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Why Choose PCBMay for Your Rogers 3006

PCBMay is your one-stop-shop for all your PCB needs. You can choose a lot of Rogers and PCB types depending on your needs and application.

The Rogers 3006 is a circuit board that offers excellent mechanical stability and is applicable in the commercial microwave and radiofrequency.

Also, it can apply to technologies and communication devices. The Rogers 3006 components offer a fixed dielectric perfect for forming stripling and multilayer boards.

Our Rogers 3006 plays the role of the best insulator and is genuinely coefficient. You can amaze with it because they maintain their basic features and performance.

The best thing about having Rogers 3006 is that it has a stable temperature, impeccable dielectric constant, and high-speed circuits, making them noticeable.

We are capable of customizing designs for your Rogers 3006 desired. To produce a functional and extraordinary Rogers 3006, we always work with advance manufacturing tools and equipment.

For more than 15 years in the manufacturing industry, we pledge to give our full effort in giving quality products to gain satisfaction from our valued clients. We pay attention to the materials that we use to ensure the caliber and performance of our products.

Our production is so fast, so we can support you if ever you have an urgent need for any PCB. We significantly manufacture different quality types of PCB boards and assembly to keep the best reputation. Since we supply high-class products, we receive plenty of positive feedback from our customers.

We are ISO-9001, ISO-14001, UL, and RoHs certified. Before we ship out our products, it undergoes strict quality control inspection to prevent any defects.

Aside from that, we offer a wide range of PCB services, PCB designs, and we can also source you an electronic component. We are the perfect solution if you need to have better production. In PCBMay, we can professionally handle any PCBs problems.

If you need a rogers 3006, you can send us your inquiry!

Rogers 3006 – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for extensive mechanical stability in microwave or radio-frequency devices?

Or are you thinking of shipping the best Rogers 3006 for your appliances around the world?

Well, if these are your primary concerns, we have got all questions to answer you!

In the comprehensive guide below, we have listed some commonly asked questions about Rogers PCB 3006.

So let’s dive into the guide given as under to increase our knowledge.

What is Rogers 3006?

Rogers 3006 is defined as the particular type of Rogers PCB that contains ceramic-filled polytetrafluoroethylene composites.

This type of Rogers PCB is mainly designed for commercial use in microwave and radio frequency applications.

All Rogers PCBs are made up of the highest frequency materials that provide the best technical and mechanical properties to the circuit boards.

The dielectric constant of the highest quality Rogers PCBs is pretty stable. Thereby it helps in getting the change in DK.

The mechanical properties of materials in the Rogers PCB 3006 are stable regardless of the chosen DK. It also comprises multi-layer board designs.

Thus, you can use several Rogers PCB 3006 with varying dielectric constants compared to the single-layered PCBs without worrying about the reliability issues.

The stability of the Rogers PCB 3006 is constant over a wide range of temperatures. This temperature stability of the circuit board eliminates the change in DK.

Almost all types of Rogers 3006 are certified with ISO 9001. Thus there’s no need to doubt their efficiency and reliability.

Rogers 3006

Rogers 3006

What are the Features of Rogers 3006?

The features of Rogers 3006 are listed as under:

  • Dielectric Constant

They are available with a dielectric constant ranging from 6.5 to 40GHz. Thus, the dielectric constant of Rogers PCB 3006 is higher than the Rogers 3003.

The more significant value of the dielectric constant in Rogers PCB 3006 makes it easier to produce a more extensive range of electrostatic forces.

  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Another essential feature of the Rogers PCB 3006 is that they have a dissipation factor ranging only up to 17ppm per degree centigrade. This negligible value of the coefficient of thermal expansion indicates its thermal stability.

Their low coefficient of thermal expansion evaluates its versatility to be used in all types of electrical devices regardless of the temperature problem. They also withstand their initial shape over high temperatures.

  • Dissipation Factor

The dissipation factor of Rogers PCB 3006 is estimated up to 0.002 at 10GHz.

Because of its dissipation stability, it is used as a good insulator. It means that the materials of the Rogers PCB 3006 will have the best insulator system. Thus, they will be the perfect solution for high-frequency applications.

  • Thermal Conductivity

It is a fundamental property of the material that helps to know the material’s ability to conduct or transfer the heat through the system. The Rogers PCB 3006 comes with low thermal conductivity.

The decreased value of thermal conductivity allows the Rogers PCB 3006 to conduct less heat throughout the system. This is the primary property that makes it one of the best insulating materials in PCBs.

  • The decline in the Moisture Absorption

The moisture absorption ability of the Rogers PCB 3006 is only 0.002. It is the property that helps to determine the moisture-absorption ability of the PCB.

Their low value of moisture absorption helps the Rogers PCB 3006 to deal with the humid environment efficiently.

Features of Rogers 3006

Features of Rogers 3006

What is the Design of Rogers 3006?

The design parameters of Rogers 3006 depend on the hole quality determined while choosing the PCB materials.

The Rogers PCB 3006 design should ensure that the drills are made concerning the glass/epoxy standards.

The usage of the Rogers design is increased with the irregularity of the holes. Thus, there are many drilling parameters in the design of the Rogers 3006 PCB.

The metal deposition is also an important parameter involved in the design of the Rogers PCB 3006. Their support for electro-less copper processing is used to ensure the specific metallization of the PCB.

Design of Rogers 3006

Design of Rogers 3006

Where is Rogers 3006 Used?

Rogers 3006 PCB is used to increase the mechanical and electrical stability in the circuit boards of different electric devices.

However, some of the uses of Rogers PCB 3006 are listed as under:

  • They are used in the telecommunication appliances
  • They are used in the direct broadcast satellite
  • They are used in the microwave equipment
  • Rogers PCB 3006 is used in the power amplifiers
  • They are used in the RF identification tags
  • They are used in the DAS and many other drier assistance systems
  • They are used to increase the stability of the electrical circuits
  • They are used to improve the steadiness of the electrical and mechanical devices

What are the Benefits of Rogers 3006?

The primary benefits of the Rogers 3006 are listed as under:

  • They can work under low absorption features
  • They come with low thermal expansion and dimensional stability
  • The stable values of dimensions and thermal expansions of the Rogers PCB 3006 make it ideal for different conditions
  • The construction materials of Rogers PCB 3006 are compatible
  • The manufacturing materials can easily be fabricated because of their low thickness level
  • Rogers PCB 3006 has a low thermal conductivity
  • It retains the heat between its layers
  • It plays the primary role in the reduction of outgases in aerospace devices
  • It can match all trace locations and dimensions
  • It has a substantial impedance control
  • It works to provide steady and highly efficient frequency performance

Benefits of Rogers 3006

Benefits of Rogers 3006

How is Rogers 3006 Made?

The manufacturing process of Rogers 3006 comprises the following steps:

Before proceeding with Rogers PCB 3006, it is essential to fabricate the PCB.

For doing so, you have to make a photocopy of the decided design. The use of a photographic plate is common for making the photographic film.

For a multi-layered Rogers PCB 3006, don’t forget to arrange the PCB roger copies in proper order for having a better idea of the manufacturing process.

  • Core board Manufacturing

After designing the Rogers PCB 3006, it’s time to manufacture the core board along with the core layers of the PCB.

Cleaning the photosensitive for removing the copper-clad is also essential.

Once you’re done cleaning the copper clad, the next step is to insert the manufactured design in the upper layer.

  • Etch the Inner Core Plate

Once you have manufactured the scoreboard, it’s time to produce the inner core plate of the Rogers PCB.

You can use the stable NaOH solution for etching the inner core plate. It plays an essential role in removing copper from the film of the Rogers PCB.

  • Punch and Inspect the Copper Plate

For improving the compatibility of the Rogers 3006, try to make the holes on the surface of the core-board. Don’t forget to align the small holes with different materials.

After punching, the next step is to inspect the whole section carried out through automatic machines.

  • Lamination

Prepreg materials are used for laminating the outer layers of the Rogers PCBs.

This core material plays the leading role in inbounding the core board and the outer layer of the copper sheet present in the Rogers PCB 3006.

Fix the prepreg material and align the small holes on the lower plate of the Rogers PCB’s plate.

Cover the core of the Rogers PCB 3006 with a durable covering of the pressure adjusting aluminum sheet.

Machines are also used for carrying out this process.

This process can also be carried out with machines.

  • Drill the Layers

The drilling step for maintaining the core plates of Rogers 3006 is required for bonding it with the multiple layers present in Rogers PCBs,

You can perform it by a perforation hole done in any of the layers of PCBs.

Once you’re done with perforating the layer of the Rogers PCB, now try to carry out metalization of the core layers present in the Rogers PCB.

  • Precipitate the Pore Walls

Experts suggest using a well-designed and assembled machine to do this step. The device should contain a thin 25-micron copper film.

You can also deposit chemicals on the conductive layer of the PCB for spreading out copper.

Manufacturing of Rogers PCB 3006

Manufacturing of Rogers PCB 3006

What are the Standards for Rogers 3006?

Some of the quality standards that are required for manufacturing the Rogers 3006 are given as under:

  • ISO-9001

It is an international quality standard that is used for the quality management system of the manufacturer.

It also complies with the fulfillment of all customer demands by the manufacturer.

  • ISO 14001

This quality standard is required for setting out the environmental requirements for meeting the demands of the environment management system.

It plays an essential role in the improvement of environmental performance.

  • UL Standard

This quality standard is required for checking the extensive safety research and the scientific expertise.

What Materials are Used in the Construction of Rogers 3006?

Some of the primary materials that are used in the construction of the Rogers 3006 are listed as under:

  • Resistive Foil
  • Electro-deposited reverse treated materials
  • Ceramic PTGE bondply
  • Woven glass
  • Prepreg
  • Hydrocarbon
  • PTFE random glass fiber
  • Woven glass-reinforced modified epoxy laminates
  • PTFE Ceramic
  • Thermostat thermal and electrically conductive adhesive (TECA) film
  • Woven glass-reinforced modified epoxy IMS

Materials are Used in the Construction of Rogers 3006

Materials are Used in the Construction of Rogers 3006

What are the Applications of Rogers 3006?

The main applications of Rogers PCB 3006 are given as under:

  • They are used in RF engineering technology, including power amplifiers, RF identification tags
  • They are used in the aircraft collision avoidance systems
  • They are used in the cellular-based station antennas
  • Rogers PCB 3006 are used in the Backhaul radios
  • The majority of military equipment use the Rogers 3006
  • They are used in automotive industries
  • They are practically used in the high-speed designs
  • Mobile apps contain delicately designed Rogers PCB 3006
  • They are used to eliminate the signal loss
  • They are used in the microwave equipment
  • They are used in the Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

 Applications of Rogers 3006

Applications of Rogers 3006

What is the Best Place to Purchase Rogers 3006?

China is considered the best place to purchase the highest quality of Rogers PCB 3006.

The primary reason for choosing China as the only state to purchase the Rogers PCB 30006 is the availability of a long list of efficient manufacturers.

PCBMay is one of those efficient manufacturers that perform the best part in meeting the global demands of Rogers 3006.

Some of the primary characteristics of PCBMay that make it the leading manufacturer in the whole state are:

  • Fulfillment of all quality standards
  • Ability to stand rightly on the customer demands
  • Use of high-quality manufacturing materials
  • 24/7 availability to the customers
  • One-stop solution for all problems of the customers
  • Presence of experienced workers and technicians

How to Select Rogers 3006?

Keep the following factors in your mind while selecting the best Rogers:3006

  • Decomposition Temperature of the Rogers PCB

One of the most crucial steps involved in selecting the Rogers PCB 3006 is decomposition temperature.

Try to choose the Rogers PCB 3006 that has a steady range of decomposition temperatures. The Rogers PCB should withstand the high temperatures that lie in a range of 200 to 350 degrees.

The main factor for choosing such kind of Rogers 3006 is the profitable soldering of the item.

  • Dielectric Constant

The majority of the Rogers PCB 3006 comprises the materials having a low-cost dielectric constant material of the circuit boards.

That is why it is suggested to forget the dielectric constant value of the materials with which the Rogers PCB 3006 are made.

Calculate the value of the dielectric constant so that the Rogers 3006 comes with a greater operating frequency.

  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

One more factor in determining the Rogers PCB 3006 is to get a brief idea about the value of the thermal expansion coefficient of Rogers 3006.

The thermal coefficient is the factor that determines the expansion of all materials.

Thus, choose the Rogers 3006, which comes with a stable 70pp thermal expansion coefficient.

This property makes the PCBs deal with high temperatures.

  • Ability of Absorbing Moisture

Moisture absorption ability. Another factor to look for in Rogers 3006 is its ability to absorb Moisture. The Roger 3006 should contain substantial moisture absorption ability.


Does the Thermal Expansion of Rogers 3006 Material Impact It’s Working?

Yes, the thermal expansion of the Rogers 3006 impacts its work because they expand when they are heated up.

Rogers PCB 3006 contains the materials that expand their surface area when they are subjected to high temperatures.

Almost all the Rogers PCB 3006 comes with a threshold temperature known as the glass transition temperature.

It determines the state at which the Rogers 3006 start to expand.

What is the Difference Between Rogers 3006 and FR4 Material?

Some of the potential differences between Rogers 3006 and FR4 materials are listed as under:

  • The dissipation factor of Rogers material is 0.004, but FR4 material has a dissipation factor of 0.02
  • Rogers materials are expensive, whereas the FR4 materials are cost-friendly
  • Roger materials deal with high temperatures, but the FR4 materials are unable to deal with the high temperatures
  • Roger materials have remarkable performance, but the FR4 materials have decent performance
  • Roger materials have high polarity, but the FR4 materials have low polarity
  • Roger materials are ideal for aerospace applications, but FR4 materials aren’t suitable for space devices

You can contact PCBMay to get a brief insight into the differences between FR4 materials and Roger materials.

Difference Between Rogers 3006 and FR4 Material

Difference Between Rogers 3006 and FR4 Material

How to Choose the best Manufacturers of Rogers 3006?

You can choose the best manufacturers of Rogers 3006 with some steps that are given as under:

  • Research the Best Manufacturer

You’ll come across many options of worthy manufacturers in China when you head out to purchase Rogers PCB 3006, but explore the search engines for better options.

Cut the options to make it easy to select the most efficient and reliable Rogers PCB 3006.

  • Contacting the Manufacturer of PCB Roger

Contact the manufacturer to finalize the deal. So when you’re done with choosing a reliable manufacturer, reach them through their phone number or email address.

  • Evaluate the Manufacturer’s Experience

The manufacturer should be experienced enough to make the Rogers PCB 3006 with high quality.

The experience of the manufacturers tells everything about the efficiency and reliability of the manufacturer; that’s why manufacturers with ten or more ten years of experience are preferred.

  • Tech Support

The manufacturer of Rogers PCB 3006 must come with reliable tech support in case of any inconvenience from the buyers.

They should have a technical support team of workers to solve the concerns of the customers.

  • Raw Materials

The production and availability of the raw materials is another factor that you need to keep in mind when selecting the best Rogers 3006 manufacturer.

The manufacturer must have a sufficient supply of the highest quality of raw materials to meet the customer demands.

Is China a Good Place to Purchase Rogers 3006?

Yes, China is one of the most trustworthy countries to purchase the long-lasting and durable Rogers 3006.

The primary reason for the reliability of China is the use of factory raw materials situated within the state.

The manufacturers in China fulfill all quality needs for manufacturing the top-notch quality of Rogers PCB 3006.

You can explore PCBMay to know the better reasons for purchasing Rogers 3006 from China.

Purchase Rogers 3006

Purchase Rogers 3006

How to Select the Best Materials for Rogers 3006?

Some of the main points to keep in mind while selecting the best materials for Rogers 3006 are listed as under:

  • The Rogers PCB 3006 material should contain the cost-effective PCB fabrication properties
  • The material used in the construction of Rogers PCB 3006 should improve the impedance control in the circuits
  • For space applications, the materials used in the Rogers PCB 3006 should have the properties of low outgassing
  • Moreover, Rogers PCB 3006 materials must come with the lower dielectric loss in the operating circuits

Select the Best Materials for Rogers 3006

Select the Best Materials for Rogers 3006

What is the Substrate of Rogers 3006?

The substrate of the Rogers 3006 is a high dielectric and low lossy material.

The substrate material of the Rogers PCB 3006 has a dielectric constant of 6.51 and a loss tangent of 0.002.

 Substrate of Rogers 3006

The substrate of Rogers 3006

Can You Get a Discount on a Bulk Import of Rogers 3006?

Yes, you can get a discount on the Bulk import of Rogers 3006 only by contacting reliable manufacturers.

You can contact the support team to know everything about their discount strategies.

How to Import Rogers 3006 from China?

The steps for importing Rogers 3006 from China are given as under:

  • Search the manufacturer
  • Contact them and get a quote
  • Finalize the deal
  • Get an idea of the shipping methods
  • Ensure the import formalities
  • Ask the manufacturer to import

Can You Customize Rogers 3006?

Yes, you can customize the size, shape, and manufacturing materials of Rogers 3006.

Before customizing the Rogers materials, explore the options available at the manufacturer’s site.

Customize Rogers 3006

 Customize Rogers 3006

What is the Dielectric Constant of Rogers 3006?

The dielectric constant of Rogers 3006 ranges up to 6.51.

The high value of the dielectric constant of Rogers 3006 enables it to gain the narrowband array of rectangular chips.


What are Rogers 3006 Laminates?

The substrate laminates of Rogers 3006 are ceramic PTFE composites.

The substrates for this type of Rogers PCB are mainly designed to provide long-lasting electrical and mechanical stability.

The stability of the Rogers 3006 laminates provides a stable dielectric constant that remains the same up to a wide range of temperatures.

However, the Rogers PCB 3006 that have high dielectric constants have the highest values of capacitance.

What is the Substrate Price of Rogers 3006?

The substrate price of the Rogers 3006 is not constant.

It depends on a wide variety of factors, such as the type of materials and their dimensions.

Besides the materials and dimensions, the substrate price of the Rogers PCB 3006 also depends on the method of manufacturing and assembling it.

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