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Why Choose PCBMay for Your Rogers 5880

Are you looking for cost-effective and long life span rogers 5880 PCB for your desired applications? PCBMay is one of the reliable manufacturers and producers in China.

PCBMay manufacturing high-frequency materials for your rogers 5880 PCBs. It is low-loss dielectric material applicable for any appliances and devices applications. It is a low-cost circuit in manufacturing and low outgassing for various applications.

You can send your PCB rogers 5880 to our customer service, and we will follow your specifications. This PCB is a glass microfiber reinforced that excellent for different applications.

In this industry, PCBMay is an experienced and reliable manufacturer for your rogers 5880 PCB orders. We can produce various sizes, applications, thicknesses, functions, and more that feature the essential ability for your final applications. We will provide lower prices, so we will help you save your budget.

PCBMay rogers 5880 is excellent for high-frequency applications. It features low moisture absorption, isotropic, dissipation factor, and DK. It will balance the electrical properties, lowest electrical loss, applicable for high moisture environments, and easy to cut and shared.

PCBMay rogers 5880 PCBs are accessible at dielectric constant, loss tangent, substrate thickness, copper cladding thickness, and more specifications applicable for electrical properties and systems.

PCBMay is manufacturing well-established materials for rogers 5880 PCBs. In more than 15 years in the service, we can fully support all types of business and different applications that provide excellent performance.

As your reliable rogers 5880 PCB supplier, PCBMay can meet your brand from your ideal sizes, thickness, applications, and more. We can handle quick responses so you can always check your orders.

In production, PCBMay ensures quality products. We can export your rogers 5880 to your locations since we can reach over 60 countries and different regions. Quality is the life of our rogers 5880 PCBs that ensure to prioritize in production. We will supply your orders certified at a lower cost offer.

You can get the best rogers 5880 PCB performance from our complete selections. We will follow your designs that will suit your final applications. We will assure you that we provide full support for your expandable business. We offer faster response so we will give you your satisfaction for your orders.

Whether your need rogers 5800 PCB for any business, PCBMay can be your excellent partner that will fulfill your unique requirements.

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Rogers 5880 PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you want to boost the efficiency of PCB?

Then using Rogers 5880 PCB will be the wisest decision for you. It has made a revolution in the arena of modern technology.

Rogers 5880 PCB provides numerous facilities to the devices. So, the users are choosing it as the most effective PCB. But, are you familiar with Rogers 5880 PCB manufacturing?

If not, nothing to worry about. PCBMay is serving reliable manufacturing of Rogers 5880 PCB over a long period. We are here at your service. You will know the ins and outs of Rogers 5880 from this FAQ guide. So, let’s make a move.

What Is Rogers 5880 PCB?

Rogers 5880 is a fabricated PCB. It is manufactured by Rogers Corporation. It is also named by Rogers RT/duroid 5880. Rogers 5880 PCB promotes the dimensional stability of electric devices.

Being made of high-quality glass microfibers, Rogers 5880 PCB is effective for high-frequency devices. It is used in versatile applications like microstrip circuits, stripline circuits, etc. Besides, competitive cost with huge efficiency makes Rogers 5880 PCB better than other PCBs.

Rogers 5880 PCB

Rogers 5880 PCB

Rogers 5880 PCB operates between 8 to 40 Hz frequency. You can apply it from prototype to massive production levels.  This quality increases Rogers 5880 PCB’s acceptance to a great extent

What Are Rogers 5880 PCB Materials?

Rogers 5880 PCB provides tremendous performance because of its top-quality materials. Rogers 5880 PCB contains 5880 materials, which are originally poly tetra fluorocarbon(PTFE). They also have the presence of glass microfibers.

Here, Aluminium or copper cladding is applied to promote data transmission. Around 8 to 70 micrometer Copper is used through the electroplating process. Sometimes a foil of rolled copper is used in Rogers 5880 PCB.

Rogers 5880 PCB Materials

Rogers 5880 PCB Materials

There are pads, solder masks, etc in this PCB.  These isotropic materials act to make Rogers 5880 PCB compatible with complicated circuits. Microfibers ensure a consistent low dielectric constant.

Again, Rogers 5880 PCB can provide low loss and high durability for having such effective materials. If you can ensure a well-designed Rogers 5880 PCB stackup, these materials will ensure you controlled impedance, great functionality as well.

What Are The Key Features Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

Rogers 5880 PCB has some extremely high-quality features. These features are the principal reason behind its superb efficiency.

Rogers RT_Duroid 5880 PCB

Rogers RT/Duroid 5880 PCB

Here, some of the key features of Rogers 5880 PCB are given for you.

  • The dielectric constant is 2.20
  • Compatible with lead-free technology
  • Loss tangent is 0.0004
  • Constant electric characteristics on different frequencies
  • The thermal coefficient of the dielectric constant is -125
  • Its volume resistivity is high. That is 2×10^7 Mohm-cm
  • Isotropic materials
  • Flammability is V-0 standard
  • The moisture Absorption rate is 0.02
  • The coefficient of Z-axis thermal expansion is low.
  • Decomposition temperature is 500⁰C.

What Are The Uses Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

Rogers 5880 PCB is the most widely used PCB nowadays. It covers a broad scale of applications due to its compatibility with higher frequency and cost-effectiveness.

Widely-Used Rogers 5880 PCB

Widely-Used Rogers 5880 PCB

Some of the remarkable uses of Rogers 5880 PCB are here for you.

  • Microstrip circuits
  • Stripline circuits
  • High-frequency devices
  • Global telecommunication
  • Missile system
  • Airlines
  • Microwave applications
  • Complicated circuits
  • Digital radio antenna(Point to point)
  • Automotive Radar and sensors
  • Millimeter-wave system
  • Aviation telephone network
  • Switches having radio frequency
  • Wireless communication

That means you can utilize Rogers 5880 PCB in massive and complicated applications. This PCB will promote the performance of your projects.

What Is The Effect Of Decomposition Temperature In Rogers 5880 PCB?

Decomposition temperature(Td) plays an essential role to enhance the performance of Rogers 5880 PCB.  It affects the thermal management of Rogers 5880 PCB.

Decomposition temperature refers to the terminal temperature at which the chemical bonding of material starts to break. This process is called thermolysis. In the case of Rogers 5880 PCB, decomposition temperature is 500⁰C.

Rogers 5880 PCB With Low Decomposition Temperature

Rogers 5880 PCB With Low Decomposition Temperature

Its higher value indicates the survival of material at high temperatures. Normally you can experience around 200⁰C to 350⁰C at the production site of PCB. So, decomposition temperature should be above these temperatures.

Otherwise, there is a possibility of decomposing PCB materials. That’s why Rogers 5880 PCB has a thermal resistivity of up to 500⁰C. This property helps to solder Rogers 5880 PCB properly.  So, decomposition temperature has immense significance on Rogers RT/duroid 5880.

How Does The Dielectric Constant Affect Rogers 5880 PCB?

The dielectric constant of a material is the proportion of the electric permittivity at a definite medium and vacuum. It indicates the storage of charge of a substance. This is inversely proportional to the frequency.

Since Rogers 5880 PCB can function at a higher frequency, its dielectric constant is lower compared to other PCBs.  The design dielectric constant of the Rogers 5880 PCB is 2.20. But, this value is 2.20±0.02 in the case of process dielectric.

Dielectric Constant VS Frequency Graph Of Rogers 5880 PCB

Dielectric Constant VS Frequency Graph Of Rogers 5880 PCB

Its lower value affects the temperature coefficient of PCB materials. The operating temperature of Rogers 5880 PCB is also affected by this.

The higher value of relative permittivity means high charge storage. This leads to high wattage and electric potentials. These properties are not good for Rogers 5880 PCB materials. This PCB always maintains a low dielectric constant.

That’s why Rogers 5880 PCB can provide maximum output for electric circuits.

What Is The Thermal Expansion Coefficient Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) defines the rate of expansion for a 1⁰C temperature increase. This value should be low for higher efficiency.

In the case of Rogers 5880 PCB, the coefficient of thermal expansion varies for different axes. Such as:

  • X-axis: 31 ppm/⁰C
  • Y-axis: 48 ppm/⁰C
  • Z-axis: 237 ppm/⁰C

This value has an important impact on Rogers 5880 PCB. Its lower value indicates that PCB materials don’t deviate much in the increase of heat. So, Rogers 5880 PCB gains thermal stability due to the low CTE.

CTE VS Temperature Graph Of Rogers 5880 PCB

CTE VS Temperature Graph Of Rogers 5880 PCB

You need to keep in mind that the CTE of the Rogers 5880 PCB substrate must not pass the CTE of copper used in cladding. It makes a complication in soldering.

How Can Moisture Affect The Performance Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

The performance of Rogers 5880 PCB must be affected by moisture. That means the moisture absorption rate should be low for Rogers 5880 PCB materials.

Rogers RT/duroid 5880 PCB offer almost zero absorption of moisture. It is about 0.02% which is very low.  Thus, intense moisture can’t cause any harm to Rogers 5880 PCB.

Low Moisture Absorbing Rogers 5880 PCB

Low Moisture Absorbing Rogers 5880 PCB

The higher moisture absorption rate indicates that moisture will change the thermal stability and dielectric constant of PCB materials. So, low incorporation of moisture keeps the properties of Rogers 5880 PCB consistent.

Doesn’t it sound good to you?

What Is The Use Of Glass Transition Temperature Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

Glass transition temperature(Tg) indicates a threshold temperature at which the polymer loses its inelastic structure and achieves a flexible shape. This specific thermal point affects the core materials of Rogers 5880 PCB.

Do you know about it? Don’t worry. We are here to let you know about glass transition temperature. Let’s have a look.

 Rogers 5880 PCB High Tg

Rogers 5880 PCB High Tg

Rogers 5880 PCB provides a higher value of Tg than other PCBs. It is more than 300⁰C.  That means it can resist the deviation of properties caused by the temperature less than 300⁰C.

Poly Tetra Fluorocarbon (PTFE) is the basic material of Rogers 5880 PCB. This material is sensitive to temperature. If PCB delivers a low glass transition temperature, it will be a big problem.

That’s why Rogers 5880 PCB with high Tg is the best choice for your thermal-sensitive applications.

What Is The Relation Between The Loss Tangent And Frequency In Rogers 5880 PCB?

Loss tangent is an essential topic in microwave and radio frequency applications. It refers to the quotient of equivalent resistance and capacitive resistance. Loss tangent is also known as the dissipation factor (Df).

Loss tangent measures the inefficiency of PCB dielectric materials. Its higher value is not good for Rogers 5880 PCB. This value is reciprocally related to frequency. That means high-frequency Rogers RT/duroid 5880 PCB will render a low dissipation factor. This phenomenon results in high efficiency.

Loss Tangent VS Frequency Graph

Loss Tangent VS Frequency Graph

Loss tangent and frequency can be expressed through this equation-

Loss tangent, tan=Loss tangent

Here, c=velocity of light, f=  frequency

dielectric loss

The loss tangent of Rogers 5880 PCB is about 0.0004 and 0.0009 at 1MHz and 10GHz respectively. This is a low value. It indicates that Rogers 5880 PCB offers less attenuation.

Is Rogers 5880 PCB Halogen-free?

Rogers 5880 PCB is halogen-free in specific cases.

A halogen-free PCB means its copper claddings have no presence of halogens like fluorine, chlorine, bromine, etc. If there is less than 0.15% of halogens present in PCB, it can be considered halogen-free.

RO5880 PCB provides a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Since it is free from halogen, it becomes less dynamic. At a certain temperature, Rogers 5880 PCB reduces the CTE and acts like a halogen-free PCB.

Halogen-Free Rogers PCB

Halogen-Free Rogers PCB

PCBs with halogen emit some injurious gases and bad scents. So, halogen-free Rogers 5880 PCB is ecologically effective and convenient to the users.

What Are The Advantages Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

Rogers 5880 PCB renders tremendous advantages to electric circuits. Here, We have explained the notable positive sides of Rogers 5880 PCB.


Rogers 5880 PCB maintains the stability of electric properties in different frequencies or temperatures. This unique characteristic improves its credibility as a superb PCB solution.

Low Loss Tangent

The loss tangent of Rogers 5880 PCB is 0.0004. This low value is one of the determining factors of its top-quality performance. Low loss tangent is appropriate in high-frequency projects because of less attenuation.

Highly-Functional Rogers 5880 PCB

Highly-Functional Rogers 5880 PCB

Wide Range Of Application

You can use Rogers 5880 PCB  in versatile applications. It serves well in archetype to high-volume production. Besides, you can easily operate Rogers 5880 PCB in complex circuits.

Low Dielectric Constant

Rogers 5880 PCB materials have a low dielectric constant, which is 2,20. That’s why its coefficient of thermal expansion is also consistently low. This property confirms the smooth propagation of data. In temperature-sensitive projects, Rogers 5880 PCB is highly effective.

High Frequency

Rogers 5880 PCB is the ultimate choice for high-frequency applications. Again, The constant small value of relative permittivity makes Rogers 5880 PCB compatible with different frequency levels.


Rogers 5880 PCB offers a competitive cost to you. But, don’t be upset. Its top-level performance will minimize this initial price.  That means you need to trade-off between cost and effectiveness.

Low Moisture Absorption Rate

The moisture absorption rate of Rogers 5880 PCB is about 0.02%. So, its thermal and electrical properties won’t get affected by moisture. In today’s competitive world of modern technology, low moisture absorption ability makes Rogers PCB unique from the others.

Besides, halogen-free Rogers 5880 PCB provides you with some extra benefits like low oxidation, eco-friendly nature, etc.  That’s why you can depend on Rogers 5880 PCB for your desired high-volume projects.

What Are The Comparisons Between Rogers 5880 PCB And Taconic PCB?

Rogers 5880 PCB and Taconic PCB are used in radio frequency applications. RO5880 PCB provides better performance than Taconic PCBs in many aspects. Here, we are for you with a comparative analysis between the two of them.

Material Type

Rogers 5880 PCB materials are high-quality poly tetra fluorocarbons(PTFE). These are usually both ceramic and glass. Here, proper copper cladding is used in presence of microfibres.

Taconic PCB’s materials can’t provide proper service as Rogers PCB. PTFE is also present here. But because of the lack of right cladding, its data transmission ability is a little bit low.

Taconic PCB

Taconic PCB

Glass Transition Temperature

Rogers 5880 PCB offers a higher glass transmission temperature than Taconic PCB. Usually, this value is more than 300⁰C. A higher value of Tg makes Rogers 5880 PCB better than Taconic PCB.

Dielectric Constant

The dielectric constant of Rogers 5880 PCB is 2.20. But, in the case of Taconic PCB, this is more than 3 at 10 GHz frequency. A higher dielectric constant improves the loss and attenuation of signals.

That’s why Rogers 5880 PCB is more efficient than Taconic PCB due to its low dielectric constant.

Loss Tangent

The loss tangent of RO5880 PCB and Taconic PCB is 0.0004 and 0.0011 respectively. Since loss tangent refers to the efficiency lacking, Rogers 5880 PCB renders better performance compared to Taconic PCB.

Volume Resistivity

Rogers 5880 PCB is more resistive to the volume expansion than Taconic PCB. Its measurement is 210^7 Mohm-cm and 1.110^7 Mohm-cm respectively.

Moisture Absorption

Moisture is a big issue in PCB fabrication. Rogers 5880 PCB absorbs 0.02% moisture. But this rate is higher (0.07%) for Taconic PCB. That means RT/duroid 5880 PCB ensures higher stability than Taconic PCB.

These are the key factors to distinguish the competency of Rogers 5880 and Taconic PCB.

What Is The Cost Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

The cost of Rogers 5880 PCB varies from $10 to $100. In the case of manufacturers and circuit designs, the price will be different.

Cost-Effective RT_Duroid 5880 PCB

Cost-Effective RT/Duroid 5880 PCB

This seems to be more costly than other PCB. But, you will experience a high-quality application at a competitive cost.

What Is The Rating Of Rogers 5880 PCB In UL 94 Standard?

Rogers 5880 PCB has UL 94 V-0 rating. This indicates the flammability of PCB materials. UL 94  V-0 rating means the burning will stop within 10 sec on vertical orientation. There will be a drop of non-flaming particles.

UL 94 standards classify materials according to their flame-retardancy. On that angle, Rogers 5880 PCB offers moderate performance while burning. UL(Underwater laboratory) 94 rating has 6 categories.

UL 94 Standards

UL 94 Standards

Such as:  HB, V-2, V-1, V-0, 5VB, 5VA. Among them, UL 94 5VA rating is given for the most flame-retardant materials.

How Can You Design A Microstrip Patch Antenna By Using Rogers 5880 PCB?

The microstrip patch antenna is a modern technology with immense benefits. You can use Rogers 5880 PCB to design microstrip patch antennas. We are here for you to explain this process.

Rogers 5880 PCB is compatible with complex circuit designs. Thus, it can be used by changing some measurements. Here, 31 mm Rogers RT/duroid PCB is used. The resonant frequency is 14GHz.


Figure 16: Microstrip Patch Antenna Design

Now,   you need to determine some parameters.

Patch width can be measured through this equation-

Patch width can be measured through this equation

Then, you need to calculate the relative refractive index, width, and length of the ground plane by using the appropriate formula. Thus, you can design microstrip patch antennas.

Watch this video for your convenience:

Is Rogers 5880 PCB  Better Than FR-4 For Designing A Microstrip Patch Antenna?

Of course. Rogers 5880 PCB is a better choice to design a microstrip antenna than FR-4 PCB.

The reasons behind it are:

  • In microstrip patch antenna design, you need to deal with high-frequency complex circuits. In that case, Rogers 5880 PCB is the ultimate choice.
  • Rogers 5880 PCB provides a low dielectric constant and loss tangent tan Fr-4 PCB. That’s why it can ensure maximum signal propagation.
  • The low moisture absorption rate of Rogers 5880 PCB makes it more effective than FR-4 in designing microstrip circuits.
  • Rogers 5880 PCB provides controlled impedance to ensure a proper design of microstrip antenna. But, FR-4 PCB can’t render such service.



In complicated projects like microstrip patch antenna designing, you should choose Rogers 5880 PCB without hesitation.

What Are The Limitations Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

Rogers 5880 PCB has some limitations despite offering outstanding services.

Such as:

  • Its price is higher than the other PCBs.
  • Halogens are present here sometimes.
  • It oxidizes materials in intense humidity.

But, its efficiency lessens all of these adverse effects.

What Are The Wire Bonding Methods Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

Wire bonding is used to join PCBs during fabrication. You can do wire bonding through diffusion bonding and the true fusion bonding method.

Diffusion bonding

Here, you have to use diffusion instead of welding to connect Rogers 5880 PCBs.

Some popular diffusion wire bondings are ultrasonic bonding, thermal compression bonding, etc.


Figure 18: Rogers 5880 PCB Wire Bonding

True fusion welding

In this case, lead metals and pads require welding for wire bonding. You can apply laser welding, electron beam welding, soldering, etc ways to join Rogers 5880 PCBs properly.

How Can You Test The Performance Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

You can test the performance of Rogers 5880 PCB through some reliable testing methods. Some of them are described here for you.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Test

This test is conducted by capturing 3D images of your Rogers 5880 PCB. Then these images are matched with the ideal Rogers 5880 PCB. The rate of image matching defines the performance of Rogers RT/duroid 5880 PCB.

Flying Probe Test

This is a very easy test to perform. Here, you just need to put two probes in terminal points of different lines of PCB continuously. This is a time-consuming method. But, its benefit is you don’t need to use extra fixtures.

The flying probe test is perfect for high-density Rogers 5880 PCB in low-volume productions.

Watch this video to understand how it happens:

In-circuit Test

This test is also named the “Bed Of Nail Test”. Here, probes are joined to the PCB points at a certain pressure. A bed of nails helps to establish this connection.  This test usually verifies the solder joints and other internal flaws of circuits.


Figure 19: In-Circuit test Of Rogers 5880 PCB

The cost of this test is high. It is perfect for high-volume Rogers 5880 PCB applications.

How Can You Manufacture Rogers 5880 PCB?

You can manufacture Rogers 5880 PCB in versatile ways. Here, we are explaining the basic photographic manufacturing process for you.

  • Remove all unwanted copper from PCB.
  • Now, brighten photo-resist through a photo mask to gain the right pattern of the track.
  • Keep this photo-resist inside of a developer to cover the desired portion of Rogers 5880 PCB.
  • Lastly, put PCB in a ferric chloride solution for etching properly.

This method is commonly used to manufacture Rogers 5880 PCB. You can also try the silk-screening method.

Contact us for hassle-free manufacturing of Rogers 5880 PCB. We have been rendering this service for around 15 years.

How Can You Choose The Best Manufacturer Of Rogers 5880 PCB?

You need to verify some facilities to choose the best manufacturer of Rogers 5880 PCB. Such as-

  • Affordable cost.
  • PCB materials must have UL 94 standards rating.
  • Plenty of raw materials to ensure instant and right fabrication.
  • Experience in operating versatile applications.
  • Facilities of conducting performance tests like flying probe tests, automated optical inspection tests, etc.
  • A skillful Rogers 5880 PCB manufacturing experience.
  • Certification from well-known organizations like ISO, RoHS, etc.
  • 24/7 response team

Are you looking for a reliable Rogers RT/duroid 5880 PCB manufacturer, contact us. We are ISO-9001 and RoHS-certified.


Rogers 5880 PCB is the most efficient PCB nowadays. Its numerous benefits have turned it into a widely-used and trustworthy PCB. The High-functionality of Rogers 5880 PCB has brought effectiveness in electric devices.

We hope this FAQ guide has covered almost everything about Rogers 5880 PCB.  Contact us to ensure a well-designed Rogers 5880 PCB and know more about this.

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