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PCBMay is the most reputable USB PCB manufacturer and supplier in China. We manufacture all types of USP PCB that meet your requirements.

  • ISO9001, ISO 14001:2015 certified company
  • Provide custom USB PCB
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  • 10+ years USB PCB manufacturing experience
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USB PCB is Your Best Choice for Your Project

Founded in 2008, PCBMay dedicates itself to honestly providing high-quality USB PCBs in China.  Our range of USB PCBs is made from the highest quality materials. We offer original USB PCB design, USB PCB fabrication, and USB PCB assembly services. Thanks to our expert engineers and knowledgeable team, we can manufacture small or large orders of products for your applications. All products we supply gain good and excellent reputation to both international and domestic market. Buy now!

Types of USB PCB Meet Your Requirements

Bottom Mount USB PCB

Our PCBMay Bottom Mount USB PCB has parts mounted utilizing surface mount technology. It is effective, functional and cost-effective.

High-Quality USB PCB

Here at PCBMay, all USB PCBs are manufacture from high-end materials but offer at a lower cost. PCBMay is excellent in this industry for over 10+ years.

Mid Mount USB PCB

Suitable for low-profile consumer electronics. You can use PCBMay Mid Mount USB PCB when you are concerned about height below or over the PCB.

Top Mount USB PCB

You can use the PCBMay Top Mount USB PCBs on the contact pads of multiple electronic devices. PCBMay custom USB PCBs for your project.

Vertical Mount Plug USB PCB

PCBMay Vertical Mount Plug USB PCB is responsible for different practices such as charging various devices like smartphones.

Vertical Through Hole USB PCB

PCBMay vertical through-hole USB PCB contains vertical parts that you will connect to the board using the through-hole technology.

Why Choose PCBMay for Your USB PCB

PCBMay is the #1 manufacturer and distributor of high-quality USB PCBs in China. Our team guarantee 100% quality USB PCBs to satisfy your different needs. It offers long-term, extreme durability and reliability USB PCB.

PCBMay is your one-stop solution for USB PCB sourcing in China. Our expert engineering and designer team can custom USB PCB based on your ideas, designs, applications, and specifications. We stock thousands of standard USB PCBs in our factory, ready to ship anytime, anywhere. For more details, don’t hesitate to message us directly. We are willing to support your business.

VPC Plating Line

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USB PCB Production Details As Following Up

Brown Oxide
PTH Line
VCP Plating   AOI  Exposure E-Test
Layer Count1-40layers
Base MaterialKBShengyiShengyiSF305FR408FR408HRIS410FR406GETEK370HRIT180ARogers4350BRogers4000PTFE Laminates(Rogers seriesTaconic seriesArlon seriesNelco series)Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
Board TypeBackplane、HDI、High multi-layer 、blind&buried PCB、Embedded Capacitance、Embedded resistance board 、Heavy copper power PCB、Backdrill.
Board Thickness0.2-5.0mm
Copper ThicknessMin. 1/2 OZ, Max. 10 OZ
PTH Wall25um(1mil)
Maximum Board Size1100*500mm(43”*19”)
Min laser drilling size4mil
Min. Spacing/Tracing2.7mil/2.7mil
Solder MaskGreen, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow,Purple matte/glossy
Surface TreatmentFlash gold(electroplated gold)ENIGHard goldFlash goldHASL Lead freeOSPENEPIGSoft goldImmersion silverImmersion TinENIG+OSP,ENIG+Gold finger,Flash gold(electroplated gold)+Gold finger,Immersion silver+Gold finger,Immersion Tin+Gold finger.
Min. Annular Ring3mil
Aspect ratio10:1(HASL Lead freeHASL LeadENIGImmersion TinImmersion silverENEPIG);8:1(OSP)
Impedance control±5ohm(<50ohm), ±10%(≥50ohm)
Other TechniquesBlind/Buried Via
Gold Fingers
Press Fit
Via in Pad
Electrical Test

Here there’re many laminate material datasheets, they’re useful and helpful for you, please see them:

TU-872Modified EpoxyDOWNLOAD2003403.8-4.03.8
RO 3010Cer/PTFEDOWNLOAD50010.2
RO 4003Hydrocarbon/CerDOWNLOAD>2804253.38
RO 4350BHydrocarbon/CerDOWNLOAD>2803903.48
RT/duroid 5880PTFE/GlassDOWNLOAD5002.2
ISOLAPolyclad 370HRFR4DOWNLOAD1703404.8-5.1
HitachiMCL-BE- 67GModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD1403404.94.4
MCL-LX-67YSpecial LaminateDOWNLOAD185-195325-3453.4-3.6
NelcoN4000-13Modified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403653.73.6
N4000-13EPModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
N4000-13SIModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
N4000-13EP SIModified EpoxyDOWNLOAD210-2403503.43.2
ArlonArlon 25NCerDOWNLOAD2603.38
Arlon 25FRCerDOWNLOAD2603.58
Arlon 33NPolymideDOWNLOAD>2503534
Arlon 35NPolymideDOWNLOAD>2503634.2
Arlon 85NPolymideDOWNLOAD2503874.2
StablcorST325DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:75w/m.k(with 1oz copper)
ST10DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:325w/m.k(with 1oz copper)
Bergquistht-04503DOWNLOADThermal conductivity:2.2w/m.k(with 1oz copper)


PCBMay offers flexible shipping methods for our customers, you may choose from one of the methods below.

1. DHL

DHL offers international express services in over 220 countries.
DHL partners with PCBMay and offers very competitive rates to customers of PCBMay.
It normally takes 3-7 business days for the package to be delivered around the world.

DHL Forwarder

2. UPS

UPS gets the facts and figures about the world’s largest package delivery company and one of the leading global providers of specialized transportation and logistics services.
It normally takes 3-7 business days to deliver a package to most of the addresses in the world.

UPS Forwarder

3. TNT

TNT has 56,000 employees in 61 countries.
It takes 4-9 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
of our customers.

TNT Forwarder

4. FedEx

FedEx offers delivery solutions for customers around the world.
It takes 4-7 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
of our customers.

Fedex Forwarder

5. Air, Sea/Air, and Sea

If your order is of large volume with PCBMay, you can also choose
to ship via air, sea/air combined, and sea when necessary.
Please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

Note: if you need others, please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

On our website you can use the following payment methods:

Telegraphic Transfer(TT): A telegraphic transfer (TT) is an electronic method of transferring funds utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions. It’s very convenient to transfer.

Bank/Wire transfer: To pay by wire transfer using your bank account, you need to visit your nearest bank branch with the wire transfer information. Your payment will be completed 3-5 business days after you have finished the money transfer.

Paypal: Pay easily, fast and secure with PayPal. many other credit and debit cards via PayPal.

Credit Card: You can pay with credit card: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.

    PCBMAY – Outstanding USB PCB Manufacturer in China

    If you’re struggling to find a USB PCB that will suit your needs, PCBMay is your ultimate manufacturer in China. We specialize in developing USB PCB with great performance, stability, and durability.

    PCBMay is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of extremely dependable USB PCBs in China for over 10 years. We have been providing excellent quality USB PSB to different industries and applications including:

    • USB Sound Card PCB
    • HDI Circuit Board Assembly
    • USB Charger Electronics Battery
    • ROHS 94V-0 USB Flash Drive
    • Electronic Printed Circuit Board
    • USB FPC Flex PCB Board High Effective

    With our rich knowledge and expertise, we are recognized for manufacturing different types of USB PCBs. And these are vertical mount plug USB PCB, vertical through-hole USB PCB, mid-mount USB PCB, top mount USB PCB, and bottom mount USB PCB.

    All PCBMay USB PCB is manufactured from versatile raw materials for safety, premium quality, and performance. With PCBMay, you can ensure the #1 USB PCB components for your business. We can help you create and develop a high-standard and high-precision USB PCB.

    PCBMay is your one-stop solution for any PCB needs in China. PCBMay has an experienced engineering and technical personnel with 20+ years of valuable working experience. We can supply products and assist you with PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and components sourcing.

    Aside from USB PCB, we also provide a wide range of camera PCB, carbon ink PCB, Remote control PCB, emergency light PCB, Button PCB, switch PCB, and many more.

    PCBMay supply high-quality products in adheres to ISO production procedure and adopting the IPC class 2 quality surveillance standards. We also obtain ISO-9001 quality system certification, USA and Canada UL(E477880), RoHs, ISO-14001 environmental system certification. In short, PCBMay is an excellent manufacturer that can skyrocket your brand.

    If you have any inquiries regarding PCBmay USB PCB, we are ready to answer your concerns. We have 24/7 online to support your needs. Contact us immediately!

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