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In China, PCBMay specializes in rogers 4360 manufacturing. Provide high-standard PCBs and custom designs. We offer the best quality and excellent performance of rogers 4360 and able to reach your location.

PCBMay manufacture rogers 4360 (PCB) and uses high-quality and certified raw materials. We offer excellent performance reliability for plenty of applications like automated assembly compatible with high thermal conductivity.

If you are searching for suitable rogers 4360 for your final applications and business purposes, PCBMay is the right place that can fulfill your needs. PCBMay rogers 4360 has better rigidity for multi-layer boards and offers excellent benefits and great features that will suit your projects.

PCBMay is manufacturing rogers 4360 that can use certified materials. We will ensure long life and effectiveness for many applications. We have complete equipment and factory space convenient for large production supported with senior manufacturing staff from engineering, production, packing, designs, and more.

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Why Choose PCBMay Rogers 4360

PCBMay is a professional rogers 4360 PCB manufacturer in China. We provide a one-stop solution for your orders. Proudly offer effective services from manufacturing, customer service, assembly, and PCB layout according to your drawing.

In many years in the field, PCBMay has trained skilled workers about 500 in the workshop. We have a convenient factory space of about 40,000 square meters for faster production. We can support or meet your great demands for your business.

PCBMay rogers 4360 is a high dielectric constant that is similar to FR-4. A lead-free PCBs will lessen your fabrication costs. Our rogers 4360 featuring a low dissipation factor at 10 GHz, high thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, high TG, and more.

We will offer the best benefits of our rogers 4360 PCBs. It is compatible with automated assembly, and it will plate through-hole reliability, be environmentally friendly, lead-free, perfect supply chain, and more for your business. We have complete raw materials to meet our customizations.

PCBMay is a low-loss PCB that provides excellent performance in different applications. It is glass reinforced with excellent processing capability that can lower your budget. Rogers 4360 can give the perfect balance for all types of applications.

In more than 12 years in the field, PCBMay is a stable partner and a reliable manufacturer in China. We offer different services to meet your needs like design, fabrication, and assembly. You can send your ideal rogers 4360, and we will provide a lower price to help you save your money.

We ensure high-quality PCBs, ahead of time deliveries, customer service, and rogers 4360 high performance. PCBMay ensures to handle excellent product that provides excellent value for your orders with the help of complete processing machines and senior production staff.

We ensure experienced manufacturing staff and trained senior engineering, designers, and more. We provide one-stop solutions for your logo, designs, and more. 

Whether you need rogers 4360 for business purposes, PCBMay is your perfect choice. We will offer long-term relationships for your easier purchase for the following transactions with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly so you can get complete information. We ensure a faster response for your satisfaction.

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Rogers 4360:The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you intend to balance between performance and processing in circuits?

Then Rogers 4360 is the most reliable PCB solution for you. It renders a suitable equilibrium between top-quality and impressive rigidity at an affordable cost. Its numerous benefits make it the leading choice for modern electric devices.

PCBMay is the best manufacturer of Rogers 4360 with a long experience. If you want to know something about this, we are here for you. This FAQ guide covers its features, applications, pros, and cons, etc.

Let’s start.

What Is Rogers 4360?

Rogers 4360 is an effective PCB laminate that promotes the processability of electric circuits. Its suitable dielectric constant and low loss features make it compatible with versatile applications.

The very easiest fabrication keeps it always one step ahead of other PCB solutions. Its lead-free property is also ecologically effective. This is useful to high-frequency PCB projects.

Rogers 4360

Figure 1: Rogers 4360

There are different colors of Rogers 4360 concerning the manufacturer and the users. Like green, red, yellow, blue, black, etc are the most common in various complicated circuits.

What Are The Materials Of Rogers 4360?

Rogers 4360 consists of top-class materials. These materials are usually hydrocarbons. They have a combination of thermoset that is filled with ceramic and reinforced by glass materials.

Rogers 4360 Materials

Rogers 4360 Materials

The amalgamation of such highly effective materials ensures the easy processing of Rogers 4360. Besides, there is a sticky prepreg that plays a role in making bonds between copper foils. It has conductive copper foils on the laminate.

What Are The Key Features Of Rogers 4360?

Rogers 4360 includes some tremendous features. These features are extremely appropriate for different high-volume PCB applications.

Here, the notable features of this PCB are listed for your convenience.

  • Compatible with the lead-free technology
  • The dielectric constant is 6.15 ± 0.15
  • Thermal conductivity is high. It is 0.75 W/mK
  • Low loss tangent. This is 0.0038 at 10GHz frequency.
  • The glass transition temperature is more than 280⁰C
  • Resistive to the conductive anodic filament (CAF)
  • The coefficient of thermal expansion is low at Z-axis (28 ppm/⁰C)
  • Volume resistivity is 4×10^13 ohm-cm
  • High electrical strength. This is 784 V/m
  • The decomposition temperature is 407⁰C
  • Flammability is V-0 in UL 94 standard

These impressive features combine the most reliable PCB. It provides an outstanding experience of superior functionality and high rigidity in electric circuits.

What Are The Uses Of Rogers 4360?

Rogers 4360 has numerous uses in different industries. Its high performance is effective for enhancing the integrity of PCB applications.

There are some of the major applications where you can apply it.

Electronic Devices

The modern world is highly dependent on electronic devices. Rogers 4360 has great uses in this sector. Such as:

  • Telecommunication and navigation system. Like radars, sensors, smartphones, computers, etc.
  • DVD player, play stations, microwaves, alarm systems, etc.

Widely Used Rogers 4360

Widely Used Rogers 4360

Automotive Industry

It is used in various automotive devices nowadays. It promotes their ability to a large extent.

  • Regulators, power distribution, and other control systems.
  • Satellite
  • Automotive radars

Medical Sector

This is widely applicable in medical types of equipment for various experiments, diagnoses, etc. The following instruments incorporate it:

  • Microscope
  • Compressors
  • Sugar testing monitor
  • Blood pressure identification
  • Ultrasonic scanners

Industrial Uses

In many high-volume industrial productions, It is a good choice. Such as manufacturing equipment, inverters, different measuring instruments, etc.

Except for these, Rogers 4360 has moderate uses in space applications, the defense sector, and aerospace devices. Its high rigidity makes it compatible with these applications.

How Does The Dielectric Constant Affect Rogers 4360?

Dielectric constant refers to the ratio of the electric permittivity of a medium to the permittivity of a vacuum. It measures the electric charge storage of a PCB. Rogers 4360’s dielectric constant is 6.15 ± 0.15. This value is a little bit high.

The dielectric constant affects the coefficient of thermal expansion of Rogers 4360. It is inversely proportional to frequency. That’s why its moderate value is effective for high-frequency applications.

Rogers 4360 Low Dielectric Constant

Rogers 4360 Low Dielectric Constant

This PCB has a wide range of dielectric constants. This property promotes dielectric strength. Its higher value leads to high charge storage. This can result in overheating.

What Is The Loss Tangent Of Rogers 4360?

Loss tangent, which is also known as dissipation factor, indicates the lack of efficiency of dielectric materials. Its loss tangent is 0.0038 at 10 GHz. This is a low value.

Rogers 4360 With Low Loss Tangent

Rogers 4360 With Low Loss Tangent

Loss tangent affects the high-frequency applications of Rogers 4360. The low dissipation factor is appropriate for high-frequency PCB.

What Is The Effect Of Decomposition Temperature In Rogers 4360?

Decomposition temperature means the breakdown temperature of PCB materials. Its higher value indicates the superiority of PCB. The decomposition temperature is 407⁰C.

That means it starts to break at this temperature through thermolysis. This high value of decomposition temperature indicates impressive thermal management.

It helps in soldering the PCB surface. You can use RO4360G2 PCB in the industrial sector amidst an extremely hot environment due to high decomposition temperature. So, it affects the performance of this effective PCB significantly.

How Does Temperature Change Affect Rogers 4360?

Temperature influences the performance of Rogers 4360 in many aspects. If it experiences regular temperature change, it can’t maintain the low dielectric constant.

Again, molecular speed in these PCB materials increases due to high temperature. This causes instability of PCB impedance. Besides, it reduces the thermal conductivity of this PCB.

If you want smooth signal processing in your device, you need to control the temperature change.

What Is The Use Of Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion In Rogers 4360?

The coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) indicates the expansion rate of PCB material for 1⁰ change of temperature. Its lower value is effective for ensuring the high performance of Rogers 4360.

CTE Graph Of Rogers 4360

CTE Graph Of Rogers 4360

CTE of Rogers 4360 is 28 ppm/⁰C at the Z-axis. That means Rogers 4360 PCB materials have a small change of their thermal property due to temperature change. A low coefficient of thermal expansion is effective for gaining thermal stability which results in the outstanding effectiveness of Rogers 4360.

What Is The Effect Of Glass Transition Temperature In Rogers 4360?

The glass transition temperature (Tg) of Rogers 4360 is more than 280⁰C. This is a threshold temperature that is required for this PCB material to have a pliable shape. Its high glass transition temperature is useful for maintaining thermal stability.

High Tg Rogers 4360

High Tg Rogers 4360

The PCB materials are sensitive to high temperatures. That’s why low glass transition temperatures will cause a big problem. It affects durability and impedance stability. In that aspect, it provides tremendous performance and simple processing due to its high Tg.

How Does Moisture Affect Rogers 4360?

Moisture can hamper the efficiency of Rogers 4360 to a great extent. It affects the dielectric material’s property and thermal conductivity of RO4360G2 PCB. The moisture absorption rate of it is nearly zero.

Rogers 4360 Having Low Moisture Absorption

Rogers 4360 Having Low Moisture Absorption

That indicates this PCB has a great resistance against moisture. So, it can render stable dielectric properties and high thermal conductivity.

What Are The Benefits Of Rogers 4360?

Rogers 4360 provides numerous benefits in versatile applications. Some of its great benefits are explained here.

  • It is compatible with automated assembly and fabrication.
  • It supports the lead-free formulation. That’s why this PCB is ecologically effective.
  • This is a highly cost-effective PCB solution.
  • It is reliable for plated through-hole (PTH) technology.
  • It provides a short period of lead.
  • Its low dissipation factor promotes high-frequency uses.
  • The wide dielectric constant range provides great impedance stability.
  • Its high thermal conductivity promotes the durability of electric circuits.
  • The processing of this PCB is easier compared to other PCBs.
  • It is applicable in massive-scale applications like space, telecommunication, navigation, medical sectors, etc.
  • Its resistance against thermal stress, moisture is commendable. That’s why it lasts for a long period.

Except for these, Rogers 4360 usually doesn’t create oxidation of PCB materials. So, you can use this in large-scale applications.

Which Surface Finish Is Suitable For Rogers 4360?

ENIG’s (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) surface finish is the most suitable for Rogers 4360. This surface finish process is free from harmful lead. Rogers 4360 is compatible with a lead-free process.

Rogers 4360 With ENIG Surface Finish

Rogers 4360 With ENIG Surface Finish

ENIG provides a flat layer on Rogers 4360 PCB surface. This is effective for high-density PCB applications. Again, ENIG renders impressive protection to Rogers 4360 from oxidation and corrosion. That’s why RO4360G2 PCB can deliver the best output with ENIG surface finish.

What Is The Ul 94 Standard Of Rogers 4360?

Rogers 4360 has the V-0 rating in UL 94 standard.

UL 94 standard describes the flammability of materials and classifies them according to their behavior against flame. There are 6 categories in this standard. They are 5VA, 5VB, V-0, V-1, V-2, HB. Here, HB is the category for the least flame-retardant materials.

UL 94 Standards

UL 94 Standards

V-0 rating for Rogers 4360 indicates that-

  • Burning time is less than 10s
  • Tolat combustion time is less than 50s
  • There is no dripping of burning
  • No combustion up to the clamp

That means its flame retardancy is impressive. This property enhances the quality of electric circuits.

Are Rogers 4360 Materials Better Than FR-4?

Of course. Rogers 43660 materials are superior to FR-4 materials. Here, we are going to explain some distinguishing factors between these two materials.

High Frequency

Rogers 4360 PCB materials are more compatible with high frequency than FR-4 materials. This property increases its uses greatly.

Loss Tangent

Loss tangent indicates the deficiency of PCB. It provides a low loss tangent that refers to the high effectiveness of these PCB materials. On the contrary, FR-4 materials have a high dissipation factor. This property reduces the functionality of PCB.

FR-4 PCB Material

FR-4 PCB Material


This PCB has a variety of applications in versatile industries like medical, automotive, consumers electronics, space, etc. But, FR-4 materials are applicable in limited sectors. In Particular, they are not appropriate in space applications.

Impedance Stability

FR-4 materials don’t cover a wide range of dielectric constants. Its DK value is 4.5. But, it offers a large scale of dielectric constant that varies from 6.15 to 11. This wide range promotes the impedance stability of PCB.

That’s why it provides greater stability in the case of impedance than FR-4.

Thermal Conductivity

It renders impressive thermal conductivity compared to FR-4 materials. Its resistance against thermal stress is also commendable. On the other hand, FR-4 materials show higher strain due to thermal effects.


The cost of the Rogers materials is higher than FR-4. But, you have to think about the bigger picture in this case. Its materials deliver high rigidity with easy processing. Again, they have long-term sustainability.

FR-4 materials don’t have such robustness. So, they can provide their service for a small period. That means RO4360G2 is cost-effective due to its high performance.

So, you can understand why these materials are better than FR-4 materials.

How To Ensure Impedance Stability In Rogers 4360?

Impedance stability is a major concern in the case of Rogers 4360. You need to maintain stable impedance to ensure the high-class performance of RO4360G2 PCB.

This property depends on the dielectric constant (DK) and temperature change. A broad-scale dielectric constant is effective for ensuring impedance stability. Rogers 4360’s DK is 6.15±0.15. This range ensures the stable impedance of the PCB materials.

Rogers 4360 With Stable Impedance

Rogers 4360 With Stable Impedance

Again, you need to consider the temperature change in this PCB. An inconsistent thermal state is not good for maintaining impedance stability.

How Can You Prevent Overheating In Rogers 4360?

Rogers 4360 has outstanding resistance against thermal stress. Despite its resistive property, it suffers from overheating due to high component density. Again, a high dielectric constant causes extra heat at some points.

So, you need to think about proper thermal management to prevent overheating. You can follow the guidelines given below in this case.

Use of TIM

TIM means thermal interface materials. The air gap between PCB surface materials hampers the thermal conductivity. You should use thermal interface materials or thermal gases instead of air here. They promote the heat dissipation of Rogers 4360 to a large extent.

Incorporate Cooling System

You can incorporate a cooling fan here. It helps to maintain a smooth thermal conductivity. There will be a noise problem in this system. But, you can minimize noise by using rubbers or insulating ducts.

Heat Pipes

This is a passive heat-absorbing technique. These heat pipes contain water, acetone, ammonia, etc fluids. They are supremely effective for heat absorption without causing any noise or movement of the components.

The use of heat pipes also saves money. It is useful for high-density devices.

Apply Heavy Copper

Heavy copper absorbs more heat to increase current carrying capacity. That’s why you can think of using thicker copper on the PCB surface. Then additional heat will pass away through the thermal vias of Rogers 4360 PCB.

Rogers 4360 With Heavy Copper

Rogers 4360 With Heavy Copper

Thus, your PCB will remain cool and provide uninterrupted quality service in temperature-sensitive applications.

It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion. It is suitable for thermal management. You can apply these methods to prevent overheating of RO4360G2.

Is Rogers 4360 Compatible With Multilayer PCB Design?

Yes. Rogers 4360 is compatible with multilayer PCB design.

It renders sufficient rigidity that is required to process multilayer PCB. You need to combine at least three layers to construct this. The prepreg and copper core layers are replaced with an alternate layer in this case.

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB

Rogers 4360 associates with the prepreg and laminates of PCB of RO4000 series. It reduces the assembly cost of multilayer PCB. It provides high thermal conductivity in multilayer PCB design by filling the air gap through thermal interface materials.

Multilayer PCB design delivers some tremendous advantages in electric circuits. Such as:

  • Lightweight and small size
  • Flexible for the slightest bending of circuits
  • High durability due to insulating layers. They are effective in resisting thermal stress and pressure.
  • It offers a cost-effective service.
  • Compatible with complex circuit designing.
  • Huge range of applications.

So, Rogers 4360 adds extra dimensions in multilayer PCB design in numerous applications. Watch this video about through vias in multilayer PCB:

Why Is Dispersion Important In Rogers 4360?

Dispersion hampers the signal processing of Rogers 4360 PCB. It describes the deviation of the dielectric material’s properties with respect to frequency. Rogers 4360 provides a low dispersion rate.

Dispersion-free Rogers 4360

Dispersion-free Rogers 4360

Dispersion is produced due to the molecular polarity of dielectric materials. That’s why you have to consider the dielectric thickness, temperature change in this PCB to avoid high dispersion.

What Are The Limitations Of Rogers 4360?

There are some considerable limitations of Rogers 4360. You need to resolve these drawbacks before using RO4360G2 PCB in your applications. Such as:

  • It causes overheating in highly dense applications.
  • Sometimes, oxidation occurs on the Rogers 4360 PCB surface.
  • It can not deliver high-quality performance at extremely high temperatures.

You should choose a reliable manufacturer of Rogers 4360 to avoid such problems. Contact us. We assure you of a faultless PCB

How Can You Verify The Performance Of Rogers 4360?

You need to test Rogers 4360 to ensure the best performance. Here, some reliable testing methods are explained for you.

Electrical Testing

This is an effective inspection method to verify the performance of Rogers 4360. This test checks the entire functionality of Rogers 4360 PCB. The inspector needs to supply a certain amount of electricity at a definite temperature and pressure.

Rogers 4360 Inspection

Rogers 4360 Inspection

It is necessary to match the temperature of the test atmosphere with the surrounding. Then, you can verify the current rating, voltage drop, solder connections at each portion of this PCB. Electrical testing is low cost and conducted manually.

Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)

Here, an X-ray is applied on Rogers 4360 PCB surface. Since X-ray has a high scanning capability, you can detect any kind of defect. The AXI method is time-killing and costly.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

AOI is a completely automated test. You just need to place Rogers 4360 in the AOI machine. This machine consists of highly effective cameras which take images from different sides.

If these images match with the ideal Rogers 4360, it passes the test. Otherwise, you have to correct the faults of this PCB. This testing provides a reliable result within a short period. The AOI is a little bit costly.

You can also verify Rogers 4360 through the flying probe test, in-circuit test, visual inspection, etc. Watch this video about the inspection of Rogers 4360:


How Do You Choose The Best Manufacturer Of Rogers 4360?

You have to choose the best manufacturer of Rogers 4360  to enjoy the maximum benefit. There are some criteria to choose the most reliable supplier of RO4360G2 PCB.

Let’s have a look.


A reliable manufacturer always provides top-quality materials for Rogers 4360 fabrication. It needs to have enough storage of components for instant service. You can verify the quality of Rogers 4360 PCBs by checking their IPC class. IPC class 2 or class 3 standard is good for this PCB.


You have to check the manufacturing history and period from its website. A long experience of assembly service is a must for the best manufacturer.

Consumer’s Review

You can rely on the consumer’s opinions to get an idea about the manufacturer. That’s why the manufacturer should provide 7/24 hours customer support with a standard warranty policy.

Technical Support

The most trustworthy manufacturer must have a skilled technical support team ready for the instant assembly. You should check the factory where the fabrication is performed.


Cost is a big issue as well as the manufacturing quality in the case of Rogers 4360 PCB. So, you need to verify the manufacturing cost of RO4360G2 PCB.


A manufacturer seems to be reliable if it has certifications from RoHS, ISO, etc. You should check this matter before making your choice.

PCBmay has been providing manufacturing service of Rogers 4360 for more than 15 years. We have a skilled technician team with great experience. We deliver IPC class 2 standard Rogers 4360. Contact us to experience hassle-free manufacturing.


Rogers 4360 is the most superior solution for complex and high-volume PCB applications. The impressive durability and processing capabilities enhance its uses in different electronic devices.

PCBmay is the number one manufacturer of Rogers 4360 with a huge technical experience. We have tried to explain almost everything about the RO4360G2 PCB. We hope this FAQ guide will help you to enjoy the excellence of Rogers 4360. In case you face any manufacturing problems, contact us.

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