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PCBMay is a popular printed circuit board provider in China. If you need PCB and Rogers 3035, PCBMay can be your best partner!

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If Rogers 3035 is your concern, PCBMay has a lot of printed circuit boards and Rogers’ that you can choose from.

We provide the best PCB types and PCB assembly services to our valued customers for more than 3000.

In PCBMay, we support the large-scale of our customer’s PCB needs. We create and design single, double, rigid, flexible, multilayer PCB, and many more.

We even customize PCB and Rogers as per customer’s requests and demands. Also, PCBMay provides a quick solution to your PCB needs.

If you are looking for high-quality, just contact PCBMay!


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Why Choose PCBMay for Your Rogers 3035

PCBMay is a preeminent manufacturer in China, focusing on manufacturing PCB and PCBA for more than a decade. We export all types of PCB, especially for our OEM and ODM clients offering at a competitive rate.

PCBMay RO3035 is part of the RO3000 set of materials. It can operate at a lower temperature and can use up to 30-40 GHz. Our RO3035 is available in rolled copper, lead-free finished surface.

Our products can be applied in a wide variety of applications, starting from safe to critical components like a radar system, airbags, engine control units, stereo camera systems, and many more. Also, it is used in medical devices, LED light, in aviation, and so on. We can customize your RO3035 according to your demands and requests.

With more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, PCBMay gains countless customer’s trust and support. Up to now, we continue to innovate and develop PCB products to become your ultimate PCB and PCBA source.

By making our RO3035, we use high-end tools and equipment for faster production and excellent output. Before we ship out your orders, it undergoes numerous quality testing to ensure its quality, visual, and performance to avoid any factory defect.
All our products are ISO, RoHS, and UL certified that meet the IPC standard. You can ensure that all our RO3035 is not ordinary like other brands.

Aside from that, we manufacture not just Rogers 3035 but also PCB and PCBA.

If you are interested in our unique Rogers 3035, message us immediately!

Rogers 3035:  The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you worried about high-frequency PCB applications?

Then, Rogers 3035 will be the best solution for your projects. It provides multi-site production and impressive performance in power amplifiers. This PCB laminate becomes globally available due to its supreme minimum-input minimum-output applications.

PCBMay provides the most reliable manufacturing service of Rogers 3035. Do you know about this laminate? Don’t worry. We are here to let you know the details of this PCB laminate through this FAQ guide. So, Let’s make a move.

What Is Rogers 3035?

Rogers 3035 is a highly reliable PCB laminate of the RO3000 series. Its uniform effective electric properties promote the performance of high-frequency electric circuits.

rogers 3035

Rogers 3035

This PCB laminate is made of ceramic and PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene). The effective dielectric properties of Rogers 3035 turn it into a low-loss PCB solution. Its fabrication process is simple which makes it compatible with multilayer PCB stackup.

It is a supremely ecologically effective laminate. That’s why Rogers 3035 has numerous applications in different industries.

What Are The Features Of Rogers 3035?

Rogers 3035 is extremely popular with complicated and prototype PCB applications due to its attractive features. The key features of this PCB laminate include:

  • Low loss tangent. It is 0.0015 at 10GHz frequency
  • Effective dielectric constant, that is 3.5005
  • CTE  is 17, 17, and 24 ppm/⁰C at the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis respectively.
  • The thermal coefficient at Z-axis is -45 ppm/⁰C
  • Volume resistivity is 10^(7) Mohm-cm
  • 04% rate of moisture absorption
  • Thermal conductivity is 0.5 W/m/K
  • High decomposition temperature, which is 500⁰C
  • The flammability rating is V-0 in UL94 standard
  • Compatibility with lead-free technology
  • Copper peel strength is 10.2 lb/in

Rogers 3035 Laminate

Rogers 3035 Laminate

What Are The Applications Of Rogers 3035?

Rogers 3035 brings out a tremendous advancement in PCB-driven electronic devices. It is highly applicable in versatile PCB projects. Here, the most notable applications of Rogers 3035 are explained for you.


Rogers 3035 provides high robustness and low dissipation factor at high-frequency antenna systems. That’s why it is widely used in the defense industry. It offers impressive reliability and useful dielectric properties in antennas.

Such as phased array antenna, hand-held device antenna, conformal antenna, patch antenna, etc. Usually, modern electronic devices are integrated with cellular antennas for a high-frequency transmission. Rogers 3035 delivers a sufficient dielectric constant to meet up the frequency demand.

Widely Used Rogers 3035

Widely Used Rogers 3035

Conformal antennas are applied to non-planar devices. This flexible PCB laminate is ideal for these types of irregular shapes like a low-radius cylinder with curvature.

Power Amplifiers

This PCB laminate renders excellent thermal management along with high dielectric strength. That’s why it is an automatic choice for power amplifiers. Rogers 3035 enables power amplifiers to deliver a smooth RF signal transmission.

But, it never compromises the data transmission rate and area coverage of your communication devices.

Communication System

The materials used in the communication systems demand effective mechanical and dielectric properties to ensure a faultless transmission. Rogers 3035 fulfills all of these requirements efficiently.

Its superb impedance stability, thermal management, and most noteworthy reliability in high-frequency PCB projects make it compatible with RF and microwave data transfer systems.

Digital Control Device

The features of RO3035 PCB laminates supply noise-free data transfer and fast signal switching. Again, digital navigation systems require low crosstalk property which is also ensured by the Rogers 3035.

Its immense positive sides in signal controlling make it worthwhile for around 77 Gbps data transmission in digital control devices.

AESA Application

AESA is the short form of Active Electronically Scanned Array. Rogers 3035 laminate is useful for this application due to its compatibility with multilayer PCB stackup. Besides, it also has great control over the phase of the signal concerning the signal frequency and temperature.

Except for these uses, Rogers 3035 is a popular choice in military instruments, aerospace industry, radar, automotive devices, and so on.

What Are The Advantages Of Rogers 3035?

Rogers 3035 provides tremendous advantages in different aspects. Now, we are going to inform you of the significant benefits of this PCB laminate.

High-frequency Compatibility

Its dissipation factor is low in electric circuits. Since the dissipation factor is inversely proportional to the signal frequency, you can apply this PCB laminate in high-frequency applications with great reliability.

Multilayer PCB Design

Rogers 3035 provides impressive thermal resistivity and heat conduction in PCB layers. This property promotes the applications of this PCB laminate in multilayer PCB assembly.

Its low dielectric constant enables you to apply thermal vias properly. Rogers 3035 also delivers consistent electric properties which are also mandatory in multilayer PCB stackup.

Noise-free Signal Transmission

It supplies a constant dielectric constant. The dielectric constant promotes impedance stability and prevents the temperature change in PCB components. So, you have an opportunity to use low-pass filters and oscillators which are highly effective for noise reduction in signal transmission.

Wide Range Of Operating Temperature

Rogers 3035 operates at a wide range of temperatures. That’s why you can apply this PCB laminate to versatile temperature-sensitive applications. Like power amplifiers require low working temperature for better functionality. RO3035 laminate promotes its performance with a low thermal coefficient and high volume resistivity.

Nature Friendly

This creates no significant harm to ecology through its activities. Rogers 3035 is free from the presence of harmful halogens. You can also apply it to a lead-free process with great functionality.

Nature-Friendly Rogers 3035 PCB Laminate

Nature-Friendly Rogers 3035 PCB Laminate

Besides, This PCB laminate of the RO3000 series has compliance with RoHS. That means it is a completely eco-friendly PCB solution.


Rogers 3035 enables you to experience the optimum performance of your devices at a reasonable rate. Its longevity and high robustness are also responsible for making it a cost-effective PCB laminate in the present times.


The dielectric strength of RO3035 is supremely worthwhile for high-density PCB applications. This property develops the durability of your devices. Again, high robustness makes it compatible with a microstrip patch antenna.

Rogers 3035 is the leading PCB solution of versatile electronic projects nowadays. Contact us. We are offering the most effective PCB laminates of the RO3000 series.

How Does The Dielectric Constant Affect Rogers 3035 Performance?

A low dielectric constant is appropriate for the PCB projects. Again, its large range is important for multilayer PCB design.

Low DK Rogers 3035

Low DK Rogers 3035

Rogers 3035 provides the dielectric constant of 3.50.5. That means it covers a wide range. Besides, the dielectric strength promotes the insulating property of this PCB laminate. It affects the thermal management of the PCB materials.

Moreover, the design dielectric and the process dielectric constants have a positive effect on the robustness of RO3035 laminate.

Is Rogers 3035 Better Than Other RO3000 Series Laminates?

RO3000 series PCB laminates have versatile uses in modern technology. But, Rogers 3035 has become different from clothes laminates in many aspects. Let’s have a look at the comparative analysis among these effective PCB materials.

  • It has a low design dielectric constant (3.6) compared to RO3006 (6.5) and RO3010 (11.2). This property enables the electronic devices to ensure high impedance stability and a low dispersion rate.
  • Its loss tangent (0.0015) is comparatively lower than other PCB laminates of the RO3000 series. That’s why it has numerous high-frequency applications than RO3006 and RO3010.
  • Its thermal coefficient is low compared to others.
  • It has notable durability in highly dense conditions due to its low moisture absorption rate  (0.04%). But, this rate is high (0.05%) in the case of RO3010 PCB laminate.
  • Its copper peel strength is higher than RO3006 and RO3010. That’s why you can get better robustness in RO3035 PCB-based electronic applications.
  • It provides more effective surface and volume resistivity compared to other PCB laminates.

These properties make RO3035 superior to its contemporary laminates.

Rogers 3006 PCB

Rogers 3006 PCB

What Is The Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion In Rogers 3035?

The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in Rogers 3035 is 24 ppm/⁰C at the Z-axis. This value of CTE indicates the expansion due to the change of temperature. That means RO3035 has stable electrical properties while temperature changes.

Low CTE Rogers 3035 PCB

Low CTE Rogers 3035 PCB

CTE should be low for the high durability of PCB materials. That’s why Rogers 3035 delivers tremendous performance in the signal transmission of communication devices.

What Is The Effect Of Decomposition Temperature In Rogers 3035?

The decomposition temperature of Rogers 3035 is 500⁰C. It refers to the terminal value of temperature at which materials tend to be decomposed. That means at 500⁰C, RO3035 PCB laminate starts to lose its inelastic nature.

High TD Rogers 3035 PCB Laminate

High TD Rogers 3035 PCB Laminate

This property has an immense influence on the thermal management of Rogers 3035. Its high decomposition temperature indicates that it shows great resistance against thermal stress. It promotes the robustness of electronic devices.

Rogers 3035 is highly applicable in transmission devices and military equipment due to its high decomposition temperature.

How Do You Ensure Impedance Control Of Rogers 3035?

Impedance control is a major factor that affects the performance of Rogers 3035 greatly. You need to ensure a stable impedance in the PCB materials during the assembly.

The dielectric constant and the thickness of the PCB laminate affect impedance. You need to ensure the dielectric constant of PCB materials. This property along with the consistent temperature promotes impedance stability a lot.

Rogers 3035 Impedance Control

Rogers 3035 Impedance Control

Besides, the dielectric thickness plays a huge role to ensure a stable impedance. That’s why you need to apply Rogers 3035 PCB laminate with suitable copper thickness and surface finish method.

Is Rogers 3035 Halogen-free?

Yes. Rogers 3035 is a halogen-free PCB laminate. It consists of a low amount of halogens like fluorine, chlorine, etc for higher fire retardancy. According to the IEC standard, a PCB laminate can’t be called halogen-free if

  • It consists of more than 900 ppm of chlorine or bromine
  • It has 1500 ppm of halogens

Halogen-free Rogers 3035 PCB Laminate

Halogen-free Rogers 3035 PCB Laminate

RO3035 contains a lesser amount of halogen materials than the standard. That’s why you can consider it as free from halogen. So, it does not cause any harm to nature or human health by producing dioxins and injurious chemicals.

What Is The Dissipation Factor Of Rogers 3035?

The dissipation factor of Rogers 3035 is 0.0015 at 10GHz.  refers to the loss in signal transmission because of electromagnetic energy dissipation. Its other name is loss tangent.

This property is reciprocally connected to the frequency. That’s why RO3035 PCB laminate with low loss tangent is compatible with transferring 30 to 40 GHz frequency signals. It also ensures the minimum signal loss.

How Does Dispersion Affect Rogers 3035?

Dispersion plays an important role in Rogers 3035’s efficiency. It refers to the change of dielectric properties with respect to frequency. Consistency in the dielectric constant value is effective for high-speed PCB applications. So, you need to ensure a low dispersion rate of this PCB laminate.

Rogers 3035 With Low Dispersion

Rogers 3035 With Low Dispersion

The high dispersion occurs due to the molecular imbalance in the PCB materials. It lessens the signal transmission rate. That’s why It is necessary to ensure stable dielectric properties of Rogers 3035. You should consider the temperature change to reduce the dispersion rate.

How Can You Apply A Lead-free Process In Rogers 3035?

You can apply different lead-free processes to fabricate Rogers 3035 laminate. The following steps are required for its lead-free compatibility.

  • You have to apply a lead-free surface finish technique like ENIG, HASL, OSP, etc.
  • Consider pure tin. It is effective for resisting unwanted etching.
  • Try to use traditional ovens instead of IR ovens.
  • Control the temperature change of the PCB laminate
  • Apply inert gas temperature for soldering

What Is The Rating Of Rogers 3035 In The UL94 Standard?

Rogers 3035 has a V-0 rating in the UL94 standard. It is a reliable standard to identify the flame retardancy of PCB materials. This V-0 rating has a definite meaning concerning the flammability of this PCB laminate.

  • The orientation of the test is vertical
  • Burning stops within 10 sec.
  • Burning is dripping-less
  • The combustion period is below 50 sec.

UL 94 Standard

UL 94 Standard

This rating means that Rogers 3035 provides impressive performance in the case of flame retardancy.  The UL 94 standard consists of 6 categories to classify materials flammability.

Do You Need To Consider Temperature Change In Rogers 3035?

Temperature change affects the dielectric properties of PCB materials. So, it is mandatory to ensure stable thermal management for having a constant dielectric constant.

It also hampers the data transmission of your communication devices to a large extent. Excessive temperature increases the resistance. This results in low thermal conduction in PCB layers. Then, Rogers 3035 renders a low functionality.

Is Rogers 3035 Good For Multilayer PCB Stackup?

Yes. Rogers 3035 is applicable for multilayer PCB stackup. It delivers useful mechanical and electrical properties which are effective for designing a  multilayer PCB.

Multilayer PCB Stackup

Multilayer PCB Stackup

This laminate is highly durable and functional at different operating temperatures.  RO3035 provides an effective dielectric constant of a wide range. Its value is 3.500.05.

That means you can apply different dielectric constants at different PCB layers. This promotes the functionality of multilayer PCB design. Again, these PCB materials have sufficient dielectric strength to control the data transmission.

Thermal vias have immense importance in multilayer PCB stackup. These vias act to dissipate the heat from different PCB layers. Rogers 3035 PCB laminate provides impressive thermal management.

Its high thermal conductivity and low resistance make it appropriate for the most well-designed multilayer PCB stackup. Watch this video:


Which Surface Finish Is Good For Rogers 3035

Rogers 3035 promotes the performance of different devices in many ways. It requires an effective surface finish that boosts up its efficiency. Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold is the perfect surface finish for RO3035 PCB laminate.

ENIG Surface Finish Of Rogers 3035

ENIG Surface Finish Of Rogers 3035

ENIG renders some benefits here. Such as:

  • ENIG is a lead-free surface finish technology. Rogers 3035 is also compatible with a lead-free process.
  • This surface finish provides great resistance against the decay of the PCB surface.
  • It keeps the PCB materials safe from the oxidation effect.
  • ENIG delivers a wide surface on the PCB laminate. That means you can easily design an effective component placement for the multilayer PCB stackup.
  • This is effective for the microstrip patch antenna design with Rogers 3035.

That’s why you should apply ENIG for this ceramic-filled PCB laminate. Besides, you can think about ENEPIG and OSP surface finish.

Can You Store Rogers 3035 For A Long Time?

You can store Rogers 3035 for a long period. But, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in this case. Here, the basic instructions to store it as other RO3000 series PCB laminates are given for your convenience.

  • Don’t place any heavy objects above the cartons having Rogers 3035.
  • Keep the polythenes sheets on the PCB laminate to resist oxidation and decay.
  • Try to store the PCB panels vertically. This system is useful to minimize the risk of damaging the metal surface.
  • Otherwise, store these PCB laminates horizontally on clean and wide shelves.
  • Use a corrosion-free sheet to separate the panels.
  • The shelves need to be larger compared to the total panel size.
  • Don’t keep any waste matter on the surface of Rogers 3035 PCB laminate.

You can keep these laminates intact in their original cartons. Both of the ways are reliable for the long-time storage of RO3035.

What Are The Limitations Of Rogers 3035?

Rogers 3035 has some negative sides despite providing enormous benefits in various applications. The significant limitations of this PCB laminate include:

  • It suffers from being affected by corrosion and oxidation at extreme thermal states and intense humid situations.
  • Its materials have a higher price than other PCB materials. But, its long working life with tremendous reliability minimizes the effect of extra cost.

Effective Rogers 3035 PCB Laminate

Effective Rogers 3035 PCB Laminate

We supply the best materials for RO3035 manufacturing at an affordable rate. So your device will remain free from corrosion. Contact us to enjoy the hassle-free electric circuits for your high-frequency applications.

How Do You Test Rogers 3035?

You can test Rogers 3035 through some reliable inspection process. The most notable tests are explained here.

Flying Probe Test

This test checks the faults by applying probes in different points of Rogers 3035 PCB laminate. This slow but effective inspection verifies the soldering, current rating, voltage, etc. This low-cost test consumes a lot of time.

Flying Probe PCB Test

Flying Probe PCB Test

Automated Optical Inspection

The AOI test deals with the images of Rogers 3035 laminate. Then these images are compared with the ideal PCB laminate for fault finding. Some high-quality image-capturing pieces of equipment are integrated into the AOI machine. This inspection process is costly but trustworthy.

How Can You Choose The Best Manufacturer Of Rogers 3035?

You should consider the following factors to choose the best manufacturer of Rogers 3035.

  • Manufacturing ability of IPC standard PCB
  • Reliable and long-term experience of PCB assembly
  • High-quality materials for to manufacture Rogers 3035
  • Full-time technical support of a professional technician.
  • RoHS certification.
  • Impressive customer care service.

We have been manufacturing Rogers 3035 PCB laminate for around 15 years. We provide IPC Class 2 standard PCB along with skilled technical support. Contact us to enjoy the best and RoHS-certified Rogers 3035.


Rogers 3035 solves the limitations in 30 to 40 GHz range PCB applications. Its enormous benefits make it compatible with the massive production of electronic devices. This supremely effective PCB laminate enables you to experience optimum PCB performance.

PCBMay is the leading manufacturer of Rogers 3035 at the present time. We hope you will get the solutions to your PCB problems in this FAQ guide. We have tried to provide you with a simple and straight explanation here. Contact us for any kind of information about Rogers 3035 manufacturing.

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