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As a leading manufacturer, PCBMay has full capabilities in providing your Rogers 6002 PCB needs. We have complete technological advancements to manufacture your orders. We have highly knowledgeable and skillful engineers in Rogers 6002 PCB design, fabrication, and assembly.

All our Rogers 6002 are perfect for your business. PCBMay sells products to thousands of clients around the world. If you are looking for a reliable Rogers 6002 supplier, PCBMay is your perfect choice!


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PCBMay – Outstanding Rogers 6002 Supplier in China

PCBMay is your no.1 source of Rogers 6002. We are a professional manufacturer in China for more than ten years. Our products are popular because of their high quality and exceptional performance. Choose PCBMay to supply your business with Rogers 6002.

We have complete manufacturing equipment in our factory. The enhanced features and optimized functionality of our Rogers 6002 are the results of our continuous innovation. Our engineers design and assemble PCBs using our advanced technology.

PCBMay has licensed and skillful engineers. They are responsible for developing, design, fabrication, assembly, and component sourcing for your Rogers 6002 orders. We work efficiently to provide you the highest quality products.

We design your Rogers 6002 with ceramic PTFE composites. These products feature a high dielectric constant. The excellent characteristic of our product allows circuit size reduction. Its thickness control and tight Dk offer repeatable circuit performance.

Other than that, PCBMay’s Rogers 6002 features low loss. Thus, it is ideal for X-band operation. We also fabricate Rogers 6002 with clad and copper foil reverse electrodeposited treated. Therefore, you can ensure high performance for your applications.

Our Rogers 6002 also offers excellent mechanical and electrical properties. These properties allow for designing complex circuit structures with stable electrical and reliable mechanical properties. It also features a low dielectric constant and thermal coefficient.

We also achieve Rogers 6002 with superior dimensional stability. This feature enables the elimination of double etching. Thus, you can assure that your Rogers 6002 provides tight positional tolerances. Our engineers also design Rogers 6002 with ow tensile modulus, reassuring surface mount reliability.

These products apply to different industries. You can use it for automotive, medical, aerospace, military, telecommunications, and so on. We guarantee reliable and superior performance in every application.

Whether you need Rogers 6002 for your business or project, choose PCBMay as your manufacturer. We offer custom solutions based on your needs. We also have a strict quality control team to test and inspect every product. PCBMay guarantees you higher quality and reliable products.

PCBMay also offers low MOQ and affordable Rogers 6002 to support your business. Trust PCBMay as your trusted supplier and manufacturer from China. You can guarantee that we are an expert from PCB prototype to mass production. Our fast lead time also ensures on-time delivery.

You can also ensure that PCBMay can provide a total solution for your requirements. We provide full support from component sourcing, development, fabrication, assembly to production. PCBMay assures professional and exceptional services.

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Rogers 6002: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Rogers 6002 laminates are used in the manufacturing of electronics and electrical appliances.

If you’re a buyer or manufacturer, read this post to learn about Rogers 6002 laminates and how they can strengthen your product.

So Let’s Explore!

What Is Rogers 6002?


Roger 6002 Laminate

Rogers 6002, also known as Rogers RT/duroid 6002 laminates, are low loss (low dielectric constant microwave) materials used in complex microwave structures that require high-frequency performance.

This material has excellent electrical and mechanical properties that make it reliable for applications where the ambient temperature changes rapidly, such as multi-layer board constructions.

What Are The Properties Of Rogers 6002?


Rogers 6002 PCB Board

Rogers 6002 has numerous distinctive properties that enable it to provide excellent high-frequency performance. Some of them are as follow:

  • Rogers6002 has a Low thermal coefficient of Dk at 12 ppm/°C, enabling the designers to achieve the electrical balance required in applications nowadays.
  • It has a distinctive Dielectric constant (Dk) of 2.94 +/- .04, making it reliable for multi-layer board construction.
  • It has a Low Dissipation factor of 0.0012 (at 10 GHz), which makes it highly efficient. As higher the dissipation factor, the higher the inefficiency of insulating material.
  • The Rogers6002 has a Low Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion at 24 ppm/°C, which makes it the most reliable material for PTH.
  • The expansion of Rogers6002 laminate is controlled by a low amount of CTE metal, as this laminate has a very low amount of tensile modulus (X, Y), which decreases the stress used for solder joints.
  • The Rogers RT/duroid 6002 laminate has dimensional stability of about 0.5 mils/inch, ensuring tight positional tolerances and eliminating double etching.

What Are The Benefits and Advantages Of Rogers 6002?

The distinctive properties of Rogers 6002 make it beneficial for various reasons. Some of them are as follow:

  • The In-plane expansion coefficient of Rogers6002 is similar to the copper.
  • The Rogers6002 offers a low-loss dielectric constant to guarantee outstanding mechanical and electrical performances and ensures excellent performance at high frequency.
  • Specific applications that require high thickness tolerance use Rogers6002, as it has controlled permittivity that confirms an exceptional thickness tolerance.
  • The Rogers6002 offers excellent mechanical and electrical performance as it guarantees optimal mechanical and electrical balance for its applications.
  • Rogers 6002 laminate is considered an extraordinary material in building aircraft and other aviation use due to its low exhaust rate.
  • When choosing material for circuit board, spacecraft, aerospace, and antenna, designers prefer Rogers6002 laminate as it offers long-term reliability.
  • The Rogers6002 laminate has low out-gassing. As a result, it releases less gas when exposed to extreme heat or vacuum, making it ideal for space applications or other applications that require electronics used in a high vacuum environment.


Rogers 6002 PCB

What Are The Applications Of Rogers 6002?

The Rogers 6002 laminates are used for various applications, including microwave circuits, complex multilayer circuit boards, and antennas. They can withstand the harsh conditions of space due to their high reliability. Some of the other applications include:

  • Aerospace designers prefer Rogers6002 laminate over other materials for building electronic equipment due to its high reliability, quality, and compactness. Besides, circuits boards that use Rogers 6002 have low thermal expansion coefficient and thermal resistance, and high chemical stability, along with numerous other benefits, making them best for aerospace electronics.
  • It is used to design beam-forming networks due to its low loss for high-frequency performance. Beam formers are utilized in communications; these include active electronically steerable antennas, phased array, and passive electronically steered antennas.
  • Rogers 6002 is a high-tech communications material that has been widely used in the design of antennas and boards. Its dielectric constant ensures low loss performance, which are features desired by antenna designers who know this product will last for years to come with use.

The Rogers 6002 was explicitly designed to be durable enough for phased array circuitry as well as increased electrical stability; its magnetic permeability makes it ideal for any electronics board requiring fast response time from their hardware components.

  • This laminate can also be used to design power backplanes. The thickness tolerance of the material is a crucial reason why it’s commonly utilized for this application. Power backplanes have been seen in minicomputers and other electronic devices with circuit boards or printed circuitry on them.

Cellular Base Station With Roger 6002 PCBs

Cellular Base Station With Roger 6002 PCBs

What Are Various Types Of Rogers PCB Materials?

A high-frequency material is used in the manufacturing of Rogers PCB. The boards are also stable and have the perfect temperature for circuits, as well as coming in various shapes to suit any design needs. As a result, they’re ideal for high-speed circuits and higher frequency designs—including RF products or anything related to microwaves.

Following are the main types of Roger PCB Materials offered by PCBMay:

  • Rogers6002: It is made with low DK materials suitable for sophisticated microwave structures. This material also easily adheres to multi-layer board designs, making it the ideal design choice in any circumstance!
  • Rogers 5880: It has a low DK and loss feature as it is reinforced with glass microfibers. This makes the Roger 5880 highly suitable for broadband, high-frequency applications, as well as other kinds of uses that require precision data transmission.
  • Rogers 3003: The Rogers type is an excellent choice for automotive radar applications with 77 GHz. It also has the ability to support 5G wireless and ADAS, making this product fit in with most of the current technology needs!
  • Rogers 3006: This type is known for its exceptional electrical and mechanical stability. It has a reliable DK across various temperatures and also has the capability to step-change the dielectric constant.
  • Rogers 3010: It is the newest and notoriously affordable advanced ceramic-filled PTFE material type. With excellent stability, it’s able to streamline broadband components.
  • Rogers 4003c: This model is a durable and versatile window pane that has 1674 and 1080 glass fabric styles. All configurations have the exact specifications, but bromination cannot be supported by any of them.
  • Rogers 4350B: With its stable control and low loss dielectric constant (DK), The Roger 4350B is an excellent material for high-power RF designs. Super-active appliances are also well served by this material due to the stability of DK.
  • Rogers 4360G2:This laminate is made with the perfect balance of processing performance and capability. It’s also low-loss, using hydrocarbon ceramic-filled thermostat materials for an extra boost in heat resistance and insulation.
  • Rogers4835: You’ll achieve high stability with increased temperature and oxidation resistance when using this 4835 laminate, which is low-loss and provides standard glass or epoxy FR4 processes. This also makes it an inexpensive alternative to circuit production.
  • Rogers6010: If you’re looking for a high dielectric constant (DK) in your electronics, this RO6010 might be the perfect fit. It’s great because it has optimal properties that are ideal for circuit size reduction and microwave applications.

Rogers 6002 PCB Board

Rogers 6002 PCB Board

What Are Rogers 6002 High-Frequency Laminates Fabrication Guidelines?

Following are some of the essential Rogers 6002 High-Frequency Laminates Fabrication Guidelines:


  • Ensure that the supplier places High-frequency circuit laminates inside the reinforced corrugated cardboard containers, protected with self-adherent polyethylene sheets, Filler cardboard sheets, and vacuum-sealed poly bubble pack while shipping. It is to protect the material against damage.


  • Don’t accept the shipment if the carton’s seal is already broken. Inspect the material thoroughly immediately after the shipment carton is received. If any damage is found, inform the carrier, and take a photograph of the damage to support your claim.
  • You must report the damage to the supplier within 30 days and follow their instructions to redeem your claim.


  • Store the laminate at normal ambient room temperatures (65°F (18°C) to 85°F (30°C)) and normal humidity levels. Not meeting the temperature requirements may damage the material.

Storage Cartons:

  • Carton stacking should be done with a maximum of five stacks high in order to prevent the bottom packages from becoming too heavy. When needed, stack cartons on top of each other safely off-limits areas and machinery like forklifts so that they are out of harm’s way for both employees and equipment.

Storage of Panels After Removed from Cartons:

  • It is crucial to keep the thin panels sealed within polyethylene bags and have the adherent polyethylene sheets stay on thicker cores. The protective packaging materials help deter oxidation, corrosion of metal layers, as well as provide protection against mechanical damage such as scratches or dents.
  • When it comes to storing panels, they should be placed on edge in slotted shelving units. This way, the cladded surfaces are vertical, and easy access is more attainable with a low risk of damage occurring.
  • If vertical staking isn’t allowed by the storage facility:
    • Ensure that the flat, smooth and clean shelf is used for storage.
    • The area of the shelf must be equal to or greater than the entire area of panels being stored.
    • Ensure that the laminates’ surface is free from debris.
    • Shelf loading should not exceed 50 lbs. / square foot.
    • Panels should be separated by sheets of soft, non-abrasive materials. It’s essential to use these, so the panels don’t scratch or damage one another during storage.


  • PTFE-based materials are not as damage resistant as other rigid printed wiring board laminates, and they’re more prone to damage when handled.

Materials that just have copper foils for cores can be easily creased because of their softness. At the same time, those with thicker aluminum layers will scratch easier due to the thickness of the material used in these construction processes.

Therefore, they must be carefully handled under the proper procedure.

Double-Sided and Single-Sided PCB Fabrication Guidelines

Tooling Holes:

  • Drill, Punch or route the tooling or pinning hole using standard procedure.

Surface Preparation:

  • Before the drilling or final copper cleaning step, you must remove the self-adhering polyethylene sheet and any adhesive residue, for which you can follow the steps mentioned HERE.


  • Smears are a well-known problem while drilling PTFE composites and epoxy-glass laminates. Try to avoid them by strictly controlling conservative tool life expectations and drilling parameters.
  • RT/duroid® 6000 cores can be drilled in either individual or stack form. The total thickness of the core material in addition to entry and exit materials should not exceed 75% of a drill’s flute length, but for most applications is limited to no more than 6 mm (0.240 inches).
  • Carbide drills should be used for a smoother finish. Standard style drills with an included lip angle of 130° are the most recommended since they reduce wear on cutting edges, which can cause chips and smears in more intricate designs.
  • Undercut style drill where the flute diameter is decreased by 0.025″ (0.65 mm) from the end may help to minimize re-deposited smear when drilling into difficult materials but only if you use them appropriately as new ones that have been precision ground and visually inspected before usage.
  • Drill parameters and other details on drilling can be found here.

Rogers 6002 High-Frequency Laminates

Rogers 6002 High-Frequency Laminates

What Are The Guidelines For Drilling Rogers 6002 Bonded Assemblies And Multilayer Boards?

RT/duroid® 6002 microwave laminate, made from a PTFE-based composite reinforced with glass microfibers and ceramic particles to achieve low thermal expansion and dimensional stability. This material is highly abrasive to cutting tools, so special care must be taken when plating through holes for high-quality results.

When it comes to drilling, you should always keep your drill bits in good condition, or else it can lead to poor hole quality. Also, it’s vital when using bonded assemblies since most bonding films are easily smeared by hot drill bits. The recommendations provided HERE were developed so that a person could get the best possible hole quality with conventional PCB drilling equipment (spindle speed capability of between 15 and 60 RPM).

Rogers 6002 PCB Board

Rogers 6002 PCB Board

How To Choose The Best Manufacturer If Rogers 6002?

There are numerous Roger 6002 laminate manufacturers available worldwide. Almost all reliable manufacturers have official websites that you can look, find and visit using search engines like “Google” or “Bing.”

Once you have found the list of websites, thoroughly analyze each of them and contact their representative to discuss further in detail.

After thorough analysis, you can choose the best among them by keeping the following criteria in mind:

  • A reliable manufacturer offers competitive prices and a wide range of products to choose from.
  • They have all the required manufacturing licenses, and their product is manufactured according to international and national quality and safety standards.
  • They have a well-equipped manufacturing facility along with well-trained, experienced, and qualified professionals.
  • They offer reliable payment methods and excellent after-sales services to their clients.
  • They have a well-equipped and fully operational research and development department to improve product quality, life, and safety.
  • They have at least ten years of manufacturing experience and plenty of satisfied customers worldwide.
  • They offer 24/7 sales and tech support.
  • They are well-equipped to manage bulk orders and record-time delivery.

Rogers 6002 PCB Manufacturing Facility

Rogers 6002 PCB Manufacturing Facility

If you are unable to find a Rogers 6002 manufacturer with the qualities mentioned earlier, we recommend you try PCBMay

What Is The Quality Standard Of Chinese Rogers 6002 PCB?

Reliable Chinese Rogers 6002 PCB manufacturer like PCBMay employees following quality standards produce best quality products:

  • Incoming Quality Control: The manufacturer thoroughly inspects the raw material and components received from the supplier to ensure maximum quality.
  • DFM Checking: The manufacturer offers free DFM checking for their product to their client. This checking covers the following aspects:
    • Signals and Mixed Layers Checking
    • Solder Mask Checking
    • Power/Ground Checking
    • Silkscreen Checking
    • Drill Checking
  • First Article Inspection: The first sample of the production batch is tested using a state-of-the-art quality management system that integrates data platforms and testing equipment. This improves efficiency, helps lower labor costs and human error.
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI): This state-of-the-art inspection system is used to detect any soldering problems of the component for all circuit boards and PCB.
  • Automatic X-Ray Inspection: Circuit Boards with BGA components are inspected using X-Ray technology to determine the welding quality of the solder joint by examining the shape, thickness, and quality of the solder joints and solder density.
  • Automatic Fixture Tester: To ensure maximum quality during mass production of PCB, Auto E-Tester is used.
  • Burn-In Test: To ensure defect-free PCBA board, the burn-in test is performed, which simulated the daily use environment of the product thorough combined effects of various factors.
  • Fly Probe Test: This test is performed for all types of circuits boards in small-batch production. It is used to detect any short circuit, wrong part, and empty soldering.
  • In-Circuit Testing: It is similar to fly probe test but used for mass-produced.
  • Function Testing: It is one of the practical testing methods used for complicated circuit boards to determine whether the board can be used normally or not.
  • ISO9001: All the products produced by reliable Chinese manufacturers like PCBMay comply with ISO9001 quality and safety standards.

Rogers PCB Testing Equipement

Rogers PCB Testing Equipement

What Is The Difference Between Rogers 6002 And Ro 3000 Laminate Series?

If you’re designing a product for high-frequency, this material will make it happen. With low CTE and dielectric constant matched to copper’s, RO 6002 has excellent dimensional stability, perfect for any application operating beyond 40 GHz.

If your project uses large active components like antennas or microwave devices, then the robustness of Ro 3000 can take care of that too with PTFE being used in its laminates as well.

Rogers 3000 series PCB

Rogers 3000 series PCB

What Is The Difference Between Rogers 6002 and Ro 4000 Laminate Series?

When it comes to circuit applications, you can use either Rogers 6002 or RO 4000 series laminate.

However, there are some differences between these two materials that may affect the design of a circuit: RO 4000 series laminates consist of glass-reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic, whereas RO 6000 series consists only ceramic and PTFE composite; you will not need special surface treatments like sodium to etch on an RO 4000 series as it would do with an RO 6000 series laminate.

The rigidness also differs from one another–because they’re more flexible than RO 6002 series, RO4000s have higher chances of handling damages. On the other hand, RO 6002 series laminate features substantially superior electrical properties than RO 4000 series laminates.

Rogers 4000 series PCB Board

Rogers 4000 series PCB Board

What Is Considered As Standard Panels Size And Thickness For Rogers 6002?

The RO 6002 PCB laminate thickness can be as thick or thin as you want it to be. If the dielectric material is too thick, then your panel will not have enough copper cladding on top of it; if the dielectric’s TOO THIN, there won’t be enough space between circuits, and they might be short out.

You could select from the wide range of sizes and materials for that option. Some of them are as follow:

  • 005” ± 0.0005”
  • 010” ± 0.0007”
  • 020” ± 0.001”
  • 030” ± 0.001”
  • 060” ± 0.002”

Moreover, the aforementioned dielectric constants are shipped in the following diverse panel sizes to meet the fabrication needs of individuals:

  • 457 mm X 305 mm (18” x 12”)
  • 457 mm X 610 mm (18” x 24”)
  • 457 mm X 915 mm (18” x 36”)
  • 457 mm X 1.219 m (18” x 48”)

What Is The Process To Select The Best Laminate Thickness For Rogers 6002?

A range of factors impacts the thickness of Rogers 6002 for a PCB board.

Depending on how many layers your design requires, if you need to carry signal or power through vias in an area that is not insulated by copper foil (known as “greenfield”), what environment will it be operating within?

In addition, does this manufacturer have specialized drilling tools capable of making those holes without damaging other parts of the circuit board?

The last consideration is whether they de-panelize their boards with chemical etching instead—this process results in thicker laminates due to increased surface protection between layers.

What Are The Different Copper Cladding Options Available For Rogers 6002 Laminates?

Following are the various copper cladding options available for Rogers 6002 laminates:

  • ¼ oz. (8 µm) in electrodeposited option.
  • ½ oz. (17 µm) in both rolled copper foil and electrodeposited options
  • 1 oz. (35 µm) in both rolled copper foil and electrodeposited options
  • 2 oz. (70 µm) in both rolled copper foil and electrodeposited options
  • Similar material grades are also available with unclad options: 0.020” and higher thickness.

Does Radiation Rich Environment Allow The Use Of Rogers 6002 PCBs?

For a Better understanding of radiation rich environment and its impact on Rogers 6002 PCBs, you can watch the following video:

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