2mm
Copper Weight (Finished)2oz – 12.0oz
Min Tracing/Spacing4mil/4mil
Solder Mask SidesAs per the file
Solder Mask ColorGreen, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen SidesAs per the file
Silkscreen ColorWhite, Black, Yellow
Surface FinishHASL – Hot Air Solder Leveling
Lead Free HASL – RoHS
ENIG – Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold – RoHS
Immersion Silver – RoHS
Immersion Tin – RoHS
OSP – Organic Solderability Preservatives – RoHS
Min Annular Ring4mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter6mil
Other TechniquesGold fingers
Blind/Buried Vias
Countersink Holes

1, What Thickest Copper Can You Make?

We can produce heavy copper reach 12oz.

2, What Is The Standard Delivery Time For Power PCB Boards?

It depends on the exact copper of each board, mostly it will be inscreasing 1-2days after the copper adds 1oz from beginning of 3oz.

3, Can You Produce The Different Copper Thickness For Each Layer?

Yes, we can, typically the copper from inner layer and outer layer is different, such as 2oz for inner layer, 6oz for outer layer.

4, What Is The Trace Width And Space For Heavy Coper PCB?

It depends, normally, 2OZ: 6/8mil, 3OZ: 6/12mil, 4OZ: 7.5/15mil,5OZ: 9/18mil, 6OZ: 10/21mil, 7OZ: 11/25mil, 8OZ: 12/29mil, 9OZ: 13/33mil , 10OZ: 14/38mil

5, What Is The Standard Board Thickness And Can You Produce 2.4mm Or 3.2mm Thick Boards?

The standard board thickness is 1.6mm , this provides a good balance between strength and weight. A thickness of 2.4mm or 3.2mm is also available.

6, What Copper Thickness Do You Use And Are There Other Thicknesses Available?

The copper thickness of most PCB boards is 35um(1oz),our capability can reach 12oz.

Why Choose PCBMay for Your Power PCB Projects

As an experienced power PCB manufacturer in China, we could make the copper thickness will be reached to be 12oz of power PCB.

From single-sided layer to multilayer PCB, from the rigid printed circuit board, flexible PCB to rigid-flex PCB, power PCB is used mixed with them.

As an ISO and UL certificated factory, PCBMay strictly controls the quality of products and provides customers’ high-quality power PCBs.

We also make sure to deliver the product within the scheduled delivery time. PCBMay assures the perfect product to our customers since we use our latest machinery equipment.

Power PCB

Power PCB

If you are looking for a power PCB for your project, PCBMay assures you the best, high-quality product and offers you excellent services.

At PCBMay, customer satisfaction is our goal. As long as you have the request, please let us know it, we will do our best to match it.

Please send your quote to us right now, we will offer the quotation immediately.

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