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World-class quick turn PCB manufacturer in China

PCBMay is a professional quick turn PCB board manufacturer in China, who provides many different types of fast turn or quick turn PCBs.

As a full-service Printed Circuit Board supplier, PCBMay offers a complete line of products and services from express quick-turn prototype manufacturing, low to medium volume pre-production to high volume mass production services.

Quick Turn Delivery Time for Prototype PCB Orders:


Layers PCB Order Quantity (m2) Standard Lead Time (Days) Quick Turn Lead Time (Hours)
2layer <0.5m2 4 Days 24H
4layer <0.5m2 5 Days 48H
6layer <0.5m2 6 Days 72H
8layer <0.5m2 7 Days 72H
10layer <0.5m2 9 Days 96H
12layer <0.5m2 10 Days 96H

Quick Turn Delivery Time for Volume PCB Orders:


Layers PCB Order Quantity (m2) Standard Lead Time (Days) Quick Turn Lead Time (Hours)
2 Layers 0.5-1 m2 5 Days 24H
1-3 m2 7 Days 48H
3-10 m2 8 Days 72H
>10 m2 10 Days 96H
4 Layers 0.5-1 m2 6 Days 48H
1-3 m2 8 Days 72H
3-10 m2 10 Days 96H
>10 m2 12 Days 120H
6-8 Layers 0.5-1 m2 7 Days 72H
1-3 m2 9 Days 96H
3-10 m2 10 Days 120H
>10 m2 12 Days 144H
10 or more Layers 0.5-1 m2 10 Days 96H
1-3 m2 12 Days 120H
3-10 m2 14 Days 144H
>10 m2 16 Days 168H

Quick Turn Delivery Time for Prototype HDI PCB Orders


Layers PCB Order Quantity (m2) Standard Lead Time (Days) Quick Turn Lead Time (Hours)
4layer <0.2m2 10 Days 48H
6layer <0.2m2 12 Days 72H
8layer <0.2m2 12 Days 96H
10layer <0.2m2 14 Days 120H
12layer <0.2m2 14 Days 144H
14layer <0.2m2 14 Days 192H
16layer <0.2m2 16 Days 192H
18layer <0.2m2 18 Days 216H

PCBMay offers a quick turn PCB prototype service with 24hours, so when you have any urgent or express inquiry, please send it to sales@pcbmay.com or click the following button to submit the PCB prototype demand. We will move forward to prototype circuit boards very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our Quick Turn Boards Process and Capabilities.
Here you will find many quick questions and answers about quick turn PCBs, don’t hesitate to contact us, our email is sales@pcbmay.com.

How Long Does It Take to Make A PCB?

PCB production takes 3 – 15 business days depending on specific order parameters, not including delays caused by problems with the order/files.

Typically, boards are completed within 2 to 5 days.

What is Quick Turn PCB?

quick turn PCB ensures that a customer has their printed circuit board faster than ever before.

quick turn PCB can: Reduce delays – This ensures the customer does not have to wait quite as long for their desired PCB.

What is A PCB Button?

button PCB is one you used in remote controls where there are Rubber buttons to work with an electronic circuit.

As shown in the figure the coil pattern is made on PCB is called button PCB.

If you open any remote control (TV, AC, Gamepads, etc.) Then you can see these structures on the PCB (might be different than this).

Can You Produce the PCB Prototype Within 24H?

Yes, we can produce a 2layer prototype within 24H.

What is The Fastest Delivery Time For 4layer Prototype?

We can produce a 4layer prototype within 48H after engineering questions confirmed.

Do You Produce HDI Boards With Quick Turn?

Yes, typically we can produce 4layer HDI boards within 48H.

Do You Produce FPC Boards With Quick Turn?

Yes, we can produce a flexible board with a quick turn.

What is The Difference Between PCB And PWB?

When comparing PWB vs PCB, one difference that comes out is that PCB refers to a board with a complete circuit while PWB focuses on the board rather than the course. The use of the two terms varies from one place to the other. For example, in the manufacturing industry in the US, the two terms are used interchangeably.

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