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PropertyTypical ValueDirectionUnitsConditionTest Method
Dielectric Constant, sf Process3.38 ± 0.053.48 ± 0.05Z10 GHz/23°CIPC-TM-650 Clamped Stripline
(1> Dielectric Constant, s Design3.553.66Z8 to 40 GHzDifferential Phase Length Method
Dissipation Factor tan, 80.0027 0.00210.0037 0.0031z10 GHz/23°C 2.5 GHz/23°CIPC-TM-650
Thermal Coefficient of zt4050zppm/°C-50°C to 150°CIPC-TM-650
Volume Resistivity1.7 X 10101.2 X 1010MQ・cmCOND AIPC-TM-650
Surface Resistivity4.2 X 10°5.7 X 10°MQCOND AIPC-TM-650
Electrical Strength31.2 (780)31.2 (780)zKV/mm (V/mil)0.51mm (0.020M)IPC-TM-650
Tensile Modulus19,650 (2,850) 19,450 (2,821)16,767 (2,432) 14,153,(2,053)X YMPa (ksi)RTASTM D638
Tensile Strength139 (20.2) 100 (14.5)203 (29.5) 130 (18.9)X YMPa (ksi)RTASTM D638
Flexural Strength276 (40)255 (37)MPa (kpsi)IPC-TM-650 2.4.4
Dimensional Stability<0.3<0.5X,Ymm/m (mils/inch)after etch +E2/150°CIPC-TM-650 2.4.39A
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion11 14 4610 12 32X Y Zppm/°C-55 to 288°CIPC-TM-650 2.4.41
VPC Plating Line

Releted Some Other PCBs

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Rogers 4350b PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for the most effective PCB for your devices?

Then Rogers 4350b PCB will be the best solution for you. Being the base of the electric circuit, RO4350b PCB brings out excellence in the world of electricity.

Some tremendous benefits of Rogers 4350b make it more convenient than other PCBs.

But, do you know about RO4350b PCB’s layers, fabrication methods, key features, etc?

Don’t worry. This FAQ guide will answer all of your queries about Rogers 4350b PCB.

Let’s start.

What Is Rogers 4350b PCB?

Rogers 4350b is a manufactured printed circuit board (PCB). Roger co-operation fabricates this PCB by using 4350b materials.  It is made of supreme-quality glass fibers.

Rogers 4350b PCB is useful for higher RF (radio frequency) and cost minimization.

You can use RO4350b for mass production and archetype developments. That means it covers a huge range of applications.

Rogers 4350b PCB

Rogers 4350b PCB

Besides, Rogers 4350b is very stable in terms of dimensions. This property makes it unique from the other Rogers PCBs.

What Are Rogers 4350b Materials?

Rogers 4350b consists of materials offering a frequency of a higher GHz range.

These are usually thermoplastic materials. Glass fiber, especially hydrocarbons are used inside the materials. But, these fibers are free from poly tetra fluoro Ethene (PTFE).

Rogers 4350b PCB consists of solder mask, pad, Cu layer, trace, etc. Rogers 4350b PCB materials are effective for commercial applications having higher volume and top performances. Doesn’t it sound good?

Rogers 4350b PCB Materials

Rogers 4350b PCB Materials

Moreover, materials used for Rogers 4350b, provide thermal durability, low dielectric constant, low loss factor, etc. Most noteworthy, these materials ensure lesser attenuation and permittivity.

Thus Rogers 4350b PCB is highly effective for smooth data transmission. A proper PCB fabrication with such high-frequency materials can control impedance also.

What Is The Use Of The Dielectric Constant In RO4350b?

Dielectric constant means the ratio of the electric permittivity of material at a certain medium and free space.

The dielectric constant and frequency are inversely proportional to each other. It affects the data propagation rate. The dielectric constant is 3.66 for Rogers 4350b PCB.

But this value can be varied for design and process dielectric.

Process dielectric constant for Rogers 4350b PCB 3.48±0.05. It is worthwhile for microwave applications.

The low dielectric constant of Rogers 4350b is useful to various applications. Its small value reduces the thermal coefficient. Hence, you can use Rogers 4350b PCB in devices operating at low temperatures.

Dielectric Constant Vs Frequency Grap

Dielectric Constant Vs Frequency Graph

A high dielectric constant will produce extra charges. It results in increasing electric potential and capacitance. High electric potential hampers PCB in many cases.

What Is The Dissipation Factor Of RO4350b?

The dissipation factor(DF) is the ratio of the equivalent series resistance (ESR) and capacitive reactance.

This factor indicates the lack of efficiency of a material. It is also known as loss tangent.

Now, the dissipation factor of Rogers 4350b is very low. It is 0.0036 on Z-axis with a 10GHz frequency. That means RO4350b PCB is highly effective.

Relative Permittivity And Loss Tangent Variation

Relative Permittivity And Loss Tangent Variation

DF is actually a parameter that measures PCB’s performance at different conditions. The low dissipation factor of Rogers 4350b acts to lessen losses. But, its price is a little bit more. So, you need to trade-off costs for efficiency.

What Are The Key Features Of Rogers 4350b PCB?

Rogers 4350b is a highly efficacious PCB nowadays. Its superb features are the key reason behind capturing the PCB market.

High-Frequency Rogers 4350b PCB

High-Frequency Rogers 4350b PCB

Here, some of its key features are given:

  • Its electrical properties are very stable compared to the frequency
  • The dielectric constant is 3.6
  • Low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient
  • The dissipation factor is 0.0037
  • The temperature coefficient is +50
  • Rogers 4350b offers a High volume It is 1.2×1010.
  • High glass transition temperature. This is more than 280°C
  • The ideal decomposition temperature is 390°C
  • It is compatible with the lead-free process.
  • Base copper is suitable in 0.5 Oz to 1Oz.
  • Compatible with higher frequency signals.

What Are The Benefits Of Rogers 4350b?

The features of Rogers 4350b PCB brings immense benefits. Now We are going to explain some incredible advantages of Rogers 4350b.

Low Dissipation Factor

Rogers 4350b provides a low dissipation factor, which is 0.0037. This small value of the dissipation factor indicates its higher efficiency.

Low Dielectric Constant

Rogers 4350b offers a low dielectric constant. This value is 3.66. That means its thermal constant is low.

Again, RO4350b PCB can be used in temperature-sensitive devices. It is effective from -192°C to 260°C with great resistivity. Its firm dielectric constant promotes a stable signal transmission.

Besides, Rogers 4350b can operate over a wide range of frequencies due to this.

High Frequency

If you think that your device requires an upper range of frequencies, Rogers 4350b will be the best choice. It can fulfill maximum electrical and mechanical demands with high-frequency data transmission.


Rogers 4350b PCB is highly stable in terms of electric properties. It has significant dimensional stability also.

Wide Range Of Application

RO4350b PCB can be used for a huge area of applications. This is mainly designed for high-frequency applications. But, Rogers 4350b can function superbly from prototype to mass production.

Rogers 4350b PCB Fabrication

Rogers 4350b PCB Fabrication

Again, Its massive manufacture is easy to handle.


You can buy a Rogers 4350b PCB at a very competitive price. So, don’t worry about the price.

Resistive To Oxidation

Oxidation hampers solders in SMT(Surface Mount Technology) pads.

Rogers 4350b has high oxidation resistance. So, it prevents solder damage to a great extent.

Low Moisture Absorption

Rogers 4350b PCB absorbs almost zero moisture. That’s why moisture won’t affect the electrical and thermal behavior of RO4350b. This property enhances Rogers 4350b PCB’s efficiency.

In addition to these, Rogers 4350b PCB ensures low dielectric loss and inner expansion coefficient. All of these benefits help it to be more popular than other types of PCBs.

Is Rogers 4350b Better Than FR-4 PCB?

Of course. Rogers 4350b is better than FR-4(Flame Retardant Level 4) PCB in many aspects. Are you also confused between these two types of PCB?

That’s not a problem. Let’s make a move with me to know the factors behind the victory of RO4350b.

  • Rogers 4350b PCB can operate at higher frequencies than FR-4 PCB. This property makes Rogers 4350b beneficial to the users despite its higher cost.



  • Rogers 4350b has lower dissipation factors than FR-4 PCB. So, RO4350b provides a low loss of electrical data.
  • RO4350b PCB is the best for space application. Its low outgassing property makes it preferable to FR-4 PCB. Rogers 4350b can render better functionality in space exploration.
  • The dielectric constant of Rogers 4350b (3.6) is smaller compared to FR-4 PCB(4.5). That’s why its temperature constant is also lower than the others.
  • Rogers 4350b has better impedance controllability than FR-4 PCB.
  • Rogers 4350b PCB has a lower moisture absorption rate than FR-4 PCB.
  • Rogers 4350b can be viable in a larger range of temperatures from -192°C to 260°C. On the contrary, FR-4 PCBs make a huge variation due to high-temperature changes. That means Rogers 4350b’s performance is more advanced than FR-4 PCB in the case of temperature management.

So, this should be evident that you should choose Rogers 4350 PCB for your projects.

What Is The Cost Of Rogers 4350?

Rogers 4350b PCB is more costly than other PCBs. But, this cost is affordable.

It depends on the exact Gerber design. This variation happens due to the materials, size, manufacturers, etc. The high efficiency and low loss can reduce the pressure of the cost.

Cost-effective Rogers 4350b PCB

Cost-effective Rogers 4350b PCB

What Are The Wire Bonding Methods Of Rogers 4350b?

Wire bonding is a process of joining the Rogers 4350b PCBs at the time of fabrication.

Again, you have to do wire bonding to connect different ICs with each other. So, if you want to fabricate your Rogers 4350b PCBs properly, knowing wire bonding is a must.

We are here with you to cover all types of wire bonding.

Methods of wire bonding for Rogers 4350b can be classified into two categories.

They are:

  • Diffusion bonding
  • True fusion welding

They vary in terms of welding.

Diffusion bonding

In this wire bonding method, you don’t need welding for creating connections. Here, the diffusion method is used for connecting Rogers 4350b PCBs.

Thermal compression bonding, thermosonic bonding, and ultrasonic bonding are some fruitful ways of wire bonding through diffusion.

For mass production, a combination of different methods can be done.

True fusion welding

Here, you have to weld both circuit pads and lead metal. That’s why it is called fusion welding.

Soldering, laser welding, parallel gap welding, electron beam welding, percussive arc, etc are some popular kinds of fusion welding for Rogers 4350b PCB.

Rogers 4350b PCB Gold Wire Bonding

Rogers 4350b PCB Gold Wire Bonding

Nowadays soft metals like Al(Aluminium), Ag(Silver), and Au(Gold) are used for wire bonding. Copper wires are becoming popular because of their low cost and sustainability. But, copper is not so soft for smooth control.

You need to choose your wire type and wire bonding methods according to your application.

You can watch the video for knowing wire bonding properly.

What Is The UL 94 V-0 Rating For Rogers 4350b?

Ul 94 is a standard for detecting the flammability of plastic materials. This test was released by USA-based Underwater Laboratories. UL 94 is used to categorize plastics from the least flame retardant to the most flame retardant.

Now, The Ul 94 V-0 rating for Rogers 4350b PCB indicates that the burning will come to an end within 10 sec on a vertical plane. Besides, It permits drops of non-inflamed plastic particles.

UL 94 Standards

UL 94 Standards

There are 6 types of plastics according to their behavior in various burning conditions.

6 UL 94 ratings are HB, V-2, V-1, V-0, 5VB, 5VA. Here, UL 94 HB is the least flame-retardant and UL 94 5VA is the most flame-retardant plastic.

How Does RO4350b PCB Control Impedance?

Impedance control is an essential feature of Rogers 4350b PCB. It varies from 25 to 120 ohms. Sometimes, trace impedance can cause an adverse effect on high-frequency digital and analog signals.

So, you need to know how Rogers 4350b PCB controls impedance.

Impedance is an electrical property that opposes AC (Alternating Current). It combines the inductance and capacitance of a high-frequency electric circuit. If a signal passes through a conductor having a versatile impedance, it can be damaged.

Impedance should be within a certain limit for PCB manufacturing. That’s why impedance control is necessary. And Rogers 4350b PCB can perform this task efficiently.

 Rogers 4350b PCB With Controlled Impedance

Rogers 4350b PCB With Controlled Impedance

Before controlling impedance, you must be aware of some Rogers 4350b PCB parameters. Like required impedance, trace height, trace width, spacing between controlled Cu components, dielectric constant, dielectric thickness, etc.

Impedance is inversely proportional to the square root of DK, trace width, and trace thickness. It is proportional to the height of the laminate.

Now, you can design Rogers 4350b PCB with controlled impedance. This design requires finding out the signal, specifying the trace parameters for controlling PCB impedance.

You can annotate a schematic design for your convenience. You should avoid dissymmetry in routing, distinguishing controlled impedance traces, extra spacing between components.

Contact us. We supply the best Rogers 4350b PCB with controlled impedance.

What Is The Difference Between Rogers 4350b And 4003c?

Rogers 4350b and Rogers 4000c are not 180 degrees different from each other. There are some distinguishing properties to differentiate them.

Let’s have a look.


RO4350b materials aren’t completely halogen-free. Mainly, hydrocarbons are used in the glass fibers of Rogers 4350b. On the other hand, Rogers 4003c materials are free from halogens. So, they are a little more friendly to nature.

 Rogers 4003C PCB

Rogers 4003C PCB

Dielectric Constant

Rogers 4350b PCBs dielectric constant is 3.48±0.05, where RO4003c PCBs is 3.38±0.05.

Circuit Design Value

The recommended circuit design value of RO4350b is 3.66. In the case of RO4003c, it is 3.55.

Except for these properties, Rogers 4350b and 4003c are almost similar in performance.

Where Do You Use Rogers 4350b PCB?

Rogers 4350b PCB covers a broad range of applications. Its high-frequency dealing ability with low loss turns it into the most affordable PCB of the present era.

RO4350b PCB

RO4350b PCB

Here, some of its applications are included for you.

  • Microwave point-to-point joints
  • Couplers
  • Radiofrequency switches
  • Power  and trunk amplifiers
  • Global communication
  • Space
  • Complex multilayer circuits
  • Wireless communications devices
  • Transmitting radio frequency
  • 3G, 4G, multi-coupler antenna
  • Relay stations
  • Microstrip antennas
  • Sensors
  • Automotive radar

So, you can use Rogers 4350b PCB in versatile complex projects.

How Can You Verify The Performance Of Rogers 4350b?

You can verify the performance of Rogers 4350b by running different tests. Now, We are going to explain some tests for your convenience.

Flying Probe Test

This is a custom fixtureless test. You need to move the probe used in the test to different points of a RO4340b PCB. That’s why it is called the “Flying probe test”. Here, you must follow the guideline of a definite software program.

You can identify the defects of resistance, capacitance, inductance, diode, shorts, opens, etc through this test. This is a cost-effective non-powered test. It requires additional time compared to the other tests.

In-circuit Test(ICT)

ICT requires a huge number of drivers, sensors, a specific fixture, and software. Here, a bed of nails acts to connect the probes and access points of the PCB according to the fixture. Particular pressure is required to keep the joint intact.

In-circuit Test

In-circuit Test

The driver tester verifies the solder connection. The software provides the instructions for the test.  It is also called the “Bed of nails test”.ICT test is a little bit costly but effective.  You can minimize the cost by testing bulk amounts of Rogers 4350b PCBs.

Again, the value of different components, shorts, opens, and IC operations can also be checked by conducting the in-circuit test.

Functional Test

This test checks whether your Rogers 4350b PCB meets all required standards. The functional test takes more time. But, it is effective to ensure the performance of RO4350b.

Automated Optical Inspection Test

This test compares Rogers 4350b PCB with the ideal PCB by taking 2D or 3D images.

Automated optical inspection(AOI) is a rapid test.

You can try to conduct this automated test with other analog tests.

X-Ray Inspection Test

This test is conducted in case of the failure of detecting defects visually. Here, an operator needs to use an X-ray to find problems of solder connections, ICs, components, etc of Rogers 4350b PCB.

X-ray inspection is a high-rated test. It also consumes plenty of time. You can watch the working procedure of this test through a video

In addition to these tests, you can also apply burn-in tests, solder-float tests, micro section analysis tests, contamination tests, etc. You need to be conscious of the tests. Some tests often hamper the PCB when you verify the performance of Rogers 4350b.

What Are The Drawbacks Of RO4350b?

Rogers 4350b PCB has limited drawbacks with a lot of advantages.

You have to be aware of such limitations that can hamper PCB.

  • RO4350b promotes oxidation in a highly humid atmosphere.
  • The long storage period makes Rogers 4350b PCB less effective.
  • It is a little bit more costly than the other PCBs.

These drawbacks can be resolved easily by following some instructions. You can trade-off between higher prices and high performance.

That’s why you can rely on Rogers 4350b PCB without any hesitation.

How Can You Manufacture a Rogers 4350b PCB?

Since Rogers 4350b PCBs are widely used in the electronic world, it is very important to know their manufacturing process. There are numerous ways of manufacturing Rogers 4350b PCB. We are explaining the gist of basic manufacturing.

First, choose the plain Roger PCB board. Next, cut down the unnecessary copper. Then, you need to achieve the proper track pattern. Normally, a photo-resist covers the Cu of the PCB. Then, you have to put light on it via a photo mask.

Rogers 4350b PCB Manufacturing

Rogers 4350b PCB Manufacturing

Thus, images of the tracks can be passed to the photo-resist. Now, place the photo-resist in a developer. It helps to mask the required region of the PCB. Next is the time of chemical etching.

Here, you have to put PCB in the standard solution of Ferric Chloride. It acts to etch the region where no copper is mandatory. PCB should not be kept in the solution long. Then, Ferric Chloride will hamper the photo-resist.

These are the basic steps of Rogers 4350b PCB manufacturing.

The photographic method is highly used for this manufacture. But, there are some other ways available. Such as: Using a milling machine to eliminate copper from unwanted portions.

This automated method is not good for the massive manufacturing of Roger 4350b

PCB. Again, the silkscreening process is also used to manufacture RO4350b PCB.

Here is a video for you to learn the details of PCB manufacturing:

How To Choose The Best Rogers PCB Laminate?

Roger PCB laminates are made to meet up the custom properties mostly.

Dielectric constant, materials, dissipation factor, glass transition temperature(Tg), coefficient of thermal expansion, the strength of shear, etc are the key features to make a Roger PCB laminates the best.

So, you need to check these properties to choose the best Roger PCB laminates.

In the very competitive world of Rogers PCB laminates, you can depend on Rogers 4350b PCB laminates. RO4350b materials are compatible with high-frequency signals.

It has a lower dielectric constant(3.66) and dielectric thickness(0.066).

So, Rogers 4350b PCB’s CTE is low. Rogers 4350b laminates don’t need through-hole treatments. You can use these laminates for high-power radio frequency as well. Unlike other Roger PCV laminates or PTFE-based laminates, Roger 4350bPCB laminates are easy to handle.

Besides, affordable prices with huge flexibility are very crucial for making Roger 4350b PCB laminates popular.

What Should Be Kept In Mind Before The Construction Of RO4350b PCB?

You should keep the following tips in mind before the construction of Rogers 4350b PCB.


You need to keep the drilling speed below 500SFM(Surface Feet Per Minute).

Besides, you must use standard entry and exit materials while drilling Rogers 4350b PCB.

Rogers 4350b PCB Drilling

Rogers 4350b PCB Drilling

Processing Outer Layer

In the case of constructing Rogers 4350b, the outer layer should be processed by lead plating, Cu plating, electrolytic tin, etc. You must follow the standards carefully.

Preparing Inner Layer

You should use mechanical processing for thicker cores and chemical processing for thinner cores. This will help in Cu etching.

Following Guidelines

Rogers 4350b PCB can be used in both thermoplastics and thermosetting systems. So, you must follow the guideline of the adhesive system.


You should never store Roger 4350b in extremely humid places. Too much humidity can oxidize the RO4350b materials. Besides, try to store it at room temperature.

How Can You Choose The Best Manufacturer Of Rogers 4350b PCB?

Choosing the best manufacturer of the Rogers 4350b PCB is a brainstorming task.

But, we will help you to find out the best result in the highly competitive market of PCB.

You must check some properties of the manufacturer before making your decisions. Such as-

  • Materials must follow UL 94 standards. UL 94 standards testify to the flame retardation of plastics. If the materials can achieve Ul 94 V-0, it is great.
  • Sufficient storage of raw materials. This will assure the users experience a fast and proper fabrication
  • The price should be affordable.
  • Performance should be verified through some trusted tests. Like, such as in-circuit tests, automated optical inspection tests, X-ray inspection tests, etc.
  • Plenty of experience in Rogers 4350b PCB manufacturing.
  • A broad range of projects
  • Certified by trusted standards
  • 24/7 technical support

If you are in search of a trustworthy manufacturer for RO4350b PCB, contact us.  We have been providing assembling and manufacturing services for more than 10 years. We have certification of ISO-9001, ISO-14001, RoHS, etc.


Rogers 4350b PCB has become the most effective PCB used in electric circuits. It can provide you with the maximum output. Here, we have covered almost all the queries related to RO4350b PCB. We have tried to make the explanation as simple as possible.

We hope you won’t face any complications to find out the best Rogers PCB.  In case you have any questions about the most compatible Roger 4350b PCB, contact us.

Stay tuned and be safe.

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