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PCBMay is a professional Rogers 3210 manufacturer and supplier in China. We have more than ten years in the PCB industry. Our skillful engineers design a high-quality and efficient Rogers 3210.

We export products to more than 60 countries around the world. These products are applicable for automotive, electrical, aerospace, military, and so on. Choose PCBMay as your reliable Rogers 3210 manufacturer and supplier!


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1. DHL

DHL offers international express services in over 220 countries.
DHL partners with PCBMay and offers very competitive rates to customers of PCBMay.
It normally takes 3-7 business days for the package to be delivered around the world.

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5. Air, Sea/Air, and Sea

If your order is of large volume with PCBMay, you can also choose
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Why Choose PCBMay Rogers 3210

PCBMay is a trusted Rogers 3210 supplier in China. We have more than ten years in manufacturing high-quality Rogers 3210. Our products are your perfect choice for your business. PCBMay offers a one-stop solution to your requirements.

PCBMay has a team of highly experienced engineers. They are responsible for the design, component sourcing, and assembly of your Rogers 3210. Therefore, we can provide you a professional and timely solution to your PCB needs.

We offer Rogers 3210 that features woven fiberglass reinforcement. Thus, it provides enhanced mechanical stability. Its dissipation factor and dielectric constant also offer superior electrical performance.

Our Rogers3210 offers excellent dimensional stability. These are perfect for applications that require high frequency. It is also ideal for applications that require a high dielectric constant. We also design Rogers 3210 with a copper surface and smoother laminate. This feature makes our Rogers 3210 suitable for mobile and portable devices.

Aside from that, PCBMay manufactures Rogers 3210 with better substrate rigidity and low insertion loss. These products are also less fragile and easy to handle. Our Rogers 3210 is excellent for multi-layer boards and epoxy construction.

One of the advantages of our Rogers 3210 is its high thermal conductivity. It has an improved heat-skin design. Thus, it can efficiently transfer active components into the heat sink. These products also feature optimal economics, low cost, and superior performance.

Rogers 3210

You can use Rogers 3210 for automotive GPS antennas, direct broadcast satellites, and other similar applications. These are also ideal for power backplanes, remote meter readers, base station infrastructure, wireless telecommunication systems, and more.

Besides Rogers 3210, PCBMay also manufactures Rogers 3003, Rogers 5880, Rogers 4360, Rogers 3006, Rogers 3010, Rogers 3035, Rogers 3203, Rogers 6002, Taconic laminates, Amplifier PCB, Edge plating PCB, and more.

PCBMay strives to skyrocket your business. We offer Rogers 3210 custom design. The scope of our services includes PCB design, PCB processing, PCB assembly, PCB fabrication, component sourcing, PCB inspection, technical consultation, and more.

We satisfy your requirements with our top-quality products. All products are authentic, genuine, and not defective. PCBMay has certifications from ISO9001, UL, ISO14000, and other international standards.

Our goal is to provide you one-stop solution PCB services. We have expert engineers to advise you with your design. Thus, you can save your money and time. PCBMay also offers a fast lead time so that we can provide you with a brief delivery time.

Choose PCBMay as your no. supplier of Rogers 3210. We provide excellent services and 24/7 technical assistance. We are your trusted partner to skyrocket your business!

Enquire now for your next Rogers 3210 orders!

Rogers 3210 – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you thinking of increasing the efficiency of your circuit to operate at a higher frequency?

Or are you looking for the enhanced thermal stability of the printed board circuits in your sensitive devices?

Well, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Rogers 3210 will be the ultimate solution.

After comprehensive research, we have gathered the most standard questions about the type, material, and uses of the Rogers 3210 in the guide below.

So let’s get started without any further discussion.

What is Rogers 3210?

Rogers 3210 is a particular type of printed board circuit with a special ceramic-filled laminate for making the inner base.

The circuit laminates are then filled with woven fiberglass to improve their efficiency and current flow. Almost all Rogers of the 3000 series is known to work with high-frequency circuit materials.

Unlike the standard PCBs, the Rogers PCB 3210 is not available with integrated fiberglass on the inner side. The presence of Rogers 3210 in the electric circuits dramatically increases the thermal and electric conductivity.

In addition to this, they are available with a unique value of the dielectric constant. Thus, they work with high thermal stability.

The consistent value of the dielectric constant in the Rogers PCB 3210 plays the leading role in improving the deficiencies of PTFE substrates in their bases.

You can also use these PCBs in high-humidity applications because they have the property of low water absorption.

The primary purpose of using Rogers PCB 3210 in electrical circuits is to enhance the integrated components’ mechanical stability and electric performance.

Among the 3000 series, only Rogers PCB 3210 offers top-notch mechanical stability at competitive prices.

Rogers 3210

Rogers 3210

What are the Properties of Rogers 3210?

The primary properties of Rogers 3210 are listed as under:

  • It plays the most crucial role in improving the rigidity of the PCBs, thereby making them easier to handle
  • They are available with woven glass reinforcement properties.
  • The electrical and mechanical performance of Rogers PCB 3210 is relatively uniform.
  • It has an ultra-quality structure that is further integrated with the high-frequency multi-layer outlook.
  • The in-plane expansion of its thermal coefficient is compatible with the copper sheets on the inner and outer layers.
  • It has perfectly installed surface-mounted assemblies for better performance.
  • There are many suitable board hybrid designs.
  • The surface of the Rogers PCB 3210 is perfect for giving an acceptable line etching tolerance to the devices in which it is installed.
  • It has extraordinary dimensional stability, which gives high production yield of electricity in many circuits.

Properties of Rogers 3210

Properties of Rogers 3210

What are the Applications of Rogers 3210?

The typical applications of Rogers 3210 are explained as under:

  • They are used in the infrastructure of the base station
  • Many LMDS and wireless broadband devices contain the highest quality of Rogers PCB 3210
  • They are used in the integrated datalinks on the cable systems
  • In the antennas micro-strip that is used for communication is made up of Rogers 3210
  • All types of Rogers from the 3000 series are used in the power backplanes
  • They are also present in the remote meter readers
  • Wireless telecommunication systems are also the broader applications of Rogers PCB 3210
  • The automotive global position satellite antennas also contain the highest quality of Rogers PCB 3210
  • The GPS antennas have the premium quality of these PCBs
  • Direct broadcasting with satellites is another application of the Rogers 3210
  • Radars and sensors of the automotive systems also have Rogers PCB 3210
  • Test equipment that is used for ATE also include this PCB
  • 5G stations are incorporated with the circuits containing Rogers PCB 3210

Applications of Rogers 3210

Applications of Rogers 3210

What are the Technical Features of Rogers 3210?

Some essential technical features of Rogers 3210 are explained in the section below:

  • They are made up of highly conductive material film
  • They are made up of materials that are resistant to all kinds of chemical attacks
  • The materials used in these Rogers PCBs are of high-density
  • The electrical and thermal properties of this type of PCB are relatively constant
  • The electrical performance of Rogers PCB 3210 is pretty similar to the PTFE
  • They have prominent dimensional stability
  • They have better substrate rigidity in the form of woven glass reinforcement
  • They are available with a low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • It resists more excellent heat as compared to the other types of Rogers PCBs
  • The uniformity of the electrical and mechanical properties makes them best among all PCBs
  • The laminate and the copper surface of this PCB is comparatively smoother than others
  • The insertion loss is low
  • The value of the dielectric constant is relatively high as compared to the other PCBs

You can visit the PCBMay to know all other technical features of Rogers 3210.

Technical Features of Rogers 3210

Technical Features of Rogers 3210

What are the Advantages of Rogers 3210?

Some crucial advantages of the Rogers 3210 are explained as below:

  • They are available with a low rate of losing electrical signals. Thus, they offer better communication.
  • The impedance control in these Rogers PCBs is pretty high and uniform.
  • The cost-effectiveness of the Rogers PCB benefits many users in different fields.
  • The low dielectric constant of this Rogers PCB is suitable for many sensitive devices.
  • They are available with an extended range of dielectric constants.
  • The process of fabrication in Rogers PCB 3210 is pretty affordable to many manufacturers.
  • They offer better coupling as compared to other PCBs
  • They place the leading role in reducing the higher-order modes.
  • Rogers PCB 3210 is famous for reducing the circuit size of the printed board circuits.
  • They transfer low impedance in the circuits.
  • Rogers PCB 3210 is known for delaying the possible fluctuations between the various components of printed board circuits.

Advantages of Rogers 3210

 Advantages of Rogers 3210

What are the Disadvantages of Rogers 3210?

Some common disadvantages of Rogers 3210 are listed as under:

  • They are sometimes available with uneven surfaces
  • Rogers PCB 3210 aren’t much good for fine pitch
  • They contain lead which can be a potential pollutant to the environment
  • They have soldered bridging in their structure
  • They offer thermal shock in some sensitive appliances
  • They have reduced PTH’s

Disadvantages of Rogers 3210

Disadvantages of Rogers 3210

How Rogers 3210 are Manufactured?

Almost all types of Rogers 3210 are manufactured in the following steps:

The manufacturing process of Rogers PCB 3210 begins with the fabrication of the PCB. For fabricating the printed board circuit, the manufacturer make design of the PCB.

They mostly use photographic plates along with photographic film for making the design of the PCB. In addition to this, they arrange all Roger PCB 3210 copies to get a brief insight for manufacturing it.

  • Manufacture the Coreboard

The next step after making the Rogers PCB 3210 is to design or manufacture the basic coreboard of the printed board circuit. For making this, a sensitive copper clad is essential.

Insert the manufactured design of the coreboard in the upper layers of PCB after cleaning the copper clad on the board

  • Etching of the Core Plate

Once you’re done with making the outer layer of the printed board circuit, it’s pretty essential to manufacture the inner layers as well.

For making the inner layers of the Rogers PCB 3210, you have to use the highest quality of NaOH to etch the inner core plates.

  • Punching and Inspecting the Copper Plate of PCB

For integrated all the essential components on the printed board circuit, make sure to make compatible holes on Roger’s surface. All these holes will be aligned with different materials.

Once you’re done punching all the holes on the circuit board, make sure to inspect the covered section. You can use automatic machines for inspection.

  • Lamination of the PCB Layers

For laminating the installed layers on the PCB, Prepreg is the essential material. It is essential for promoting the inbounding in the coreboard of the outer layers of Rogers PCB 3210.

Make sure to cover all the drilled holes of the lower PCB plate and use automatic machines for the lamination.

  • Drilling of the Layers

Multiple layers of the Rogers 3210 are inclined with each other through the drilling process. This process is most common in multi-layer PCBs.

The drilling of the PCBs is also carried out with the help of precipitating the holes present in the holes. Make sure to perform metallization of the holes after drilling them.

  • Precipitation of the Pores in PCB

Most of the efficient manufacturers in China adopt well-designed and assembled machines for doing this step. It is essential to have a 25-micron copper film.

The conductive layers of the PCB are also installed in this process.


How Rogers 3210 are Assembled?

Rogers 3210 are assembled through the following steps:

  • Application of the Solder Paste

The assembly of the Rogers PCB begins with the application of the highest quality solder paste on the printed board circuit. The application of solder paste in the assembly of PCBs is similar to screen printing.

Moreover, the solder paste is then integrated with the chemical flux, which is mainly designed to increase the efficiency of the solder paste. It helps the solder paste to melt quickly and bond to the surface.

  • Use of Pick and Place Machine

The application of the solder paste is then followed by the use of a pick and place machine. It’s basically a robotic machine that helps to mount the different components on the circuit board.

It’s also a manual that is carried out through tweezers. You can also use your hands to pick and place the sensitive components on the circuit board.

The next step after the placement of the components is the reflow soldering for ensuring the permanent placement of elements on the circuit board.

The PCB board in this process is converted into the conveyer belt, which is then moved through the reflow oven.

After all the steps for the assembly of the Rogers PCB 3210, the manufacturers carry out a detailed inspection. The primary reason for the assessment of the PCB is to ensure its quality.

Many methods are adopted for the inspection of the Rogers 3210. Some of these inspection methods include manual checks, automatic optical inspection, and X-ray inspection.

You can visit the PCBMay webpage to get detailed information about the assembly of Rogers PCB 3210.

What is the Best Place to Buy Rogers 3210?

There are many best places in the world where you can buy the highest quality of Rogers 3210, but China stands on the top when it comes to producing this class of PCBs.

The availability of many Chinese manufacturers in China has made this country win customers’ hearts from the whole world.

The trustworthy production of Rogers PCB 3210 is supported with the use of premium quality materials at almost all places in China.

PCBMay is also one of those Chinese manufacturers who prefer the production of quality products over large-scale production.

Some other reasons that make PCBMay one of the best places in China to purchase the highest quality of Rogers PCB 3210 are listed as under:

  • They fulfill all quality and safety standards of manufacturing the PCB
  • The use of premium quality materials for the production of Rogers PCB 3210
  • They fulfill all the customer demands from every region of the world
  • 24/7 assistance to the customer’s problems

Best Place to Buy Rogers 3210

Best Place to Buy Rogers 3210

What are the Steps for Choosing Best Rogers 3210?

Make sure to follow the given steps while choosing the best quality of Rogers 3210:

  • Check the Dielectric Constant of the Rogers

One of the most important factors while choosing the Rogers PCB 3210 is to check their dielectric constant.

The majority of the Rogers PCB 3210 are available with low values of dielectric constants. Thus, don’t forget to check the dielectric constant before choosing the Rogers PCB 3210.

  • Check the Thermal Expansion Coefficient

When you’re out choosing the premium quality of Rogers PCB 3210, check the coefficient of thermal expansion. The thermal coefficient of the PCBs is important to determine the expansion of PCB materials.

Thus, try to choose the Rogers 3210, which is available with the 70pp thermal coefficient.

  • Consider the Decomposition Temperature of Rogers 3210

Check the decomposition temperature of the Rogers PCB 3210 when selecting it because it determines the stability of PCB towards high temperatures.

This factor also determines the ability of the PCB to withstand the soldering process of the PCB.

Best Rogers 3210

Best Rogers 3210

How to Choose the Rogers 3210 Manufacturers?

The steps for choosing the Rogers 3210 manufactures are explained as under:

  • Select the Manufacturer

There is a complete bulk of options on the internet for selecting the best manufacturer of Rogers PCB 3210.

Make sure to get your hands on the most reliable option of manufacturers who fulfill all your demands.

  • Check the PCB Quality

It’s pretty important to check the quality of the PCB when selecting the proper manufacturer for Rogers PCB 3210. The quality of PCB is evident from many factors, such as the proper dimensions and components.

You can visit the site personally to check the production of the highest quality of Rogers PCB 3210.

  • Fulfillment of Requirements

When you’re selecting the correct manufacturer, don’t forget to check whether they can fulfill all your needs or not.

You can contact the support team and tell them all your needs for evaluating this factor.

  • Check the Competitive Cost

It’s also essential to better understand the costs and expenses for producing premium quality PCBs.

Discuss all the factors with the manufacturer for evaluating the average cost for Rogers PCB 3210.

  • One-Stop Solution

The selected manufacturer must provide the one-stop solution to all your concerns.

In addition to this, the manufacturer should give the ultimate facilities about the production, installation, and replacement of the Rogers PCB 3210.

You can choose PCBMay as your best supplier of Rogers PCB 3210.

Choose the Rogers 3210 Manufacturers

Choose the Rogers 3210 Manufacturers

What Materials Are Used for Rogers 3210?

The essential materials that are used in the manufacturing of Rogers 3210 are listed as under:

  • Electrodeposited Foil
  • Resistive Foil
  • Conductive Adhesive Film and Thermoset
  • Ceramic
  • Woven Glass
  • Hydrocarbon
  • Ceramic Polytetrafluoroethylene Bond ply
  • Woven glass laminates
  • PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Epoxy Laminates

All these materials make the overall structure of the Printed board circuits.

Materials Used for Rogers 3210

Materials Used for Rogers 3210

What is the Difference Between Rogers 3210 and FR4 Materials?

Some of the essential differences between Rogers PCB 3210 are given as under:

  • Rogers contains ceramic-based materials, but the FR4 materials have epoxy glass or fiberglass.
  • Rogers PCB 3210 materials have low strength of weight and correlations as compared to the FR4 materials.
  • Rogers PCB 3210 materials have substantial water absorption properties, but FR4 materials have 0 water absorption.
  • The cost of Rogers PCB 3210 materials is very high as compared to the FR4 materials.
  • The dielectric constants of both FR4 and Rogers PCB 3210 are also different from each other.
  • Rogers 3210 has lower temperature variations as compared to the FR4 materials.
  • The dielectric constant values of the Rogers PCB 3210 are comparatively high compared to the dielectric constant values of FR4 materials.
  • Rogers PCB 3210 offers high signal losses as compared to the FR4 materials in the printed board circuits.

Difference Between Rogers 3210 and FR4 Materials

Difference Between Rogers 3210 and FR4 Materials

What Are the Quality Standards for Rogers 3210?

Some essential quality standards for Rogers 3210 are explained as under:

  • ISO9001
  • ISO1400
  • UL standard

Does Thermal Expansion of Rogers 3210 Materials Impact It’s Working?

Yes, the thermal expansion coefficient of the Rogers PCB 3210 is expected to affect its working to a greater extent.

It impacts its working because the printed board circuit generally expands when it is heated to specific temperatures.

The surface area of the Rogers PCB 3210 also increases when they are exposed to heated temperatures.

Moreover, almost all PCBs from the 3000 series are available with a threshold temperature abbreviated as the transition temperature.

The transition temperature determines the thermal conductivities of the Rogers PCB 3210.

Thermal Expansion of Rogers 3210

Thermal Expansion of Rogers 3210

Can You Customize Rogers 3210?

Yes, you can customize the Rogers 3210 by reaching out to the most efficient manufacturer of PCBs in China.

The customization of the Rogers PCB 3210 includes the use of desired materials, integration of other components.

However, one thing you have to take care of is the extra fees that the majority of the manufacturers demand customizing these printed board circuits.

Can You Get a Discount on a Bulk Purchase of Rogers 3210?

There are many chances of getting a potential discount on the bulk purchase of Rogers 3210.

Some other methods for getting the most efficient discounts on all the deals of Rogers PCB 3210 are given as under:

  • Avail of all the coupon codes present on the manufacturer’s website
  • Don’t miss any notifications about the sales going on on the website
  • Try to purchase the items in bulk

What is the Dielectric Constant of Rogers 3210?

The dielectric constant of Rogers 3210 ranges from 10.2 to 0.5.

However, it has a high value of dielectric constants for the laminates compared to the other models of Rogers PCB.

The presence of a high dielectric constant improves its quality to be employed in the majority of the power antennas and amplifiers.

Moreover, the high dielectric constant of the Rogers PCB 3210 delivers the most efficient power integrity in the circuit.

This dielectric constant of the Rogers 3210 also improves the current carrying capacity of the printed board circuits.


How to Import Rogers 3210 from China?

The steps for importing the Rogers 3210 from China are given as under:

  • Approach the most reliable manufacturer from your list
  • Contact their support team and finalize the deal
  • Transfer the half payment before the shipment of the product
  • Make sure everything about the import formalities
  • Transfer the remaining payment after receiving the product
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