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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing and assembly require a lot of raw materials, including Copper Clad Laminate (CCL), Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS), Prepreg (PP), Copper Foil, Solder Mask Ink, Silkscreen Ink,some Chemicals,components,stencils,test instruments,etc.

PCB base material is an important part of PCB.It determines the PCB board performance and scope of application.Different products have different requirements on the PCB base material.With the development of electronic technology.In PCB manufacturing, you need to consider how to choose the right material for your PCB design.

There are many different types of materials,each with different characteristics.For example,we need to consider design implementation and cost.

We are dedicated to offering our customers the lowest possible costs as well as the very finest in high quality PCB fabrication and high quality PCB assembly with components sourcing and functional Testing (FCT) services.

The main suppliers of PCB and Components raw materials you can check below:

AGC-Nelco (USA) – AGC-Nelco Corp. makes high-technology digital and High Frequency/microwave printed circuit materials principally for the telecommunications and internet infrastructure,enterprise and military/aerospace markets.Manufacturing facilities are located in Kansas,Singapore,France,Arizona and California,with R&D in Arizona,Kansas and Singapore.

Raw material supplier 1

Isola (USA) – Isola’s high-performance materials are used in a diverse range of electronic end-markets including applications in computers,networking and communications equipment,high-end consumer electronics, as well as products designed for use in the advanced automotive,aerospace,military and medical markets.  Isola’s global footprint includes eight manufacturing facilities and three research centers located in Asia,Europe and the United States.

Raw material supplier 2

ITEQ (Taiwan) – ITEQ Corporation has five manufacturing sites in Taiwan,Southern China,and Eastern China.Products range from halogen free materials to high performance,low loss materials suitable for lead free processing, as well as flex-rigid materials.

Raw material supplier 3

The Kingboard Laminates Group established its first laminate manufacturing plant in 1988 in Shenzhen,Horizontally,the Kingboard Laminates Group expanded its production of new laminate products,including glass epoxy and flame retardant paper laminates.Vertically,the Kingboard Laminates Group expanded into the production of key upstream component materials,including copper foil, glass yarn,glass fabric,bleached kraft paper and epoxy resin.

Raw material supplier 4

Nan Ya CCL is the worldwide market share leader for PCB laminates.As the PCB industry’s only vertically-integrated manufacturer,Nanya supplies prepreg and laminate materials, as well as solder mask,resin,yarn/fabric,and with full PCB fabrication and assembly capabilities in Taiwan and China.Specializing in lead-free and halogen-free materials, Nanya Plastics manufactures laminates for use in automotive applications, industrial automation,gaming,IC substrates,LCDs,mobile phones,personal computers,network switches,routers and servers,tablets and many

Raw material supplier 5

Panasonic (Japan) – Panasonic Electronic Materials is a technology innovator in copper-clad laminates—with a pace-setting roadmap for high-speed,low-loss and thermally robust substrates, including the popular MEGTRON(MEGTRON 6 and MEGTRON 7) series,as well as flexible board materials

Raw material supplier 6

Shengyi Technologies (China) – Shengyi Technology Co, Ltd. (SYTECH) is a world leader in the development and production of laminates.The company provides a complete portfolio of products ranging from composites to high reliability,thermal management,HSD and RF/PTFE laminate materials.Shengyi’s products are used in single-sided,double-sided,multilayer printed circuit boards,HDI boards and the company’s global customer base spans a broad spectrum of markets including mobile phones,automotive,telecommunication equipment and higher-level electrical products.

Raw material supplier 7

Taiwan Elite Material Co., Ltd. is the leading material provider of CCL and PP and is ranked among top 10 laminate producers in the world,and is the leading provider of the green halogen-free laminate.

Raw material supplier 8

Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC, Taiwan) – TUC works with its customers and focuses on innovation, research and development to provide superior quality,professional support,value-added materials and advanced mass lamination service – with a focus on the following material characteristics:high speed/low loss,lead-free compatible and halogen free,low CTE and superior chemical and thermal resistance,and rigid-flex applications. TUC obtains many international certificates, such as QC080000 IECQ HSPM,Sony Green Partner,ISO 14001,TS16949,ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001

Raw material supplier 9

Ventec International (China) – Ventec designs,develops,manufactures and sells high quality copper clad laminates and prepreg bonding materials for the fabrication of a wide variety of printed circuit board (PCB) applications.With headquarters in Suzhou,PRC,Ventec International Group (VIG) is a world leader in the production of high quality,high performance copper clad laminates and prepregs used in a wide range of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and associated applications. Ventec has full in-house R&D capabilities and works closely with customers to customize and develop products that meet their specific needs.

Raw material supplier 10

Taiyo Holding Co., LTD. is Japan company, which the world’s leading manufacturer of solder resist (mask).The well-known brand and good features bring more than 50% market share. The solder mask is widely used in high-end PCBs both in flexible and rigid.

Raw material supplier 11

Jiangsu Kuangshun Photosensitivity New-Material Stock Co., Ltd. is famous China solder mask manufacturer.The solder mask is mainly used for rigid PCB.

Raw material supplier 12

Shenzhen RongDa Photosensitive Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is high-tech photosensitive solder mask ink manufacturer China.The solder mask is widely used in rigid PCB.

Raw material supplier 13

3M is a United State company, mainly provides PCB industry with adhesive and tape for flexible printed circuit (FPC) attachments and HSE metals.

Raw material supplier 14

Tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes, mainly provides PCB industry with tape and adhesive.

Raw material supplier 15

TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is Japan company, mainly provides PCB industry with EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Sheilding Film on flexible PCBs

Raw material supplier 16

Digi-Key is the fourth largest electronic component distributor in North America and a broad-line distributor of board level components.It ranks as the fifth largest electronic component distributor in the world.

Raw material supplier 17

Mouser Electronics is a worldwide leading authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 750 industry leading manufacturers.

Raw material supplier 18

Future Electronics is a global leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing of electronic components.

Raw material supplier 19

Farnell element 14 is one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components.

Raw material supplier 20

Arrow Electronics is an American Fortune 500 company headquartered in Centennial, Colorado. The company specializes in distribution and value-added services relating to electronic components and computer products.

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